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We had so much fun with our first male activity leader building birdhouses with our kids this month!! Thanks for joining us and spending time with us Tom Horton!

May Update:

What a fun event today with Shelley! We painted our plant pots and planted aloe (the healing plants) in them. The kids had so much fun with them and were very excited about it. Thanks for an awesome workshop Shelley!!

April Update:

Scheduling conflicts prevented us from having our gardening workshop… so we improvised and sent pizza and breadsticks! We always want the Youth at SafeLanding to know Chicktime cares about them!

March Update:

We got to tie-dye shirts with our kids at Safe Landing!

Thanks to Dannielle for your workshop donation.


February Update:


Pizza and games make for a wonderful February workshop. It’s such a honor to hang out with the kids at Safe Landing every month.

January Updates:

We dropped off our January vision boards workshop! It’s a bummer when we forget to take lots of pictures of our monthly workshops . We want everyone to see the work we do at Safe Landing in hopes you will help us one month . We are always looking for someone to lead a workshop, help with supplies or snacks, or show up to help us put on the workshop when we are able to be back on campus!

December Update:

When you support Chicktime Akron, you support the troubled teens of Summit County and Safe Landing. Thanks to the wonderful turnout of our Chicktime 5K fundraiser, we were able to purchase all of these items on the house wishlist for Christmas this year!
10 Bath Towels
20 Wash Cloths
4 Fluffy Pillows
10 Twin Bed Sheet Sets with Pillowcase
6 Hairbrushes
6 Tubes of Toothpaste
8 Toothbrushes
2 1000ct Q-Tips
1 Basketball
Thank you all for your support! We couldn’t do it without you!

November Update:

We were so excited to be back with our kids for our first co-Ed event!

We made catapults to catapult away our fears and worries. 🥰 thanks to our awesome volunteers we had great snacks and the cutest turkey cookies!

October Update:

Our first in person workshop back since Covid hit was canceled. The Leadership team

was so looking forward to being back at Safe Landing, but the cancellation circumstances were beyond our control. We feel grateful that we get the opportunity to be on campus again in November and December and then the goal is for all to be back in January.

Chicktime Akron drop off donations of crafts and games have been a blessing .

September Update:

Any kind of Arts and Crafts that you run across on sale… grab it ! The kids at Safe Landing will use it! This is something we dropped off for them and would be glad to meet you to get anything you want to donate to them!
Thank you for understanding what we are trying to do… to make sure these great kids have all the support and encouragement they need to move forward!

August Update:

With covid restricting us from seeing our girls (and now boys) at Safe Landing, we decided to get some crafts and activities to drop off. We can’t wait to be able to do crafts with them, but for now this will do! ❤️

We miss getting to know all the girls we get to serve. COVID has impacted all of us, but it can’t stop us from ding-dong-ditching some crafting/art supplies and pizza! 🍕 🎨🥰 We had so much fun shopping for the girls that we didn’t remember to take many photos, but just a few of the things we delivered were:

Tie-dye kits
Anime drawing book
Bubbles (come on, we all love bubbles)
DIY Face Mask kit
Summer tote bags
And a lot more!!

We’re grateful for anyone and everyone who has made donations, big and small. Thank you for empowering us to serve our Akron community!

Hey Chicktime Akron! We hope you are all doing well! We won’t be meeting in May as we continue to try to limit the risk of illness to our Chicktime girls! We hope to be back in June, but in the meantime I just wanted to share a few thoughts….

…I am lucky enough to have an aunt who lives right on the ocean in Florida. After my aunts household and my household both home quarantined for 2 weeks, my daughter, Kylie and I drove down to quarantine together. While here, I kept thinking of our Chicktime girls and how much Rachael, Kylie, and I all miss being with them. I loved the inspirational rock idea, and I pull so much energy and revitalization from the ocean. So! I created inspirational sand and shell jars for our girls. We will write a letter for the house to read to the girls, and ask them to pick a word they identify with or want more of, and use the power of the sand and shells to help give them the strength to become the person they want to be. I can’t wait to drop these off to our girls with some pizza! Even more so, I can’t wait until we can see them again!!

Managing Chicktime Akron Chapter Leader

Chicktime Akron has a new Junior Co-Leader……

Please Welcome Kylie Berns to our leadership team!

February Update:

Chicktime Akron hosted a Black History celebration on Saturday! We played Black History bingo with prizes, and had some traditional foods catered by Sam Gaston. Everything was sooo good! The girls loved it!

