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Leadership Team Needed! - tx-nbdowntown

If you find yourself disappointed that Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown doesn’t have volunteer activities you are in a good place to explore the idea of building a team and re-launching the chapter! The children at Connections love our workshops and we feel the call to find a new leadership team to continue the legacy started there. The children at Connections have faced many hardships and Chicktime workshops offer them hope and encouragement and of course lots of love and laughter.  

If you have a heart for children and/or if you have supported Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown from the sidelines and want to do more….now is the time to act! We will give you all the training you need and help you transition into the leadership role. 

Please contact, Lori Rhodes, Chicktime Founder, at info@chicktime.com for more information. Feel free to look up chicktime.com and find out more about being a Chicktime leader. We promise it’s easy, not time consuming and will change your life.

Come be blessed by being a blessing!

Anime Fun! - tx-fortworth

April Update:

After a year+ of drop-off workshops due to COVID-19 restictions, we were able to host our first virtual workshop with the SafeLiving Housing group at SafeHaven of Tarrant CountyLisa Albert led today’s workshop sharing knowledge on Self Defense as well as her own personal story as a survivor. She was awesome today as she transformed a standard in-person into an interactive and informative virtual workshop with the assistance of our co-leader  Sandi. Great teamwork ladies. I know the attendees, the SafeHaven leadership team as well as Janaand I appreciate your time and commitment. I can’t wait to see what we have in the works virtually for the May workshop😁 Stay tuned Chicktime Fort Worth; we’re Baack!

We Need YOU! - oh-dayton

Games Galore! - ga-atlanta

April Update:

Cupcake decorating workshop was delivered and all we can say is….YUMMY!
It was not only fun baking and getting it all together, but it was fun dropping it off because we know the kids are going to enjoy it so much!!
It’s so wonderful when we do what God calls us to do…care for each other!
Join the mission! The chicktime mission!

Happy Mother’s Day! - id-coeurdalene

April Update:


Loving on the Woman & Children Center with sidewalk chalk & a yummy homemade snack!

Super excited to be back on campus next month.

Art Class~ - ms-jackson

April Update:

Making Vision Boards was so fun….

And the beautiful thing is …..the girls know Jesus loves them and holds their future!

Mother’s Day Celebration! - tx-galveston

April Update:

Ice Cream Socials can be so fun and yummy!!!

One of the several meals made this month for the families at the Children’s Center!
 That night they had spaghetti style pasta, salad and French bread.
If you guys would like to donate towards next weeks meal please let me know! I’m always in need of sweets and I’m always in need of sides. Inbox me or text me at 832-340-0832 if you were interested in donating a meal or a side. Blessings

Stop & Smell the Flowers! - tx-missionrgv

April Update:

Our April drop off workshop was a success!! I look at this picture and see love!! Love of our community and love of God’s children!

Stay Tuned! - al-birmingham

April Update:

t was a perfect day for an egg hunt with our favorites!

The kids had a blast.

So many Easter blessings were shared.

And we truly felt God in our midst.

God is doing some AMAZING things! 💗

Here are some Work Day Pics~ So fun to help make the campus beautiful!

Join us next month.

Inspiring! - tx-austin

April Update:

For our Zoom workshops we drop off supplies one day….

And zoom the next with the girls at the Settlement Home.

We like to do the activity with them….

And feel so blessed when they have so much fun!

Tie-dye socks and masks were a hit!

Cinco De Mayo! - ma-springfield

Yoga Time! - ar-littlerock

April Update:

Getting Fit with Hip-Hop!
Big shout out to those who could join us for our April Hip-Hop Fit Workout with Mike Peele. If you weren’t able to make it this time, don’t worry, we will have another fitness workshop in May. Stay tuned for details!

Well Wishes~ - tx-nbdowntown

Photography Fun! - tx-uvalde

April Update:

Good Evening Chicktime!

We had such an amazing turn out at this evenings workshop! We planted tomatoes, cilantro & cucumbers with some of the girls at

Big Springs Ranch for Children

!!! It was so much fun!

Audrey was amazing help at putting everything together. We had pizza & sweets & got our hands dirty. It was such a good turn out & we are so happy we got to do this in person.
Thank you so much to everyone that donated food, plants & sweets & also took the time this evening to spend with these gorgeous girls. You are a true blessing!
We hope to see you at the next workshop in May!
Thank you,
Velma Guerrero
Brenda Luna
Norma Jean Sandoval
Evett Gallardo
Rosanna Scott
Lorinda Rios
Kimberly Fulton Huffstutler
@Dixie Radicke

Beading Fun! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

April Update:

Our April workshop has been dropped off! Oh how we wish we were doing this with the sweet girls… side by side!
Pray with us that the girls and staff are well and that we can have safe workshops in person!
If you would like to donate a craft like this for us to bless the girls at CYDC with …. reach out to us! So many options on amazon that you could mail to us and we will deliver with a special note!

