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July Update: - tx-canyonlake

July was filled with summer fun! Thanks to our workshop leaders who put together all these activities for the girls. Slip and slide volleyball was super fun! The salad spinning art was such a creative idea. Pong and crafts are always a favorite! Please join us in August for more fun activities with the girls at New Life!

Fresh Fruit Fun! - dc- washington

July Update:

Our all about cookies July workshop was dropped off thanks to a special Chicktime Washington volunteer!
We can only imagine how big the kids eyes got when they saw this box full of yummy!!

Celebrate Summer! - ms-jackson

July Update: 

School is Here! - tx-sanantonio

July Update:

Another fun Saturday morning at Boysville doing crafts with the teen girls.

We painted flower pots and planted succulents. We loved seeing all of the creative designs the girls came up with. Thank you to the ladies of ATKG, LLP for hosting today’s workshop!

Start Strong! - id-coeurdalene

July Update:

We hope our July efforts will bless the people at UGM. We are in this life for the purpose of helping each other along the way. Join us as we try to do our part!

Glow In The Dark Party! - tx-bulverde

July Update:

Hooray for Chicktime Bulverde!!! What a celebration we had for being able to meet with volunteers and the whole campus of SJRC Texas. This was the first workshop back in person serving all the houses together since COVID. Each teen was showered with confetti as they arrived. They were showered with lots of love.
Next, they were able to get creative by tie-dying a beach towel. The results were astonishing. They were very surprised and excited with the outcome. The teens at SJRC always enjoy a home cooked meal. This month, they were served Chicken Goulash with garlic sticks, muffins, and Italian Ices. We ended with letting the teens celebrate their togetherness with a nice, controlled confetti egg game. Chicktime Co-Leader, Dr. Melissa Jozwiak got in on the fun. Even Merrilee Shisk Berger was cracked with confetti eggs and if you know her, she usually doesn’t let anyone touch her hair.
A special thank you to Michael Carman for his donation and to all the Chicktime Ladies who came out…. Tara Chapman Johnson Letty Rodela Lesli McDonald Rodriguez Donnette TylerMelissa Jozwiak
It was so nice to be back celebrating with the teens. If you are interested in participating in all this fun, please reach out to Merrilee Shisk Berger.

Card Making Anyone? - in-indianapolis

July Update:

Don’t you just love getting mail? We know the women and staff at the Wheeler Mission Center for Women and Children

loved getting love notes from you.


Chapter Stuff! - tx-houston

Bling It Up! - tx-corpuschristi

July 2021

It’s going to be a wonderful day for an ICECREAM social for all the kids at the shelter! Thank you to all who contributed to make this event a memorable one!

Special thanks to #HEBHelpingHere, Amanda Naranjo (goodies), Diana Martinez (boys n girls cross bracelets) and Karen Smith (goodies) for everything! Can’t wait to see their pictures! Will be posted on comments when we receive them.

Rock Painting - dropoffworkshopresources

There are two different projects in this post, so scroll the way to the bottom!

Project 1

Rock Painting Free Design


You could purchase a rock painting kit (at local craft stores and Five Below)
and it will come with everything you need. The kit is not necessary, however.

Below is what to purchase if you do not have a kit.

Rocks (river rocks are very smooth and great for painting)


Cups for Water

Tempera Paint



Paper Towels

Plates for Paint


Squeeze various colors of tempera paint on a plate.

Make a plate of paint colors for each person.

Give each person a paintbrush, cup of water to clean brushes, and a paper towel on which to wipe brushes

Give each person a rock and have them start painting.

After they are finished painting their rock they can decorate with glitter, stickers, ribbon, or any other decorative items you have provided.

Lay rocks on paper towel to dry.

Project 2

Rock Cacti in Pot

River Rocks
Paint Brush
White Marble Accent Stones
Clay Pots
Dark Green, Light Green, and White Acrylic Paint
1-Get a few different sized river rocks to make a varied size cactus arrangement. Paint each rock in light or dark green paint and allow to dry completely.
2-Use the handle end of the paintbrush to add dots of white or green to create the spikes on each cactus.
3-Fill the clay pots with small white pebbles, then wedge the rock “cactus” in place.
4-Place on your desk, table, or windowsill for a fun pop of (low maintenance) greenery.

