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Kickoff Party!! - tx-roundrock


September Update:

We had such an awesome time meeting with our charity partner Texas Baptist Children’s Home!

They were so inviting & we knew we belong there

We can’t wait to see YOU at our first workshop!!

Mr. Roboto - ms-jackson


September Update:

We had the privilege of visiting Canopy Children’s Solutions in Jackson on Friday, September 15. We were greeted by Traci Grubb, Communication Specialist, who graciously provided lots of information and answered every question we could think to ask…and a few we didn’t think to ask! The time Traci spent with us was so valuable and appreciated. Touring the buildings where the children are housed made us feel expectantly connected to our upcoming ministry! We are so looking forward to the blessings to come and to be given, to the relationships that prayerfully will be forged, and to helping and providing fun times with all whom The Lord places in our paths. I took a few very quick photos, but will provide more later. The larger building is where we met Traci, and the buildings with the large porches are where the children reside. More to come next visit!

Spa Day!! - sc-columbia

September Update:

Our September workshop was nothing more than GLORIOUS!!

Bible Study + Chicktime = Fabulous Workshop

See you next month for Spa Day!!

Fall Fun!! - sc-charleston

September Update:

 Thanks for all the help Jodi, Marlene Hagen, Wayne-Terry Mobley, Ashley, and Reagan.

Oh what a night!! We are exhausted, but so content that we get to be in this place with these awesome people every month.

 Sojourner~we will see you next month!

Much love,

Chicktime Charleston

Fight For Your Life!! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

Bubble Run Fun!! - TN- Carthage


Chicktime Carthage is so excited to support our charity partner, the Pregnancy Help Center at their Bubbles For Life Family Fun Day! PHC relies on the kindness and generosity of our community and they need your help in ensuring that the women that they care for receive the basic items every new mom needs as well as the education they need to prepare for their new lives as mommies! If you would like to attend or help in any way, please see the links below!

Registration Form

Sponsorship Form

PHC Bubbles For Life Flyer

Fall Fun!! - al-dothan

September Update:

We had such an awesome time @ chicktime this month!

We started the day off painting kindness rocks with the kids that we will hide in various places around town. If you find one of them, tag us in a pic of it on Facebook so that we can share it with the kids! Next, we wrote letters to the children’s homes that Chicktime serves in Florida and Texas that were affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The kids wrote some of the sweetest letters!

Finally, we learned about the art of Kintsugi! We broke our porcelain bowls with hammers and pieced them back together with gold lacquer. The idea is that the bowl is now more beautiful than before it was broken just like US!

Please join us next month! You know you want to join the fun!!

Halloween Party! - mo-kansascity

(2nd) September Workshop Update:

Had a wonderful morning with the girls at Ozanam today!

The girls enjoyed a few games of Bingo, balloon blow and Root beer Floats!

Thanks to Desiree Wilcox for coming back to volunteer and inviting Trenda! And thanks to Angie and Tasha Avery!


Masquerade Mask Making!! - tx-corpuschristi

September Update:

Look at all the beautiful women who showed up for Chicktime September to make sure the girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home are loved!

We decorated crosses …..Just look how beautiful!

The Cross Before Me, led by Ms. Lyn!!


Make-up Fun & Pictures! - il-springfield

September Update:

What fun it was  getting to do something special for Operation Christmas Child by making toys to put in the Christmas boxes!

God always knows exactly what we need, too!  The ladies commented that the lasagna meal with cake was exactly what they needed.

We would be honored to have you join us next month to help us encourage these beautiful people!

Respite Care!! - tx-missionrgv

September Update:

The new location of our charity partner is nice and the place is very organized and spacious!

Come check out the new place and help us serve the migrants who need a little help with day to day things as they try to find their place in our community.

Kickoff Party!!! - mn-rosemount

Join us for the kick off of Chicktime Rosemount at Cornerstone!!! #LetsDoThis


Fall Bash!! - oh-cincinnati

September Update:

Artists at work creating designs at our event while promoting recycling and snacking on Fall Snack Cakes – yum! The kids put their initials on their creations when we realized we had two sisters with the same initials! We laughed. Nice to see more teen girls in our group. They were all beautiful and a joy to talk to today. They all told us they love crafting.

Much thanks to Sonja for all your help and our shelter coordinator, Kate, for all you do to make our events successful!


