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December Update:

We took the month off to allow others to serve the Children’s Home. 

We are happy they had many volunteer looking to be CHRISTmas at Christmas.

November Update:

What would the Holidays be without sweets to make you sweeter and hot cocoa to make you warmer. Wishing the girls at Atlanta Baptist Children’s Home a Happy Holiday Season and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.
We love you bunches from CHICKTIME ATLANTA! 😘
side note- baby Jordan is the newest addition to Chicktime Atlanta ! Congratulations to chapter co- leader, Marrissa!

October Update:

WE HEARD ITS HALLOWEEN TIMEEE 🧡 We gifted the girls at The Atlanta Baptist Children’s Home with some much needed comfort snacks in hopes of helping them settle into this new fall season.Simple, yet intentional. We can’t wait for next month’s greatness❤️ #CHICKTIMETHEMOVEMENT

September Update:

Our workshop leader changed drop off theme~

It’s time to accessorize the GIRLS 💗.
Here are pics from our Sept drop off!
The girls will enjoy the accessories that will complete their school essentials. The excitement heightens as they model their bracelets and earrings; and putting that eyeshadow and lipgloss to work, will surely make a beautiful 😍 statement.

It’s such an honor to support the Atlanta Baptist Children’s Home in anyway we can!

August Update:

We have all the ingredients for our ice cream social, but were not able to make a connection with our contact at Atlanta Baptist Children’ s Home. Staff were very busy doing double work due to the staffing shortage and not  able to make the exchange. We will make a double drop off early September.   


CHICKTIME ATLANTA has been recognized in the community! CHICKTIME leaders and Volunteers are welcome to take advantage of 50% off of a business seminar for women~  titled THE EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN TOUR!  All details are located on flyer.


July Update:

Slight hiccup to our July drop off. Our contact person at the Children’s Home is out of the office until August 2nd. Unfortunately, she is the only one who can give permission to do a direct drop off. So, the ice cream social has been pushed to our August workshop.
We still need you ! Can you help and donate toward our event?

June Update:

June workshop drop off…
HOT HOT Summer! This is the time of year to stay hydrated. The girls will be designing their own water bottle with their name and other fun stickers. We definitely want them to have FUN in the SUN, but more importantly we want them to stay healthy and hydrated. Drink up girls 🧊💦😘. A shoutout to all my wonderful volunteers!

May Update:

May was Arts & Crafts Month For CHICKTIME Atlanta! The girls will be dazzling it out this month with their DIY bangles and rings💕💕 We can’t wait to see the beautiful ideas they come up with!

April Update:

Our Sip and Paint workshop was dropped off with lots and lots and lots of LOVE!!!
With sipping on smoothies and painting their favorite cartoon character; it’s safe to say we kicked off SPRING with a bang. We look forward to more fun activities next month so stay tuned. As always a ‘thank you’ shout out to my wonderful volunteers!
We get so excited to know we are a small part of the healing of the precious kids placed at The Atlanta Baptist Children’s Home. We know God has called us to serve HIS precious children and so here we are…
Pray with us that in person workshops will start back up soon.

March Update:

Pizza day for the girls at the Atlanta Baptist Christen’s Home with lots and lots love from Chicktime Atlanta!
As always the leadership team appreciates all our volunteers for helping to make workshops possible.


February Update:

LOVE was in the air for the month of February. Chicktime Atlanta truly wanted to make love visible to our girls. We were too excited to share with them the importance of the 5 Love Languages and Self Love.

It takes a team effort to make this happen so I definitely want to thank my volunteers Nikiyah, Cordia, Christine and Karen. Well done ladies!


January Update:

It’s that time of year again! Vision board making for the ladies of Chicktime Atlanta💕 This event is so special because there’s just something about seeing your vision in front of you, it makes it that much more reachable and we are honored to be able to share that with the girls this month. Special shoutout to our Chicktime Atlanta volunteers: Nikiyah, Cordia & Christina this wouldn’t have been possible without your love & support. We can’t what for next month!🥳

#Bringingin2022right #dreamingisbelieving


December Update:

Chicktime Atlanta is grateful for all it’s volunteers and looks forward to serving with you in 2022. 

God bless you all. 

November Update:

October Update:

We popped by to let the kids know at Georgia Baptist Children’s home we love them!!


September Update:

Hoping the girls enjoy the Diamond Art, Rock Painting and Drawing Chalk.

August Update:

August drop off workshop…
Back to school essentials for the girls at The Georgia Baptist Children’s Home!
Thanks to all who donated to the basket! God is good!

July Update:

It was a necessary July off to self care and rest… but also to remember the why we Chicktime!! We know Covid restrictions will soon be lifted and we will be back on campus having fun and giving the kids a safe and fun space to just be kids. Please look at these pictures and be inspired by our past workshops! Let us know if you would be willing to lead a workshop in 2022! If you have a passion we can turn it into a workshop… gardening, journaling, dancing, baking, crafting? We would like to have everything planned by the end of October for next year. So grab a month, think of a theme and who you are going to ask to help you purchase the supplies!
If not us… then who?

June Update:

Our pizza party turned into a popsicle party! The heat made us do it! It’s hot! 🌞
We are hoping to be back in person in August or September and have our pizza party then… with the kids!! Join us for lots and lots of fun and help us make a difference in our community.

May Update:

Our May “Game” Day workshop was dropped off! We can only imagine how much fun the kids are going to have thanks to our amazing volunteers who continue to donate and support the Chicktime Mission. What a blessing you are and just saying thank you doesn’t seem to be enough….
We hope to be serving in person together soon!
God bless you all!

