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Christmas Party! - ms-jackson

November Update:

What a beautiful time sharing a Thanksgiving feast with our young ladies at Chicktime this past Saturday, November 11th. We enjoyed presenting a skit to the girls about the goodness of our God ( as it turns out, we ladies, young and old, love drama). Our presentation was well received and after stuffing ourselves with turkey, dressing, and too many items to list ( true down home cooking a spread any Southern lady would be proud of) we made Christmas ornaments. We were sad to learn that two of our young ladies were leaving before we will return in December. Sometimes we have only a small amount of time to spend getting to know our girls before they complete their time at our home. But we are trusting that the time we do spend with them will make a positive lasting impact. We all had so much fun and our hearts are full of joy.

Open House at Krause! - tx-houston

Chicktime Katy,

We have the unique opportunity to visit and learn more about the awesome place we bring Chicktime workshops  from month to month!

Krause is hosting an OPEN HOUSE and hopes that each of us will stop by!

Please click here and find out more about it!

We will be there and hope you will be too!

Christmas Party!! - tx-humble

November Update:

Our November workshop was full of Turkey and Treats!

Grateful and Blessed to be serving these beautiful children ~

And Grateful and Blessed to be doing it with these awesome volunteers!

Christmas Stamping!! - mo-stlouis

November Update:

Nothing says FALL quite like a good ole Carmel Candy Apple! Pretty sure we broke all kinds of records for the most “extras” on one too!

And if that wasn’t enough…..We decorated cups too! Here is just a small sample of them!

Our November workshop was simply perfect.

If we had you at Candy Apples….join us in December!!

Parents Night Out! - TN- Carthage

Who doesn’t need a parents night out from time to time?!?! With Christmas right around the corner, we are happy to offer this opportunity to our community and raise some funds for our charity partner, the Pregnancy Help Center at the same time!

$20.00 for one child, $15.00 for the second, and $10.00 each child after.

All children must be potty trained and under 13 years old.

Your kiddos will enjoy play time, games, crafts, a movie, and a kid friendly buffet!

Please TEXT Lynn DeLaRosa at 615-476-8197 for more information, and to let us know how many kids to expect.

All parents/guardians will need to sign a release of liability containing allergy and emergency contact information prior to leaving their children. This is not put on by First Baptist Church. Please direct any questions or concerns to Alicia Hoffman, Director of the Pregnancy Help Center at 615-281-8054.

To volunteer for this event, contact Renee at carthage@chicktime.com today!


November Update:

Tonight Chicktime Carthage got the chance to see and feel the impact we have on our charity partner. For the first time, we opened our workshop to the public. Giving us the chance to interact with the confidential clients of the Pregnancy Help Center unknowingly. We had 7 adults and 6 kids (not including the beautiful baby) attend our Stress Management 101 Workshop. Each was given a take-home workbook and the kids got one too tailored just for them! Chapter Leader Renee Smith walked everyone through the PowerPoint that broke stress management down in easy to understand ways, even with the technical difficulties the class was able to follow along. After a quick snack, the true fun began.

The art of making stress balls was taught. Everyone got their hands dirty and oh what fun it was! By creating our own playdoh easily with cornstarch and conditioner. Volunteer Joyce Brown assisted the kids with teaching them how to knead the doughy mixture until it became a soft pliable ball just like store bought playdoh. We pushed the dough into a balloon and tied it off tightly. Stress ball complete!

Watching the joy on the adult’s faces as they were able to connect with each other and got back in touch with their inner kid was just as beautiful as the excitement and shear joy I saw in each child’s eyes as they learned to create something of their own. As we started to clean up, the nine year old little boy sweetly asked me how to use his workbook and when he needed to use his stress ball. So I sat down with him and his sister and walked through the child’s stress management workbook. It contains in simple terms what stress is to a child, various ways they can understand it and even includes worksheets for them to use. I showed him the star breathing method that he can do at anytime he felt stressed or upset simply by using his finger to follow along the pattern of the star and breathing in, holding, and then breathing out. He was really excited about the journal piece in the back.

