Bingo, Prizes, Snacks & Fun!

April Update:

It’s been a year since we’ve been able to have an in person workshop at Boysville and let us just tell you… it was fiesta-fabulous to be back!!
We were asked to limit volunteers and come after school during the week to give it a trial run as we transition back. The girls decorated mirrors with fiesta colored Pom-Poms as our activity. Ribbon was added to the back of the mirrors so the girls can hang them in their rooms. Letters were added to the front of the mirrors that said – Child of God!
A picture frame was also given to the girls! The frames each had a picture in it that said- -Look in the mirror each day and remind yourself what everyone already knows-
You are a beautiful child of God.
Some of the girls decorated the frame with the Pom-Poms too!
We had a nacho bar, colorful cookies with sprinkles and Kool-Aid pouches to drink! We closed in prayer . Our time together was full of laughter and blessings.
Special thank you to Lesli Rodriquez for leading our workshop
and Kelly Young, Stephanie Parker and Amnesti Peters for contributing to the snacks! Everything was perfect!