Entrepreneurship! - tx-houston

April Update:

Hello Chicktime Katy! We had a great presentation with the Krause girls about relationships from Madelyne, Saturday. It was really good to remind ourselves what is acceptable and what isn’t in a healthy relationship. It was also good to hear people admit to making mistakes in relationships and knowing that we have to cultivate them everyday!
We are still going to be on zooms a few more months. Please join us May 10th to hear about making good career choices.

Craft Time! - fl-tallahassee

April Update:

Dropping off Activities and Love at the Light House Children’s Home is something we hope to for a long time. We are looking for help for future months. Reach out and come be a blessing!

Healthy Living! - tx-canyonlake

April Update:

April Chicktime was so fun! Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to make it a great day for the girls at New Life. Our workshop Leader Lori Davis provided all the supplies and activities!

Thanks for all the hard work putting it together! We made bunny baskets, played games and decorated decoupage eggs. It was a beautiful day!

Journaling Fun! - tx-bulverde

April Update:

It’s that time of the year when everyone is busy with spring cleaning, end of school year festivities, lots of interesting weather, and planning summer vacations, Chicktime Bulverde still finds time to spring some love on the teenagers of their charity partner. Thank you Heather and Beth for supply April’s Workshop. After treating the kiddo a Taco Bell Lunch, they enjoyed learning about Financial Planning by completing a “Brainstorming Household Budget” worksheet.

They chose a career and then had to find out what they could afford: one or two bedroom apartment, did they need a roommate, etc. They were very engaged in this activity. Looks like we will be doing more of these workshop to help get them prepared for the future. Chicktime Bulverde loves the teenagers at SJRC Texas. Blessed beyond measure to be associated with them.

Let’s Talk Jesus! - ny-syracuse

April Update:

Prayer is important and powerful.

We find having steps to keep a prayer journal is helpful.

May all the ladies at Chadwhick Residence know we are praying for them constantly.

Arts and Crafts Fun! - mo-kansascity

April Update:

Thank you to our  Rock Painting workshop leader Teresa and our Hygiene 101 workshop leader Maria( March workshop leader)! They were able to be with  the girls at Cornerstones of Care- Ozanam Campus today after a year of being away! Two volunteers were allowed to be on campus to lead our monthly workshop in person and we were grateful they were willing and able!


Rock painting supplies and treats~

A perfect workshop back !

Hygiene kits  delivered too!

We can’t wait to be back in person in May!

Canvas Tote Bags! - tx-corpuschristi

April Update:

Chicktime is FUN!

Our Workshop delivery was a success, and just in the knick of time before all the rain came down!

All the kids will have an amazing time! #HEBHelpingHere

Self Defense 101! - tx-fortworth

March Update:

Due to the recent winter snow storm that resulted in damages to the shelter ….
SafeHaven had to relocate and are not accepting any drop off workshops at this time. We will pick up in April.
Pray with us that all will be back to normal soon.

Planting Craft! - ca-sacramento

April Update:

Happy Days for Chicktime Sacramento as we are finally back in person with our lovely charity partner

Saint John’s Program for Real Change
We kicked off our return with an Easter egg hunt with over 100 eggs thanks to amazing volunteers who donated all the baskets, the eggs and candy. Also our wonderful leaders who donated as well. We couldn’t do this with out their generosity!
We have some fun activities coming up and are so happy to be in person again!
See you in May!

Slime Time! - dc- washington

April Update:

Sip and Paint drop off workshop was a success. We are imagining our sweet little ones sipping on capri sun and creating masterpieces!

Happy Mother’s Day! - ok-tulsa

April Update:

Shout out to Riverside Car Dealership for teaching Lindsey House a little bit about Car Maintenance?
Chicktime Tulsa is so thankful for their support!

Painting Fun! - oh-akron

April Update:

Scheduling conflicts prevented us from having our gardening workshop… so we improvised and sent pizza and breadsticks! We always want the Youth at SafeLanding to know Chicktime cares about them!