Tonight we gifted a mom-to-be with her very own Chicktime shirt. She seemed a little shy about it but accepted it anyway. I told her we would love to see her come back again. It’s funny, even the kids were asking when the next workshop would be and what we would be doing. Truthfully, Chicktime Carthage was struggling. Because of the unique nature and confidentiality of our charity partner, we weren’t able to have any real connection of the heart with what we were doing. I was hesitant at first about opening what we do up to the public but in all honesty it’s probably the greatest thing we’ve done thus far. And now the possibilities are endless.

Christmas Party!! - fl-fortmyers

Welcome, Emily! - fl-springhill

Christmas Party!! - ca-sandiego

November Update:

This group of fabulous “Chicks” showed up to our November workshop to serve, encourage, and love the girls at

Casa de Amparo!

They showed those three things by setting a beautiful dinner table, decorating a delectable dessert and beverage

 table, and preparing a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal to share……

…And by setting an environment for sweet conversation and laughter.

Chicktime San Diego would love for you to join us next month as we celebrate Christmas together!!

Gingerbread Yummyness! - mn-bloomington

November Update:

Thank you everyone who attended Chicktime November @ Cornerstone!!! We had so much fun getting craft with the kids and celebrating Thanksgiving!

We had 3 senior lady “survivors” who joined us (as well as 6 teens and about 7 younger children) and they LOVED making the crafts and journals. They were SO appreciative that we would take our personal time to spend time with them. We had so much fun getting to know these beautiful ladies!

Tis’ the Season!! - in-indianapolis

November Update:

Our November workshop unleashed our creative juices as we made greeting cards! The workshop allowed us to stop and really think about this season and reflect on why we are grateful!

We hope you will join us next month as we continue to celebrate with a Christmas Party!

Steppin’ Up! - al-birmingham


November Update:

Had such a great time today with these ladies! Our hearts are so full of love! Thank you to our volunteers that showed God’s love to the beautiful young women at Grace House! We can’t wait for next month!

Christmas Party!! - tx-houston

November Update:

We had such a fun time making paper bead bracelets!

A huge thanks to our activity leaders ~

Imicuk Loyuk and Emmanuel Escot!!! And of course all of our awesome volunteers!

Imicuk thank you for sharing about how you discovered your creative side through paper bead making and how creating the paper beads brings you peace and joy!

ove pic 3

Please take a look at the Krause girls beautiful creations!

Hope to see you next month at our Christmas Party!

A Christmas Celebration! - mi-detroit


November Update:


Derica is such a blessing to us all !! The girls absolutely love her 💜 she has shared her gift of love , understanding and of course dance with the girls at Vista Maria for 5 years now ! Amen 🙏🏻!!
She comes every November and sometimes she squeezes into very busy schedule other events when she can. Thank you Jesus for saving her so she can share her story and your love with us all ! 💜🌺

Christmas Party!! - al-dothan

November Update:

Chicktime was a little different this month as we didn’t meet on our usual 3rd Saturday but really… any day we get to spend time with the ABCH kiddos is a good day ! Tonight, we had a little Bible study with the kids and we got to sing Happy Birthday  to one special little guy! Over Carmel Apple cupcakes, we talked about being thankful to God not just on Thanksgiving 🦃but every day and the difference between true joy and feelings of happiness! We also talked about how living with the Holy Spirit in our hearts and having a relationship with Jesus will always outweigh the bad things that might be going on in our lives 🙌🏻. What a blessing it is to spend time with these babies and our ABCH family! 

2nd Annual Red Gala!!! - fl-naples

Our chapter leader, Crystal, is passionate about serving Path2Freedom and that passion shined bright this weekend as she attended the 2nd Annual Red Gala!

This event is designed to aid Path2Freedom in their mission of bringing hope and standing against human trafficking.

To learn more about Path2Freedom and how you can create hope and healing for child victims of human trafficking, visit them online at www.path2freedom.org today!

Welcome, Chicktime Naples! - fl-naples

Welcome, Marina! - dc- washington

Welcome, Allison! - az-phoenix

Tricky Tray Success! - nj-middletown

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Empowering Heroes Tricky tray!

2018 Dreamin’! - tx-roundrock

#enddomesticviolence - tx-fortworth

The SafeHaven Housing group that Chicktime Fort Worth partners with hosted an evening of awareness at one of their local area shelters. We are so very blessed to be partnered with an awesome group of women at #SafeHavenofTarrantCounty. They work tirelessly to put an end to domestic violence!