Science Day!! - mi-grandrapids


September Update:

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Chicktime September! We had so much fun learning how to combat stresses of heading back to school after a loooong summer off! Our homemade stress balls were a hit!


Pumpkin Fun!! - ca-sacramento


September Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended the launch of Chicktime Sacramento last weekend! We are so excited about our chapter and our relationship with Children’s Receiving Home!! We played a cooperation game and made sensory bottles. Snack was the biggest hit with the kids. Thank you so much to the ladies who made it and to the staff for all your support. We can’t wait to see you all again in October for some Halloween fun!!

Chicktime Sisters sharing ideas!! - il-indianapolis, oh-cincinnati

Chicktime Cincy meets Chicktime Indy!!

Chicktime Cincinnati chapter leader, Rosetta Keller, traveled to attend Chicktime Indy’s September workshop to get ideas from one of the craftiest people out there~Patty Homoky….who by the way is Chicktime Indy’s chapter leader!

This certainly tells it like it is…..We are a family!!!

The Chicktime Family!!

Chicktime Cincy left with new ideas and a deeper bond with Chicktime!

Welcome Diane! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

Fall Crafts!! - va- norton

Get Ready to Zumba!! - tx-houston

September Update:

Thank you to all the awesome volunteers who came out to make our

Carnival such a success!!

Here are just a few of the pictures from this incredible workshop!!

There was a lot to EAT!!!

There was a lot of FUN!

A lot of LAUGHTER!!

Did we say FUN and LAUGHTER?

Quote of the day from one of the girls at Krause~

“Thank you! We really needed this!”

And….that’s why we do it!

Join us next month!

Welcome, Chicktime Phoenix & Mary!! - az-phoenix

Rock Painting!!! - tx-fortworth

Halloween Party!! - mi-detroit

September Update:

Chicktime Detroit …..Planting the seeds of love ❤️ with a little back to school fun and Journal making!

 You can count how many seeds are inside of an apple but you can never count how many apples will be grown from the seeds you plant !! Thanks you so much for joining us Ms Hall and for sharing that quote with our chapter!

 We are so grateful that God reminded us why I serve HIM through Chicktime 💗💗💗

Flip Flop Decorating!! - mo-stlouis

September Update:

Thank you to all the awesome ladies that helped us celebrate our last event at Call for Help. It’s been a great time serving you for the past year & we will keep in touch!

We will tell you more about our  new partner soon,  but just look at the fun we had on our last night at Call For Help 😍 🎉🎨🖌️

Thankful for Chicktime and the journey of serving it has allowed us to take!

Come join us as we begin a new chapter next month!

Halloween Party!! - tx-humble

September Update:

Our September workshop made us all smiles!!

Decorating Crosses was so peaceful and healing!!

Our dessert was YUMMY and oh so special!

Our time together gets better and better each month.

We can’t wait till next month. Hope to see you all there!

Photo Booth& Fall Frames!! - in-indianapolis

September Update:

Chicktime Indy was terrific today! We decorated one subject notebooks and turned them into beautiful prayer journals.

                             I didn’t get picture of all of the beautiful journals but here are a few for you to enjoy. 💙💚

Hope to see you next month!

Cup Decorating!! - ok-tulsa


September Update:

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Chicktime this month! We had a small group of children this month but it was still incredibly powerful! We worked with the kids on how to use writing as a form of creative expression! We had a blast and we hope you will join us next month!!! #ChickimeTulsa #WeLoveLauraDester 💕💜💕

Fall Fun!!! - dc- washington

September Update:

Thank you Rebecca for an awesome “Back to School” creative art workshop with the kids at My Sister’s Place !

The kids loved it, and the parents enjoyed the frames and artwork the kids gave them after the event!

Join us for some Fall Fun at our October workshop!

Come be a blessing!

Welcome, Chicktime Round Rock! - tx-roundrock

Helping our Community! - fl-fortmyers

Chicktime Ft. Myers will not be hosting our regularly scheduled workshop with the Florida Baptist Children’s Home. Instead, we invite you to come take part in another amazing event that is happening in our community on October 7th. We will be walking for Autism and raising awareness.  We hope you have a spooky-good October and we’ll see you back at the children’s home in November!


September Update:

Chicktime Ft. Myers is so grateful to Dr. Brian Byrnes, from Fort Myers Technical College ~ FMTC! He shared valuable information to the teens regarding career paths at this technical college. Dr. Byrnes inspirational presentation gave the teens options for a bright future.