Dream Catchers! - az-mesa

April Update:

These fabulous book markers were sent via Amazon( due to Covid) to the Child Crisis Center by two different incredible women…
Carla Catton and Caryn Hanson Perkins! Thank you ladies for believing in the mission of Chicktime Mesa! All the kids at the center will get to make one!

Painting and Planting! - tx-boerne

April Update:

Our April Activity was hosted by Carrie Frasier.

She hand wrote a sweet note for the girls!

Easter Goodie Candy, Easter bags, Easter Crafts, Easter pencils, Sharpeners and Erasers….

Hopefully we get to see our girls soon in person.

Spring Fling Fun! - tx-nbdowntown

March Update:

Our March workshop was just dropped off this evening. We changed gears on themes as the kids had too much going on over spring break / st paddy’s day! We dropped off a Happy Easter Basket instead.

Baking Fun! - ga-conyers

April Fun:

Thank you, Selina and Deaf Heartbeat for teaching sign language to the girls at Elks Aidmore. It was incredible and I know they loved it!

Thank you also to those who prepared food for their Easter lunch and donated the amazing Easter baskets for the girls.

They felt so loved today. It is amazing every time we go. The girls come in and they seem a little down, definitely not excited. By the time we leave they are so happy to have us be there and are so thankful for everything that we bring.

Since we have been able to be back in person, I am seeing the impact that we are making increase significantly.

It is such a blessing to be able to love on these girls and to be used by God to help make an impact in their lives.

We hope you will join us next month.

Nail Time Fun! - in-indianapolis

April 2021:

Bingo supplies and prizes were sent to The Women and Children’s Center.

We hope the ladies had fun playing. We can almost hear their laughter.

Can’t wait to be there playing with them again.

Happy Mother’s Day Fun! - tx-newbraunfels

April Update:

Thanks to a special Chicktime volunteer, the  young moms got to have a little fun with succulent planting.

Planting Love is what Chicktime is all about!

Make-up Fun! - tn-nashville

April Update:

Can you believe it rained again on our attempt to play volleyball with the girls? 😒
We improvised and found these fabulous games for them to play year round! So our volleyball workshop turned into a game drop off workshop! It all works, but oh how we were looking forward to hanging out with them! Maybe next month!

Immediate Needs! - tx-canyonlake

Let’s Get Healthy! - mi-detroit

April Update:

We like to get encouraging letters~

We hope Vista Maria does too!

Helping Hands! - al-birmingham

Hey Chicktime Birmingham!
We have an awesome opportunity to help spruce up the grounds/campus at Alabama Baptist Children’s Home! We are so excited to help our friends make their “home” even more special!
Come out and join us!
Also~ These are the immediate needs for the Campus. Let us know if you can help in this way, too! Let’s be a blessing!
3 sets of xl twin sheets
3 Comforter sets (microfiber)
(1 mom 2 kids)
6 Dark towel sets
Cleaning supplies

Prayer Journaling! - ny-syracuse

March Update;

We hope the women at Chadwich Residence have a blast hanging out and having a little puzzle time together!

Eat More Ice Cream! - tx-sacentral

April Update:

Our April workshop leader, April Euresti, just dropped of her painting flower pots and planting workshop at St. PJ’s!
The girls are going to have a special spring activity, but more than anything …. thanks to April, seeds of love have been planted and hope will bloom!

A Big Thank You! - oh-dayton

Let’s Play Bingo! - in-indianapolis

March Update:


Bracelet making is so fun. So many types and ways to do it.

See you next month.

Spring Cleaning! - fl-tampa

April Update:

Another fun activity today with the teen girls at

Miracles OutReach!

! Thank you to Heather for hosting such a creative event… and thank you to our community donors for sending items to fill the Easter eggs and Easter baskets!

We made choclate nests for peeps and their eggs.
They loved Easter egg hunting and all the goodies in their baskets!
See You Next month!

Rock Painting! - mo-kansascity

March Update:

Our March workshop, Maria Elena, got things together for her “all about hygiene” workshop….and then we heard the incredible news that we are allowed to return to campus in April. Ozanam is allowing two Chicktime volunteers at a time as they transition back to things pre-Covid. So Maria Elena will take her March workshop to leave with the girls this month and assist our April workshop leader, Teressa with her now in-person workshop!
If you are able to help with supplies please let us know. We are feeling so blessed to have such caring women who want to see Chicktime workshops happen so they donate supplies and time to lead workshops!
To be honest~ that’s all it really takes to be part of the leadership team~ having a caring heart and have about 10 minutes a month to do Chicktime business stuff and of course attend workshops. When we have a team it’s so easy to to keep our commitment to the girls at Ozanam. We hope you would consider joining the leadership team.

