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Chicktime August~ Terrarium Making!! - az-mesa

B2S Fun!! - tx-galveston


July Update:

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Chicktime July so special for the children and families of the Family Crisis Center! It was hot outside but we sure did have fun!!


We had a bouncy house for the children to run wild in & we even had face painting for them to enjoy!



We hope to see YOU at Chicktime August where we will be hosting a Back 2 School Supply Drive for the children.


It is done father, thank you for allowing us to be your hands and feet.


Sensory Day!! - al-montgomery


July Update:

hank you to everyone who joined us for our Summer BBQ at Chicktime July! We always have such a blessed time with the kids of Mary Ellen’s and we can’t wait to see them again next month!!!

Welcome, Chicktime Sacramento! - ca-sacramento

August News - tx-canyonlake



July Update

Special thanks to our long time volunteers who came to play with the girls at New Life Children’s Center.  The girls loved Sandra’s bubble station!  What a great idea for some outdoor fun.  Sandra also created paint spinning art with of all things a salad spinner.  Some beautiful designs were developed with this interesting technique.   What kid doesn’t love to play with slime!  Carol and her helpers Julie and Katy showed the girls how to make their own glittery slime along with elephant toothpaste.  Always a treat is making your own ice cream.  The reaction of salt, ice and friction created a creamy delicious vanilla ice cream that the girls enjoyed with some homemade sugar cookies.  Please join us in August as we pamper the girls that live at New Life.

Game Day! - sc-columbia


Chicktime July:

Chicktime Columbia was jammed packed with great information! A College Day workshop opened up great discussions on college, options, student loans, deciding on a major, what to wear and what not wear during an interview and just overall interview etiquette! The girls were shown four different interview outfits and had to decide if it was appropritate or not! They seemed to really like this! #ChicktimeIsAlwaysAwesome!

Welcome To Chicktime, Rosemount!! - mn-rosemount

Journal Making!! - mn-grandrapids

June Update:

We had SO much fun at Chicktime July… even if the day didn’t quite go as planned! LOL We didn’t think this one through all the way… what started out as marbled paper making turned into just colored shaving cream fun….

Art Party Fun!! - il-springfield

July Update:

We had a packed house tonight for a very important session.

A HUGE thank you to Emily Miller (green belt) and Steve Oh (black belt) for sharing self defense to the residents!

It’s always so amazing the gifts and passions our community shares with the residents through Chicktime Springfield!

Hope to see everyone back for our August Workshop!

Prayer Breakfast & Gospel Hour!!! - tx-sanmarcosempowered

Chicktime August!!! - oh-dayton

July Update:

Chicktime July was so ….Artistic!!  We  broke out our Picasso skills and painted the evening away with the girls from Daybreak and our volunteers.  💕👩🏻‍🎨😍🎨

We have this kind of fun every month! We would love it if you would join us  so we can share the fun!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Journal Making!! - tx-corpuschristi

July Update:

 A wonderful thank you to all our volunteers who make it truly special for the girls.

The girls had such a lovely time making flip flops and hair clips out of water balloons!

Also, we can’t thank H-E-B enough for supplying drinks and snacks! We appreciate you so much #HEB

We hope to see you next month!

Chicktime August~ Flower Arranging! - tx-bulverde

July Update:

Chicktime July was a great day to host a Carnival for the residents of SJRC Texas!

From bobbing for apples to darts~ we had about 10 unique carnival activities. At each activity they were given tickets where they could cash in for prizes!

Along with amazing hot dogs, funnel cakes, and homemade ice cream it was truly an amazing time!

Thank you to Chicktime Bulverde Volunteers for showing so much fun and laughter to the kids!

Special thanks to Maria Ibarra for putting so much thought and LOVE to the event!

We will learn how to arrange flowers next month! Hope you can join us !

Potluck Lunch and Bible Study!! - al-dothan

**We encourage you to sign up to bring your favorite dish by clicking here**


July Update:

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home for Chicktime July! We had SO much fun with our babies today and even made some new {and AMAZING} friends!

We started our day off with an 🍧 ice cream bar 🍨 and we are pretty sure that Ms. Sally bought every flavor of ice cream under the sun!!! We topped our bowls of cold yummy-ness off with candy, strawberries, and chocolate syrup…. YUMMY 🤤

Our lesson today was on bullying and we talked with the kiddos about what it is and how to handle themselves if they ever feel like they are being bullied. We also reminded them that the best thing we can do when faced with a bully is to tell an adult and to remember to extend grace!!

We also played Mexican Train Dominos today and had THREE games going at once! It got CRAZY today, y’all! We finished our afternoon off with some playground time under the sun 🌞

What an amazing afternoon it was! We can’t wait to see you all next month at our potluck and Bible study!

#chicktimedothan #icecreamsocial #iLoveChicktime #abch #dolifeBIG #loveservegive

Chicktime August~ Dream Boards!!! - sc-charleston

July Update:

What a blessing to have such wonderful volunteers that show up month after month to love on the precious girls we serve!

Nothing says “Chicktime” like jewelry making night! Thank you Sadie D Thompson for leading such a great workshop.

We will be right back at it in August! Hope everyone can join us!

