O Bethlehem!


November Update:

One of the unique aspects of our charity partner is that our girls only remain for six months. So there is a constant turnover of girls and after six months we can easily repeat the workshops we’ve done in the past. Since the exiting girls communicate to the new girls how they were able to receive a single pearl necklace, the new girls wait excitedly for the time when they can have one, too. That time came again in November to tell the parable that Jesus taught about the pearl of great price and to make a real fresh water pearl necklace on a piece of leather cord. Each necklace is custom fit to the girl’s expectation. As I am explaining the story to the girls, they hear that they are indeed that pearl of great price that Jesus gave all He had to purchase. I also purchase a real oyster from Amazon that contains about 24 pearls. It is so much fun to open the oyster and find the pearls inside and of course, every girl wants to have one of those as well. I use the outside of the oyster to illustrate that the real value lies within. Looks are deceiving. We are all precious in His sight because He sees past the outer traits. He sees the person made in His image. I explain to the girls that the pearl develops from an irritation inside the oyster. As the oyster secrets a substance to cover the irritation, a pearl is formed. It is the same with us. As we allow the Holy Spirit to soothe and comfort us, He heals the wounds and hurtful things in our lives, and we become more beautiful than before.  As always, our ladies were faithful to help bring and serve wonderful snacks and visit with the girls. Our girls can’t wait each month to see what the next Chicktime event will hold for them. Many of them try hard to schedule passes so they don’t miss Chicktime! We are so blessed to have the favor of the Lord on all we do. He deserves all the glory for every life that is changed and every heart that is encouraged. It is a real privilege to be His hands and feet.
Our chapter also includes a
Tuesday after school bible study for the two houses. That’s anywhere from twenty to twenty-eight girls. We separated the bible study into the two houses because we believe it is more personal. We have seen a remarkable response from the girls. Some have given their lives to Jesus for the first time. Others have remarked that they will never be the same. Some have voiced their anger and bitterness toward a God that they do not know. I am just as interested in hearing the hurt feelings as well as the encouraging remarks.
It tells me how to pray for them and how to address their questions. It is a battle of good vs evil. But the good news is that He has already won the victory. We have the advantage of knowing the outcome. And when these little ones are so confused, I am confident that our good God will bring them out of the darkness and into His marvelous light. Praise the Name of Jesus!