More Sprinkles Please! - md-columbia

April Update;

Our April workshop was dropped off and we hear the kids had an “EGGcellent” time!
Thank you to all who donated!

Wild About Flowers! - tx-uvalde

March Update:

Our March workshop leader went way overboard on love and activities and we can’t stop looking at the pictures shared with by Big Springs Ranch! Don’t they just make you smile!
Games, arts and crafts, painting, and coloring with the new donated supplies kept kids busy from multiple cabins!
Then it was time to get active again…
the kids went to the ranch gym with their toys from Chicktime! Lots of good movement and release of energy! The kids even connected two jump ropes to make one big one, allowing the girls to jump two at a time. FUN!!
The Chicktime Easter Bunny even brought lots of treats for the kids one morning.
We hear the kids were totally immersed in JOY thanks to Chicktime !!

Making Future Plans! - ms-jackson

March Update:

Our workshop was simply beautiful this past weekend! We had a great lunch of chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese and wonderful cupcakes. We told the kids about the power of the blood of Jesus and did a demonstration with the glasses of water where the sin contaminates the water and the blood of Jesus purifies the water.
Then we had a great time tie-dying sweatshirts. Can’t wait to see them next time we go. The girls were very sweet and very receptive to us. It is a much smaller setting then were used to but very intimate and we enjoy being with them.

We Are Easter People! - ga-conyers

March Update:

We finally got to see the girls again!! We had a great Poetry Jam and Spoken Word workshop! Thank you @Shaddái for hosting today!! Today they had an opportunity to tell their story. THIS is why we Chicktime. We want to communicate to each girl, “You are SEEN, You are HEARD, You are LOVED, You are NOT ALONE, You have PURPOSE.

We would love to have you serve with us and help these girls come to the truth that they are NOT FORGOTTEN! 

Cupcake Decorating! - ga-atlanta

March Update:

Supplies for Vision Boards were gathered….

And prepped….

And dropped off….

We hope the girls have a blast creating !

Zoom Party! - tx-bulverde

March Update:

Chicktime Bulverde dropped off lunch and some spring crafts for their charity partner on Saturday, March 20. They enjoyed ground beef Cabana Bowls for lunch, followed by making pine comb bird feeders and doing some sand art.
We are still practicing social distancing, so if you have a craft or an activity you think the kids would enjoy and would like to provide for them, I would be more than happy to take it to them. They enjoy being active.

Spring Is Here! - ok-tulsa

March Update:

Our All About Cars Workshop wasn’t all we wanted it to be because of spring break and several moms off campus …
but we love cars so much we are even  helping one of the moms find a car of her own! Using our gifts is so fun!

Volleyball~Take 2! - tn-nashville

March Update:

Well Boo!
Our March (outdoor )Volleyball Workshop was canceled due to rain. We rescheduled it and wouldn’t you know it… it rained again! We will try again in April as it’s a favorite of the girls!!

Exciting News! - tx-uvalde

Rainbow Handprints! - ma-springfield

March Update:

It’s been a year since Chicktime Springfield had to become a contactless workshop. We are hoping that we will be able to do in person activities again soon. However, we shall continue our best to serve our charity partner. 🌸

For our March workshop, we decided to mix our St. Paddy’s theme to incorporate fun Easter baskets for the children at the Ronald McDonald House! Interested in how you can make an activity basket for families during this time? Please message us! 💕

Groovy Man! - tx-austin

March Update!

Dropped off supplies one day for our March Zoom workshop….

….And then just like that we had another fun workshop on another day.

Look at our artists showing off some of their work

Let’s Workout! - ar-littlerock

March Update:


Our March workshop was a blast! This past Tuesday we got a chance to hang out with a couple of our friends at

Immerse Arkansas


Our workshop leader and newest co chapter leader Jamie Middleton did an amazing job leading us in conversations about how we can show up more in the midst of the pandemic. The youth were able to let us know ideas of things they’d be interested in doing with us.
It’s always a great time when we can connect with our friends at Immerse and the rest of the Chicktime Little Rock Crew!
                             Stay tuned for April’s workshop info and some other announcements! 💕

Ice Cream Social! - tx-galveston

March Update:

Thank you Renne And Yvette for donating chili dogs and all the trimmings
We also dropped off 450 eggs (more to come next week) baskets, Easter grass and a fun activity for the kids to do during their Easter celebration.
We also had some stuffed animals left over from Christmas so they will pass them out to the babies at Easter as well.
We LOVE all our Chicktime Angels
If you would like to donate a meal please inbox me. The meal train continues