Join us next month as we serve with our community at the local Autism Walk. Let’s raise awareness together!

Dia de los Muertos!!! - tx-boerne

September Update:

A little fun in the sun is what our September workshop was all about!!

Water guns, board games and lots of snacks!! It was a JOY-filled time!

And we know the kids are grateful…..they told us so with these beautiful cards.

We would love for you to join us next month!

We’re Growing!! - ms-jackson

Pinata Making!! - tx-sacentral

End of Summer Celebration! - mo-kansascity

September Update ( 1st workshop)

Thank you to our awesome leaders today Nancy Denzler Oglesby and Sara Minges
who did an amazing job with the girls!

We learned some interesting facts & tips about living healthy, enjoyed a few play therapy games and tasted some green smoothies and orange Julius’s! The girls surprisingly loved the green smoothies the best!

Thank you to all the volunteers who attended this event and made it extra special.

We are hosting another workshop this month….please join us!

Welcome, Leena & Chicktime McAllen! - tx-mcallen

Welcome, Sarah & Stephanie! - ca-sacramento

Welcome, Linda & Chicktime Jackson! - ms-jackson

Chicktime is proud to announce that our Jackson Mississippi chapter is back and is now under the leadership of the incredible Linda Zampieri! We invite you to contact Linda today if you are interested in volunteering with Chicktime Jackson or would like more info about how easy it is to plug in to her chapter!

Chicktime September~ Jubliee Parade! - tx-bulverde

Shoe Drive!! - tx-uvalde

Bible Study! - sc-columbia

August Update:

Chicktime August was fun and YUMMY!!

Our workshop leader, Brittany, taught the girls how to make lasagna and banana pudding!!!

The girls asked if we would eat with them….so we did!!

Come join the fun next month!

Sigma Eta Pi Fun!! - al-montgomery

August Update:

Thank you to everyone who came out to Chicktime August! Our workshop leader this month was Ashley Simmons from Chicktime Dothan and she had tons fun planned for us that helped the children learn different strategies for calming down when they are having one of those kind of days! We made homemade mandalas which all turned out adorable & the kids were asking to make more! Next, we made homemade stress balls out of balloons and bird seed. Lastly, we made calm down bottles. The kids adding everything from pom-poms to buttons to jewels to their bottles. We also added some glow in the dark paint just for good measure! The kids had a great time and by the end of the afternoon, we had glitter & birdseed everywhere!!! We’d call that a win!


September News - tx-canyonlake



August Update

Thank you Dona for bringing your friends to lead the activities for August.  Without you we would not have had these great activities to engage the girls at New LIfe.  The girls deserve this great day of pampering.  Dona lead the manicure station where the girls soaked their hands and polished their nails in an array of beautiful colors.  Donna led a great program of self care for the girls, then they developed their own self care plan featuring your mind, body, friends & family, spirit, and hobbies & fun.  Stephanie and Jackie showed the girls how to take care of their skin with an educational program about facials.  Dona, Donna, Stephanie and Jackie, thank you for being here for the girls and being a part of Chicktime!


August News - ca-sandiego



September 2017 Invite - Volunteers_2

Friends can be in your lifetime for a short time, a season, or a lifetime. Sometimes friends surprise you and stay in your life longer than you anticipated. Take that friend you met in grade school and you still keep in touch. That wasn’t supposed to happen, but isn’t it wonderful that it did? Or that friend that moved away and you keep in touch that long-distance way, where you talk a few times a year and barely see each other but when you do, it’s like no time has been lost. Aren’t friends great?

I’ve had some great friends really be supportive of me lately. They tend to do that even when you don’t know you need them to. They may ask to go to dinner or simply go for a walk somewhere. You talk about things that aren’t too important, vent about things that you are making more important than they need to be, and go through all the fun of life together. When I go home after having a relaxing meal or stroll with a friend, I always walk a little lighter and feel a lot better. I know it can be a lot of work to have friends; you have to schedule it, set aside time and be there for them when you are sometimes busy yourself. But when you think back in life you think of all the memories you have made. Usually the memories you treasure most are made with friends.

I have found some great friends through Chicktime. Being around like-minded people who volunteer with kids and genuinely want to make the world a better place has helped me focus on what is important. Their energy and passion is contagious! We would love to see you again at Chicktime, or if you’ve never been, we have room in our hearts and our group for new friends too. I hope to see you at the next event on September 9 where we will have a Mexican fiesta and get crafty!

