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Summer Break! - in-indianapolis

May Update:

Summer Games! - mi-detroit

May Update:

Happy Spring! Today at Vista Maria we had a blast making bead bracelets with the girls. They all turned out so cute! We also had music, lots of snacks and good convos. Giving this day a 10 out of 10. Thanks Christi for being a fantastic activity host! 💟
Next month we’re gonna go outdoors and enjoy the weather while we can with some summer games! Can’t wait! 🌞


Planting Seeds… - tx-sanantonio

May Update:

There’s nothing better than laughter, fun and Chicktime Minute to Win it games to say good bye to another school year and hello to the upcoming summer break!
The girls enjoyed playing various games such as balloon football and balloon tag, rubber band sling shots and marshmallow towers, but their favorites are always the outdoor games – water balloon toss and solo cup water relays where they get to cool off.
The girls enjoyed fruit with extra chamoy and tajin, ice pops and Mexican candy, before we ended our time together with closing prayer. The leading girl’s prayer totally filled our hearts as she thanked God for the Chicktime ladies who show up for them, bring them love and remind them that they are not alone. That is why we serve!
Our next Chicktime activity at Boysville is June 25th- hope you can join us!


Story Telling Time! - tx-boerne

May Update:

May activity lead by Emily Berset was fabulous
Made fiesta tissue paper flowers 🌸 🌺🌼
Tie dye head bands
Coloring sheets
Bonding with our girls is
priceless 👧🏻❤️👧🏼❤️👧🏽❤️👧
Emily brought her mom and Melva Castillo was able to attend the girls love some Melva time 💜

Let’s Try It Again! - tx-houston

May Update:

Well Boo! We had to reschedule our Bingo Workshop for the 2nd Saturday of the month in June due to a scheduling conflict with Miracal’s Place! 
That seems like forever because we love the girls so much, but it will make our time together that much more precious!
See you in June!

Paint Dipping and Dinner! - tx-newbraunfels

May Update:

We want to say a huge ”Thank You” to everyone that donated money for the young mothers at SJRC to have a nice Mother’s Day dinner. It was so much fun to get to spoil them a bit.



Getting Ready For Summer! - ga-atlanta

April Update:

Our Sip and Paint workshop was dropped off with lots and lots and lots of LOVE!!!
With sipping on smoothies and painting their favorite cartoon character; it’s safe to say we kicked off SPRING with a bang. We look forward to more fun activities next month so stay tuned. As always a ‘thank you’ shout out to my wonderful volunteers!
We get so excited to know we are a small part of the healing of the precious kids placed at The Atlanta Baptist Children’s Home. We know God has called us to serve HIS precious children and so here we are…
Pray with us that in person workshops will start back up soon.

Let’s Celebrate! - tx-galveston

April Update:

ChickTime Galveston has been busy the past two weeks
Last week the Children and their families received pizza for dinner.
Yesterday we cooked pasta, salad French bread and cookies
Today though, well today was special
We dropped off Easter baskets, a piñata full of candy
Candy and money filled eggs and Ice cream sandwiches that they will use on Sunday during their annual Easter egg hunt.
A tremendous thanks to our ChickTime angels who make all of this possible

Exciting News! - tx-canyonlake

Flip Flops Summer is Here! - id-coeurdalene

April Update:

We loved participating in the campus Easter Egg Hunt. 

See you next month.

Self Expressions! - dc- washington

April Update:

Easter crafts for the sweet kids at My Sister’s Place.

Cooking 101 - ms-jackson

April Update:

Chicktime Jackson celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord by making garden scenes with empty tombs. Rita did a great job explaining the true reason for Easter and told some great stories about her life in Nigeria. The girls had some delicious snacks and each had an Easter basket to take home with them. It was a fun day.
To God be the glory!


Mindfullness through Art! - ca-sacramento

April Update:

Let’s Go Fly a Kite!
April 23, 2022
Ms. Emily’s kite flying workshop was a huge success.
We had kids and parents working so hard to build the perfect kite.
The last picture is a story that is posted on the CEO’s office of our charity partner and tells a tale of exactly why we do Chicktime!

Blooming into Spring! - tx-bulverde

April 2022:

Saturday, Chicktime Bulverde celebrated Easter a day early with our young teens and babies at SJRC-Bulverde. Everyone pitched in to fill over 40 dozen empty egg shells with confetti. We also decoupaged eggs. After all that fun, they were treated to lunch and dessert. The cookies were almost to pretty to eat! And what is an Easter Celebration without breaking confetti eggs on each other. Sorry SJRC for the mess we left behind. The kids and adults had a blast.
This could not be possible with the support of our Chicktime Volunteers. Chicktime Bulverde is blessed to have the best volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering with us at Chicktime-Bulverde or any of our Chapters, please reach out. You will not be sorry you did.


It’s Good To Be Back! - tx-austin

April 2022:

April Drop off done! Then we got together for dinner at Hopdoddy’s! So much laughter!

Next month we will be in person!! Told them that even when we are back in person we need to get together like this!

Impressive Nails~ - tx-nbdowntown

April Update:

Our April workshop was a special night of flower pot painting and planting along with hamburgers and an ice cream bar!!
We pray our conversations and time spent with the youth at Connections plants seeds of hope, growth and healing!
We spend a couple hours once a month at Connections ! We would love for you to join us. It’s such a blessing to be a blessing!

Flower Wreath Making! - tx-fortworth

April Update:

Our new charity partner is awesome and we were grateful to attend this open house.

Here’s to new beginnings!



Come On Summer! - md-columbia

April Update:

Thank you Rebecca for helping us with our April drop off Easter workshop for House of Ruth! We are so grateful for you and all our volunteers who continue to stay with us while we wait to get to the green light to volunteer in Person again.