Thank you St. Peter’s and St.Paul’s orthodox church and Sunday school principal Priya Mathai
For providing dinner for the children at the shelter and their families today.
Blessings!!!it makes my heart glad to see the youth serving HIS FLOCK.
Thank you Souby for coordinating

Chicktime Galveston would like to thank my sweet friend Denise Turner for her donation of dinner for the Childrens Center Mid March.
Frito pie supplies , sweets and drinks.
Thank you Denise for your heart for the kids and their families. Blessings
If anyone would like to donate a meal please inbox me or text me at 832-340-0832
The meal train continues..
We are dropping off dinner Thursdays of each week if you would like to contribute please let me know.
If you would like to donate a meal any other day that is also possible the dream is that we can contribute a meal each and everyday.
Early March Post~
We want to thank Rosemary for donating the money to buy a meal for the Shelter last week. To Danielle for donating yummy Girl Scout cookies to go with the friend chicken and to their sweet cook Maribel for making the sides.
To my childhood friends Rosa who delivered groceries and Emma for donating clothing
To my cousin Lulu for donating a large box with cereal and my cousin Diana and her hubby Mario for donating groceries.
To my friend Susana for bringing over donations.
To Mrs Gonzales for dropping off clothing.
we will continue to be His hands and feet
We are so very blessed to continue to provide for those he commands us to love.
If I forgot anyone my apologies
If you would like to donate a meal please reach out to me or inbox me
The Meal train continues.

Oragami Fun! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

March Update:

Chicktime Charleston Park Circle sent the girls a Finger Labyrinth, they can be ceramic, or molded or drawn out on paper. It is a tool used to help you practice Mindfulness. You simply trace your finger around the path and focus on a positive affirmation, a prayer or nothing at all. The idea is to help train your mind to focus on a single thought and stop being so scattered. Mindfulness has been shown to help with ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. You learn to focus your thoughts on something more positive or to stop your mind from wandering. Each of the girls got a painting and then used bubble paint to outline the path so there was a textured feel to it and they could even follow the path with their eyes closed if they wanted to really try to relax.
# breathe

Chicktime Carnival - id-coeurdalene

March Update:

Another successful drop off, a little something to get their saving started with a little activity to help them understand the importance of doing it.

…..And best of all we were given the ok to return to the building in May. Limited but super excited to get back on campus.

Thank-You and Good-Bye! - ar-littlerock

Got Magazines? - tx-canyonlake

Love Letters! - mi-detroit

March Update:

We love to share the true meaning of Easter with Vista Maria.

Butterfly Mobile - dropoffworkshopresources

Butterfly Mobile


  • One bamboo wood ring
  • 4-5 pieces of nylon string (2 feet)
  • Fake butterflies, flowers, and insects that you can purchase at a craft store.
  • Glue gun/ tape/ glue dots


First Step

  1. Take the ring and tie the first nylon string to the ring in the middle of the string. This leaves a foot above the ring (to hang from the ceiling) and a foot below the ring (to add butterflies, insects, flowers, etc.)
  2. Continue tying the other 3-3 strings around the ring, spacing them evenly apart.
  3. Tie all of the top strings together so that the mobile can hang.

Final Step


  1. Begin to decorate your mobile.
  2. Start at the end of each string placing a butterfly or flower, working your way up the string placing decorations at various intervals.
  3. Place the decorations on the string using either a glue gun, glue dots, or tape.

Hint: You can bend the butterfly wings to give them extra dimension.

Here are the printable instructions: Butterfly Mobile Instructions

Easter is Here! - tx-corpuschristi

March Update:

It’s workshop day at our charity partner, Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter and the staff absolutely loved what we are having the girls do! Lucy said the girls are going to really love it.

Thank you to our workshop leader, Kristina Juarez for a fun project and HEB for all the snacks and drinks! #HEBHelpingHere

Celebrating Easter! - tx-missionrgv

March Update:

We pray that something as simple as popcorn kits for a casual movie night will bless the kids at the Rio Grande Children’s Home. It’s often the little things we take for granted!