Your friend,


Workshop Cancellation! - tx-sacentral

Due to the weather predicitons of heavy rain and flooding due to Hurricane Harvey~
Chicktime September has been cancelled on this Saturday, August 26th!

We will pick back up next month! Hope to see you there!

Please join us in prayer for safety for all people near the path of Hurricane Harvey!

Jewelry Making!! - tx-galveston


August Update:

We love to be His hands and feet!

Thank you all of our “Chicktime Angels” that donated school supplies, toiletries, clothing for the new baby girls, and other clothing that was set up “garage style” for the families to go through and get for free.

We served a total of 15 families!!!!


Back To School Fun!! - mi-grandrapids


August Update:

This month, we made bullet journals with the kids and really worked on being creative with our writing! It was quite relaxing and so fun to spend time with them learning how to let our creativity flow!!

Creative Expressions!! - ok-tulsa


August Update:

Our very first Chicktime Tulsa workshop with Laura Dester was interestingly fun to say the very least! We played games with the children this month and enjoyed some pretty yummy snacks! How beautiful is this cake?!?! Hosting our Summer Kickoff Party was a great way for us to really get to know the children and the staff that we have dedicated ourselves to serving! Thank you to everyone who came out to help and we hope to see you in September!

Cooking With Annette! - tx-sanantonio

August Update:

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than spending volunteering and mentoring teen girls at Boysville Children’s Home.

The volunteers and kids got a great Yoga workout led by Mary Coronado from GFit Studio….

We had such a great time exercising and just plain being silly!

Join us next month and come spread and feel the joy yourself!

Fall Door Decor! - tx-sanmarcosempowered

August Update:

Today was a day of firsts!!
Today was the first Chicktime San Marcos Empowered workshop as we re-launched at a new charity partner! It was also the first Chicktime chapter to serve at a senior community!

Our prayer breakfast and gospel hour was just as we imagine it…only better! The workshop gave the residents an opportunity to get out of their apartment and fellowship with each other- not to mention eat good food, listen to a beautiful gospel guest singer and sing along to old hymns!!

We are excited about our new partnership and can’t wait to see what awesome things our chapter is going to do in the lives of these seniors!

Join us Next month!

Craft Day! - al-dothan

August Update:

Sometimes, God moves in your life in such a huge way that he leaves you just speechless. That is how we feel about today’s Chicktime at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home. We are struggling to find words that would could even begin to explain how overjoyed our hearts are!

From the food we ate to the scripture we studied… He was moving all through that house today! Thank you to everyone who came out for Chicktime today & we can’t wait to see you again next month!

 #ChicktimeDothan #dolifeBIG #LoveServeGood #HolySpiritYouAreWelcomeHere

Healthy Living!! - mo-kansascity

August Update:

Wonderful Day at Ozanam with the girls!

Vision Boards & Gifts!

Thank you so much Kim Austin for leading us!

Please join us next month as we have two workshops schedule!!

Dinner and Bingo! - az-mesa

August Update:

Love anyway.

Love even though.

Love just because.

  Join us next month and the month after that and the month after that. Our love is unconditional for the children we serve.


Our Civic Duty!! - fl-springhill

August Update:

I get excited every time I get to lead Chicktime Spring Hill ! Serving at New Beginnings Youth Shelter is easy and life changing. This month we were suppose to have an Art party, but played Theatre Games instead. The reality is the kids don’t really care what we do they just want us to show up for them.

I would love to see you next month as I really need your help, but most importantly, the kids really need your love.

~Jesus loves you this I know….for the bible tells me so!!

Changing Directions!! - tx-sanantoniohope

August Update~ - tx-bulverde

 Our September Workshop~pool party was a great way to ring in the upcoming school year!

Thank you to Chicktime’s founder, Lori Rhodes, for opening up your home for our kids! They had the best time!

Join us Next month! See how you can impact a child’s life at SJRC Texas!

Decorating Crosses! - tx-corpuschristi

August Update:

Another great day at BokenKamp Children’s Home this morning. The girls decorated journals with their awesome talents! Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help the girls have a great time. The Lord truly works through you to shine a light upon these beautiful girls. A HUGE THANK YOU to H-E-B for providing all the snacks and drinks!

The girls decorated journals with their awesome talents!

A HUGE THANK YOU to H-E-B for providing all the snacks and drinks!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help the girls have a great time. The Lord truly works through you to shine a light upon these beautiful girls.

