….And the greatest of these is LOVE!

January Update:

Our Chicktime Partner is a 90 day emergency shelter for foster kids. Since Covid started, we have not been allowed to go there. We can drop things off on their porch though. They actually have one case of Covid at the moment.

Dropped off this snowman cake to celebrate the end of January. A basket of “snowballs” was also dropped off along with the instructions for a “Snowball Fight”. You can read the rules in one of the pictures.

After the snowball fight, they were told to not throw them away since there was a message in each snowball. Hope they had fun!!! I decided to make the snowman cake because I make it every year for my son who is 23 years old now! Then I thought up the snowball fight and found rules for the snowball fight online and changed them a bit.

Happy End of January!!