Rescheduled~ - al-birmingham

March Update:

Hey everyone! We just got a call from the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home asking if we can move our Easter Egg Hunt to April 3rd due to some scheduling conflicts and campus transitions. We still need your help. Please reach out for details!
Much love,
Kirstin and Lauren

Rainbow Crystal Project - dropoffworkshopresources




Borax (found in laundry section)

pipe cleaners in rainbow colors



a pencil or stick that is longer than the glass/jar’s opening

cotton balls



wide-mouth jar or a glass bowl

adult supervision


  1. Using one pipe cleaner as the anchor, tie one end of the rainbow-colored pipe cleaners onto it.
  2. Bend them into a half-circle.
  3. Tie the other end of the pipe cleaners onto the anchor pipe cleaner. Cut the excess.
  4. Fill the bowl with water to around three-quarters full. Then using a measuring cup, measure the amount of water used.
  5. Boil the water in a pan under adult supervision.
  6. Carefully pour the boiling water into the bowl.
  7. Dissolve plenty of Borax into the hot water. For each cup of water, I used 3 tablespoons of Borax.
  8. Stir the water until all the powder has dissolved or the powder left at the bottom cannot dissolve further. This phenomenon is called saturation.
  9. Tie the rainbow you’ve made onto a twine. I tied it on the anchor pipe cleaner and hanged the rainbow upside down.
  10. Tie the other end of the twin onto a pencil or stick and submerge it into the Borax solution. Make sure the rainbow is fully submerged and not touching the side of the bowl.
  11. Put the bowl in an area where it won’t be disturbed for the next few hours.
  12. Crystals should start forming immediately and a layer of crystals will cover the pipe cleaner completely within 3 hours. Wait another hour or two if you want a thicker rainbow.
  13. When it’s grown to the desired size, take it out to dry.
  14. Glue cotton balls onto the bottom.
  15. Unlike growing crystals using sugar or salt, crystallization using Borax is relatively fast. Crystals can be seen forming as early as two hours after the glass is set aside.


Here are the Rainbow Crystal Project Instructions

Viva Fiesta! - tx-sanantonio

March Update:

Thank you March workshop leader, Mari Alexander, for creating such a beautiful hand lettering workshop, for the teen girls who live at the Freeman and Ridgeway cottages at Boysville.

Each girl is getting a bag with a writing pad, hand made booklet with hand lettering instructions, markers and a special note.

Extra thanks to Stacey Pratorius for donating this months snacks and drinks.

What a beautiful workshop waiting for the girls when they get home from school today.

Spring Fever! - az-mesa

March Update:


Thank you March workshop leader, Laurie, for putting together an awesome activity to do over spring/ Easter break! The kids are going to have so much fun…Origami fun!!

Happy Easter! - tx-canyonlake

March Update:

What a blessing to be able to be physically present at Chicktime Canyon Lake this month. The girls were so happy to see more volunteers and to feel the love and fun we brought them. We had new volunteers and returning volunteers but our common goal was to bring the girls the love and companionship they so much deserve.

We made sand art butterflies,..

peanut butter and seed pinecone birdfeeders…..

and played bingo!!

Thank you Sandra for providing all the wonderful activities and thank you to everyone who was there to spread love and joy to the beautiful girls at New Life. We love them so much.

Easter Fun! - fl-tallahassee


February Update:

One way to stay connected with the girls at Light House is a Zoom Call workshop.

This proved a little more difficult than we imagined as there is limited staff during the pandemic to help make this happen. We are okay with waiting for in person workshops to see the girls. We will go back to our original thinking….drop off  workshops!

Calling All Servants Hearts! - id-coeurdalene

We Are Back! - md-columbia

Hey Chicktime Columbia!
We are back ! We have figured out how we can have workshops despite the risk of Covid. We will have drop off workshops! We will put together the same wonderful monthly activities and drop off the activities for the House of Ruth to do on their own. We still get to love and encourage them, but just not in person… for now. We hope that will be soon!
We welcome help. Let us know if you would like to help put together a workshop . We have ideas just reach out to us! We are in this together. Let’s be the village!

#RelationshipGoals - tx-houston

March Update:

Al-Anon groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of addicts who share their experience, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems.
Chicktime Katy and Krause completed an amazing workshop Saturday, with the help of some very braze Al-Anon adults and Alateen youth. Our 5 speakers talked about not trying to be the adult but staying a kid, knowing addicts have to fix themselves, and knowing their rage has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their addiction, along with so many other great topics. They provided some literature for us to see if we could benefit from their programs. And then some awesome Krause girls stood up and said that the women had really spoken to them. Kimberly reminded us that we should never be afraid or embarrassed to share our story. Our strength in sharing could help others find their voice. Very powerful to realize that being a courageous woman could help someone else who isn’t as courageous, yet!