Changing Directions! - tx-sanantoniohope

Serving Others!! - tx-missionrgv

**Chicktime Mission RGV has a new meeting time! Please mark your calendars that we will now be meeting from 3 to 5pm**

July Update:

Being part of the movement that is changing lives is so exciting and exhausting! But it’s a good exhaustion. The kind you can only get when you are serving others for HIS glory!

 Chicktime Mission RGV is doing great things in our community by serving the needs of the refugees living here. There is still work to be done and we really need your help. Please join us and together we can do GREAT things in HIS name!

All our love,

Chicktime Mission RGV

Chicktime August~ Summer Fun!!! - mo-kansascity

July Update:

Every month, Chicktime Kansas City has the pleasure of bringing a monthly activity to the girls who live at Cornerstones of Care~Osanam Campus (pictured above). This month was no different. On July 15th, Sarah led us through a morning of art and games. The girls decorated canvases with permanent markers and then spritzed them with alcohol to make the colors run. This technique creates a beautiful watercolor effect. The girls personalized their art by writing an inspirational quote or their names using puffy paint. After the art activity, we played a game where the girls took turns trying to find the right path over a set of 16 tiles placed on the floor. The game was suppose to be a team building activity, but ended early due to some girls getting frustrated with each other and pictures of their art work could not be taken.

The girls reaction to the game we played is the very reason that  Chicktime Kansas City keeps  coming back. The girls need us! Their histories of abuse, neglect, domestic and community violence, multiple foster homes and psychiatric hospitalizations have lead to emotional and behavioral challenges. Volunteers such as Chicktime play a vital role in helping the girls heal and have a new beginning to reach their full potential.

We would love to have you join us next month as we continue to show the girls we love them….and no matter what will show up for them…through thick and thin!

Manicures Fun!! - mi-detroit

Sharing love through Dogs!! - sc-charleston

On Tuesday, July 11th, Chicktime supporters,  Macy and her mom Susan Tucker Hall,  came to  The Jenkins Institute for some live therapy for our beautiful girls.

What a relaxing time spent with the therapy dogs. Healing is a process and how amazing it is that dogs can be part of that process.

Hope to see everyone at Chicktime July!

Summer Kickoff!! - ok-tulsa

July Chicktime Update!! - mi-detroit

We did it!! What an awesome event today with Chicktime Detroit ladies!

The girls at Vista Maria LOVED making their very own tye-dyed tshirts!!! 👕🌈🙆!

Its an incredible joy to be able to lift the spirits of these girls each month! All in the name of Jesus Christ

Thank You Lord for Your favor upon them through us and for us too! (Matt 18:20) #gatheredinHisname

B2S Fun!! - tx-humble

July Update:

An ice chest full of waterballoons….You know what that means???

Messy~ Wet~ Laughter~ Fun!!

And the “Beachy” snacks so fun to make and better to eat!
Thanks Nidia Gonzalez Ramirez for putting this event together and thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who came out to make this day extra special. Xoxo

Yoga Fun!! - tx-sanantonio

July Update:

Chicktime San Antonio had such a special summer evening hanging out with the girls who live at Boysville, Inc.!

We made ice cream sundaes and played BINGO!

And I mean all types of bingo games like T ( for Texas), regular bingo, four corners, blackout, and stand up/sit down ! Lots of girls on the edge of their seats wanting to yell Bingo, but mostly just happy that the ladies from Chicktime were back! Prizes ranged from makeup, bath and body goodies to nail supplies, devotional books and chocolate!

As always we ended our time together in a large circle prayer giving thanks for our volunteers, the girls who live at Boysville and the staff that help raise them! We pray these beautiful girls see HIM in us! Join us next month! Our August workshop will be YOGA!
Psalm 93:3
“Declare HIS glory among the nations, HIS wonders among all peoples.”

Karaoke Party!!! - va- norton

July Update:

We took advantage of the cool air and took Chicktime outdoors! It was the perfect set up to tye-dye tshirts and just unwind with each other with good conversation!

It’s a beautiful thing when we can come together just for the purpose of loving one another!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came to support the ministry of Chicktime! It was a wonderful turnout and we hope it’s even bigger next month!

Peace and love be with you all~

Chicktime Norton

Ice Cream Fun! - dc- washington

Chicktime Fun!! - oh-cincinnati

July Update:

We know how to beat the heat with ice cream, Disney’s Moana movie & games for our July event! Something we learned this month at Chicktime is  that if you bring bubbles and bubble wands to your workshop…. The soapy bubbles make clean up a snap!

Chicktime is really this easy….give a little time, play a game or two…

And Bam!! Hearts of children are changed forever!

We would love for you to join us next month at Chicktime August!

Art Party!! - fl-springhill

July Update:

This is the place where Chicktime Spring Hill shows up every month to help offer hope and exactly what the sign says….

New Beginnings!!!

This month our workshop was simple….board games and encouragement!

Thank you to our volunteers who stepped up to lead this month while leadership was away!! What a joy it is to share this ministry with ladies who believe everyone deserves to be loved!!

Please join us next month as we have an Art Party!

Spa Party!! - tx-houston

July Update:

It’s exciting to be part of the Chicktime Movement in Katy, Texas!!

The “Feeling” was great with Emoji Bingo !!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who made this such a fun day for the girls!

We are planning Chicktime August and can’t wait to see you all next month!!

Back to School Fun!! - tx-fortworth

Chicktime August ~ Fun Day Monday! - mo-stlouis

July Update:

We had a great time unveiling our new program & we decorated jars to use as piggy banks. The ladies are so creative!