Chicktime September~ Equipped to Arise! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

Chicktime September~ Fit For Life!!! - tx-canyonlake

Kick Off Party!! - ca-sacramento

Welcome to Chicktime, Ariel! - tx-boerne

Welcome to Chicktime, Ashton! - mo-stlouis

Dance Party! - sc-charleston

August Update:

Had a FANTASTIC time at Jenkins Institute tonight for Charleston Chicktime!!! We made Dream Boards, they are inspiration boards to set goals and focus on tomorrow and a brighter future.

We made Dream Boards, they are inspiration boards to set goals and focus on tomorrow and a brighter future.

 We also celebrated two special Bday’s. One 14, one 16. Love these girls!!

Join us at our September Workshop for a Dance Party!


Operation Christmas Child!! - il-springfield

August Update:

Inspirational Art with Art Teacher Kristen Wilbern and pizza from The Creek Pub & Grill made this a much needed night for a full house of ladies and children!

We painted, ate, played, laughed and shared some of the beautiful promises from our amazing Father.


Carnival Day!! - tx-houston

August Update:

Today, we were amazed by the amazing support from our Katy, TX community! We showed our Krause youth that they matter and that they are not forgotten.

Ms. Lisa led the Spa Day activity with passion! She is a Mary Kay consultant that is passionate about skincare and empowering women. Each girl was able to receive a charcoal facial mask, skin moisturizer, manicure, and makeup! The snacks were yummy too!

This wonderful day of pampering our girls would not have been possible without the help of Lisa and our dedicated volunteers!


Cross Decorating! - tx-humble

August Update:

So so so proud of Chicktime Humble for another successful event! These ladies managed to collect a massive amount of school supplies to be donated to the children at Family Time. What a blessing.

These children will now attend the school year with everything they need.  If you look closely…they also got to decorate their backpacks to add to this special time!

And…..got to decorate their snack in a fun fun way!!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Xoxo you are angels.

Back 2 School Fun! - mi-detroit

August Update:

Always fills our hearts to shine God’s love on the girls at Vista Maria! And to share time with our faithful and amazing volunteer ladies each month! Spa Day was a Fun day!! A special congratulations to AngelaAlkatib for joining us at Chicktime Detroit as a co-leader!! We are blessed to have you by our side!! 🤗 #nailspaday #detailladyhere #mygratefulheartisfull #lovingothers #greatestcommand #womanwarriors

Respite Care!! - tx-missionrgv

August Update:

Thank you to Katrina, Lucia, Adriana, and Sandy!!

Because of you….Our Chicktime Chapter mission to give respite to the migrants was carried out!

Serving in this way reminds me of one of the most important moments of Jesus ministry~

Jesus was asked which commandment was the greatest. He answered, ” You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it.

You shall love your neighbor as yourself ” (Matthew 22:37-39)

Prayer Journals! - in-indianapolis

August Update:

We love our Chicktime Volunteers….especially “Noami, a comfort dog that is now a regular at Chicktime Indy!

It’s such a blessing to  spend time with the women at Wheeler Mission Center for Women and Children! 💜

Especially when we get to make masterpieces like these!

Put Chicktime on your calendar for September 9th now. Come join us.

Make new friends and leave feeling like you have made a difference in the life of a woman in need.💜💛💚💙

See you there next month!

FUN Activities!! - oh-dayton

Monday Funday!! - mo-stlouis

August Update:

The Kindness Rocks Project was successful at Chicktime St Louis!!

The ladies are always so creative! We created our kindness rocks to share all over town, hiding them in various places & bringing a smile to those who find them.

The little ones even got in on the decorating…. And then one rock made it’s way into the kool-aid. 😁

If you are in the metro east area, look for our rocks & then pass on the warm fuzzies by hiding it for someone else!! A big HUGE 🎊 Thank you!!! 💞 goes out to our amazing volunteer chicks Carla & Teresa for being awesome kid friendly rock decorators, to my friend Kathleen from Co. that sent supplies for our events & Sonnenberg Landscaping who graciously donated rocks. We are on cloud nine at Chicktime St Louis!!

Altoid Can Crafting! - oh-cincinnati

Welcome to Chicktime, Lainey!! - mi-detroit

Welcome To Chicktime! - mi-detroit

Welcome To Chicktime!!! - in-indianapolis

Welcome To Chicktime! - mn-rosemount

Welcome To Chicktime! - tx-galveston

Welcome To Chicktime! - tx-humble

Welcome To Chicktime! - tx-corpuschristi

Career Path Day!! - fl-fortmyers

August Update:

Thank you to Robbie~ our fabulous event leader ~ for letting us CREATE and EAT our own pizza!