Bunny Crossing~ - tx-boerne

March Update:

March workshop
The girls will try their luck at planting strawberries 🍓 and tomato 🍅
“Gardners know all the dirt” “The Garden is my happy place”
We made crunchy holders for the 👧🏻🎨
They will also have plenty of hair bows, headbands, scrunchies and barrettes to style their hair over spring break.🎀❤️🎀💜
Kudos to Tiana for the starter garden kits andMichelle Cortez
for all the hair accessories donated through a friend for the girls🙏🏻🎀❤️

Easter Egg Hunt! - ca-sacramento

March Update:

Pictures of our Mar. 13th Bingo Workshop. Our first time in person since November. We played bingo and danced. It was great being back in person. We can’t wait for April for some Easter fun!
Saint John’s Program for Real Change!

Sip & Paint! - dc- washington

March Update:

Dropped off supplies for the kids at My Sister’s Place to grow crystal rainbows! We can’t be there in person, but we hope our drop off workshops make them smile!

Flower Pot Painting and Planting! - tx-sacentral

March Update:

Thank you March workshop leader, Tori Tyler, for planning a movie night for the girls living at the Flores shelter at St. Pj’s!
3 Movies, popcorn and soda… so fun! Extra thanks to Annette Goodson for donating candy !! The night is complete !

Arise ! - tx-sacentral

Planting Seeds! - oh-akron

March Update:

We got to tie-dye shirts with our kids at Safe Landing!

Thanks to Dannielle for your workshop donation.

Going Beyond Monthly Workshops! - tx-galveston

Chicktime Galveston and The Children’s Center would like to thank Woodmen of The World Lodge # 3365 Campos Morelos
For their generous donation of 500 dollars yesterday on Chicktime Thursday Blessings!!

All About Succulents! - tx-newbraunfels

March Update:

What a blessing to have Erica Sifuentes plan a self-care workshop for our teen moms.

Many times moms are so busy taking care of other things they forget to care for themselves. Erica provided Color Street nail kits in pretty bling boxes and also gave them some Ipsy bags.

And of course a snack is always the best way to finish off the day – Banana splits!!

Partnering With Our Community - gatewaystories

Over the years, Chicktime Conyers has been able to partner with some amazing people and organizations.  For example, we have had multiple volunteers serve at our local food bank, and in return, the foodbank provides snacks for our workshops!


Another way that we partner in our community is by partnering with other non-profits. We found these nonprofits via mutual friends and also by going to our county Chamber of Commerce and requesting a list of all nonprofits in the area. We went through the list and introduced ourselves and have made some pretty strong friendships. We have a group of nonprofits in the community that support each other by donating resources and volunteering whenever possible in order to offer what support we can. This past month Chicktime has received feminine and self-care products from other nonprofits to take to our charity partner. We have also partnered with a women’s home and an organization that rescues women from human trafficking. If the girls at our charity partner (or those who were formerly at our charity partner) have needs that Chicktime is unable to meet, we have other contacts who may be able to help.


In addition to the nonprofits with who we partner, we have also been partnering with my church. My church has sponsored the girls for Christmas, completed service projects to clean the grounds of our charity partner, and have continually asked how they can help us.  The impact from all of this is incredible.


I think the most amazing thing though is the trust that has been built between us and our charity partner that has opened even more doors. We are in our 4th year at Chicktime Conyers and we have offered to host a Bible study since we first started serving. However, our charity partner was never really open to having us do that. Last week I received an email from our charity partner asking me if we were willing to host a church service every other week or did we know any pastors that would. I literally screamed with joy! Of course we’re willing! We’ve been willing! I reached out to pastors in the area who are now partnering with us to host church services for our girls.


What started out as three women wanting to make an impact in their community has become an entire community rallying around and supporting the work Chicktime is doing. It is overwhelming and I am so thankful for each and every partnership.


~ Heather

Escape Room Fun! - dropoffworkshopresources


Printable Escape Room Packets


Prizes/Treats for Completing Escape Room



Print out the escape room master packet and game packet on card stock or copy paper.
Cardstock is more durable and can be laminated if you like, but printer paper will work too.

You could possibly set up the room at your charity partner and then leave or you can print and cut out the clues and give them to the staff at your charity partner. Give the staff at your charity partner the instructions and the answer key. They can set up the room if needed and help those who get stuck on certain puzzles.


As ladies finish the escape room, they can be given a prize or certificate rewarding them for their perseverance.


The files to the escape room are below.

