About Chicktime

What Is Chicktime?

Chicktime is a grass roots movement meant to support and encourage women pursuing their passions with gusto. It is our belief that if each woman on the planet right now takes her place we can together accomplish the phenomenal.

We help passionate women (women only) set up local chapters in their communities and help them establish legacies! Chicktime groups accomplish many things, like connecting women to creative and fun opportunities to pursue their passions while serving others, providing a place for mothers/daughters to serve and play together, and raise awareness for local women and children’s charities.

The cycle of abuse is ugly. Sadly, many children of abuse grow up and repeat the cycle by abusing their own children. Not all certainly, but too many eventually become abusers. What would happen if someone stepped in and showed them love? What if they felt valued and empowered to live a life of purpose? Think about the investment of time we make in our own children. The daily hugs, the I love you’s, the meals cooked and carpools driven. The hours we sit on the sidelines of their lives cheering them on. Most children of abuse have NO idea what that is like. They are alone for the most part, spending much of their time avoiding their abusers as an act of self-preservation. That is where Chicktime comes in. It is our goal to be that smiling face that may not have seen in quite some time. We like to call ourselves the “fun aunt” and the women and children that we serve look forward to seeing our hot pinks shirts month after month!

The idea is to expose the next generation to a wide array of gifts and talents so that they can look inside themselves and identify their own.


How It All Started:

Chicktime happened because of Katy Rhodes. She was 15-years-old at the time. Lori had dreamed of being a mother her entire life. Her mom became very ill when she was just a little girl and because of that, Lori spent most of her childhood alone. She dreamed of the day that she would become a mother herself and she knew it would be her life’s work. When Katy turned 15, it was obvious that despite Lori’s lofty intentions of being a great mom, something wasn’t going well. They didn’t particularly like each other! Lori decided that enough was enough and she told Katy one Friday morning that they were going to spend the weekend together at women’s conference in the area. In that auditorium, Chicktime was born. About two months later Lori and Katy attended a volunteer event at New Life in Canyon Lake, TX and so Chicktime began. The Christmas party took place in early December, and somehow between that time and the second week in January, Lori developed a comprehensive program, obtained approval from the center, convinced her friends to get on board … and they had their very first Chicktime event! Lori would go on to build a strong leadership team in Canyon Lake and Katy now co-leaders Chicktime Bulverde. Ten years, on any given Saturday, there are Chicktime events happening simultaneously throughout our country in children’s homes/centers/shelters. It is because of Lori’s desire to be a mother and her dream for her and Katy to connect that thousands of women across the country are forever connected!


A New Era:

In 2016, Lori received a new Chicktime vision and though it was scary and would change the game forever, she listened when God spoke. She began building a team at Chicktime National that would help us move into the next phase of our legacy. With the addition of Ashley Simmons as our National Coordinator and in 2017, Donnette Tyler as our Chapter Coordinator, we are now fully equipped to help every one of our forty chapters across the country become legacies and we are more than ready to add to that number! Learn more about Ashley and Donnette below.





Ashley Simmons- Chicktime National Coordinator

I’ve always assumed that when someone asks you to write about yourself, it meant that you were probably successful at whatever talent that God gave you. I never really thought about the middle part where you must work to reach the type of successfulness where people want to hear your story. I came to Chicktime four years ago with a broken heart that needed more healing than I realized. For me, that healing would need to happen for another year before Chicktime Dothan would be born. It took a whole year of me doubting myself. It took a whole year of me fighting God and telling him that he had the wrong person. It took a whole year of me trying to convince myself that I wasn’t the one to build this legacy in my community. Eventually, I stopped fighting and I can honestly say that battle is one that I am happy to have lost because when I finally stopped fighting, my life changed forever.

In 2016, Lori asked me to join her & Katy at Chicktime National. I’ve never been able to see in myself what Lori sees in me and I honestly could not tell you why she chose me. In my mind, I will always be that broken-hearted girl who found Chicktime on Google just by searching “volunteer, women, children, abuse, Dothan”. However, I do know that I am proof that the Chicktime model works.

