Meet The Leaders

Kirstin Hall
Chicktime Birmingham Managing Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

The Lord has laid it on my heart to serve others, and what better way to do it than in my very own community! My heart is drawn to these young girls and my desire is to show them the love of Christ!



“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” -James 1:27My hobbies & interests:

I enjoy photography and spending time with my family.


My passions and gifts:
My passion is to spread the love and hope of Jesus to the lost. The Lord has given me the gifts of leadership and encouragement and I hope to use them to love and serve people in Jesus name!


Lauren Buckner
Chicktime Birmingham Chapter Co-Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I serve a leadership role with Chicktime because my heart is in serving. Whether that means two blocks down the street, or across the world, I know that that is what God has called me to do.


My hobbies & interests:
I enjoy farmers markets, being out on the lake, and binge watching Gilmore Girls, and DIY projects. My passions are teaching the love of Jesus to the kiddos.
My passions and gifts:
God has gifted me with the ability to seamlessly meet people and make friends, and Jesus uses that to engage me with his people.


Erica Bradford

Chicktime Birmingham Chapter Co-Leader



Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

 I felt an abundance of God’s blessings in my life, and I heard Him calling me to serve others in my community. I actually found Chicktime with an internet search, and I was drawn to their mission for service, required level of commitment, and proximity, which were all a perfect fit. I knew God had a place for me in this ministry, and the ladies at Chicktime warmly welcomed me!

My hobbies & interests:

I enjoy crafting whenever I have free time and a good project. I spend most sunny weekends at the lake with my family. During the week, most of my afternoons after work are full of workouts and cooking dinner for my family. 

My passions & gifts:

 I truly love working with children and learning. I feel most fulfilled when I get to meet new people, try a new activity, or travel to a new place, and if kids are involved, it is even more fun! 


Chicktime Birmingham:
Volunteer Coordinator- Erica Bradford
Facebook Manager-Kirstin Hall
Website Monitor-Kirstin Hall
Calendar Manager- Erica Bradford
Treasurer- Lauren Pitts
Rising Managing Leader-Lauren Pitts