The Essence of S.A.F.E Women’s Social focused on exploring what it means to be a SAFE partner within SafeHaven’s mission to end domestic violence. #DVAM17

The S.A.F.E acronym stands for:
S – Stronger than our circumstances
A – Aware of options and resources
F – Fearless about moving forward
E – Empowered by self worth

Christmas Party!! - ga-conyers

Christmas Party!! - dc- washington

November Update:

We had so much fun at our ” Tea and Turkey” workshop at My Sister’s Place! The kids made turkey crafts and had a tea party, complete with cake!

Big thanks to chapter co-leader Lis Jones for putting this even together!

We also got to spend some time with the shelter staff as we celebrated one year since Chicktime DC’s first event.

It was a great night all around!

Hope to see you next month at our Christmas Party workshop!

No December Workshop!! - Uncategorized

November Update:

What a labor of love!

The girls at the Meadowlands sewed their very own pillowcases.

Thank you , Bart Graves and Thrivent Financial for sponsoring this activity.

Look at the amazing work the girls did~


November Update: - fl-fortmyers

Chicktime November was very interesting and such an informative topic for the teens.

Our awesome speaker, Sal D’Sarro, discussed budgets, credit scores, balancing a checkbook and loans!

The teens learned a lot and we are so grateful to Sal for supporting Chicktime !

We are busy planning our next workshop scheduled for December 2nd. Details coming soon! Please join us!

Christmas Party!! - ok-tulsa

November Update:

Tulsa Chicktime November workshop was a hit! Thank you Stef for sharing your time and talent with the girls. We painted on canvas with creative thanksgiving designs….and celebrated with some awesome food!!!

We topped off the day with beautiful nails by Khandis!!

Thanks to all our volunteers. We couldn’t do this without you!!

Thanksgiving Party! - ms-jackson

November Update:

What a beautiful, cool, breezy day for our first ChickTime-Jackson event on Sunday, October 29, 2017! The eight of us arrived at Canopy happily dressed in our pink T-shirts. Anticipation and joy was rippling through the group as we walked for the first time into a room where 10 precious young ladies quietly awaited us. As we greeted them and carried in goodies to enjoy a bit later, the quiet gave way to sweet curiosity.
One by one Linda had each of us introduce ourselves, telling them a little about us, and the girls began to interact, asking questions that we so enjoyed answering! They were excited to hear from our missionaries, and to hear a bit of Chinese and a little Greek spoken by a few of us! It only got better from there! We were all soon laughing and enjoying each other.

Linda gathered fun information from each girl, and then began a beautiful story of how lovely pearls are formed inside the oyster. Response to injury inside the oyster causes a secreted solution that eventually covers the injury, which leaves a residue that, over time, creates the pearl. The girls were told that they are that beautiful, costly pearl…that Jesus gave everything to purchase. Pearls of great value, as in Matthew, “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭13:44-46‬ ‭NIV‬‬

A flurry of activity and excitement entered as the girls then made pearl necklaces, to remind them of their identity in Christ.

The World Champion Robotics Team of Brandon, Mississippi, then spoke to the young ladies and demonstrated their robot and their skills. Good questions were asked and were well answered. Such fun! We then heard the testimony of Logan, who is part of the Robotics team. Back in March, Logan began to have pain in his upper leg. A few weeks ago after an MRI, Logan was given a diagnosis by doctors of bone cancer, and they laid out a plan of treatment that included chemotherapy and radiation, sure it was malignant. A biopsy was scheduled. The day of the biopsy surgery, 3 samples were obtained. All showed no sign of cancer, so a sample was sent off for further testing. Logan’s mother called every day to ask if the results were back yet. The result came back sooner than expected – BENIGN! Hallelujah! We gave God glory, cheering and clapping!!!

We all then enjoyed delicious cake, brownies, and sweets provided by one of the best bakers (and possibly THE best) – our leader, Linda! One girl told us she doesn’t like cake, but she liked Linda’s cake so much that she went back for seconds!

We left knowing the hearts of these sweet young ladies were affected in good ways by our Lord Jesus, as we were blessed to minister and represent our great King to them. We give God great glory for this opportunity to sow into their lives, and we gratefully look forward to future events!

