Arts and Crafts Fun!

May Update:

Our time with the kids this month was over-the-top special. We had so much fun playing games and sharing food together.

Everyone seemed connected….

We know our workshop was God approved…

We felt HIS presence….

And so did the kids…..

We also talked to the kids about the resent school shooting as it was in all of our minds.
We encouraged then to let people know if they were hurting,
We told them that it was OK to not be OK and that it was ok to ask for help.
We also encouraged them to be “That” person that reaches out to those who seem lost and lonely, to speak up against bullying any and every time they encountered it.
But most importantly we let them know that God loves them and they we loved them.
We made ourselves available during the event to them and several came up to us and shared some of their stories and some of their pain.
We need to pray for our children,
They are indeed hurting.

Special thanks to Rosie Rodriguez and Dianna Garza-Martinez for leading this amazing event and to our volunteers Kimberly Chung, Arien, Sean Janoe and Valdez Jesi.