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A binky is a homemade blanket that can be sewn, knitted, crocheted or quilted and range in size. These blankets serve as a reminder to the precious children who receive them that they are loved and they also provide the comfort they so desperately need! If you would like to make and send in a binky or two, you may mail your package to the address below!

Binky Patrol, Inc.
c/o Susan Finch
6490 SW Elm Avenue
Beaverton,OR  97005

Visit Binky Patrol online @ binkypatrol.org today!


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NICU LoviesNeonatal Intensive Care Unit – Prentice Women’s Hospital Project
Contact: Nancy Ryder at nancy@rnryder.net


Opportunity Description:

The hearts are given to the new NICU mom as well as the baby. One heart is placed under the baby and the other heart is given to the mom to place next to her skin. Each heart absorbs the scent of the wearer. When mom comes to visit the baby, she exchanges her heart for her baby’s heart. Thus sharing the most wonderful smells in the world. Mom and Baby. When mom is home and without her newborn, she inhales the beautiful scent of her child and baby can sleep while being comforted by the scent of mom. These little bits of love can be made out of any soft fabric – Flannel or cotton scraps.
To participate, please download and follow these instructions: NICU Lovies