Painting Party~ - az-mesa

July Update:

Painting birdhouses was such a fabulous workshop activity for the kids…
There are so many fabulous craft kits at Walmart, Target and Amazon the kids just love and it’s that easy to be a monthly workshop leader! We are going to start planning for next year….Grab a month and be a workshop leader!

2nd Time is a Charm! - ny-syracuse

If you are able to contribute any school supplies we would greatly appreciate it! We would love to drop off a basket full of crayons, glue, paper, pens/pencils, markers, rulers, pencil pouch, spiral notebooks and such! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help the kids start the school year off with confidence that comes from having all the supplies they need for a successful school year.

July Update:

Due to Covid we had our Ice Cream Social planned for outdoors.

Rain put a damper on that…

So we dropped off pizza and beverages for Pizza party!

We hope they were blessed.

Spray Bottle Mural - dropoffworkshopresources


  • Roll of paper
  • Spray bottles (empty window cleaner bottles work well)
  • Thin paint. (This can be water-based paint of any kind. If you use tempera or acrylic, make sure to add lots of water so the paint is very, very thin.)
  • Masking tape
  • Aprons or old shirts to protect clothing


  1. Tape a long section of paper to a fence or a wall. Or unroll it on an easel.
  2. Make sure students wear aprons as this activity can get a little messy.
  3. Fill spray bottles with different colors of paint.
  4. Students can then spray different colors of paint onto the paper.
  5. Encourage overlapping of colors so that blending and mixing occurs.
  6. Once complete, let the paint dry and hang!



Joys of Journaling! - fl-tampa

July Update:

What a day! As expected, the school supplies and backpacks 🎒 were a hit with the girls. They were all in for the skincare session with Brittany and yoga with Kimberly.
We had such a wonderful turn out of volunteers that are new to our chapter and several veterans that I can always count on… today wouldn’t have been possible without each of you!
Another HUGE thank you to everyone that pitched in to make today the success that it was!

Back 2 School Bash! - oh-akron

July Update:

Our July workshop was all about a little weird science. We made homemade lava lamps and compared the reaction to hot vs cold. We ate a little pizza and played a little basketball. The kids were so excited that we even wanted to play with them.

The little things.

Just showing up.

It matters.

Picnic in the Park! - al-birmingham

July Update:

We are smiling BIG because we had the best time just being still and hanging out at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home! We met a new family living there and are excited about our upcoming workshops that will include them. Our Lake Day wasn’t in the cards apparently… but this was good for our souls.

ARRR Says the Pirate! - ca-sacramento

July Update:

We we’re so excited to have Mad Science back for our July workshop. The kids love Mad Science and they had a blast learning about dry ice.
Thank you to all our volunteers and Mad Science for making this a great workshop for our friends at Saint John’s Program for Real Change

Water Day! - ga-conyers


July Update

We had so much fun today with the girls!
We brought snacks and games and a karaoke machine.
The girls sang their hearts out today.
It brought tears to our eyes because they are so talented.
We felt like we were judges on America’s Got Talent
because these girls just began singing and bringing tears to everybody’s eyes.
And it’s so heartbreaking because the world may never get to hear their talent.
These girls have gifts and talents that God gave them, that the world needs,
and unless people invest in them and pour into their lives, they may never realize how gifted and talented they are
and never use their talents. So I pray if you’re reading this that you will get involved
because the girls need you. Because we need them.
We also played a game where we had to do the tasks on the card
which left us all cracking up. I might have prank called Pizza Hut today.
And we gave the girls book bags filled with school supplies.
We forgot to take pictures of that though.
We appreciate everyone who donated school supplies to help these girls get started back on the right foot.
It was an amazing feeling to see these girls filled with such joy today and having fun and relaxing and just being able to be themselves.
They don’t get to really do that a lot. So we appreciate everyone who made that happen.
Next month we will be doing slip and slide kickball along with a few other water games,
so let us know if you would like to volunteer with us.