You can see how happy Chicktime St. Louis makes people!

Come find joy with us and be part of Chicktime St. Louis where our volunteer “Chicks” are  super amazing & make the world a better place! 💗

Summer Fun!! - in-indianapolis

July Update:

Chicktime July was busy! busy! BUSY!!!

We decorated t-shirts, made bracelets AND headbands!

Bringing Chicktime to the Wheeler Mission Center for Women and Children makes our hearts happy, but more than anything it brings peace and hope to the people we are serving.

Hope to see you next month!

Lit. Appreciation Day!! - tx-boerne

July Update:

Today we did yoga and bracelet making hosted by Laura and Ariel Peters!

The girls has a wonderful time! We even had a visit from two of our Chicktime Canyon Lake sisters this month… Lori and Liz!!!

Thank you to all the volunteers that attended today and we can’t wait to see everyone again next month!

Pizza Party!!! - fl-fortmyers

July Update:

We had such a blast at our Fourth of July Celebration!!!

We worked hard at tye-dying our Red/White/Blue t-shirts!

Can’t wait to see the results next month when we come back for Chicktime August!

It’s funny how Chicktime works! You go to be a blessing and turns out you are blessed!!

Summer Crafts!!!! - mo-kansascity

A Friendly Reminder!! - tx-sanantoniohope

Snorkels & Goggles!! - tx-uvalde

A Friendly Reminder!! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

… And So The Adventure Begins! - *usa-anywhere

Close your eyes for a moment and think about your happy place. What does it look like? Do the blue skies look as if they will never end? Is there soft grass between your toes and can you feel the sweet touch of the sun kissing your face? At night, do the stars burn big and bright and make you feel like you are being wrapped in the world’s most lavish blanket? Who is there with you? Your friends? Your family? Do you feel the presence of God in every scene that you see? If you ask any Chicktime leader from anywhere in the country about her happy place, we can almost guarantee that she is going to tell you all about the Rhodes Resort!

This month, chapter leaders from across the country gathered at the Rhodes Resort in Canyon Lake, Texas for our annual retreat. Sure, you hear the word “retreat” and you probably automatically assume that these ladies spent the weekend hanging out by the infinity pool, eating some of the most delicious food that they didn’t have to cook, laughing at the jokes being made in the afternoon sun, or even receiving one of the most amazing massages in the world. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong in your assumption! However, our retreats are just a little more than a relaxing weekend get-a-way! Our retreats are a collection of women who span across forty chapters. These women all have their stories to tell about what brought them to Chicktime but the moral to every one of those stories is that they all simply want to be protectors of children.

Every year, at retreat, we end the weekend with this amazing ceremony that we simply call our Bead Ceremony and for every year that these ladies have been in leadership at Chicktime, they receive one more rose quartz bead to add to their charm bracelet. Rose quartz has been used for centuries as a healing stone as it is believed to help heal emotional wounds and provide a soothing sensation to not just adults but also to children and small babies. It provides comfort to the hurting and hope to the healing. It was no accident that this was chosen to symbolize each year that our chapter leaders have been part of the Chicktime movement!

Sure, we spent a good portion of our weekend out by the pool, making new friendships, and nurturing old ones, but we also spent the weekend learning how to protect the children of our community. Thanks to the powerful teachings of Motivational Speaker, Kelley Swanson, we learned how to craft our stories in a way that will engage any audience and capture their hearts. We learned how to be powerful story tellers. We learned how to share the pain that we see every day in our communities in a way that inspires others to go out there and make a difference! We learned more about what it means to be a Chicktime chapter as well and how to ensure that our communities never have to go without a Chicktime again.

It was a powerful weekend. It was a beautiful weekend. It was a Chicktime weekend.

Chicktime Dayton Fun!!! - oh-dayton

Breakfast & A Craft!! - tx-galveston

BBQ Fun!! - al-montgomery


June Update:

We had so much fun with the kids this month at Chicktime June! This month was all about learning how to process our feelings and emotions especially when we are feeling overwhelmed!

We also decorated emoji cookies and enjoyed board games and puzzles with the kiddos!

We hope to see YOU next month!

Fabric Flip Flops!!! - tx-corpuschristi

June Update:

Such a blessing to spend time with the girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home again today.

Smiles were bright as they showed their love in choosing and making their prayer stones and decorating their tins and boxes.

A huge thank you to H-E-B for supplying the drinks and snacks. We can’t thank all the volunteers enough for coming out and showing the girls that they are loved.

They each also got to take a picture with them as a remembrance of our time with them.

Enjoy their beautiful crafts!

We hope to see YOU a Chicktime July <3

No Chicktime July!! - tx-sacentral

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have decided to cancel Chicktime July’s workshop. We would like to thank everyone who RSVP’d and we can’t wait to see YOU in August!!

Chicktime SA Central

June Update:

Chicktime was amazing this month as hearts were changed with our volunteers.

We played board games, ate donuts, drank oj and shared candy! Every little girl was into a game by the time Chicktime was over.

Friendships were made and smiles were shining this afternoon at St. PJ’s 🤗💕we can’t wait to go back next month and teach the kids how to make piñatas!

Please join us!!

