August Update:

Chicktime August was simply….perfect! Our welcome table greeted our volunteers as a special way to help them connect with our chapter!!

And let me just say….we have the BEST volunteers in the world!!

They play and love on the babies…..

And they play Minute to Win it games with the older kids like….Panty hose bowling, Stacking game, breakfast cereal box puzzles, and cotton ball challenge ( Blindfold player who scoops cotton balls from table to bowl)!

And if this wasn’t enough to do in one evening….Co-leader Parricia Gonzalez-Grimaldos in addition to planning the games for the evening¬† also had a canvas decorating table for the kids to paint. We plan to present the finished painting to the SafeHaven Housing Directors, who organize the F.U.N group gatherings later this year.

We will be back in October spreading HIS love through Chicktime. Join us! You will be hooked!