Chicktime Dothan is my home but I am forever connected to each and every Chicktime chapter. My heart has a home in almost every state across the country! My role has changed a lot since I started and every day is a new adventure for me. As we expand the National organization, my main role is to build new chapters. I walk beside these women as they build these incredible legacies in their community. No matter what my job description is, whether it’s creating invitations, updating the website, answering your questions, or training new leaders, I know that I am a part of something much bigger than myself and it brings me more joy than I could ever imagine. This is my version of success.


Donnette Tyler- Chicktime Chapter Coordinator

I was raised in a small border town in Texas. I lived just a few blocks from the church my Papa help build and where my Mimi played the organ on Sunday mornings.  My heart is deeply full of such wonderful memories of church such as pot luck lunches and children’s chapel, but something about serving others grabbed my heart so tightly at a young age that I could never imagine a life without serving.  I went to college to pursue a degree in Social Work and after graduation I worked in the field of Family and Children’ Services helping children who had been hurt by all types of abuse or trauma. I spent over 20 years trying to offer hope and recovery for children and their families. My job was hard and demanding. When my oldest daughter was entering middle school, I made the decision to stay at home and see her and her younger brother through those years as I knew I couldn’t do both well.

It didn’t take long for me to miss the children I served. So, I began to volunteer…a lot! A few months after the original Chicktime Chapter in Canyon Lake, Texas was formed, I was invited by a friend to come and volunteer with her. I was hooked. I led workshops and found so much peace in the mission and work that Chicktime was doing, that God began working on a path for me to co-lead my own chapter. I founded Chicktime San Antonio in June of 2010 and have been able to continue to serve children who have been wrongly hurt and abused by people they trusted within their families. It’s as if I was given my purpose back!

This past year, my daughter went away to college and I knew it was time to get back in the workforce. God knew my heart and what I wanted to do and HE knew the heart of Chicktime. I am so grateful that he allowed those two hearts to collide and give me the opportunity to work for Chicktime National.  As Chapter Coordinator, I get the privilege to support and encourage chapter leaders and help them build strong and thriving chapters to be part of the Chicktime Movement changing the world. Truly, life doesn’t get any better than this!!


Heather Bowman- Chicktime Chapter Coordinator

One of my greatest heroes is Annie Sullivan, the teacher who taught Helen Keller to communicate. People are often surprised that I say Annie Sullivan, and not Helen Keller. Helen Keller is amazing and her accomplishments are not to be taken for granted. However, Annie Sullivan is my hero because she taught me that regardless of the setbacks a child has had, the right person can still bring out their potential. I think that is what Chicktime is all about. We meet women of all age ranges who have suffered the unspeakable, we love them, and we help them unlock their potential. Helping others in need has been important to me since I was a young girl. My grandparents taught me that my gifts and talents were not to be used selfishly, but to be shared with the world. God gave them to me so that I could help others. For the last fifteen years I have sought to bring out the potential in children in my career as an elementary teacher. However, over the last year I felt God was calling me to work outside of a classroom setting. I took a leap of faith and followed His calling. God knew what He was doing as He always does. A friend of mine introduced me to Chicktime, and to be honest, at first I thought it was too good to be true. I had been involved in community service before, but I never really had opportunities to connect with others who had a fire in their hearts to change the world. When I heard about Chicktime and what their mission was, I really thought there was no way that there could be that many women out in the world like me who really wanted to make the world better. I am so glad I was wrong. I started as a co-leader and transitioned into a Managing Leader and have loved every moment connecting with my Chicktime sisters. I now serve as Chapter Coordinator for Chicktime National. I love hospitality, adventure, and serving others. Now I get to incorporate these into a role where I support and encourage women around the country. It is such a dream come true and one of the greatest adventures of my life!

“Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us.” James 1:27


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