Glow Sticks and Fun! - tx-newbraunfels

July Update:

Our young moms from Chicktime New Braunfels joined the teens from Chicktime Bulverde for a joint workshop!
We played around with confetti to welcome the teens and we cracked confetti eggs on each other to end our workshop!
In between we tie dyed beach towels and shared lunch together . It was a beautiful time together.
Thank you Merrilee for leading this workshop with so much love and kindness.

School Bell Is Ringing! - ga-atlanta

July Update:

It was a necessary July off to self care and rest… but also to remember the why we Chicktime!! We know Covid restrictions will soon be lifted and we will be back on campus having fun and giving the kids a safe and fun space to just be kids. Please look at these pictures and be inspired by our past workshops! Let us know if you would be willing to lead a workshop in 2022! If you have a passion we can turn it into a workshop… gardening, journaling, dancing, baking, crafting? We would like to have everything planned by the end of October for next year. So grab a month, think of a theme and who you are going to ask to help you purchase the supplies!
If not us… then who?

Healthy Brains! - tx-fortworth

July Update:

Love notes are so easy to send and a beautiful thing to receive!

We hope the staff at SafeHaven were overwhelmed with a little love from Chicktime Fort Worth.

Still no word on when we can meet in person again….until then we will connect with SafeHaven in other ways.

Exciting Times Ahead!! - tx-nbdowntown

t’s happening!!!
The re-launch of Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown!
It’s so exciting!!
We need women to lead workshops! Have a passion you like to share? Crafting, baking, painting, dancing, game playing, journaling , seasonal /holiday themes or??? We can help you make almost anything into a workshop! We are looking for workshop leaders for the rest of the year and all of next! We are being bold and believing there are women like us that want to say YES to these precious children!
You lead the activity and purchase all the supplies…. we will always be there for support and guidance!

Back To School Time! - tx-galveston

July 2021 Update:

Face Painting and angel wings out of paper plates……so fun!
Join us next month.

And the Oscar Goes To….. - tx-houston

July Update:

Chicktime Katy brought the house down with Krause House with some karaoke today! Angela brought Whitney Houston and Kim brought Roberta Flack! The girls had so much fun singing The Ambassadors, Lana Del Rey, and Luke Combs songs with others. We even had the staff participate in song!
Thanks to Julianne, Kate and Bella for joining us!

Best Wishes~ - fl-tampa

Chicktime Tampa,

I just want to take a minute to highlight an amazing woman that Chicktime Tampa has been so fortunate to have as a volunteer turned leader for the last three years. Taylor Lauren has been with us since day one and has made a huge impact on not only our chapter, but the lives of the girls we serve.

During her time with us she has brought a mentorship program into fruition, organized our first ever virtual 5k that helped fund a clothing “boutique” for the foster home, recruited volunteers and donors to help us fulfill our mission, and SO MUCH MORE!

Taylor was offered a promotion within her company and will be relocating out of state. While we are incredibly sad to lose her, we are also so incredibly proud for all she has accomplished and what her future holds.



Managing Leader for Chicktime Tampa

Oil Pastel Project - dropoffworkshopresources


Supplies Needed

Oversized black construction paper
Card stock
Oil pastel crayons Crayons
Glue sticks

The construction paper can be any color I suggest black for the background because it makes the art pop


Cut the card stock into 4 squares or rectangles

Let your inner artist flow

I recommend drawing your picture with oil pastels.

Then add accents with marker.

Finally, go over the picture with watercolor. It will fill in the rest of the space.

Paste all four pieces and

Bam! Enoy your masterpiece!

Thank You! - tn-nashville

Painting With Feet! - tn-nashville

July Update;

Our Summer BBQ at Youth Villages was perfect!

We are already busy planning our next workshop and we hope it includes YOU!

Take A Hike! - ok-tulsa

July Update:

This is what Love looks like!

What a fabulous time we had at our July workshop making slime with the kids at Lindsey House.

We can’t wait until next month! We have a ton of fun planned and would love for you to join us!