Minute to Win It! - tn-nashville

April 2022:

Oh how good it is to be with our girls of Wallace House again! Our April workshop was so fun and refreshing. Our leader of the month was Anna and she brought all our supplies for making fancy journals out of regular composition notebooks.
We crafted our best and blingiest beauts. I love how the girls seem to open up while their hands are busy making something cool. We had way more open space to move around now that the house has been remodeled and it was in dire need of it. Thank yous to whom ever did that.
We talked about hobbies, birthdays, boyfriends, school, and all their favorite things while we ate homemade pizzas made by Danielle’s husband. Then Heidi brought out sweet Easter treats and baskets for each girl.
I gotta say the hugs I received just did my heart and soul good. I even got an “I missed you too” from our toughest cookie. Those moments alone are what makes it worthwhile. The house had a happy and easy going vibe to it which is definitely not the norm in foster care group homes.
We’ve had a few more volunteers sign up via our website and I gotta say Holly was right. God is moving in Middle Tennessee y’all.

Happy Mother’s Day Fun! - tx-newbraunfels

April Update:

Our April workshop plans were temporary put on hold and we will revisit that activity later in the year!
We had donated proms dresses with us for the girls to try on after the workshop , but that took priority. The girls saw
them and they just couldn’t wait!
It was a magical time watching them try them on…. To feel pretty and feel good about themselves!! We certainly shed some tears!
In case you don’t know….
Each year there are some women ( who mostly volunteer with Chicktime) join forces to put on a prom for the residents of SJRC …. both programs.
The event is led and driven by Merrilee Berger and is amazing!
From the food, to the decorations and set up, to door prizes, to the music, and event space…. It is a lot of work and money … and help is always needed…. ( we can let you know how you can help if you feel your heart strings being pulled)….
We hope you enjoy some of the pictures of the girls trying on the dresses!
Stay tuned for our May workshop details! It’s our annual Mother’s Day celebration !!
If you can’t attend but would like to sponsor a young moms dinner and gift…. Comment here and Brittney will get back with you on how you can donate!
Thank you for supporting our mission to love the teen moms who live at SJRC!
It takes a village !
All for HIS glory,
Brittney and Erica


Bling! Bling! - tx-corpuschristi

April Update:

We made our Easter Celebration drop today and we got to say hello to the girls today. They saw us wheel in all these goodies and were so excited and grateful. Thank you to our workshop leader, Irene Menchaca for putting all this together and to everyone who helped donate goodies. All the girls will each get an Easter Basket with gifts. All boys n girls will also get a bag of candy, chips, a dozen cascarones and also get to enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt next weekend (600 candy filled eggs). 

thank you HEB for helping us make this possible for all to enjoy and celebrate Easter, and the Resurrection of our Lord. #HEBHelpingHere

It’s Tea Time! - ny-syracuse

April Update:

We had a great time at Chadwhick on Saturday. Although most of the ladies were away on a weekend pass, we decided to make Easter Baskets and color eggs for them so they can have a few surprises when they return.

Grab a Hammer! - oh-akron

April Update:

Rain and Snow didn’t stop us from having a blast with our kids today! Easter egg coloring and outdoor hunt was very exciting for all of us. We love seeing the smiles on our kids faces every month 🥰. Special thanks to our event leader today, Dannielle Mack, for supplying these kids with your love and the supplies!

CD/DVD Mosaic Tray - dropoffworkshopresources

CD/DVD Mosiac Tray




Spray Paint (if you want to paint tray first)
Clear Casting Resin (found at craft stores)
Rubber Gloves
Mod Podge



Spray paint tray if needed

Cut CDs/DVDs in small pieces with scissors
(you may want to have these precut for time sake)
The amount of CDs/DVDs needed depends on project size. 
For larger projects you may need up to 10 discs.

There are 2 layers to discs. Do not worry if they come apart. They will both be iridescent with different levels of transparency.



Cover bottom of tray in modpodge.  



Spread out with paint brush.


Place disk pieces in bottom.


Allow modpodge to dry and then pour resin over tiles.


Let it dry and you are finished!


Tie Dye Beach Towels! - dropoffworkshopresources



Spray Tie-Dye Kit
Masking Tape
Measuring Cup
Warm Water
Rubber Gloves




Lay your towel out on a flat surface, smoothing it out. Using the tape and moving slowly, spell out your child’s name across the towel.



Next, on a covered surface or grass, put on your gloves and begin mixing up the tie-dye with the warm water. What colors are made from the primary colors? Working from the color wheel, which colors will look best near each other on the towel?



With those gloves on, let the spraying begin!



It’s perfectly fine to get spray on the tape.



Once the towel is fairly dry, flip it over to be sure to spray the backside! Flip back over and allow to dry completely. Wash the towels separately twice alone in the wash.



Voilà! Monogrammed beach towels!


Viva Fiesta! - tx-uvalde

April Update:

It’s Easter Chicktime Smalltown and what better way to be Easter people but to love like the cross!!
Our fabulous Chicktime Smalltown Managing Leader, Kim, met Big Springs Ranch for Children’s houseparents at Walmart and loaded them up with Easter eggs, stuffed animals, candy (for Easter egg hunts) and gift cards for boys houses to do the same!!
She even loaded them up with hygiene products and fruit!! Something they really love 💗 and sadly do not get enough due to budget constraints! Can you imagine? Those little things we take for granted … fresh fruit and hygiene products!
Here are some pictures from the actual event!
We will have an in person workshop in May… we hope you will join us. But!! If you have the resources to help us make sure the precious children at Big Springs Ranch have fruit and hygiene products … please donate Walmart or HEB gift cards when you can! We will make sure they get them!
Let’s be Easter people… all year long!

Let’s Play Bingo! - tx-houston

April 2022:

Our April workshop was extra special!! Stay tuned for May workshop details and join us!!