October Update! - tx-boerne

We had so much fun decorating pillowcases with the Meadowlands girls this month!!! They are quite a creative bunch 

Thank you to Mrs. Tara for leading our workshop and to Thrivent Financial for sponsoring it!!!

Welcome, Marina! - dc- washington

October Update: - tx-sacentral


Our Fall Festival was incredible.

Our fabulous workshop leader, Merrilee went all out.

We played fabulous games like Witch pitch, pumpkin golf, ring around the pumpkin , and pumpkin saucer to name a few.

We will be back on November 25th with a spirit of gratitude.

Please join us!

Welcome, Holly! - ok-tulsa

Welcome, Khandis! - ok-tulsa

Stocking Stuffer Drive!! - tx-uvalde

Craft Day!!! - sc-columbia

October Update:

Our October workshop was just what the girls needed!! Pampering them makes our heart feel good as everyone deserves to know they are loved!

We are getting crafty next month!! Join us!

October News - ca-sandiego


2017 Nov Invite - Volunteers_3

Think of the person you love the most. You would do anything for them. They may hurt your feelings at times, but they’re worth it. I love my niece and nephew to the deepest levels (without having kids of my own), where there just doesn’t seem to be the right words to describe it. Their giggles and innocence and learning eyes make my heart melt. I completely enjoy spending time with them and watching them grow. I am proud when they learn something new and have that “aha” moment. The other day my nephew received an award at school for being kind, hardworking and helpful to others. He is in kindergarten! My heart swells and my eyes get teary when I think of how proud I am of him and my sister (his mother). I may be biased but let me tell you, I know he is on the path to greatness. Those kids may make mistakes, but I will love them and help them through it all. It’s like my niece who is learning to walk- she may fall but she will keep getting back up to try again!

Just like that love, you are loved.

You truly are.

Think of how far you have come- how many times you may have fallen, just to get back up again. You are inevitably meant to be here. God loves you, whether you believe in Him or not. And he will always love you and be there for you. Sometimes He sends angels down to do his work. I suppose sometimes they are in the form of aunties. J Or friends. Or teachers. Who have you been blessed by?

I hope you see where I am going with this. The girls at Casa also need little angels sometimes. Chicktime is a way to be their angel. Come join us in November to have a Thanksgiving feast and help the girls feel special and loved. They may be going through a hard time or phase in life but just like you, they are loved too. Join us to give thanks for all the blessings we have and give our time and love to the Casa girls on 11/11 at 11:15am.

Thanksgiving Potluck& Crafts! - tx-humble

October Update:

What a fun day! We had an amazing Halloween Party at Family Time Crisis Center.

The kids and even the parents had a blast!

We can’t wait for our next workshop!

Thanksgiving Gathering!! - tx-bulverde

Our October workshop was a beautiful morning of love!!

We are blessed with such faithful volunteers who love Chicktime as much as we do…

So much Halloween fun was in the air and our hearts left ready to begin planning for our November workshop!

Please join us!

Snacks, Games and Blessings! - tx-sanantonio

October Update:

We had such a beautiful morning at our October workshop!

Kids of all ages enjoyed dancing and eating cupcakes, cookies and candy as we ran the cupcake walk at Boysville Fall Festival!

Please join us next month as we get in the Thanksgiving spirit!

Tea Party! - tx-sanmarcosempowered

October Update:

Stone Brooks Senior Community with the help from Chicktime San Marcos Empowered had their own


We danced, we sang, we ate, we laughed and by far we had a blast!

Who says seniors can’t have fun?

Come join us next month and find out!!

October Update~ - tx-galveston


Thank you Rosie Rodriquez for leading our October workshop!

Carmel Apples never tasted so good!

The kids smiled from ear to ear and their joy was priceless.

Please help us continue to spread that joy at our November workshop!

It will be the best couple of hours you will ever spend!

Fleece Blanket Making! - tx-corpuschristi

October Update:

Every month we are humbled by those who come out to help us encourage the girls at BokenKamp!

The girls truly enjoyed decorating their masquerade masks just in time for Halloween Fun!

Just look at some of the amazing talent!

Join us next month as we will be making fleece blankets!

Thanksgiving Community Project! - mo-kansascity

October Update:

We had so much FUN at the Halloween Bash with our girls at Ozanam !

Cookie decorating….

Pumpkin bracelets….

Games and tasty snacks!