Escape Room Master Guide with Answer Key

Game Materials

Dreams Come True! - ga-atlanta

Leadership Team Help! - tx-humble

Test - gatewaystories

Dipped Desserts! - fl-tampa

March Updates:

Thank you, Marcela, for leading today’s jewelry making event for the teens at

Miracles OutReach

! The girls were so creative (as usual) and really enjoyed making bracelets. We were impressed with their skills and designs!

Also, thank you to

Academy of the Holy Names – Tampa

for the beautifully knitted bags and washcloths. The girls loved them! We also appreciate the huge donation of crafts and books for them to enjoy!

Watch Out Little Rock! - ar-littlerock

No Sew Pillow Fun! - dropoffworkshopresources

No Sew Fleece Pillow



2 yards of fleece divided into 1-yard pieces

16-inch pillow insert or stuffing for the pillow


Fabric marker

Ballpoint pins

Fabric scissors


Step 1 : Measure and cut the fabric

Place one yard of fleece on top of another yard. The patterned sides should be facing out on both top and bottom so that you can see them.

To determine the size to cut the fabrics take the dimensions of your pillow and add 4 inches to all four sides. That way your pillow will fit inside the case.

If you have pillow stuffing, determine the size that you want the pillow and add 4 inches to all four sides.

Pin in place if needed to keep the fabric from moving.

Step 2: Measure and cut 4-inch squares out of the four corners

Cut one inch wide strips, 4 inches long,  around the edges

You can mark them to keep it more consistent

Step 3: Tie the knots and insert the pillow or stuffing.

Only tie knots on three sides. That way you will have an opening for your pillow stuffing or pillow to go in.

Once your pillow/stuffing is in go ahead and tie the final side.

Here is a video tutorial if needed.


New Sew Fleece Pillow Printable Instructions

Hanging Mobiles! - tx-corpuschristi

February Update:

Chicktime Corpus Christi continues to Bless Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter. A huge thank you to our workshop leader, Elsa Menchaca MacDougall for a fun Mardi Gras mask decorating session.

We dropped off all the supplies and goodies for all the residents, all thanks to H-E-B. #hebhelpinghere. We can’t wait to see their finished masks and will post them when we get their pics. We are so happy to continue to bring smiles to all the kids too.

Peace! - oh-akron


February Update:


Pizza and games make for a wonderful February workshop. It’s such a honor to hang out with the kids at Safe Landing every month.

Bracelet Making Fun! - in-indianapolis

February Update:

Our workshop Leader, Michelle is the best. She provided lots and lots of supplies and instructions for the Women and Children to make their own Valentine’s Day Cards.


Getting Crafty! - ar-littlerock

February Update:

💆🏽‍♀️🧖🏽‍♀️ SELF-CARE IS IMPORTANT 🧖🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️

Today our co-chapter leader Julia was able to mask up and drop off our February gift for our friends at

Immerse Arkansas!

Thanks to the donations of our chapter members and leaders we were able to drop off facial masks, facial wipes, bath salts, shower gels and fizzers, and moisturizers to help the youth of Immerse have a little, “ME TIME”. We hope they enjoy practicing some self-care as they transition into💆🏽‍♀️ adulthood!
Stay tuned for info on our March initiatives!

Take 2! - ms-jackson

February Update:

Due to scheduling conflicts with Sunybrook, our Tye Dye workshop has been pushed back to the first Sunday in March.

It’s All About Green! - ma-springfield

February Update:

Dropped off bags filled with and an activity and snack…

All we need is LOVE!

It’s Easter Season! - az-mesa

February Update:

Could there be a better lesson for young children? Dream Big!!

Easter Blessings! - mi-detroit

February Update:

Chicktime Detroit is making sure the girls at Vista Maria have lots of fun on Valentine’s Day!
We wish we could play the games with them , but spreading love is what we do… Covid or no Covid!!

Painting Fun! - tx-austin

February Update:


Thankful and blessed that we all survived Snovid 2021. Now we can focus on our upcoming Chicktime workshop and spending some quality time with our beloved non-for-profit charity The Settlement Home.

With the drop off complete we are excited to get a little craft time in. Let’s see what magical creations we can come up with. I can’t wait to pop in and see everyone this Saturday! 🍿🍿🍿🍿

St. Patty’s Day Fun! - tx-nbdowntown

February Update:

Help when you can. Be there when you can. Encourage when you can. 💗 We miss our friends @ Connections so much! We hope these monthly drop offs are bringing them some joy!
If you’d like more information on how you can help, comment below or message us. ☺️