Helping Our Charity Partner!! - mo-kansascity

Recently, Chicktime KC had the opportunity to partner with Paper Birch Landing Gallery in helping to raise funds for the girls of Ozanam. We painted the afternoon away while raising funds for our charity partner at the same time… how cool is that!?!?! Ozanam is home to 16-20 teen & tween girls and as you can imagine, raising that many girls at one time can be quite expensive!! We are so blessed and thankful that we were able to advocate for our charity partner in this way! If you feel called to help Ozanam with any of their current needs, please visit https://cornerstonesofcare.org/ to learn more about how easy it is to make a difference in the life of these girls!!
For more info about Paper Birch Landing, visit http://paperbirchlanding.com today!

Tiny Hands - al-montgomery

His name was J. J wasn’t quite sure about me when I first sat down on the couch across from him. He wore a bright blue shirt with a stretched out colar that you could tell had been passed down from an older sibling. He was so excited to learn about the different feelings and emotions that we all feel everyday. As we learned about each one… happy, sad, mad, hot, cold, scared, excited… J followed along with cartoons on the videos and acted out each one… smiley face, sad face, mad face, cold face, hot. He was actually a better actor than the ones who voiced the cartoons we were watching!


After our lesson, it was time to go have some fun so we headed over to the dining room table to decorate sugar cookies. These would be no ordinary cookies though. We were going to decorate them like emojis! Like the new kid in school during lunch time, I tried to pick my seat at the table. I noticed there was an empty seat next to J so I asked him if I could sit beside him. He nervously gave me permission. It took J a minute to work up the nerve to ask me the same question that causes some adults to shake in their boots. In his tiny and innocent voice he asked, “can you help me?”, and my heart skipped a beat! Of course I could!

J and I Googled pictures of emojis and we laughed at each one we saw. He decided he wanted to decorate his cookie to look like the super cool sunglasses emoji and I decided to keep it simple since I’m not very artistic and I chose the heart eyes emoji. We sat together and decorated our cookies and when we were done, we tasted our creation and smiled at each other. Suddenly, we were the emojis that we had just chosen as the inspirations for our cookies.

After cookie decorating time, we played games together and put together puzzles. As our time together ended, I was cleaning up the game pieces when I felt the tiniest little hands tap me on the side. I looked down and there was J with his hands outstretched and ready for a hug!

Be still my heart!!!

These are the type of moments that I have come to cherish with each passing Chicktime. Three years of doing this and those hugs NEVER get old! They bless me more than anyone could ever understand… unless you’ve experienced them, too, that is. Chicktime Montgomery serves at Mary Ellen’s Hearth. MEH residents begin to have hope again because they are being provided opportunities for them to learn and develop the skills necessary to live a life of independence. At Chicktime, we have the blessing of spending time with the children who are currently living in the home while mom learns job skills that she will use to provide for her family. Our time with them is precious and we would love to share the blessing of these tiny little hugs with you!

If you feel called to serve your the hurting children of our community, contact Lynnette or Abbie today and let us welcome you to Chicktime Montgomery!


Welcome to Chicktime, ladies! - sc-charleston


We are so excited to welcome Sadi, Jodi, and Samantha to our leadership team here at Chicktime Charleston! For months, we have prayed for God to send us his angels and He sent them in the form of these two beautiful ladies! They are passionate about the work we are doing at Chicktime Charleston and are excited to help us continue building our legacy! Learn more about the entire Chicktime Charleston leadership… Megan, Jodi, Sadi, and Samantha, by visiting our Meet The Leaders page =}

June Update - tx-canyonlake

Bonny Allen Ibarra shared her testimony with the girls and volunteers this month at Chicktime.  Her program consisted of a presentation, music and a craft pertaining to her book, The Paper Doll Princess.   We decorated paper dolls showing negative aspects and positive aspects of ourselves.  We kept the positive paper doll and symbolically gave the negative doll to God.  It was a great experience and we all learned a lot about ourselves.

Donation Divas! - tx-bulverde

How It All Began!!!

Being part of the Chicktime Movement, you never forget the faces. One of the
faces sealed in my memory is a little girl named Christy. She had long black
hair and swooping bangs that she often hid behind. She didn’t smile much. If
you had her childhood, you wouldn’t either. Every day she wore one of two
black shirts and the same shoes. She didn’t want the other kids in school to
know she was in foster care. It was her shameful little secret.
The one bright thing in Christy’s life, was music. I’ll never forget seeing
that big smile that I had never met before, when she told me she was going
to be in a choir concert. But the smile quickly faded when she later found
out that if you wanted to be in the choir you had to wear a fancy black
dress, close-toed church shoes, and a matching sweater. To most of you
mothers out there, this is no big deal. But to Christy, this was everything.
She didn’t want to tell anyone that she didn’t have those things.
Thanks to Chicktime, I was there in her moment, and able to help. We had
kids clothing stored and Christy and I went to the warehouse to pick out her
concert outfit.  She was so excited. But I wasn’t.  Because we had to pick
her outfit out of ugly garbage bags.  I had flash backs of when my mom would
take me shopping in the pretty stores, and how it would have felt if we went
shopping through other peoples’ trash.
Christy put on a brave face, even though I could tell she was disappointed.
And I don’t blame her. It broke my heart. And even though we found the
perfect outfit, and Christy’s concert was the highlight of her life, I
couldn’t let it go.  There may not be much I can do to help her situation.
But by golly, I can do this.  I can make sure no other child has to go
shopping for clothes in the trash. Not on my watch.
That day the Donation Divas Boutique was born. And with the help of
Chicktime and partner charities, we were able to create something pretty
amazing.  Sure, to those of you who like to shop, you probably wouldn’t call
it fancy. But you should see the look in these young girls’ faces when they come
to pick out a new dress. The same look Christy gave me as we picked out her
concert dress, and a tear rolled down her cheek, and for the first time she
hugged me.
If you want to become part of this amazing boutique, please contact me at
katyb@chicktime.com for more information. It’s the little things that make
the biggest difference.