Thanks to all who came out and made it possible.

We can’t wait to see you out next month at our Thanksgiving Party!

Business Ownership! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

October Update:

It’s what you don’t see in these pictures that really show how God is strategically connecting each generation. We sat with young men and women who you wouldn’t expect to open up and share their pain and their hopes….

Chicktime October was beyond special~ it was unique! We wish you were there!

November News - tx-canyonlake



October Update

What a fun fall event courtesy of Nancy Torres who led this month’s activities.  In the gym, Sandra led the games.  One of the favorites was the Oreo cookie game.  Put an Oreo on your forehead and try to get it into your mouth without touching it.  Also, some volleyball was enjoyed.  Michelle led the girls in crafts where they created beautiful masquerade masks.  Always a favorite is snacks.  Nancy led the girls in a variety of creative snack crafts, creating spiders and ghosts and other interesting creatures.  Join us next month for another fun fall event.

Breakfast and Friendship Crafts! - ca-sacramento

October Update:

What do you see when you look at this picture?

We see incredible women who gave up a Saturday morning to encourage children living at

Children’s Receiving Home!

We were all blessed to get to have some “pumpkin” fun with the kids and we look forward to next month’s workshop!

We are a new Chicktime Chapter eager to serve these children one monthly workshop at a time!

Please join us! We sure could use your help!

Outdoor Games!! - fl-springhill

October Update:

Lots of love went into decorating these beautiful care packages.

Pay close attention to the details and obvious time and hard work too!

We broke out paint and other crafting supplies and had so much fun getting these together!

Our intent was to teach gratitude even in the midst of heartache. The recent hurricanes touched the lives of Chicktime Chapters in Texas and Florida(and our Chapter being one of them) and so that’s where the “love boxes” filled with goodies are going!

We hope everyone walked away from this workshop with hope in their hearts and a desire to be connected by love with the nation!

Movie Night!! - az-mesa

October Update:

Do you know what happens when you have love in your heart and you give or your time to share it?

Lives are changed in places like Child Crisis Center!

Our Harvest Festival was simply…perfect!

Hope you can join us next month!

Chicktime November News! - al-dothan

October Update:

Thank you to Ms. Lisa from the Exchange Center for being such a great workshop leader!

We had a spooky-fun day with the kids at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home!

Thank you to all the volunteers who took time out of their day to show our children some love!

Come do life BIG with us next month and be the change in the life of a child!

Sugar Scrub Making!! - mn-grandrapids


October Update:

With a small change in plans due to an unexpected emergency with one of my families… we decided to save the robots and do vision boards for the remaining ladies in attendance today. We still had an amazing day and can’t wait for next month!!

Paper Bead Making! - tx-houston

October Update:

Chicktime Katy October was FABULOUS!! Such enthusiasm and energy at Krause!

Thank you again to Karen, Cynthia, and Gisela for leading the girls in Zumba. Ya’ll were incredible!


Greeting Card Making!! - in-indianapolis

October Update:

Chicktime Indy was overwhelmed by fun and love this month! Can’t you tell in these pictures?

Photo booth laughs and picture frame making filled our time during our workshop….but we connected on such a deeper level as we shared love in our hearts!

We can’t tell you enough~ Chicktime is life changing and it’s not just life changing for the people we serve!

Join our mission!

October Update! - oh-cincinnati

When we look at these pictures we see love!

Thanks to all our Chicktime Volunteers who make special moments like this occur!

Giving a little time can go such a long way!

Respite Care!! - tx-missionrgv

Workshop Cancelled Tomorrow! - tx-sanantoniohope

Chicktime Hope will not be meeting tomorrow, October 20th, 2017,  due to unforseen events with the court system. We will be back in the new year so stay tuned for details!
We are so grateful to our volunteers and can’t wait to serve with you again!

Thanksgiving Party!! - il-springfield

October Update:

Polaroid’s are so fun!! But not near as fun and meaningful as our monthly workshops!

From month to month, we go to serve but we can’t help but feel like we are the ones who receive the blessings when we leave!

This month, the mom’s got adult time getting pampered with some Mary Kay. The kids got to have some fun decorating pumpkins!

We are having a Thanksgiving party next month. Join us!

