Blindfolded Water Game!

Blindfolded Water Game


Chairs (or you can sit on the grass)
Permanent marker/colored tape




Divide the group into multiple teams and have them sit in a line one behind the other (in grass or in chairs).
Before you blindfold the members give them each a container. Everyone can have a different size container; that makes it more fun. 
Keep one water filled bucket at the front of the line and one empty bucket at the back of the line.
With a permanent marker or colored tape, mark a line on the bucket. 

Now what the players have to do is to – pass the water from the filled bucket to the empty bucket using the containers.
The first team to fill the bucket up to the line wins. 

Extend the Activity

Make this a full blown water day! 
Get water balloons, make sponge water balls, play “Duck, Duck, Splash”. 
Check out this website for even more ideas!


Click here for the printable instructions.