July News!!! - tx-canyonlake

June News - ca-sandiego

Change the world
Quote by Steve Jobs
July 2017 Invite - Volunteers_2

Do you ever look at the world we’re living in and think about its impact on our children? With reality shows that teach children lessons they shouldn’t be learning, role models who glorify unrealistic futures, school cultures where children strive to fit and are willing to sacrifice everything to do it. It paints a grim picture. I don’t know about you, but my heart breaks for these children, especially the ones who’ve been betrayed or neglected by the ones who should love them most.

I’ve always believed in giving back, and serving others. It’s how I find purpose and meaning in life.  I found ways to do that in my church.  But after a while it wasn’t enough for me.  I started to feel a little lost – like I was just going through motions – that I was supposed to be somewhere else. My heart kept crying for the needs out there – the needs of the children that aren’t being reached – who have nobody. I was being called, I just didn’t know where. Then somebody told me about Chicktime.

It only took one event for me to fall in love with the Chicktime movement – the idea of connecting the gifts and passions of women with the children who need them most.  It’s hard to explain, but from the very first event I could feel the energy and the spirit of people who were truly determined to change the next generation through small simple acts of service.

What I love about Chicktime is that it’s not complicated. You can step right in and help. These children don’t need fancy, they just need you. To sit with them. Listen to them. Play with them. To help them find purpose and belonging again. To show them that there will be people who will love them.  The children in these group homes need to know that there are women who will love them without being paid for it.

I thought I went into Chicktime to serve, but it was kind of the opposite. Being with those children has changed my life. I have found purpose and meaning – in the eyes of a shy child’s smile of joy because I simply offered to read her a book.

I still worry about the future for our children. That hasn’t changed. But now….I’m doing something about it. If you think bringing hope to just one child doesn’t mean much – then let me show you somebody who doesn’t have any.

If you feel that same urgent need to do something. If you feel that tug on your heart that you need something more.  Or if you know exactly what it feels like to have nobody to love you. Then maybe it’s time you join the Chicktime movement. Because you may be the only hope that child sees.

Please email Joann at joann.vanort@gmail.com if you would like to join us and share your gifts with the ones who need it most. I promise, it will change your life.

All my love,


Marbled Stationary!! - mi-grandrapids


June Update:

YAY! Our first Chicktime GR is in the books. It was a small crowd but totally worth the time. Our girls were camera shy today but here is some of their work! Thank you to everyone who helped make the launch of Chicktime Grand Rapids so special and we can’t wait to see you all again next month!

Jewelry Making!! - sc-charleston


June Update:

Tonight was such a Joy!!! Lisa Came to do a makeup tutorial and showed us lots of tricks. The girls were so attentive!! They all got makeup bags, a palate of eye and lip and contour colors and a hand mirror. Love them all so much!!!

We had our girls come and participate. We love to encourage kids to love others and show them how much they have in common!

One of the young ladies in these pictures just came to the Jenkins Institute this week. She felt so overwhelmed and one of the House Moms said she was keeping to herself. She completely came out of her shell at our event.She laughed and giggled the whole
Night!!!! She did a bunch of the volunteers makeup. This is why we love what we do during Chicktime…the smiles and laughter!


4th of July Crafts!! - oh-cincinnati


June Update:

Pennies, pennies everywhere as we played the penny toss game. The grand prize was awarded to little Miss M who came in 1st place. Yay! We also met the shelter’s new summer intern, Andrew, who helped us chase pennies. Welcome aboard Andrew!!! Thank you Sonja for volunteering at today’s event!

Chicktime July~ Art Party!!! - az-mesa

June Update:

What a fun time with the “Big Kids” ( 8-12) at Child Crisis Arizona! Our time with them seems to bring them joy!

We did origami and they really got into it and they were REALLY good at it too! They made flipping frogs, foxes, whales, swans dinosaurs and seagulls!

 We know our time at this center is sacred so we will be back next month! Join us!!

4th of July Fun!!! - mo-kansascity

June Update:

Another wonderful morning with the young ladies at Ozanam! It’s so nice to able to bring activities and workshops to them monthly!

Today Tricia Szasz an amazing Lady brought back the pottery the girls made last month for them to glaze! Last month Part 1 of her workshop was incredible and fun! This month Part 2 was just as incredible and fun!

Can’t wait to see the finished masterpieces!!

We have two workshops scheduled next month! We would love to see you at one of them, but humbled to see you at both!

Collage Day!! - sc-columbia


June Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime June!

We had so much fun with the girls of Epworth! We enjoyed an awesome pizza party and played a heated game of family feud with them!

Days like today are a reminder of what it is that Chicktime Columbia exists!!