Window Art Fun! - tx-sacentral

July Update:

Thank you Teresa Sullivan for blessing the Flores Shelter at St. Pj’s with a few kits !! This should keep them busy for awhile!!

Get Ready For School! - mi-detroit

July 2021:

We hope the girls have so much learning how to create Origami !

Soda Fountain Fun! - tx-uvalde

June Update:

☀️ Fun in the Sun was definitely a success! ☀️
The boys from Big Springs Ranch Children’s Home had a blast swimming at Cara & Nathan Hieberts Bed And Breakfast. They got to swim all day! What better way to beat this Texas heat!☀️
Thank you so much Cara & Nathan for hosting the boys! We are so grateful for you

Texas BBQ Party Time! - tx-missionrgv

June Update:

We can’t believe we didn’t take pictures of our drop off cookie kits? To our defense~  we received the news around the time of delivery that The Rio Grande Valley Children’s Home was going to have a BBQ in July and wanted us to join them! We can’t wait to serve in person again. Stay tuned for details! We hope this will be the start of things going back to “normal”!

Let’s make the world a better place…together!

Pass The Sprinkles Please! - ny-syracuse

June Update:

We were so Blessed today to be back at the Chadwick Residence with our ladies! We missed them and their incredible staff so much! Our Workshop Leader today was an incredibly talented woman of God. Thank you Meghan for allowing the ladies to walk away with a piece of jewelry of their own that they crafted!

Pool Party! - tx-boerne

July Update:

July drop off
Summer is here, it’s difficult to keep tweens and teens entertained not to mention that the Texas heat is 🌞🔥 🌞
We hope that the girls will stay busy with the activities that we dropped off
Friendship bracelets 🧑🏻‍🦰👱🏻🧒🧒🏻
Donut shaped Chalk 🍩
Flip flop decorating with flowers 🌸 or 💎 🩴 🩴
Butterfly wings 🦋
Can’t wait to spend time with our girls in person ❤️

Let’s Do This! - ca-monterey

It’s amazing what compassionate and passionate women can do when they ban together. Please help us put a volunteer Chicktime Chapter in every women and children’s shelter across the United States. Let’s make the world a better place.

Thank You! - ca-monterey

Change is Coming! - fl-tallahassee

Cookies and Side Walk Chalk! - dc- washington

June Update:

June Update:

We dropped off our June workshop!! The kids are going to have such a wonderful activity time!
Interested in sharing such joy?
Contact us! We need lots and lots of help!

Chill Man! - tx-austin

June Update:

Games Galore! We hope the Settlement Home has a blast with our June Game Day drop off workshop!

Slime Time! - ok-tulsa

June Update:

Thank you Shannon for being our June workshop leader!
Yoga 🧘‍♀️ is so relaxing!

DIY Fun! - tx-boerne

June Update:

Grateful for Emily Berset for donating the art supplies for our June workshop the girls will have a blast 💥 🎨 and Claudia Morales for the snacks

Fun! Fun! Fun! - ar-littlerock

June Update:

Thank you all so much for your donations to make our June drop off a success! We were able to get snacks, games and cool treats for all six houses. 🤗
Our friends at Immerse send their love and gratitude to each of you!💖

Game Is On! - ga-conyers

June Update:

The girls at Elks really enjoyed the Olympic Games we set up for them last Saturday. We played frisbee golf, discus, roadkill, sponge relay, hula hoop relay, and many other games. We also provided hotdogs and chips and water. We just love showing up and spending time with these girls every month. Can’t wait until next month!

It’s a Chicktime Summer! - tx-sanantonio

June Update:

Chicktime San Antonio’s in-person workshops are back and changing hearts!! It’s so wonderful to be back on the campus of Boysville, Inc.!!
We’ve been faithful for a year or so with drop off activities and slowly eased back the last few months with some limitations….but this month it felt like it did pre-covid.
Workshop leader, Betty Fernandez, opened us in prayer before the girls arrived which set the stage for a joyful morning. Betty’s workshop was all about moving and staying active. We circled up and did stretching exercises. This allowed us time to talk and laugh. We then broke up in groups to do other more cardio activities geared for coordination and balance used with rings and cones. Jump roping fun and games took up the bulk of the workshop as the girls AND volunteers couldn’t get enough of it!! We bowled with toilet paper and even went outside and competed in a water balloon toss! Snacks were a hit (especially the watermelon)but the most touching part of the workshop was when we circled up to end the workshop~ Betty asked the girls to share at least one thing they were grateful for….EVERYONE in the circle participated…..The teen girls, the volunteers….chapter leaders and even the staff! The answers were the reason we come back each month. Good is so good!!
We closed in prayer led by one of our NEW volunteers, Cindy. Did I mention we had 3 new volunteers? Wow!
We invite you to join us any month. It would be such an honor to serve with you.
All our love,
Chicktime San Antonio Leadership Team
Annette, Donnette and Letty

Peace, Love & Tie Dye! - tx-bulverde

June Update:

What an awesome June workshop! Thank you Alex Ibarra for getting together the 40 goodie bags for the teenagers. There was such great joy to see these kids eyes light up when they opened their bags and all they could say is WOW! The bags were filled with: soda; cookies; candy; bubbles; a bouncy ball-just to name a few. Not only did every kiddo get their own goodie bag, but Alex also gave each house a basket of games.
Lunch was also provided to each house: ham, chicken, and cheese sliders, chips, tea, and spicy crackers…their favorite.
Lastly, each kiddo was given a “Chicktime” tank top. What better way to start off the summer…Chicktime Style!!

Crafts and Conversation! - ms-jackson

June Update:

Chicktime Jackson had a sweet time with the girls the last weekend for our June workshop!
Janet gave her testimony about how she came to know the Lord Jesus and it is a powerful testimony….
And then we played Pictionary with the girls that was lots of fun and everybody laughed a lot.
We would love for you to join us one month. Reach out to us if you want details on how!!
God is counting on us!

Spa Day! - mo-columbia

June Update:

We love serving the House of Ruth!

Groovy Man! - tx-newbraunfels

June Update:

Chicktime New Braunfels dropped off some summer fun at SJRC New Braunfels!
Each bag -included 2 drink bottles, 2 towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles, floaties, beach ball, tube ring, baby books, coloring book, mom book, bubbles, noodle, mesh beach bag, 2 baby water toys, and goodie bags of snacks!
We can’t wait to hear about all the fun water play the young moms and their kids will do this summer!! Thank you to all who helped get this together!

Sprinkles Please! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

June Update:

Our June workshop is ready to be dropped off!!! Hope the girls love making OOBLECK!!
Stem projects can be so much fun!

Ice Cream, yall! - tx-corpuschristi

June Update:


Our workshop leader, Virginia Sandoval, Maribel Sandoval and Mary Alice Cruz dropped off all the goodies for a fun project of making their summer flip flops.

Thank you H-E-B #HEBHELPINGHERE for the drinks, candy and snacks for the kids too. Looking forward to sharing pics on the comments section. May God continue to Bless all who help our charity partner, Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter.

Stem Fun! - oh-akron

June Update:

We had so much fun with our first male activity leader building birdhouses with our kids this month!! Thanks for joining us and spending time with us Tom Horton!

Cook Out Time! - tn-nashville

June Update:

We had to improvise our workshop as there was some scheduling conflicts.

Movie nights ahead for the girls with summertime snacks!

Flip Flop Fun! - mo-kansascity

June Update:

So fun to be back in person !

Ice Cream just seemed like the perfect summertime workshop!

See you next month.

Sieze the Summer! - tx-galveston

June Update:

And So it was that after 15 months we were able to finally return to the Children’s Center and hold an in-person event.
You guys I won’t even lie
I CRIED and had a really hard time finishing my prayer.
The children and their parents had an amazing time
Painting tote bags with Amy,
Playing in the waterslide provided by David,
They enjoyed pizza, chips, brownies cookies ans yummy watermelon provided by Anita, Renee and I.
But the thing that touched me the most is how much they laughed and played. I loved how their little faces lit up when they were painting snd we paid them a compliment.
The painting was definitely a hit with the kids and their parents alike.
We were also able to provide the two dads at the shelter wirh a 10 gift card to Walmart to help them celebrate Father’s Day.
People were touched today and THAT is why we Chicktime!!
Next month we will be providing another in-house event as long as COVID stays in check.
If you would like to be sort of the magic and help us be His hands and feet please inbox me.

