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Spring is in Bloom! Have you pulled out the weeds covering your garden for new buds to open and thrive in?  All of us have certain people, frame of thoughts, and habits that discourage us from cultivating a beautiful garden free of stifle and digression. The uprooting of those limiting negative emotions, and thoughts is an earnest, strenuous exercise accompanied by pain and discomfort that redirects you to living the life you always desired. It’s uncomfortable to say good bye to the routine ideology, activity and people that have always been there, but the pain is worth it. How do you accomplish shedding off the old for the new? Starts with honesty, knowing your worth, trusting in the uncertainty and having the courage to break free from familiarity.


Honesty– You can go on with your life and pretend that what you are doing isn’t effecting you negatively. Making all kinds of rational arguments supporting your inaction of pulling the weeds out of the garden. Reaching enlightenment of truth transcends you past those reasons into solutions in fixing the root of the problems that are symptomatic of the small doses of poisonous lies contributing to your anxiety against change. In order to be transparent and walk the line you draw out you have to admit shameful and heart racing honest feelings to yourself and those around you who help you in your personal growth for accountability and guidance. Delivering yourself from the bondage of lies that were once helpful mechanisms guarding your heart in the past will let you shed light on your darkness and free you to grow up into the light.


Worth– So many of us can relate to a sense of shame and hurt from our past, which keep us in a circle of actions limiting the expressions of how we feel about ourselves. It’s easier to relive the redundant pain than examine that pain and draw out a new sense of worth unconfined by the limitations of an old mindset.  You want to accomplish the things in life driven by our purpose and passion, and become the person you are meant to be from experiencing a life with reverence of love and respect for yourself. Heartbreak is inevitable in redefining your value. As tight as you are holding on, letting go builds character, presetting you to rise to your true worth and not settle for what you were conditioned to be or tolerated before. Lori Rhodes wrote, “You can only do something of value, if you feel of value.” We have to set our standard higher than ever before and know that your worth is determined by your own definition and exemplified by what you allow into your garden.


Trust– Sheesh uncertainty is fluxed in times of self-growth. Tendency of doubt creeps in asking did I really do the right thing, do I have what it takes etc.  In times of experiencing a lack of faith you just have to initiate a strong sense of trust that your intuition of moving forward and your capabilities of doing so are intended to be put in fruition. No matter what your fears are. They are dismissed in the present time of taking action to do what aligns with your heart and spirit.


Courage– Knowing that this world is difficult to navigate, but having the tenacity to go after what you want regardless of the pain is where you find the courage to make change and persevere through the struggles of landscaping your garden into a haven of beauty and peace.  Having the bravery of getting to your destination, no matter the circumstances, you will do whatever it takes to get there. It’s not knowing the how, but having the strength to go through any obstacle that stands in your way to living a life that you truly deserve.

Thank you ladies for an awesome event. It was a blast expressing the importance of internal beauty to the Casa girls!