Flip Flop Decorating Fun!! - sc-lancaster

Carnival Fun!!! - tx-bulverde

June Update:

Wow!! Today was magical thank you to every volunteer who came out to love our littles at SJRC Texas.

 Merrilee Shisk Berger did a beautiful job putting together a day of car show wonders- private for only our kids!! Along with hot dogs, nachos, and s’mores!!


Thank you to Texas Corvette Association Lions Clubs International CenTex Diesel @alamo car club Mopar Central Texas Classic Mustangs Bulverde Spring Branch Fire & EMS Bulverde Police Department@south Texas camaro

We are speechless to the love and kindness you showed the children at SJRC Texas.

 We hope you will back back for next years car show in June and to another Chicktime event this year!

To our Chicktime Volunteers….humbly, we thank you for all you do to carry out the mission of Chicktime!!

Self Defense Class!!! - il-springfield

June Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime June! We had so much fun learning how to make better and smarter choices when it comes to living a healthier life and working up sweat during Zumba!!

Respite Care!!! - tx-missionrgv

Ice Cream Bar and Bingo!! - tx-sanantonio

June Update:

Chicktime June at Boysville Children’s Home  was over the top FUN thanks to the ladies from Padre Pio Catholic Church!

They took our workshop outdoors for summer time “Minute to Win It Games”!

We aren’t sure we’ve ever seen the girls this relaxed and laugh so much and so hard!

We played games like stack the cups, knock the cups over with a rubber band and move the m & m’s with a straw!

Egg toss, catch the cheerio’s in a cup head band, and pass the water cup relay!!

The girls even went foot-fishing for marbles!!

We shared popsicles , watermelon , and great conversation with the girls about summer plans!

We ended our time together like we always do… by circling up and holding hands and praying with each other and for each other!
“Be strong and take heart, all who hope in the Lord.
Psalm 31:24

Join us next month as we make summer visors!!

Summer Fun!!! - al-dothan

June Update:

Chicktime June was different today… good different! We always have a great time with the ABCH kids and of course, it’s always magical,  but today just felt so special!

A special thank you to the Alabama 4-H for leading this month’s workshop and sharing their knowledge and passions with us!

The kids were in awe about all the things they learned about animals they normally don’t get close to!

Such a blast to wind down and connect to the kids thru Yoga.

There is no doubt about it that God was moving through the house and our hearts… one room at a time and one heart a time!

Thank you to everyone who attended this month!

We hope to see you next again!!


Abbey, Ashley, Ranah, and Sally

Chicktime Dothan

Chicktime Bulverde Going Beyond! - tx-bulverde

Chicktime Bulverde Helps Their Charity Partner!!

Chicktime Bulverde Donation Divas gave up an evening to make the donation area look INCREDIBLE for the kids at their charity partner~ SJR in Bulverde, Texas! Way to go Chicktime Bulverde!!

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!! Philippians 4:4

Chicktime San Marcos!! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

June Update:

Chicktime San Marcos Strikin a pose! These girls are claiming who the are in HIM!!

 Summer Haggins was our guest speaker and her  first point to us was to know our name when  fighting for the life we want. 💪🏾. We all have a gift and if we don’t walk in it others will be negatively impacted by it. A Warrior Princess should arm themselves to be dangerous. Knowing that each of our lives are a tool that God can use to empower the next generation is Humbling. Thank you for sharing your story, passion, and heart tonight~ Summer! !

These girls are armed with Love and Grace!

Watch out world!!

Chicktime San Marcos will be meeting next in August!! Come make a difference with us!

Welcome Sandi B~ Katy TX - tx-houston

Summer Fun Outdoors!! - tx-humble

Chicktime Indy Fun!! - in-indianapolis

June Update:

We had an awesome turnout for Chicktime June! We made flip flops with the women and children of the Wheeler Mission’s Center and everyone had a blast!

Once again, we have to thank our wonderful volunteers for their amazing commitment to making sure we have the most incredible snacks at Chicktime every month!

How cute are the girls flip flops!??!?

We are so blessed at Chicktime Indy and we would love for you to join us for another AMAZING Chicktime workshop next month!

Monday Funday!! - mo-stlouis

Tye Dye Fun!! - mi-detroit

June Update:

Fun in the Summer Sun with our girls at Vista Maria with Chicktime Detroit today!🌞 We think we loved it as much as they did!😎 We had games and icees and a cake walk and watermelon and music fun…fun…fun! Thank you God for blessing us to be able to volunteer and bless others! It fills our hearts with Your promise of JOY☝️feeling blessed at Vista Maria.

Spring Hill Fun!! - fl-springhill

June Update:

We had so much fun making journals & sharing some of our favorite poems and stories with the children this month at Chicktime!

We hope to see YOU at Chicktime next month!

Emoji Day!! - tx-houston

June Update:

We had such a wonderful time with our Krause girls this past Saturday! Dayana led her activity with so much passion. We learned about the different densities that every day liquids have. These liquids included blue Gatorade, cranberry juice, and mango juice.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping Dayana with the activity and dedicating their time to the girls! And a HUGE thanks to Dayana for sharing her passion of being a Chemist!

See you all next month!

June Workshop Update: - tx-fortworth

June F.U.N group event with SafeHaven of Tarrant County was blessed with lots of fun and love!!

Our leaders Nora, Robin, Lisa, Valerie,Monica and Heather guided the children through crafting a windsock with a patriotic theme and played games.