Zumba Time! - mi-detroit


October Update:

Yes!! The girls LOVED the Sugar Skull mask project Angela Alkatib provided with Chicktime Detroit!! Thank you to everyone who came out to play!! 


Tricky Tray! - nj-middletown

Friendsgiving! - al-birmingham

Family Recipe Cookie Night!! - sc-charleston

October Update:

Halloween Makeup Tutorials with Chicktime Charleston was Boo-tiful!

Thank you Theresa Faughnan for providing such cute and delicious food! Chili Bar and Zombie Brownies…YUM!

Our volunteers are so cool especially when they join the action! Marlene Waterman…you are such a trooper!

Join us next month for Family Recipe Cookie Night!

Welcome, Joyce! - TN- Carthage

Holiday Party!! - tx-fortworth

October Update:

Chicktime Fort Worth had such a great time at their October workshop. Workshop leaders Ashley and Nancy did an awesome job guiding the children through rock painting. The children love getting their hands messy with paint and creating their own masterpieces.

Our volunteers played games with the kids after all the painting was complete.

Each child was also given a goodie bag compliments of the Brand F/X team .

We are so blessed with the greatest volunteers ever!

Join at our next workshop! We would love to have you!

Happy Fall Ya’ll!! - mo-stlouis

October Update:

So much awesome happened at our October workshop at Chicktime St. Louis! We had our first event with our new charity partner and had some impressive and amazing young volunteers spend time with us! We enjoyed delicious food, fun crafts, and laughing! We could not have been happier about our flip flop decorating “kick off” with our new friends. Thank you to everyone that made our Chicktime fabulous!

Financial Literacy Class!! - fl-fortmyers

Tea and Turkey!!! - dc- washington

October Update:

What a wonderful time to make Fall crafts and decorations. Thank you Marina for leading a wonderFall event full of fun and creativity. The children enjoyed it and can’t wait for our next event!

Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return and you will never be disappointed!

Vision Board Making!! - va- norton

Thanksgiving Fun! - ok-tulsa


October Update:

oday was a beautiful day to get to spend with the girls at the Laura Dester Children’s center. They showed us how creative they could get with decorating their own cups!

A huge thank you to our new volunteers this week. We can’t do this without you!

Be watching for more opportunities to help out coming up soon .

Shoutout to LANA! She did an amazing job! Very fun and therapeutic! Great opportunity to bond one on one with the young ladies this past Saturday! Job well done, Lana Harrell!



Stress Management! - TN- Carthage


October Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended the Bubbles for Life Family Fun Day!!

What a beautiful afternoon of bubbles, sunshine, and supporting PHC!!



Pillow Case Decorating! - tx-boerne

October Update:

At our October workshop we celebrated and learned about Dia de Los Muertos!

Our host was Gina Jimenez. She shared what the day is about and she also set up a beautiful alter for us.

The girls had a lovely time decorating their own sugar skulls.

Join us next month as we will be making pillow cases!

Craft Day!!! - mn-bloomington


October Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended our kick off party with our charity partner, Cornerstone!!! We had a wonderful evening of fall/Halloween fun & are so excited about the future of Chicktime @ Cornerstone!!! We hope you will join us sometime 


Welcome, Cora! - ma-dartmouth

Vol. Orientation!! - ga-conyers

Welcome, Carmen! - tx-sacentral

Welcome, Kathi @ Middletown!! - nj-middletown

Welcome, Delia! - fl-fortmyers

Bullying Workshop!! - al-montgomery

September Update:

Thank you so much to Sigma Eta Pi for leading our September workshop! 

We had so much fun with the kids this month… we even learned how to use proper table manners!

Of course, no Chicktime would be complete without mud pies though!!!

Exciting Times!! - ga-conyers

We are super stoked that Conyers Chicktime has partnered with an amazing nonprofit Elks Aidmore!!! It was a joy meeting the staff today and the campus is beautiful! 

We are excited to host our very first Chicktime event on Nov. 4th! If you are in the Conyers/Atlanta metro and are interested in sharing and growing with at risk girls…join us! 

We will also be hosting a new volunteer orientation @ Elk’s before our first workshop to give all those who are interested an opportunity to come and learn more about Chicktime @ Elk’s and complete your required background checks!

Contact us at conyers@chicktime.com for the details! 

September News - ca-sandiego

October 2017 Invite - Volunteers_2

Halloween will be here in no time this year! But how did the Halloween holiday get its roots?