They were delicious and we had sooooooo much fun!


Welcome To Chicktime, Chari!! - ga-conyers

August Update: - tx-fortworth

Chicktime August was simply….perfect! Our welcome table greeted our volunteers as a special way to help them connect with our chapter!!

And let me just say….we have the BEST volunteers in the world!!

They play and love on the babies…..

And they play Minute to Win it games with the older kids like….Panty hose bowling, Stacking game, breakfast cereal box puzzles, and cotton ball challenge ( Blindfold player who scoops cotton balls from table to bowl)!

And if this wasn’t enough to do in one evening….Co-leader Parricia Gonzalez-Grimaldos in addition to planning the games for the evening  also had a canvas decorating table for the kids to paint. We plan to present the finished painting to the SafeHaven Housing Directors, who organize the F.U.N group gatherings later this year.

We will be back in October spreading HIS love through Chicktime. Join us! You will be hooked!

Urgent Note: Chicktime Cancelled Today! - oh-cincinnati

Our charity partner called to let us know we need to cancel our August event today that starts at 3:15.  Schools are starting here and they had a transportation problem.  The kids won’t arrive in time to make our event.  We are trying to reschedule but not sure we can.  Waiting to hear if they have another open day for us in August. We will keep you posted.

Pool Party!! - tx-boerne


August Update:

This month was hosted by Constance Kermes, the children’s librarian from the Patrick Heath Public Library!

She taught the about the Solar Eclipse that will be happening August 21!

The girls made tshirts and eclipse cookies!

We also decorated rocks which was a hit that the library also started. We are going to go and hide the rocks throughout Boerne for the girls!

Makeovers!! - va- norton

Just A Reminder….. - tx-fortworth

Spreading the Word!! - mo-stlouis

Chicktime St. Louis recently set up an information table at a church vendor event in hopes of sharing about the ministry of Chicktime and obtain new volunteers for the St. Louis chapter.

The event led to meeting new people that are now “Chicks” and we even met a person that worked at another shelter and were able to exchange information. She gave us great ideas for monthly workshops!

It’s exciting to get in the “Vendor” loop as it’s a great way to get Chicktime out there and meet new people.


Back to School Fun! - dc- washington

August Update:

Thank you Courtney of Modish Moms for throwing an awesome (and yummy 😋) ice cream party for the kids at My Sister’s Place last night! They loved it!!!🍦

It’s amazing what a little ice cream, makers and construction paper can do! To see the kids smile and feel safe is the blessing Chicktime brings month after month.

Join us next month and be part of the joy!

Chicktime @ Cornerstone!! - mn-rosemount

Such an exciting time for Chicktime Rosemount!!!


Yesterday, we went and visited with Cornerstone which is a shelter for individuals seeking refuge from domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking.


We had a wonderful visit with Ms. Laura and her staff and are so excited about the future of our chapter!!

Back to School Drive!! - tx-uvalde

Baking Fun!! - sc-columbia


Chicktime July:

Chicktime Columbia was jammed packed with great information! A College Day workshop opened up great discussions on college, options, student loans, deciding on a major, what to wear and what not wear during an interview and just overall interview etiquette! The girls were shown four different interview outfits and had to decide if it was appropritate or not! They seemed to really like this! #ChicktimeIsAlwaysAwesome!

Help Us Help Them!! - va- norton

Beginning in September and thru December we will be having a donation drive for Hope House! Please help us help them by collecting the items on the list through out these months. Please share with your co-workers,  friends, neighbors, and church!! Tell everyone!


July News - ca-sandiego

July 2017 event- volunteers_2

This month I am showcasing Phoenix’s beautiful story of her journey through Chicktime. I hope you are just as moved by her experiences and thoughts as I am!

Phoenix’s Story: The Arena

Chicktime’s 2013 annual retreat was held on a humid summer weekend at the Purple Sage Ranch in San Antonio Texas. It was my first retreat and the same year Chicktime San Diego was established. As a new founding leader, nervousness was trickling through me, but I knew on this weekend my life was never going to be the same.

