Back to School Fun!

July Update:

It’s funny… we keep planning summer activities that involve the outdoors but God keeps watering his plants on Chicktime Day and making us change our plans!

We were looking forward to a gardening field trip today but with thunderstorms looming, we decided to stay indoors but we still turned our thumbs green!

We painted ?flower pots? and planted pretty flowers in them.

Ms. Kirstin taught us about being ?rooted in faith? and how important it is that we stay connect to God’s Word as it will help us grow fruit that reflects Jesus.

Of course, we had to cap the afternoon with yummy cupcakes! We had a special visit from some of our Birmingham sisters today as well!

We are beyond blessed to be able to serve such an incredible organization, the Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries, and we can’t wait for Chicktime August!!! Chicktime Birmingham