We are always so humbled by the “Chicks” who come out to use their talents to help break the cycle of abuse and provide these children with much needed attention and encouragement.

Please visit our calendar of events and join us next time. We would love to have you serve with us!! We are changing the world one workshop at a time!!!

Welcome, Shaquia! - ok-tulsa

New Co-Leader in Norton!! - va- norton

Welcome, Pascha! - sc-lancaster

Welcome, Melva C! - tx-boerne

Chicktime Dothan Makes the News!! - al-dothan

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!

Chicktime Dothan made the news and we can’t be more excited! The more people that hear about Chicktime… the better!

Click below to read the article pushlised by WTVY News 4!!

Ladies of Chicktime Helping the Next Generation Discover Their Potential


Tye Dye Fun!! - va- norton


June Update:

After some coffee and some idea chats tonight on Chicktime Norton Tuesday – we have an updated t-shirt inventory and plans for next year’s calendar! Please keep checking here for updates on upcoming Chicktime workshops!

Yoga & Jewelry Making!!! - tx-boerne


June Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime June this weekend!!!

We had so much fun decorating cookies & playing games with the girls of Meadowlands!!

Chicktime Ft. Myers Fun! - fl-fortmyers


June Update:

This month the teens learned about fitness and nutrition. Carolyn led the workshop and provided some delicious, nutritious snacks! Charlie educated us about making healthy food choices and the teens also enjoyed working out. Thank you so much Carolyn and Charlie for putting this awesome workshop together for us!!

Tennis Shoe Drive!!!! - tx-uvalde

Feelings & Emotions!! - al-montgomery

Pottery Fun~ part 2!! - mo-kansascity

May Update:

Pottery wheels were spinning at our May workshop!!!

Excitement filled the room as we all became ” potters”!!

Join us next month as we paint our masterpieces!!

Isaiah 64;8

“And yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand.”

June Chicktime Fun! - tx-sacentral

Gardening Fun!! - sc-lancaster

May News - ca-sandiego


June 2017 Invite - Volunteers_3


Welcome to the beginning of Summer! This is a great time of year for San Diego. People who live in other parts of the country (or world) save their money all year to vacation here. We are so spoiled because we get to live here year round! I feel so blessed when I think of that. Summertime in San Diego also means beach and swimsuit season. With that, people are thinking of ways to shed that “winter weight” (remember that yummy comfort food from rainy days). You may be in a similar place, wanting to lose weight or just increase your energy level. Whatever the case, be intentional about doing it healthfully; learn your body, exercise and reduce your stress level.

A few years ago I tried a cleanse for the first time where I eliminated dairy, wheat, processed sugars and caffeine for one full week. It was really hard- the first three days I was irritable and hungry with cravings almost all day. After the third day everything seemed to shift; my natural energy level increased, I didn’t feel bloated and the cravings were going away. By the end of the week I felt so much better, and I didn’t even want to eat some of the unhealthy foods I used to enjoy daily, like my Starbucks habit. I reintroduced each of the eliminated food groups one per day. The day I re-introduced dairy I felt something like a rock in my stomach; I never realized it had always been there, but when it came back I realized it is because of that food! I have never been tested for lactose intolerance but I am now a firm believer that most people have at least a mild intolerance to dairy. I did some research with this new knowledge and learned our bodies aren’t designed to have milk and cheese and yogurt as adults, but our society loves dairy so it is in almost everything. I’m not perfect and I definitely love pizza and ice cream every once in a while. BUT if I have a big day ahead I know not to start my day with a big bowl of cereal with milk and a yogurt. Learn your body!

Another key to losing weight is exercise, of course. I enjoy exercise to a slightly crazy level but that doesn’t mean I am exercising effectively. Last month at Chicktime one of the other volunteers reminded me of something critical; you can’t just run at a constant pace for a long time, it makes you hungry and tired but doesn’t necessarily burn calories. Instead, you have to really push yourself by increasing your heart rate and trying to get better or faster. It was a great reminder for me because I often give myself credit just for “showing up” to the gym and going through the motions. That may be good if you are just getting into the gym to start healthy habits, but if you have goals you need to push it! If you are lifting weights try heavier, if you enjoy classes try new ones, or if you are in a rut try a new kind of exercise! There are so many options where you can work different kinds of muscle groups. The whole point of exercise is to try your best and work your muscles effectively.

The last way I’ll mention to get ready for summer is to reduce your stress level. You may need to sleep more. Do you wake up exhausted? Make it a priority to give yourself the rest you need! Do you get stressed out in traffic or at work? How can you change your attitude or eliminate some of that stress? Try podcasts or happy music or finding an alternative route home from work. You can also plan to have “me” time on the weekends to regroup and mentally prepare for whatever is next. Focus your energy on the right things and you’ll be ready to calmly work through whatever comes your way. Reducing your stress level can also increase your energy level, reduce your weight and improve your overall health.

Once your energy level is back in check and your stress is low, summertime is sure to be a blast as it’s meant to be! Another way to enjoy your summer is to join us at Chicktime! In June we will be taking photographs of (or with) the girls at Casa, and decorating picture frames to accompany them. We will also have lunch, as usual. Please RSVP to Lisa at lisa_mcspadden@premierinc.com by 6/3 if you are going to join. It should be a great event!