Our god fearing, gracious, beautiful, amazing founder Lori Rhodes has a presence that calms you when she walks into the room. Warmth and love radiate to those around her, which is why we had 50 leaders from across the Unites States sitting in the conference room to learn to lead the way she leads. What we were about to hear would transcend us to parts of ourselves that we keep hidden. It’s where shame, rejection, and fear reside. The topic up front was “vulnerability”. For the entire weekend we learned through Brene Brown’s painful deep dive into her own imperfections, how to embrace them, and live authentically.  Boy was I in trouble!

Through all the sharing of stories, fears and imperfections I sat in a corner of pride, unable to move in the search of my worthiness. In the past I would dilute the pain by escaping through numbing agents to sooth the blistering self-doubt emanating from shame of not being enough. The funny thing about numbing the negative emotions, is that you also sedate the positive ones. Right then and there, the areas where I needed to step up and become a better person, the ones I rather not face, were alive, activated and present. At the end of our last workshop we had an opportunity to dance. As I sat there with my hands in my lap, fixated gaze on the openness around me, I stuck to my chair, glued by my stubbornness of not allowing myself to be authentically imperfect.

A couple years passed and our 2015 August Event was about sharing the passion of music, dancing and singing. It was an amazing event with DJ GraiiKJ spinning and karaoke wailing out by the girls and volunteers. Little did I know that same feeling of fear, shame, insecurity and rejection would visit me at this event. I had a decision to make- I could continue to be trapped inside a shell of fear, or I could finally be brave and vulnerable and step up to be seen in a purpose of showing these girls the beauty of self-expression. That day I chose courage.

We all have imperfections. Hiding them may be our first inclination, but I encourage you to share them with others.  This is what the Chicktime experience provides; a chance for you to serve a next generation of girls and women who desperately need to know the truth about embracing their imperfections and letting go of shame to live an authentic life filled of love, worthiness and value.

Be that compassionate woman to show them their value through knowing yours.

Join The Chicktime Movement. Find belonging, purpose and vulnerability through a chapter near you, or start your own. You never know what will happen if you step up in the arena.

(The biggest thing I have taken away from this is that God shows us our arenas of where we need to step up through experiences, people and wisdom. No matter what those hindering imperfections are that stops us from feeling worthy of growing, he gives us grace to help us see our identities through him, so we can be renewed with a different perception of love and compassion for ourselves and others. The human condition is to be flawed. In the end what matters is just being honest with who you are.)


Chicktime August! Pinata Making! - tx-sacentral

Chicktime August~ Terrarium Making!! - az-mesa

July Update:

” Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” ~ Margaret Meed

Our Art workshop was so fun and therapeutic for the children and in the end that’s all we want from our Chicktime workshops…

The kids we come to love every month to leave with a little more peace in their heart.

Blessings from Chicktime Mesa!

B2S Fun!! - tx-galveston


July Update:

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Chicktime July so special for the children and families of the Family Crisis Center! It was hot outside but we sure did have fun!!


We had a bouncy house for the children to run wild in & we even had face painting for them to enjoy!



We hope to see YOU at Chicktime August where we will be hosting a Back 2 School Supply Drive for the children.


It is done father, thank you for allowing us to be your hands and feet.


Sensory Day!! - al-montgomery


July Update:

hank you to everyone who joined us for our Summer BBQ at Chicktime July! We always have such a blessed time with the kids of Mary Ellen’s and we can’t wait to see them again next month!!!

Welcome, Chicktime Sacramento! - ca-sacramento

August News - tx-canyonlake



July Update

Special thanks to our long time volunteers who came to play with the girls at New Life Children’s Center.  The girls loved Sandra’s bubble station!  What a great idea for some outdoor fun.  Sandra also created paint spinning art with of all things a salad spinner.  Some beautiful designs were developed with this interesting technique.   What kid doesn’t love to play with slime!  Carol and her helpers Julie and Katy showed the girls how to make their own glittery slime along with elephant toothpaste.  Always a treat is making your own ice cream.  The reaction of salt, ice and friction created a creamy delicious vanilla ice cream that the girls enjoyed with some homemade sugar cookies.  Please join us in August as we pamper the girls that live at New Life.

Welcome To Chicktime, Rosemount!! - mn-rosemount

Journal Making!! - mi-grandrapids

June Update:

We had SO much fun at Chicktime July… even if the day didn’t quite go as planned! LOL We didn’t think this one through all the way… what started out as marbled paper making turned into just colored shaving cream fun….