Creative Time With Origami! - tx-sacentral

June Update:

This lady right here is our June ( drop off) workshop leader! She dropped off supplies for the teen girls at the Flores shelter to make bracelets! She was a workshop leader last year, too.
She is already asking when she can help again… and again… and to assure her that I would contact her if I ever needed her help!
Vanessa Williams-Bourne gets it.
She gets that when children are removed from their homes and live within the foster care system they need more than paid staff or caseworkers to show up for them. They need to know they matter outside the children’s home! Thank you Vanessa for getting it!!

Rescheduled! - al-birmingham

June Update:

Due to the rain yesterday… our lake day June workshop had to be rescheduled for July 3rd!
Details coming

Love Notes! - in-indianapolis

June Update:

As a reminder~ We did not have a June workshop. Campus is under a HUGE construction project and it is hard to arrange drop-off activities ….not to mention staff transitions and covid restrictions still active.

Helping Others! - id-coeurdalene

June Update:

Bubbles, Popcicles, and sidewalk chalk. So fun!

Gratitude is our Attitude! - tx-fortworth

June Update:

We did not have a June workshop. We had plans for a virtual one, but were not able to confirm arrangements with


Summer Fun Is Here! - tx-canyonlake

June Update:

This month we put the FUN in the fundamentals of living. The girls learned about money and budgeting, healthy eating, and decorated recipe boxes. Special shout out to our volunteers for being there to share their experience and guidance. Rachel, Julie, and Carol shared about budgeting. Angela and Juli mixed up some awesome smoothies and shared about healthy nutrition. And, Merrilee provided some awesome supplies and crafting expertise to the girls decorating recipe boxes. We appreciated our newest volunteer and Lori was great engaging with the girls at each station. Thank you to all our volunteers! We love that you love the girls!

Happy 4th of July! - ma-springfield

June Update:

Slime Time is always a good time!!

Painting Birdhouses! - az-mesa

June Update:

This wonderful activity was sent  via Amazon by Carolyn~ One of our wonderful volunteers who believes in the mission of Chicktime Mesa….which is serving the kids at the Child Crisis Center!


Origami Fun! - mi-detroit

June Update:

Exploring careers activities were sent to the girls at Vista Maria on behalf of Chicktime Detroit!
Here’s to a bright future doing something that brings them joy!

America! - ga-atlanta

June Update:

Our pizza party turned into a popsicle party! The heat made us do it! It’s hot! 🌞
We are hoping to be back in person in August or September and have our pizza party then… with the kids!! Join us for lots and lots of fun and help us make a difference in our community.

Karaoke Fun! - tx-houston

June Workshop:

What a fun time today at Krause House! We had Laurie lead us thru following our dreams. It started with a fun ice breaker with the girls making a story by each one saying one word. It was followed by writing down what beliefs keep us from following our dreams and focus on our inner cheerleader who can help us achieve our dreams. The girls shared how they would like to spend their 19th birthday.
We thoroughly enjoyed having Myer, Gabby, Addy and Joanna join us for their first Chicktime event. We hope to see them next month

Grab Your Lab Coat! - ca-sacramento

June Update:

Chicktime don’t always go as planned, but none the less~ We are so happy to be in service to these precious children.

Please join us. We need you!

School Supplies Needed! - ca-sacramento

Back to School Fun! - fl-tampa

June Update:


Today was a BLAST! Jen with Improv4lawyers planned a fun morning of team building, anxiety reducing, communication building and just all around fun improv activities.
We got up and moving around. We were loud and we were quiet. We learned how our our facial expressions and body language communicates with others, even when we say no words. And we learned some activities to do when our brains just won’t stop spinning.
We hope to have you again. The girls really enjoyed it!

Good News X’s 2! - tx-houston

Ice Cream Social! - mo-kansascity

May Update:

May workshop with the girls was some DIY activity fun and treats!