Halloween started as an ancient festival where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to keep roaming ghosts away. Later, November 1 (the day after Halloween) was declared “All Saints Day,” where people would honor saints and martyrs. All Hallows Eve was the day before, and eventually it became known as Halloween. Today, the holiday is a community event for kids to trick-or-treat and enjoy activities in costume!

I personally stopped celebrating this holiday when I was an older kid and it wasn’t appropriate to trick or treat anymore. In college, my peers wanted to party and wear costumes but I was never interested in joining them. In fact, in college I didn’t spend much time with kids or doing kid-things at all. When I moved home after college, I still didn’t have many kids in my life. However when my sister got pregnant with her first child, I decided I wanted to be a part of their life. I didn’t know how to relate to kids anymore, I seemed to have lost touch with them. That’s when I started volunteering to get used to interacting with kids and start being a kid again. When Halloween came around, my nephew was too scared to go alone. I dressed up with him and held his hand so he would gain confidence (and not trip!) going house to house with his bucket. It’s now one of my favorite holidays, to go trick or treating with him and dress up to compliment the costume he picks out. Last year we were superheros, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with this year. The last I heard he was thinking of being pizza!

The girls at Casa are also kids. They are at that in-between stage where they are probably too old to go trick or treating, but we can still play games and celebrate and be kids with them! Won’t you join us to give the girls something to smile about this holiday? We will be doing face painting and enjoying some spooky Halloween food! The event is 10/14, please contact Andrea at magm1684@gmail.com by 10/7 to RSVP.

Welcome, Macey! - al-birmingham

Fall Festival! - tx-sacentral

September Update:

Chicktime SA Central was geared up to make some piñatas!

The morning couldn’t of been more fun and special. One sweet girl told us it was the best day of her life…

Can you imagine? We prepped a few hours for the event and spent a couple hours the day of the workshop and made the difference in the life of someone just doing that???

Needless to say….we will be back next month and would love for you to join us! We need your help!

Come volunteer or lead a workshop! Join us in making a difference in the life of the girls living at St. Pj’s!!

New Co-Leader!! - tx-fortworth

Halloween Party!! - tx-galveston

September Update:

These wonderful volunteers showed up to help us make jewelry and do a little free art!

And maybe eat a few desserts…..

It’s amazing how every month the workshops just keep getting better and better! Not because of the activity, but because of the love and joy that is in the room when Chicktime Galveston is going on!!

Check us out next month!

Harvest Festival! - az-mesa

September Update:

Chicktime Mesa volunteers are devoted to serving the children at the Child Crisis Center…

Our September workshop was no different! We brought encouragement, crafts and love with us!

Come back with us in October!!! The children are counting on us!

Welcome Lana! - ok-tulsa

Changing Directions!! - tx-sanantoniohope

Welcome Brenda! - ms-jackson

September Update! - tx-sanmarcosempowered

September Update:

Chicktime San Marcos Empowered Chapter Leaders excited for the September Workshop!

Look at the beautiful Fall decorations we were blessed to help the residents of Stone Brook Senior Living Complex make!!

Our morning was full of laughs, crafts and love!

Please join us next month! We 100 percent guarantee you will be blessed!

October News - tx-canyonlake

Thanksgiving Day Background With Pumpinks, Maple Leafs And Title Inscription

September Update

Fit for life was the theme this month.  Lora Williams put together a team of workshop leaders that shared their own personal experience to show the young girls at New Life hope for the future.  Lora led the Holistically Fit station where she and her sister talked about growing up in a culture of drugs and abuse and what they are doing today.  They explained that the past and what happened in it does not define who you choose to be.  The session had lots of laughter and tears. Diane talked to the girls about how to Identify Unhealthy Relationships.  This was valuable and thought provoking information for all of us.  Finally, Jarisha shared God’s Love for You.  Here story is one to which so many of the girls and volunteers can relate.  Thank you to our excellent leaders and volunteers for making it a positive and hopeful Chicktime experience for the girls.


Shop For Jenkins!! - sc-charleston

Have you all been to 5 BELOW? Please go this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to help support Chicktime Charleston. % of sales will go to more supplies and activities for our girls at The Jenkins Institute!!!!! Please say you are shopping to support Chicktime and share this post to many people who would like to help support these amazing teen girls who have been through so much in their young lives!!