April Update:

Cupcake decorating workshop was delivered and all we can say is….YUMMY!
It was not only fun baking and getting it all together, but it was fun dropping it off because we know the kids are going to enjoy it so much!!
It’s so wonderful when we do what God calls us to do…care for each other!
Join the mission! The chicktime mission!

March Update:

Supplies for Vision Boards were gathered….

And prepped….

And dropped off….

We hope the girls have a blast creating !


We are continuing to social distance while showing love
to the girls at Georgia Baptist Children’s Home.
We will let you know as soon as possible when
leaders and volunteers are able to go for a face to face visit.
If you would like to show your love and support by sending
card games, board games, etc., to the girls at Georgia Baptist Children’s Home,
please contact Jackie at Atlanta@chicktime.com. .
As always, thank you for your support!

February Update

Chicktime Atlanta had a blast learning sign language
(session was led By Ms.Kathy and Ms.Krystal).
We also enjoyed some good ole hotdogs!
The girls were so receptive and we ALL learned something!
Can’t wait for next month’s event

January Update

Woop Woop🥳
It’s the first event of 2020!
Chicktime Atlanta kicked off the year with Table Talk & Tacos
 We had a chance to share gems with the girls through
opening up about some of our own personal experiences and it was
We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next month


December Update

Chicktime Atlanta enjoyed some holiday fun with the girls this weekend💕
We reflected on our year along with enjoying some food & holiday tunes☺️
We can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us


November Update

CREATIVE CREATIONS! This month, back by popular Demand,
Chicktime Atlanta did a work shop on Introduction to Entrepreneurship.
The girls did an essay detailing what they wanted their own business to be;
such as music producers, hair stylists, artists, physical therapists, animal trainer
and businesses that will help other young ladies to have a better and successful life.
Please zoom in to the pic with the drawings and writings and
read the dreams that these young ladies have.
Chicktime Atlanta


October Update

Chicktime Atlanta enjoyed a well needed free day with the girls.
We worked out a bit, played games, learned a dance, took a walk & enjoyed some food.
This month was the girls’ to lead and we must say they did a great job overall
 Always looking for what’s in store with these lovely ladies
🦋Peace & Blessings.

September Update

What a fun time we had with the girls on Arts and Crafts day.
The theme was Sip and Paint.
The girls created their own smoothies with the variety
of fruits and vegetables that we provided.
As they sipped on their smoothies and began painting the canvases;
their CREATIVITY started to flow.
It was a fun, amazing and peaceful event.
I want to personally thank the volunteers that selflessly devote their time,
their energy, their talents,
and their compassion to help these monthly events be successful and memorable.


August Update

CHICKTIME ATLANTA Back to School Bash was a pleasant surprise for the girls.
Instead of paper, notebooks, etc; we decided to boost up their self-esteem by
adding some personable touches.
So, their Chicktime Atlanta back to school gift bag included
nail polish, lip gloss, hair accessories, mini clipboard reminders,
colorful pens and pencils, erasers, candy treats
and most importantly their own personal journal that promotes POSITIVITY.
The event ended with their favorite food (nachos)
and everyone danced to their favorite song.
Oh yeah, the Back to School Bash was definitely an event to be remembered.

July Update

Chicktime Atlanta’s Writing Workshop was one for the books!
Everyone participated in writing a letter to their future selves
and what we heard was nothing short of amazing.
Some of the future goals included college, marriage, & self growth.
Thank you to all of our volunteers, we look forward to next month’s event!

June Update

Chicktime Atlanta’s First Annual Talent Show was amazing!
We were blown away with the amount of talent these kids possessed.
There was singing, rapping, dancing, you name it.
It was filled with participation, happiness, self-expression,
and most of all FUN!
We look forward to next month’s event!


May Update

WOW!!! Chicktime showed up and showed out for May’s Event.
This month the girls were introduced to Meditation.
The two techniques we focused on was MINDFULNESS
(being in the moment) and BREATHING.
There was GREAT participation in the exercises that were demonstrated.
Most of the girls mentioned that these techniques
would be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.
Chicktime focused on changing their stress to a smile 
and we were successful in doing so.
After the meditation session, the girls were surprised
with an ICE CREAM Social with lots of toppings.
I want to thank you to all my volunteers for making this a great and memorable event.


April Update

Chicktime Atlanta’s Praise Event was a success! We really enjoyed bringing
something new  and engaging to our charity partner!
It was very inspirational to say the least.
The girls stated praise dance can help them with anger management in the future
and that they learned a different way to give God praise.
They also enjoyed the Easter coloring sheet and the cross word puzzle.
Big thanks to the Chicktime Atlanta Volunteers and a special thanks to Ms. Maoula,
the praise dance instructor. We look forward to next month’s event! 

March Update

Chicktime Atlanta’s second event, Love Is was a success!
We discussed the importance of self-love and understanding the five love languages.
It truly is amazing to have a helping hand in the lives of these beautiful young ladies!
We’re definitely looking forward to next month’s event! 

Due to a last minute scheduling conflict in February, we will be doing our Love Is
workshop in March!  Can’t wait to see you all!

February Update

Chicktime Atlanta had a great meeting this morning with our charity partner planning for their upcoming formal!!


January Update

Chicktime Atlanta’s first event was a success!

We made beautiful vision boards!

Thanks to everyone who had a helping hand in getting our chapter established.

We’re looking forward to more greatness with the Chicktime Family! Love you guys!

Good News! We are excited to announce that the Chicktime movement is coming to Atlanta! If you would like more info about how you can bring joy to the children of our community, contact Jackie at atl@chicktime.com today and keep watching this page and our Facebook for more info!