Summer Baskets! - tx-bulverde

May Update:

Chicktime Bulverde’s May workshop included boys and girls on campus! The teens got a yummy meal of bbq, baked potatoes and desserts ! Workshop leader ( and chapter Co- leader) Melissa, talked to the teens about college and what her college can do for them. She is a professor at Texas A&M San Antonio.
We are grateful that a very small group of volunteers at one time can lead in person workshops ! Baby steps, but we’ll take it!

FUNdamentals for Life! - tx-canyonlake

May Update:

Our May workshop was all about having a healthy mind, body and soul!
We pray the girls at New Life will always seek a healthy life! That’s why we keep showing up every month… we care about them so much.
Join us one month and be part of this support system!

No Time For Boredom! - ar-littlerock

May Update:

Late post……check out our Chapter Leader Kelly and Co-Leader Jules as they packed some goodies bags for our friends at Immerse Arkansas
We were able to get them some healthy snacks and visit for a quick second as we dropped them off.
Stay tuned for updated info on potential SMALL in-person activities. The youth made it clear they are ready for some fun engagement and girl time. And we have to admit, we miss being able to engage with them in-person.
We’ve already got a few ideas on the books but we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment below or shoot us an email at littlerock@chicktime.com.
June workshop info coming soon!

Thank You! - tx-houston

Spa Day! - tn-nashville

May Update:

Well even our rescheduled date turned out to be a conflict with he campus.

We are hoping that as they lift volunteer restrictions all around their schedule will get set like pre-covid and no other conflicts will happen.

Great News! - tx-corpuschristi

2 June Workshops! - tx-uvalde

May Update:

Workshop was canceled twice due to bad weather. We will try it again in June!

Bracelet Making Fun! - ny-syracuse

May Update:

We showed up this month to drop off a few things we think the ladies will enjoy!

We want to keep showing up! If you are seeing this  and want to help…

We need YOU!

Spray Bottle Painting! - dc- washington

May Update:

Slime drop off workshop is complete! We sure hope the kids have a messy, gooey good time! #chicktime #loveoneanother #together

Cookie Fun! - tx-missionrgv

May Update:

Our May flower pot painting and grow kits workshop was dropped off! We hope the kids have tons of fun with this activity!
# bloom

Conflicts Happen! - tx-fortworth

May Update:

How we spent this past Sunday afternoon. Our virtual workshop leader had to reschedule for a different month and still no in-person workshops are allowed with our charity partner.

Since we completed our vaccinations weeks ago and hadn’t seen each other in-person for months, we stepped out on faith and met up at Sandi’s house to create origami activity packs for the kiddos at SafeHaven of Tarrant County SafeLiving group.

Thank you Sandi for the great idea and opening your home for our fellowship. #lovingourcharitypartner

Pepperoni Please! - ga-atlanta

May Update:

Our May “Game” Day workshop was dropped off! We can only imagine how much fun the kids are going to have thanks to our amazing volunteers who continue to donate and support the Chicktime Mission. What a blessing you are and just saying thank you doesn’t seem to be enough….
We hope to be serving in person together soon!
God bless you all!

God and Games! - ms-jackson

May Update:

Our Painting with Acrylics workshop was beautiful ! We taught the girls that we ( including the girls) are like the moon that reflects the light of the “Son”. We Are the light of the world and the things that we focus on cause us to become who we are and the importance of focusing on those things that are good and holy and righteous.
Our time with the girls is sacred. Come join us one month.
We are spreading the gospel one workshop at a time!

Summer Festival! - tx-galveston

May Update:

I would like to thank all of the chick time angels that made today possible!
Today the ten mothers at the shelter will be showered with gift bags full of items to pamper themselves.
They will additionally receive a 10$ gift card to Kroger.
They also will be able to choose their very own Mary Kay makeup that was donated.
We also donated a special meal.
It made my heart glad to have my daughter and grand daughter help
Me put these gift bags together.
Chicktime Galveston

School Is Out! - tx-sanantonio

May Update:

We are so grateful that Boysville has reopened their campus to volunteers! What a fun morning we had today reuniting with old friends and making new ones as we played bingo and ate some delicious pastries. Thank you to the ladies of the Campanas neighborhood for providing the awesome bingo prizes and sweet treats. We had such a good time and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to serve the teens at Boysville once again. Thank you Lord for keeping us all safe over the last year so that we can continue out mission. And, we ask that you continue to watch over the kids and staff at Boysville and shower them with love and blessings.

