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Workshop Date Change!! - mo-kansascity

Please note that Chicktime May 2017 workshop has been changed to May 27th! The location, time, and activity has stayed the same! We can’t wait to see you! We promise it’s going to be a blast!!

Washer Necklaces!!! - mi-grandrapids


May Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended May’s Coffee Connection with Chicktime Grand Rapids! Unfortunately, our camera decided to malfunction in the middle of taking pictures but we had a wonderful time!

We are so excited about the launch of our chapter and SO appreciative of the support that we have received thus far from our community!! We are busy planning our first workshop with our charity partner, Mel Trotter Ministries, and we would love to see YOU there!!

Fight for the Life You Want!!! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

May Update:

 Our process, pain, disappointment, experiences, circumstances, victories, and failures etc all equate to purpose!  There is a reason we are here, and there is a reason why our life has been impacted by those we love and have come to love. Nothing that we have experienced should be wasted. There is someone~ somewhere~who needs to hear our story about (HOW)! How did we continue to persevere through it all? How can we still have faith after all we have been through? (HOW)?! Then we can reply with gratefulness and humbleness because of God❤!

 Our hearts our full and we wouldn’t change one moment of our life because we understand we wouldn’t be who we are without our experiences. Thank you Spruce Dickerson for always pouring out your passion and love! Chicktime San Marcos thanks you for being our May Workshop leader!!

June Fun!! - fl-springhill


May Update:

This month, we took the kiddos on a field trip to Brooksville Lanes for some bowling fun! It was nice to get out and enjoy our community for the afternoon and the kids had a BLAST!!!

Pizza Party!! - sc-columbia

June Chicktime Fun!!!! - az-mesa

Summer Games!! - tx-sanantonio

May Update:

These beautiful Chicktime San Antonio volunteers were planting seeds in more ways than one! Not only did they plant the seed of love and nurturance with the teen girls at Boysville by being present with them, but they also helped them build their own fairy garden~ seeds and all!

The volunteers visited, listened and encouraged….

Love bloomed everywhere in that room!

Two special teen girls who have been coming to Chicktime since we started coming to Boysville will graduate at the end of this month and received a “college survival kit” from Chicktime San Antonio, too!

The craft was time consuming so the refreshments were a nice touch!

Thank you Seli Compton for being our awesome monthly workshop leader and for being one of the faithful volunteers for the 7 years we have been around!!

To God be the glory!!! For HE has done great things with our ministry!

Prayer Boxes!! - tx-corpuschristi


May Update:

The girls truly enjoyed today’s Chicktime project.

They each blinged out Sunglasses, crosses and made flower pens too!

A huge thank you to each of the volunteers and H-E-B for the delicious snacks.

Smores, Chips and drinks were a hit!

Feeling blessed with all of these beautiful souls. Enjoy their creative designs ♡.

BBQ and Car Show!!! - tx-bulverde

May Update:

What a wonderful culinary experience we all enjoyed during Chicktime May!

Megan Perez, Realtor at Phyllis Browning Company did a wonderful job selecting fun new foods for the kids to make and taste.

The cooking class was a hit as we learned about restaurant etiquette, how to cook Breakfast Sushi- with a rice cake bar, Avocado toast with eggs, and fancy French toast! The kids left full and happy and everyone had a smile.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers that make our chapter so special! Every month is such a treat getting to spend time with one another and serving the awesome kids at SJRC Texas. About 15 kids on campus didn’t want our volunteers to leave after our designated time was over so they played a game of kickball and fellowshipped together! 🤗

Skinz N’ Skullz!!!!! - al-dothan

May Update:

Thank you to everyone who came out to Chicktime May today!! Ms. Caitlin Gowan Jones and Ms. Michaela Jones led this month with their annual Water Day and Things and as always…. the Workshop was AWESOME!!

 We started the day off making bird feeders with toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and bird seed.

 Next, we made homemade ice cream and things got LOUD while we were mixing it up! We also made water sponge bombs and of course went to war!!  Not sure who won~ but we certainly were ALL wet!! We finished the afternoon with some water slide fun!! We were all EXHAUSTED afterwards,  but it was well worth it!!! #ChicktimeDothan #WaterDay #iLoveChicktime #LoveServeGive #dolifeBIG

Science Day!! - tx-houston


May Update:

This month, we had a crafts day with the girls! We told the girls it was going to be a relaxed creative time and they really enjoyed it!

The first group said it was nice and they liked the peace and quiet.
Group 2 was funny and when we told them it was crafts day, they ran to get paper like a bunch of cattle. In group 3, we saw a girl make origami and she made a crane!!
They made letters and we brought stickers for them so they had a blast.
Group 4 was the silliest and there were tons of girls on that team, We made china dolls with them <3


Changing Directions!!! - tx-sanantoniohope

May Update:

We had another amazing time with the girls at Changing Directions at our  May 2017 Chicktime Hope! Our volunteers were able to make connections with the girls and we saw several lives permanently impacted.