January Update:

We had so much fun coming up with inspirational words and making bracelets out of them today. We even wrote them on the window with a dry erase marker.

Thank you Karen Hillman for supporting Chicktime Akron and our girls.

December Update:

Oh man did we have fun today at our holiday party!! We made snow globes and lanterns, had a delicious holiday meal, played the present pass game, and opened gifts with our girls today.

It is always so amazing spending the few hours bringing excitement and joy to these young girls every month. 🥰♥️

November Update:

We honored our military at Chicktime making Paracord bracelets to send overseas today and had so much fun doing it! Right after Jessica and her daughter went down to meet the Dayton chapter for some fun and games. Chicktime Akron is so proud to be part of such a strong sisterhood of chapters helping girls and women across the country. 😊♥️🥰

October Update:

🥰Special thank you to our leader Hema for giving us the gift of henna today.

Our girls had so much fun getting their henna designs…

Look at the details!

Our volunteers had so much fun learning and playing a new card game called bumper with the girls! So many smiles and laughs shared today. 🥰

September Update:

Today’s event was so fun! We learned about all the activities that could be considered public speaking. Then we tackled the Heinz Dilemma and did some drawing. Great discussions all around!

Chicktime Akron is having a fundraiser to raise money for our monthly workshops we put on for the homeless youth in our community.

Bring your dog out for a $5.oo dollar portrait and support our mission.

See you on October 6th!

August Update:

Today was so fun! We made a bunch of origami projects – from foxes (and boxes) to flowers! #chicktime

July Update:

We stayed out of the heat, but still channeled summer vibes with some painting fun.

Thanks Pink Velvet Studio!!

We can’t wait for August workshop!

June Update:

This weekend we had a great time making decorated letters, washi necklaces and hanging out with the girls. Always a positive and rewarding experience. 💕 #chicktime

May Update:


We enjoyed some relaxing and therapeutic yoga.

Every month we are committed to bring a workshop to Safe Landing in hopes that love is felt!

April Update:

Happy Easter from Chicktime Akron! We had a blast today doing an egg hunt then coloring eggs.

March Update:

March Update:

Temps dropped again and some of us even got snow….so what a perfect day for making no sew fleece blankets.

So fun and cozy!

February Update:

We celebrated Valentines with a bit of crafting and #selflove: today we made some #selfcare boxes. Love and treat yourself first!


January Update:


2019 is off to a great start! We had a great workshop today discussing the importance of self awareness and trusting your gut in the midst of difficult situations. We had some truly meaningful discussions with he girls while we worked on some journaling.


December Update:

Today we made empowerment jars.

We found words that related to us from magazines and created jars to store things in.

Some girls are storing candy, some said money, others said they would write something  nice about themselves or someone they love every day to review at the end of the year.

We love our Chicktime girls!!

November Update:

We had a relaxing morning at Safe Landing playing games and watching Aladdin with the girls-complete with popcorn and other snacks of course. We are so thankful for the opportunity to connect with these girls every month.

October Update:

Great Day celebrating Halloween!

Mummies, witches and Frankenstein …oh my!

We had a great time together making Halloween crafts.

September Update:

Our September workshop was such a great time.  We learned all about the history and background of henna from The Artful Cricket. The girls got some actual henna designs, too!

August Update:

We had a little rain on our cookout today…so we improvised!

Our girls were so excited about our henna event next month that they wanted to do some today. Special thanks to Hema and Kelley for coming out and volunteering with us today. Make sure to join us next month for more henna fun.

July Update:

Our July workshop was a blast! Our first event at Safe Landing went awesome. We did some yoga with the girls then made friendship bracelets and keychains. Join us next month for a BBQ!

#chicktime  #giveback

June Update:

Beauty on a budget was a hit! We learned tips and tricks for applying makeup. #slay

May Update:

Chicktime Akron …..

Today we had such a fun time learning to crochet !

 Join us next month as we build our chapter and establish our legacy!!

Earlier this week we got to meet the founder of Chicktime, Lori Rhodes.

We had a wonderful time and we have so many great things ahead for Chicktime Akron!

Lori’s vision for Chicktime Chapters in every group home across the Nation is breathtaking!

The Chicktime website has details on how that vision got started and we encourage you to read it and join us here in Akron as we carry out the mission!

April Update:

Chicktime Akron had our first successful event today!!!

We planted pallet veggie gardens. Our girls are homeless between 16-22. Now we have planted cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, and cantelope for them to have healthy options to eat this summer! We had a little pizza party also!