Career Day! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

April Update:

Our April workshop-Easter Fun…. Was delivered and we know it helped the kids placed at CYDC feel special and loved!
We made a commitment we would be there for them and we are determined to not break it!

Mother’s Day and Bracelets! - mi-detroit

April Update:

We celebrated Easter with the Vista Maria girls by sharing the true story of the resurrection of Christ, making the coolest bleach canvas bags and enjoying tons of snacks/treats. Blessings all around! 🥚✝️💐🌼🌻🌸.
Next month our theme is Mother’s Day 💕

A little Bit of Dirt and Paint! - tx-sacentral

April Update:

Tonight we had a “silent” workshop at our new Charity Partner, The Bridge Emergency Shelter! We decorated Easter cookies, played what’s your favorite ( food, color, animal) game , sang songs and the kids even danced for us!
The workshop time was perfect!
We also met staff, learned the layout of the shelter and where we will have our workshops, made plans for future workshops and dreamed about moving this Chicktime chapter forward !
We are so excited!! We hope our old volunteers will come back and new volunteers will find us!
We are ready to get off the sidelines and be the change!
All volunteers must fill out volunteer paperwork for Roy Mass Youth Alternatives/ The Bridge.
We promise… it is not lengthy and the process is very easy and staff available to move things thru fast! Click the link to get things started!

Graduation Party! - al-birmingham

April Update:

Such a beautiful day, planting and making these sweet gifts for our moms! 💗 Thank you to our workshop leader, Morgan Wood and our volunteers that helped in making it a great day!

Friendship Bracelets! - tx-missionrgv

April 2022;


Easter is a time to welcome joy, hope and LIFE! ❤️🐣☀️✨Our April workshop led by Lupita was filled with nothing but love as we gathered to make Easter Egg Kits for the kids at The Rio Grande Children’s Home. We can’t wait to share the Easter spirit this season! 🥰 Wishing all a blessed Holy Week ahead ✨

Clipping Coupons 101! - ar-littlerock

April Update:

We hope everyone had a blessed Easter. We did not meet this month due to transitions within Immerse. They are hiring a new volunteer coordinator. We will see you in May!

Hello Summer! - fl-tampa

April Update:

Well, that’s a wrap!
We were so excited to present the new clothes closet to the teens living at Miracles OutReach tonight! Many months of fundraising, blessings of donations of materials and labor, stacked with delays due to covid paved the path to today’s finish line! We are so proud of the final product and truly honored to serve the teens at Miracles OutReach.
We hope and pray that this clothes closet- the boutique- will always foster an environment where these teens feel love in the midst of the unthinkable circumstances that brought them here. Our wish is that they “shop” with dignity and that each piece they pick to be their own is one tiny step to them feeling normal again.
We have some final touches to do over the next few months and a fundraiser at the end of the month to help fund some storage pieces for clothing that doesn’t go on hangers.
Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers, and to those that donated their time, skill and materials to make this dream a reality! We are so grateful that you give us a foundation to do what our heart so deeply desires.

Summertime Fun! - tx-sanantonio

April Update:

It was a windy Tuesday evening but still a perfect evening for Chicktime San Antonio to show up with a catered meal from Julian’s Italian Pizzeria to Boysville Children’s Home for the two girl cottages we serve . We delivered Rigatoni with Sausage, Pasta with Alfredo Sauce and Pasta Basilico with Chicken, Salad and Bread!! The girls called it “fancy” food as they devoured it!
Chicktime San Antonio chapter Co-Leader, Annette , made homemade Cheesecake Cupcakes and Milky Way Cupcakes to complete the meal!! One girl used the slang word- it’s bussin to describe the cupcakes and the group agreed !! We looked it up and it means … When something is great, people may describe it as “bussin.” It is primarily used to describe delicious food!!
Beautiful words spoken to remind us what we do means a lot to the girls we show up for each month!!
Special thanks to Janet Irwine for donating Sonic gift cards for Easter gifts for each of the girls.
The mission of Chicktime across the country is to stop the cycle of child abuse by planting Chicktime chapters in children’s homes and shelters to show the kids healthy adult interactions, as well as teaching new outlets for their emotions with monthly activities.
Chicktime San Antonio can’t do this without you!
So thank you for leading activities, helping with supplies and donating for special events like our catered meal and gifts tonight, volunteering on our Chicktime Saturdays, and always covering us in prayer!
Happy Easter. We are so very grateful!
Annette, Donnette and Letty
Chicktime San Antonio Chapter Co-Leaders

Cinco De Mayo! - tx-boerne

April Update:

April activity was hosted by Carrie Frasier
Manis and Bananis 💅🍨🍌🍫🍪🐇🐣
The girls 👧🏻 👧🏼👧🏽👧🏾 were able to do their nails as if they were at a salon from start to finish afterwards they were treated to a ice cream cookie and chocolate bar~
All were given a treat bag that had Easter candy , jelly beans, and a lip gloss of their choice💄
See you on May 5th 10:00-12:00


Tye Dye Fun! - ok-tulsa

April Update:

We had a fun time today! We had a room full of kids and moms dying Easter eggs and making bunny face crafts.

Thank you for everyone who helped out and to the beautiful women who brought their kids down to have fun with us. #chicktime


Butterflies and Blooms! - tx-canyonlake

April Update:

Chicktime Canyon Lake’s April workshop was all about celebrating the season of Easter! What a beautiful feeling to share the gift of this season with the girls that live at New Life. Easter wreaths, decoupage eggs and fun snacks and treats!
Happy Easter Ladies! We hope you can join us in May!