Lake Time Fun! - al-birmingham

May Update:

Thank you for helping us decorate the home space for the residents at the

Alabama Baptist Children’s Home.

There are still a ton of things needed~

wall hangings, towels, kitchen stuff…..

We welcome home improvement  gift cards, Kirklands, hobby lobby, target and Walmart gift cards!

Happy Birthday! - tx-austin

May Update:

May’s Workshop was awesome!

Two of our three cottages participated!

  Jarisha and Lora from Chicktime San Marcos came and spoke via Zoom.

Shared snacks and a love note with the girls too

Here’s hoping for an in person workshop soon!

Friendship Bracelets! - tx-sacentral

May Update:

Huge shout out the Ms. Krystal Olivan for sponsoring May drop off. Our Girls Loved the ice cream social at the end of the day and had the chance to unwind, make their sundaes and be kids!

Thanks again for making this possible; Chicktime SA Central appreciates you! 

Pool Time! - tx-newbraunfels

May Update:

This evening Chicktime New Braunfels provided a special Mother’s Day Dinner for our young moms and their children. Our girls enjoyed it so much, and each received a sweet Mother’s Day gift as well. 

Namaste! - ok-tulsa

May Update:

Chicktime Tulsa is all about celebrating the moms and children who live at Lindsey House and not just on Mother’s Day ! We are always looking for help with our efforts to support them! Reach out to us and we can share ideas on how you can help!

Flip Flop Time! - tx-corpuschristi

May Update:

Another rainy day for our workshop drop off at the children’s shelter. Many thanks to our workshop leaders, Karen Smith. The girls will be having a great time decorating their very own canvas bags with fabric paint. Thank you to Gina for the chips and drinks and H-E-B #HEBHELPINGHERE for the snacks. We truly appreciate your love for the kids at the shelter. We hope to post pictures of their finished bags under this post, so keep an eye out! Blessings to all ❤

Career Day! - mi-detroit

May Update:

Hope the girls at Vista Maria enjoy the healthy brain activities!

Summertime Fun! - id-coeurdalene

May Update:

Many thank you’s  to Zooey & Barb for putting together this Mother’s Day project!!
It was an amazing day at the Woman and Children’s Center. We are so excited to be back on campus.

Dream Big! - tx-houston

May Update:

WE’RE BACK!!!!!! Chicktime Katy just finished their first in person workshop at Krause in more than a year! We were so excited. Victoria Washington regaled us with an amazing talk on what entrepreneurship is and how she has been a successful black female IT business owner for more than 17 years. The Krause girls had some great questions and ideas of their own. Can’t wait to see what future business opportunities these young women will come up with.
We were so lucky to have Angela (Kimberley’s sister!) and Lisa become Chicktime Katy members today and so happy for Karen and Madelyne who got to experience their first in person Chicktime Katy Krause workshop.
Can’t wait to see you all next month when we continue the trend and talk about finding jobs that you are passionate about.

Transitions and Construction! - in-indianapolis

May Update:

Our Fun With Nails workshop was dropped off! Here’s hoping the pampering is good for the soul!

Building Birdhouses! - oh-akron

May Update:

What a fun event today with Shelley! We painted our plant pots and planted aloe (the healing plants) in them. The kids had so much fun with them and were very excited about it. Thanks for an awesome workshop Shelley!!

Craft Fun! - fl-tallahassee

May Update:

We made a “sweet” drop off for the girls at the Lighthouse Children’s Home!
We want to keep showing up for these precious girls!!
Stayed tuned on how you can help us now and when we can meet in person again!

Slime Time! - ma-springfield

May Update:

Made a switch in our May drop off at the last minute.

Summer Games sounded more fun and what the campus needed!