Chicktime Dallas Is Born! - tx-dallas

Halloween Spooky Party!! - tx-bulverde

September Update:

Chicktime Bulverde held our workshop at the Bulverde Jubilee Parade. We had the kids make decorations, decorate the float and then ride on the float throwing candy to the parade goers!

Our “Uncle Sam” rocked it.

Thank you to Tejas Rodeo- Yancy and Terri Martin for letting us use hay for the float and the girls at Texas A &M University-San Antonio Sigma Delta Lamda Sorority for your help. What a difference you made!!

Fall Festival!! - tx-sanantonio

September Update:

Chicktime San Antonio discovered the awesomeness of canned biscuts/canned dough!

Our cooking workshop had three stations and we divided the Boysville girls ups to work a station. Measuring, zesting, mixing, spreading….you name it~ They did it!!

We made Orange rolls, Monkey Bread, and “Chicktime” Mini-Cinnis! And you probably guessed it…the best part of the morning was sampling all three!!

Our Chicktime mornings are always so humbling~ especially when we have just the right amount of volunteers to help us carry out our workshops!

Come help us host a cupcake walk next month at Boysville’s Fall Festival! It’s going to be so fun!

Grateful Hearts! - fl-springhill

September Update:

Do you see our smiles? You can be this happy if you come out to volunteer with Chicktime Spring Hill!

Our “Civic Engagement Day” was informative and got us up to date on current events!

Next month we are going to learn to have grateful hearts!

We would love to have you join us!

Mr. Roboto - ms-jackson


September Update:

We had the privilege of visiting Canopy Children’s Solutions in Jackson on Friday, September 15. We were greeted by Traci Grubb, Communication Specialist, who graciously provided lots of information and answered every question we could think to ask…and a few we didn’t think to ask! The time Traci spent with us was so valuable and appreciated. Touring the buildings where the children are housed made us feel expectantly connected to our upcoming ministry! We are so looking forward to the blessings to come and to be given, to the relationships that prayerfully will be forged, and to helping and providing fun times with all whom The Lord places in our paths. I took a few very quick photos, but will provide more later. The larger building is where we met Traci, and the buildings with the large porches are where the children reside. More to come next visit!

Spa Day!! - sc-columbia

September Update:

Our September workshop was nothing more than GLORIOUS!!

Bible Study + Chicktime = Fabulous Workshop

See you next month for Spa Day!!

Fall Fun!! - sc-charleston

September Update:

 Thanks for all the help Jodi, Marlene Hagen, Wayne-Terry Mobley, Ashley, and Reagan.

Oh what a night!! We are exhausted, but so content that we get to be in this place with these awesome people every month.

 Sojourner~we will see you next month!

Much love,

Chicktime Charleston

Fight For Your Life!! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

Bubble Run Fun!! - TN- Carthage


Chicktime Carthage is so excited to support our charity partner, the Pregnancy Help Center at their Bubbles For Life Family Fun Day! PHC relies on the kindness and generosity of our community and they need your help in ensuring that the women that they care for receive the basic items every new mom needs as well as the education they need to prepare for their new lives as mommies! If you would like to attend or help in any way, please see the links below!

Registration Form

Sponsorship Form

PHC Bubbles For Life Flyer

Fall Fun!! - al-dothan

September Update:

We had such an awesome time @ chicktime this month!

We started the day off painting kindness rocks with the kids that we will hide in various places around town. If you find one of them, tag us in a pic of it on Facebook so that we can share it with the kids! Next, we wrote letters to the children’s homes that Chicktime serves in Florida and Texas that were affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The kids wrote some of the sweetest letters!

Finally, we learned about the art of Kintsugi! We broke our porcelain bowls with hammers and pieced them back together with gold lacquer. The idea is that the bowl is now more beautiful than before it was broken just like US!

Please join us next month! You know you want to join the fun!!

Halloween Party! - mo-kansascity

(2nd) September Workshop Update:

Had a wonderful morning with the girls at Ozanam today!

The girls enjoyed a few games of Bingo, balloon blow and Root beer Floats!

Thanks to Desiree Wilcox for coming back to volunteer and inviting Trenda! And thanks to Angie and Tasha Avery!