Easter Love! - ar-littlerock

March Update:


Another Chicktime Little Rock Mission Completed ✅
In honor of International Women’s HERstory Month we decided to put together some “Self-Care Bags” for the young ladies at Immerse Arkansas. 😍
As women we tend to wear the “S” on our chests like a badge of honor as we take care of everything and everyone except ourselves. 🥺
This is not healthy so we wanted to young ladies to know that in order to flourish they must nourish themselves FIRST‼️💯
We had so much fun putting these bags together and pray they are a blessing to our friends at Immerse.


Spring is Here! - ms-jackson

March Update:


Bowling is so fun. We love field trips with Sunnybrook!

Easter Fun is On The Way! - tx-uvalde

March Update:


Monday’s Workshop was a SUCCESS!
Norma Jean Sandoval & her husband Derek hosted her first workshop! The boys from Big Springs Ranch for Children ages 6 – to highschool came out to Uvalde spent a few hours at the airport with the wonderful tour guide Hunter from Uvalde Flight Center. The boys loved it. They had a blast playing in the mini planes.
After that Kimberly Fulton Huffstutler welcomed them to fishing in their pond & wait it doesn’t stop there! After a full day of fun they spent the rest of the evening at sonic playing volleyball with some of our fellow ladies of Chicktime!
Thank you so much for hosting Norma Jean. It was such a beautiful day! We are also so grateful for Kim Huffstutler for organizing & helping host this workshop!
Thank you to these beautiful ladies as well for attending and showing these special boys some love.
@Evett Gallardo
Also to Norma Jean husband Derek for interacting with the young boys so well.
If you ever have it on your heart to want to join Chicktime Smalltown we welcome you with open arms!


Crafts and More Crafts! - dc- washington

March Update:


March workshop/ activity was dropped off at My Sisters Place. This just screams fun!! We are working on details for our April activity … fingers crossed it’s in person!!


Easter and Spring Fun! - md-columbia

March Update:

Our March workshop drop off was a success! Chicktime Columbia loves celebrating holidays with House of Ruth…


Flower Pot Painting and Planting! - tx-nbdowntown

March Update:

Chicktime tonight was abound with laughter and joy ! Zeena hosted a yummy and fun dinner and paint night that was enjoyed by all 🙂
We never know how the kid’s day may have played out before we get there but God always brings smiles and warmth by the time chicktime is over. Our workshop never seems to be long enough but luckily we are always back the last Monday of the month. If you’re interested in volunteering with us at Connections Individual and Family Services please reach out or just show up !
Our next event invitation will be posted soon 💗🦋


Sip and Paint! - ga-atlanta

March Update:

Pizza day for the girls at the Atlanta Baptist Christen’s Home with lots and lots love from Chicktime Atlanta!
As always the leadership team appreciates all our volunteers for helping to make workshops possible.


Easter Party - id-coeurdalene

March Update:

Hey Chicktime Coeur d’Alene…. We are back to in person workshops! We got together “softly” for March … did a simple but sweet craft to ease back into things!!
Here we go again! Thank you God for the opportunity to serve !


Good News!! - tx-sacentral

Meet our new Managing Leader! 

Meet our new co-leader! 

We are so happy to announce these two new fabulous and compassionate women have joined the leadership team for Chicktime San Antonio Central! 

What a blessing they will be as we move the chapter forward!



Decoupage Eggs! - tx-bulverde

March Update:

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be outside Saturday and that is exactly what we did at Chicktime-Bulverde. Thanks to Michael Carman , Levi, and the other amazing members of the Alamo City LX Modern Mopar Group for hosting this months Chicktime. It was very exciting to see the line of Chargers, Challengers, and the Jeep driving onto the SJRC Campus here to educate the youth on: what it takes to buy a car, car maintenance, car safety, insurance, and just a lot of car talk. They even let the youth start their cars. They were so trilled to be able to sit behind the wheel of such a “expensive, fancy” car as one of the kids put it.
Afterwards, Chicktime served the youth and volunteers lunch consisting of enchiladas, rice, beans, Sopapilla Cheesecake bars, and wonderful conversation.
Lastly, the girls enjoyed picking out and try-on Prom dresses for their upcoming Prom. It was such a fun, filled day. What a great way to end Spring Break.
Again, thank you ACLX and our faithful volunteers for showing up and loving on these youth.
If you are interest in showing love to kids in foster care, please look up Chicktime and get involved. We would love to have you volunteer with us. Contact your local Chicktime Chapter.


Spring Is Here! - tx-austin

March Update:

Great time together putting together our March drop off! Missed our KC! Green stencils, green nail polish and Easter candy! Good food at Panera and great fellowship!


Cascarones Time! - tx-corpuschristi

March Update:

We want to thank our workshop leader, Kristina Juarez for such a FUN project for the girls at Bokenkamp this weekend!They will be making paper mache sun catchers! A huge thank you to H-E-B for providing the drinks, snacks and goodies! #HEBHelpingHere


At The Cross! - tx-canyonlake

March Update:

Our March workshop was fabulous! Thank you Lora Williams for inspiring us ( as always) with your words about our road to recovery ! We look forward to hearing from you again next year! 🥰
Thanks to all the volunteer who came out to hang out, play games and/ or serve snacks with us! The girls at New Life feel and see the love and we are honored you support our Chicktime chapter.
Hope to see you back at our April event THIS Saturday!!


Journal Decorating! - tn-nashville

March Update:

Well we finally got to see our girls! Sadly Renée couldn’t join us as she was having her own girls getaway!
Selene brought totes for everyone to decorate! Some girls would start something, not like it and scribble over it but then they would just change the plan and paint something different over it. I thought that was so beautiful. Mistakes into masterpieces.
Next they had Donuts and Gatorade and watched TV, talked about spring break plans, played with puzzles Danielle donated and just hung out and mingled. The workers even painted a tote


Let’s Celebrate! - tx-galveston

March Update;

Three visits to the Center this month.