Coffee Connection!! - TN- Carthage

You’re invited to join us this month for a Chicktime Coffee Connection!! Come learn more about Chicktime Carthage and how you can get involved =}

Workshop Date Change!! - mo-kansascity

Please note that Chicktime May 2017 workshop has been changed to May 27th! The location, time, and activity has stayed the same! We can’t wait to see you! We promise it’s going to be a blast!!

Washer Necklaces!!! - mi-grandrapids


May Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended May’s Coffee Connection with Chicktime Grand Rapids! Unfortunately, our camera decided to malfunction in the middle of taking pictures but we had a wonderful time!

We are so excited about the launch of our chapter and SO appreciative of the support that we have received thus far from our community!! We are busy planning our first workshop with our charity partner, Mel Trotter Ministries, and we would love to see YOU there!!

Fight for the Life You Want!!! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

May Update:

 Our process, pain, disappointment, experiences, circumstances, victories, and failures etc all equate to purpose!  There is a reason we are here, and there is a reason why our life has been impacted by those we love and have come to love. Nothing that we have experienced should be wasted. There is someone~ somewhere~who needs to hear our story about (HOW)! How did we continue to persevere through it all? How can we still have faith after all we have been through? (HOW)?! Then we can reply with gratefulness and humbleness because of God❤!

 Our hearts our full and we wouldn’t change one moment of our life because we understand we wouldn’t be who we are without our experiences. Thank you Spruce Dickerson for always pouring out your passion and love! Chicktime San Marcos thanks you for being our May Workshop leader!!

June Fun!! - fl-springhill


May Update:

This month, we took the kiddos on a field trip to Brooksville Lanes for some bowling fun! It was nice to get out and enjoy our community for the afternoon and the kids had a BLAST!!!

Pizza Party!! - sc-columbia

June Chicktime Fun!!!! - az-mesa

May Update:

Music night with Rhonda and Chicks with Picks was breathtaking!  Picture 24 kiddos twirling, dancing, singing…so much fun!!!  A few even sang at the microphone.  We had one little boy get up and ask if he could sing. He was so cute and had an AMAZING voice… He broke our hearts singing It’s the Hard-Knock Life from “Annie”.  Knew all the words.

This is why we serve! We believe all children deserve a life of dancing and singing!

Please join us! We could use your help!!

Summer Games!! - tx-sanantonio

May Update:

These beautiful Chicktime San Antonio volunteers were planting seeds in more ways than one! Not only did they plant the seed of love and nurturance with the teen girls at Boysville by being present with them, but they also helped them build their own fairy garden~ seeds and all!

The volunteers visited, listened and encouraged….

Love bloomed everywhere in that room!

Two special teen girls who have been coming to Chicktime since we started coming to Boysville will graduate at the end of this month and received a “college survival kit” from Chicktime San Antonio, too!

The craft was time consuming so the refreshments were a nice touch!

Thank you Seli Compton for being our awesome monthly workshop leader and for being one of the faithful volunteers for the 7 years we have been around!!

To God be the glory!!! For HE has done great things with our ministry!

Prayer Boxes!! - tx-corpuschristi


May Update:

The girls truly enjoyed today’s Chicktime project.

They each blinged out Sunglasses, crosses and made flower pens too!

A huge thank you to each of the volunteers and H-E-B for the delicious snacks.

Smores, Chips and drinks were a hit!

Feeling blessed with all of these beautiful souls. Enjoy their creative designs ♡.

BBQ and Car Show!!! - tx-bulverde

May Update:

What a wonderful culinary experience we all enjoyed during Chicktime May!

Megan Perez, Realtor at Phyllis Browning Company did a wonderful job selecting fun new foods for the kids to make and taste.

The cooking class was a hit as we learned about restaurant etiquette, how to cook Breakfast Sushi- with a rice cake bar, Avocado toast with eggs, and fancy French toast! The kids left full and happy and everyone had a smile.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers that make our chapter so special! Every month is such a treat getting to spend time with one another and serving the awesome kids at SJRC Texas. About 15 kids on campus didn’t want our volunteers to leave after our designated time was over so they played a game of kickball and fellowshipped together! 🤗

Skinz N’ Skullz!!!!! - al-dothan

May Update:

Thank you to everyone who came out to Chicktime May today!! Ms. Caitlin Gowan Jones and Ms. Michaela Jones led this month with their annual Water Day and Things and as always…. the Workshop was AWESOME!!

 We started the day off making bird feeders with toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and bird seed.

 Next, we made homemade ice cream and things got LOUD while we were mixing it up! We also made water sponge bombs and of course went to war!!  Not sure who won~ but we certainly were ALL wet!! We finished the afternoon with some water slide fun!! We were all EXHAUSTED afterwards,  but it was well worth it!!! #ChicktimeDothan #WaterDay #iLoveChicktime #LoveServeGive #dolifeBIG

Science Day!! - tx-houston


May Update:

This month, we had a crafts day with the girls! We told the girls it was going to be a relaxed creative time and they really enjoyed it!

The first group said it was nice and they liked the peace and quiet.
Group 2 was funny and when we told them it was crafts day, they ran to get paper like a bunch of cattle. In group 3, we saw a girl make origami and she made a crane!!
They made letters and we brought stickers for them so they had a blast.
Group 4 was the silliest and there were tons of girls on that team, We made china dolls with them <3