A Healthy You!


January Update


Tonight’s event was very personal and we made vision/goal journals. Each page was for the girls to set a goal, whether it was overcoming something stressful next week or a place they’d like to live or travel to in 20 years.I was again humbled and speechless when one girl shared with me that it was hard to imagine a future when this month is filled with court dates, the stress of facing family members who were in charge of her care, who hurt her instead. Questions of who will she live with, where will that be, can she stay in her current school…. I spoke with her one on one almost the entire event and we made goals that were for tomorrow, next week, next month. I believe writing out your goals, hopes, prayers so you can read them and reflect is so powerful. And everyone please pray for this one girl I’m speaking of on Monday, 1/28. God knows who and what for, but she needs all the support she can get.