Nursing students, regular volunteers, and church youth groups. 

All gave time, resources and love. 


Easter Egg Hunt! - oh-akron

March Update:

For our March event, our amazing volunteer Stacy led Yoga and calming glitter bottles! It was a great way to relax and relieve stress. Obviously, we also had pizza 🥰


Plant Party! - al-birmingham

March Update:

M A R C H:
You were beautiful 🤩 ☀️ so we had to celebrate with yard games and picnic foods!
The competition was intense… and we had a great time!


Work Day! - fl-tampa

March Update:

Pictures are Coming from our March workshop! 

Chalk Couture Project - dropoffworkshopresources



Chalkology Chalk Paste
Rags to Dap Paint



  1. Place stencil on chalkboard. Tape it on to make it to stay in place.

    2. Remove stencil and continue to next stencil until your design is complete.

3. Allow to dry.



Painting with Broccoli - dropoffworkshopresources



Paint Brushes
Paper to Cover Table
Paper Plate


  1. Paint the whole canvas the light sky blue color with an actual paintbrush. I even paint the sides of the canvas to give the piece a more finished look when it is done and hanging on the wall or sitting on a shelf. Allow a few minutes for the paint to dry before continuing. Put some paper down under the canvas to keep the paint off your table!

  2. Now the fun Paint With Broccoli begins! Squirt some white paint out on a paper plate. Dip the head of the broccoli into the paint and then onto the top area of the canvas to make clouds. Dab the paint, don’t brush it around. Make the clouds light and airy with rounded edges. Try not to add more and more paint because they get too solid-looking. 

  3. Using some of the brown paint and a paintbrush, paint a trunk to the tree that starts at the bottom edge of the canvas. The trunk will extend about one-third of the way up the canvas and get narrower as it goes up.

4. From the top of the trunk make 4-6 branches that reach out to about an inch from the edges of the canvas. These branches will keep dividing and branching out into smaller and smaller branches. 

It may be a good idea to practice this on some newspaper before beginning to paint on the canvas. It usually helps get a better idea of size and shape on the canvas.


Place four blobs of paint on a clean paper plate using the two different tones of pink, the red-violet and the green paint. Place the blobs fairly close together so the head of the broccoli will dip into all four blobs at once. Remember to dab and not to brush the broccoli and paint around.

6. Paint the Buds on the Redbud

With a second piece of fresh broccoli, dip into the four blobs of paint and then dab the paint onto the canvas. It will make a mottled grouping of the four colors. The idea is to get the paint to look like the multi-colored buds of the blooming redbud tree. Again, like with the clouds, the idea isn’t to get a solid mass of color but a lighter more airy look. You should be able to see some of the sky through the buds of the tree you are painting.


Positive Affirmations Workshop - dropoffworkshopresources

This is a four-part, in-depth workshop on the power of positive affirmations. 
Each part will be broken down with instructions. 
Most of the supplies can be purchased at Dollar Tree.



Strips of Paper
Writing Utensils


At the start of the workshop, strips of paper were handed out to the girls to write down all the negative things that hold them down….only they would see the list. The girls were asked to fold the strips of paper and put them in a cup.

Ice Breaker


Hand-Held Mirror
List of Positive Affirmations


Gather the papers and tell the girls to now focus on the reason Chicktime is there… to teach them about positive affirmations and how they can help them to move forward … dream big…and claim who they were called to be.  Share personal things that have weighed heavy on your heart and have kept you from reaching your dreams at times. Then explain how positive affirmations changed your heart and attitude. To help the girls practice making positive affirmations, pass a mirror around so the girls can look in the mirror and loudly proclaim affirmations they want to make. Have a list of positive affirmations to assist them if needed.



Positive Affirmations Craft

Stickers/Jewels (Dollar Tree has a ton, but Amazon has positive affirmation stickers)
Mod Podge
Sponge Brushes
Polaroid Camera


Use a Polaroid Camera and have volunteers help take pictures of all the girls .
The craft of the day is to paste that picture in the middle of a canvas and use stickers above the picture to spell out – I AM… Then the girls will create a positive affirmation canvas with the picture as thecenter focus! The conversations between volunteers and girls during this activity can be amazingly FABULOUS and REAL!

Click here for a link to help with the discussion!

Positive Affirmation Snack

A homemade cookie cake with positive affirmations on it was shared with lemonade!


Then make a symbolic gesture of tearing up the strips of paper with the negative thoughts the girls wrote out to tell the girls those thoughts no longer have a hold on them.


Bittersweet… - tx-houston

All That Is Easter! - ny-syracuse

March Update:

We were blessed with a beautiful Saturday to drop off Bible Study Journals prepared by our Chapter Chaplin Minister Mae! 

She encouraged the ladies to Grow in their faith!!


The Resurrection Story - mi-detroit

March 2022:

March event is in the books! Today at Vista Maria we painted canvas with watercolors and the girls wrote in aspirations and/or affirmations. As always, everyone had their unique style and they all turned out fantastic! It was a perfect activity for a rainy, dreary day!
Thanks to the volunteers to were able to make it out! Next month we will be celebrating Easter 🐰🐣✝️


Easter Dinner and Gifts! - tx-sanantonio

March Update:

Wow! Incredible! Awesome! Just a few words to describe our time with the teen girls Boysville, Inc. at our March workshop this morning!
Workshop leader, Eva Irwine, showed up with pure enthusiasm to teach the girls the importance of positive affirmations! At the start of the workshop, strips of paper were handed out to the girls to write down all the negative things that hold them down….only they would see the list. The girls were asked to fold the strips of papers and put them in a cup.
We gathered the papers and Eva told the girls to now focus on the reason she was there… to teach them about positive affirmations and how they can help them to move forward … dream big…and claim who they were called to be. Eva shared personal things that have weighed heavy on her heart and have kept her thoughts negative which in turn held her back on reaching her dreams. She then explained how positive affirmations changed her heart and attitude. To help the girls practice on making positive affirmations, Eva passed a mirror around so the girls could look in the mirror and loudly proclaim affirmations they wanted to make. She had a list to assist them if needed. Then Eva had a Polaroid Camera and volunteers helped take pictures of all the girls . The craft of the day was to paste that picture in the middle of a canvas and use stickers above the picture to spell out – I AM…
Then the girls created a positive affirmation canvas with the picture as the center focus! The conversations between volunteers and girls during this activity was over the top FABULOUS and REAL!
A homemade cookie cake with positive affirmations on it was shared with lemonade!
We then made a symbolic gesture of tearing up the strips of paper with the negative thoughts the girls wrote out to tell the girls they no longer have a hold on them.
We ended our time together in prayer led by one of the teen girls . She thanked God for sending the Chicktime ladies to bring arts and crafts and to remind them that they are worthy of a better life and that people actually care about them!
I’m still crying.
We are grateful for our workshop leader, Eva Irwine and the volunteers who showed up today .
Chicktime brings hope to youth who need it so…and today these beautiful women gave hope in a beautiful and gentle way.
God is good.
Join us one month. Come be kingdom builders !


It’s Easter Season! - tx-missionrgv

March Update:

As you can see…there was lots of smiling volunteers at Chicktime Mission RGV lunch hour workshop today! Since we still can’t meet for in person workshops with the kids at The Rio Grande Children’s Home we won’t let that stop our focus… THEM!!
We will keep having lunch hour “meet-ups” on the first Thursday of the month until we get the okay to resume in person workshops!
So plan now !! Come be with us at our next one!! It’s just some quality “chick” time that is service oriented!!
We promise to be sensitive to the time!
We hope the kids enjoy our movie night kits!
Our April theme is Easter Fun!!


Easter Is Here! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

March Update:


Our March workshop was all about learning to meditate and how that helps us to live a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Lord for calling us to this place to serve these precious children for you.



Go Fly A Kite! - ca-sacramento

March Update:

Marching Through Emotions
Learning the Superpower of calm and balance.
“I am lovable!”
“I am enough!”
Thank you Ms. Cynthia and Ms. Angela for leading our workshop!


Hip Hop! - ok-tulsa

March Update:

Our March workshop had to be canceled due to bad weather and road conditions. 

We are sad to miss hanging out at Lindsey House but look forward to next month. 


Grab the Mic! - tx-lakehouston

March Update:

Donuts and Charades makes for a good time!
There was tons of love and laughter this morning at Chicktime Katy as we hung out at our new charity partner, Miracal’s Place! Yes!! You heard that right!! We have spent the last few months Building our relationship with them …. and now it’s time to go all in!!
Can we get a Hallelujah? We have a new charity partner!!!
Stay tuned for details!


Easter Celebration! - ga-conyers


March Update


We FINALLY were able to see our girls at Elks Aidmore again!!!

They were so excited to see us. Lots of hugging and laughing going on.

Today we did a devotional about how God is with us even in the hard times

and how we can be honest with Him about how we are feeling.

Then we had snacks and played St. Patrick’s Day themed games such as

“What’s Your Leprechaun Name” and “Leprechaun Mad Libs”.

We had a lot of fun with the girls; we have missed them so much!!




Easter Is Coming~ - tx-newbraunfels

March Update:


John 15:12: My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.
It’s so hard to put into words how good it feels to show up for someone who really needs you!
Tonight at our Chicktime New Braunfels March workshop a group of loving and giving women showed up for the teen moms who live at SJRC- Pregnant and Teen Mom Program. Whatever the reason is that brought them to this place … we don’t care! Their story has been hard and they need us!
Chicktime volunteer,Laura Najvar, provided all the fixings for a build your own Nacho bar! The girls built their plates high! Desserts and beverages were provided by Donnette Tyler… Lemonade, cookies and brownies… Yum!
Lesli Rodriguez was in charge of the monthly activity ! The girls painted terra cotta pots and planted succulents ! They all did such a beautiful job! The babies were fed, held, rocked and loved!
Until next month… our hearts are full!


Manicures and Banana Splits! - tx-boerne

March Update:


March activity 💚
Self Care
Ariel Katherine was our host today she was able to share some tips with our girls 👧🏻 on how to self care for one self
The girls received their own journal 📓 to write ✍️ down their thoughts 💭
They shared what they do to self care some like to eat healthy 🍒🍓🍇🍎🍉🍑🍊🍋🍍🍌🥑🍏🍈🍐🥝🥭🥥🍅🫐drink water 💧 take a walk and 🚶🏻‍♀️exercise
Then we wrote down I Am affirmations
I am beautiful
I am strong
I am Enough
I am loved 🥰
Proceeded with lavender face masks 💜
Finished up our activity by painting our nails 💅
March is ✅
See you in April


March Fun! - tx-uvalde

February Update:


Saturdays workshop hosted by Lisa Bailey was so much fun!!
We played volleyball, drank some milkshakes, had some good food, and even played in the play ground!
After that they got to go shopping at Walmart & attend a movie!
Most of all we had great conversations with the older girls of Big Springs Ranch for Children. They all left with big hugs to give. Completely melted our hearts & we had such an amazing day!
Thank you Lisa Bailey + Kimberly Fulton Huffstutler,
Dolly Schultz Norma Jean Sandoval + Gale McElroy for all attending this workshop! You all are such a blessing!
If you are interested in attending next months workshop please do not hesitate to reach out to
Yesenia Lozano Bailey or Kim or Dixie! We would love to have you!


