About Our Chapter

I have been a divorced single mom for over 10 years.  My daughter, now 13, is always looking up to me to lead by example.  I had a good life, a great career, a beautiful healthy daughter, a wonderful supportive family, and a warm and cozy home for my daughter and me.  With all of that, I still felt something was missing.

Around the beginning of 2017, I realized that missing piece was my lifelong desire to help others and give back was not being fulfilled.  I needed to find a way to get back into that, knowing that my daughter watches my every move, and to fulfill my heart.

I began looking into volunteer opportunities in my area.  I found plenty, but none that I felt passionate about.  I also didn’t have time to commit multiple hours per week, for X number of months that most of these opportunities required.  While I am a willing volunteer, I am also a full-time employee, a full time single mother, driving to softball, basketball games, choir concerts, etc.

As I did every week, I woke up one Sunday in the beginning of 2018 (yes! A full year of searching for the right opportunity had passed!) and started looking for an opportunity that fulfilled my heart and helped my community.  I stumbled upon the Chicktime website, and after some research, I knew this was what I had been waiting for!

Chicktime Akron is meant to serve our girls in need right here in Akron, and just as important, to give the busy mom, the women in the work force, and any woman who wants to get involved without signing away all their free time, a way to fulfill their own hearts as well as other children in our community.  It truly is a way for us women to empower each other, while teaching young girls new passions.

Consistency is key for a child who has been hurt by someone she trusted in the past.  We can help restore her self-worth, self-confidence, and trust in others simply by showing up once per month.  Each month we will lead an exciting new and activity for the girls, spreading some love and sunshine in their lives!

Do you have a passion, a talent, or just want to come share that love and sunshine to the girls who need it most?  Please join us for one of our monthly workshops and see how two to three hours of your time per month can change a hurting child’s life and your own!  Please click “Join A Chapter” and pick the Chicktime Akron chapter.  This will get you on our invite list to join our events.  If you would like to host an activity with your talent or passion, or have any other questions, please reach out to akron@chicktime.com.

Jessica Berns
Chicktime Akron Founder & Leader