Change and Moving Forward! - tx-sacentral

February Update:

Chicktime San Antonio Central met at a local Bill Miller’s Restaurant for coffee, breakfast tacos and fellowship! We were not able to meet in person at St.Pj’s Children’s Home due to Covid restrictions so met up to put together our drop off activity for the girls at the Flores Shelter.
Special thanks to Stephanie Parker for donating the rock painting kits! She generously donated enough kits for each girl to have their own !
We tied pretty bows around each of them and hand wrote inspirational cards to tape on them.
Our hearts are full because we know how much fun the girls are going to have when they get these kits and we pray they receive what the love notes are telling them!


Great News! - ok-tulsa

DIY! - dc- washington

February Update:

Happy Friday Chicktime Washington!
Our amazing volunteer – Niketris Wilson – dropped off supplies for our Valentine’s Day card making workshop today.
We are blessed by her generosity and imagine the kids are going to be blessed by all the fun!!
Message us if you want to help us this year!


Taking Care of Ourself! - oh-akron


February Update:


Our February event was amazing! We had the kiddos paint the trees they seem themself as, since we also are constantly changing, growing, and our roots are grounded. All of the trees came out very differently, showing them that everyone grows differently and that’s ok! We also had three AMAZING volunteers today. Chicktime Akron is forever grateful for our community ❤️🌲🌳🌴


Healthy Living! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

February Update:

Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown’s February workshop was absolutely wonderful this evening! The energy was just beautiful!
The youth were treated to Chick Fil A dinner by Mary Sligh- Young ! Such a special treat! Then we played games, laughed, and shared stories!
Our time with the youth at Connections Emergency Shelter may just be a couple hours … once a month …
but we know the impact our time has on thier journey to healing.


Easter Craft Fun! - tx-nbdowntown

February Update:

Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown’s February workshop was absolutely wonderful this evening! The energy was just beautiful!
The youth were treated to Chick Fil A dinner by Mary Sligh- Young ! Such a special treat! Then we played games, laughed, and shared stories!
Our time with the youth at Connections Emergency Shelter may just be a couple hours … once a month …
but we know the impact our time has on thier journey to healing.


Let’s Go Bowling! - ms-jackson

February Update:

Last month we celebrated Valentines Day (a little late) for the girls and 3 of their house parents. We had delicious snacks and a birthday cake to celebrate 3 of the girls’ birthday. Each birthday girl got a visa gift card but everyone received a heart sharped box of candy, a red rose, and the devotional book entitled, “Jesus Calling” which is a favorite of mine. After the food, Charity, who also brought delicious homemade snacks, beautifully decorated candy apples and more, then taught them how to make bracelets with memory wire. Charity shared her testimony of God’s faithfulness in her life. It was so powerful, every heart was tuned in to what she was saying. This was a anointed message of hope and overcoming power through the love of God. We are so grateful for Charity’s faithfulness to the Lord and to our group, as we are for everyone of our Chicktime ladies who give so unselfishly month after month! God has been so good to us. And we are very grateful for the opportunity to share His love with them.
All my love,
Chicktime Jackson Managing Leader


Decorating Tote Bags! - tn-nashville

February Update:


Our February workshop just couldn’t happen! The agency remodeling project and just life “stuff” got in the way. We are saving the supplies to do the workshop later in the year.
We can’t wait to see the girls at our March workshop. We know where we are called to be…..so today we stay focused.


Shamrocks! - md-columbia

February Update:

Chicktime Columbia celebrated the month of love with the House of Ruth thanks to our special volunteer, Rebecca ! Grateful for women who stand with us to spread ♥️!


In Person Celebration! - tx-fortworth

February Update:

I can’t think of a better day than Valentine’s Day to show up and show love. Chicktime Fort Worth shared love with the children at ACH Family Services Youth Emergency Shelter with a drop-off workshop including pizza and drinks., decorate your own sugar cookie kits (heart-shaped, of course) and a fun craft activity. Thank you so much to our generous donors for making this possible. We hope to be in- person next mont for a Great Green Get-Together, so stay tuned!!


Feeling Lucky! - tx-austin

February Update:

Chicktime Austin enjoying conversation and community! We hope the girls at the Settlement House enjoy their Valentine’s Day Goodie Bags we put together for them! We hope to see them soon!


Did You Say Donuts? - tx-houston

February Update:

Just call us Galentine’s Valentines basket makers. Chicktime Katy was on fire making baskets for Miracal’s Place, a facility, which houses young girls, ages 12-17 over this past weekend!
Today, on Valentine’s Day we popped up to gift the staff with the baskets and tell them thank you for being a sweetheart in our community.


Pizza Party Time! - ga-atlanta

February Update:

LOVE was in the air for the month of February. Chicktime Atlanta truly wanted to make love visible to our girls. We were too excited to share with them the importance of the 5 Love Languages and Self Love.

It takes a team effort to make this happen so I definitely want to thank my volunteers Nikiyah, Cordia, Christine and Karen. Well done ladies!


Happy Spring! - in-indianapolis

February Update:

Hey Chicktime Indy!
We Appreciate YOU! Thank you for waiting for this season to pass with us. We can’t wait to volunteer in person with each of you soon. We are fondly remembering all the women we stood in the gap with as a Chicktime Chapter. Stay tuned ! We will serve together soon.


Four Leaf Clover! - id-coeurdalene

February Update:


We overwhelmed our charity partner with candy and love! 


Car Maintenance! - tx-bulverde

February Update:

Chicktime Bulverde was feeling blessed to be able to serve our charity partner, SJRC, in person last weekend. We had the most amazing group of volunteers to help spread some LOVE!
The teens enjoyed designing “shirts of inspiration” to inspire them in 2022. They were also served lunch and received lots of goodies for the long weekend.
Thank you to all the incredible volunteers who came out and gave their Saturday morning to love on these great teens.
Chicktime Bulverde can always use more volunteers. If you can not donate your time, please consider a donation so we can continue our service to SJRC.
Please contact Merrilee Shisk Berger if you would like to join Chicktime Bulverde or if you have any questions.


Groovy Man! - ok-tulsa

February Update:


Chicktime Tulsa made door hanger/wreaths with Lindsey House for our February workshop.We had to blot out personal information on the beautiful creations, but we know you can see how incredible they turned out. 

What a blessing to be serving in person. What a blessing to gather together and be intentional in giving hope and spreading love. We are already planning our March gathering. We hope you will join us! More details coming. 

Let’s Paint! - mi-detroit

February Update:


We had an awesome time making balloon animals yesterday with the girls at Vista Maria!
Linda (aka The Balloon Lady) taught the girls how to make their own dog-shaped balloons (see pics… they did a great job!)
It was so cool to see the look their faces when they actually were finished. They never thought they’d be able to do it, but they did! 🎈🎈🎈



At The Cross! - ny-syracuse

February Update:

Chicktime Syracuse celebrated Valentine’s Day at Chadwick Residence!

All we want to do is spread love! Join our mission. 


International Women’s Health - ar-littlerock

February Update:

Another Virtual Workshop ✅
Thank you Ms. Tennille for preparing a presentation and teaching on self-love for our February workshop with the youth of Immerse Arkansas.😍🙌🏾
There were so many gems you dropped we will have to share some of the video snippets here on the page.
Stay tuned for our March workshop information! 🥳


Bring On Spring! - tx-galveston

February Update:

A picture of Talen and Anthony who made dinner one being for the families. 

Rosemary Jackson, Emma Posada and Yolie Leyva donated to the shelter on behalf of Chicktime. 

The children at the shelter received a special delivery today for Valentine’s Day
The family also received donations of clothing and will be making Thursday dinner with the gift cards they received last week!!
Thank you Dianna Garza-Martinez MarieBarron Barron
Thank you Chickime Angels for all that you do
This delivery included donations from a while back.
Please continue to keep the Holstein and thei families in your prayers
If you would like to donate towards a meal or would like to deliver groceries to the shelter please inbox me or text me at 832-340-0832.


Marching Through Emotions! - ca-sacramento

February Update:

Our February 12th workshop was a huge hit.
These kids were so sweet making bracelets for their moms, their siblings and even for another member of the home that was sick!
See You Next Month!


Ombre Paper Chain Wall Hanging - dropoffworkshopresources



 Astrobrights cardstock
Paper cutter 
Curtain Rod or Dowel Rod

Here are the specific Astrobrights colors I used to create the ombre effect:

  • Outrageous Orchid
  • Planetary Purple
  • Gravity Grape
  • Venus Violet
  • Blast-Off Blue
  • Celestial Blue


Make 1″ by 8″ strips of cardstock. A paper cutter or fringe tool works great for this, but you can also use scissors. You will need 80 strips of each color (about 8 pages of each).

Starting with the first color, make a loop and staple it together. Add another piece of of the same colored cardstock through the loop and staple. Continue until you have 4 loops of the same color and then move onto the next color of cardstock in your ombre design. You have then made your first chain.

Make a second chain using the same steps as above, but this time add one less chain. Repeat this step to create another matching chain. Continue making a set of two chains, with one less loop than the previous chains.


Once you have made 19 chains, hang them from a wood dowel or curtain rod that is long enough to hold the chains. Adjust the paper loops as needed to hide any staples.



Stained Glass Project~ - tx-corpuschristi

February Update:

February drop and feeling excited! Can’t wait to see the girls’ finished masks to celebrate Mardi Gras. A huge thank you to our workshop leader, Amanda Martin and H-E-B for the drinks and snacks. #HEBHelpingHere


Canvas Glue Art! - dropoffworkshopresources


  • Canvas
  • Washable glue OR a hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Spray paint or craft paint in the color of your choice
  • Pencil
  • Saying – you’ll either hand draw or print
  • Transfer paper (optional)






Step 1: Think of/find a pattern that inspires you, and draw/trace it on your canvas with a pencil. 
Now if you aren’t feeling very creative or you want to make it more exact, there is another option. You can print something from the internet and place the paper down on the canvas with a piece of carbon transfer paper in between. Trace with your pencil and the design will end up on the canvas!



Step 2: Go over your design with glue. Make sure you don’t press the glue down as you apply. If you find that your glue settles flatter than you want, go over your design one more time once it has dried. You could also use dimensional fabric paint for this project.

Step 3: Let the glue dry 


Step 4: Spray paint the canvas any color! I liked the clean look of white on white.


Positive Affirmations! - tx-sanantonio

February Update:

The 3rd Saturday of every month is sacred to us. We plan our personal agendas around our committed time with the girls who live at Boysville. We don’t want to let them down. They’ve been let down way to many times in their life.
February is sacred to our workshop leader, Kelly Hoog. For the past SEVERAL years she has committed to leading a cooking or baking activity
( her passion) in honor of her birthday month. Kelly understands the importance of what Chicktime has set out do…. Help the girls feel valued and empowered to live a life of purpose!
Kelly’s cooking worship this morning was making homemade pizza. All we can say is YUM! The girls got to eat the fruits of their labor and top it off with caramel brownies made by Kelly. I think the girls described them as “heaven”!!
Coco Maradiaga purchased the girls earrings as a special treat. The girls were so excited and immediately put them on! #blessed
We pray that their hearts are as full as their tummies today.
As always- we ended our time together with a circle prayer. One of the teen girls said the prayer and it was simply beautiful!
God is good . All the time. God is good.
See you next month.


St. Patrick’s Day Party! - ga-conyers


February Update


We were not able to see the girls for Valentine’s Day, but we made sure they felt loved by dropping off Valentine gifts for each girl!