Many of the girls heard for the first time that they were beautiful, valuable, precious, loved, accepted, talented, etc. As usual there were some tears flowing by the end of the first section and girls who came in angry and sullen were smiling and receptive by the end of the first hour.

We are extremely grateful to our volunteers for investing in these young women.

It is our hope that every girl in this program can see their self as God sees them!

“She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.

Proverbs 3:15

Rockford News - il-rockford

June News - tx-canyonlake

Chicktime-june 2017


May Update

Merrilee Berger brought The Prom to New Life this month.  It was so beautiful and so special.  She transformed the gym into an elegant setting for enjoying a delicious lunch from Gennaro’s Trattoria and fabulous desserts provided by all the volunteers.  Over a hundred dresses were donated so the girls could select one that suited her taste and complimented her figure.  Volunteers helped the girls with hair, make-up and nails.  The girls were pampered and adorned with beautiful dresses and flowers.  Our New Life girls are so beautiful to us on any given day, it was a delight to give them this experience to dress up and feel extra special.  After getting all fancied up, the girls spent some time making paper wrist corsages and picture frames to be used for their “Prom” picture.  The luncheon of Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, salad and Gennaro’s famous garlic knots  was delicious.  All the beautiful desserts were nicely displayed by long time volunteers Katy Barger and Tara Johnson who also helped with serving.  It was a momentous occasion with over 40 volunteers showing up to help.  Thank you to all the volunteers.  During our meeting before we got started with all the activities, we had a special announcement.  Our Junior Leader, Kerrilee Berger is heading off to the Airforce Acadamy.  We were able to celebrate Kerrilee with a breakfast and special gift.  We will miss her and wish her all the best as she starts this new chapter in her life.  Thank you Merrilee for this wonderful experience and all the hard work you did to make it a reality.


Let’s Zumba!!! - il-springfield

May Update:

We had a great time tonight getting pampered with homemade sugar scrubs and learned all kinds of DIY spa treatments using common household products!

Dinner was delish. A great time was had by all!

Come have fun with us next month! You will be hooked!

Make Over Day!! - sc-charleston

May Update:

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Chicktime May!!

Our new friends, these sweet girls came to volunteer with their mama. They brightened our day!!

We hope to see YOU next month at Chicktime June!!

Serving Our Community!! - sc-charleston

As a Mother’s Day gift Jodi Gregory’s son Joe volunteered to play his violin and wanted to give all tips-donations that are collected to a charity of her choosing. She chose Chicktime Charleston. The money will help us fund the amazing events we plan for the girls at the Jenkins Institute in North Charleston. What an amazing kid ❤️

He raised almost $100!!! Thank you Joe and thank you Jodi!!!

Chicktime June!! - fl-fortmyers


May Update:

Thank you so much to Amelia for setting up our scuba lessons!

And thank you Rachel, our amazing instructor! We greatly appreciate your time and your expertise.

The teens had a fantastic time and many of them overcame their fear of the water.

Let’s Play Some Bingo!! - tx-humble

May Update:

Matthew 18:20

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Can you  see Jesus standing there in this picture? We can!!!!

Our sweet workshop was all about making mother’s day crafts, but the love and laughs in the room was certainly why we were there and why we show up month after month.

If you have love and laughter to share….join us for our June workshop. We would love to have you.

Breakfast & A Craft!! - tx-galveston


May Update:

Thank you for allowing us to be your hands and feet!!!!






Chicktime June!! - oh-cincinnati

May Update:

We have many single mothers at our shelter who deserve a special treat for Mother’s Day. We celebrated our moms with gifts and healthy snacks at our event! We potted flowers and decorated picture frames while enjoying a sunny day outdoors. We love our moms!

Thanks so much Sonja for leading the event and bringing Katie to help!! You did a great job!!!

Chicktime June!! - oh-dayton

May Update:

We had a fun event this month, we did origami with the young adults. It took us all awhile to figure out how to do it but they turned out ADORABLE!!

June Chicktime~ Tye Dye Fun! - mi-detroit

May Update:

Praise Jesus for the ladies who made  Chicktime Detroit Carnival event at Vista Maria happen!!

Joy filled the girls hearts (and ours)!!

No lie!! Joy was everywhere!! In our selfies….

At these Carnival Stations…..

And at these stations….

JOY was all throughout the Carnival Workshop!

It’s a real honor for our chapter to serve God in this way and we look forward to many more days of sharing our hearts together !!

We would love to see you join us for Chicktime June!!

Respite Care!!! - tx-missionrgv

Flip Flop Decorating!! - in-indianapolis


May Update:

This month, we had a special Mother’s Day surprise for the women and children of Wheeler Mission’s Center. Every woman deserves to have a beautiful manicure and we had a blast getting creative with everyone! One of our girls was a STAR manicurists and it was so fun to watch her shine!

A special thank you to our volunteers that continue to provide some of the most delicious snacks and food for our Chicktime workshops! This month, they topped themselves when they showed up with chicken salad, spinach salad, and some of the most amazing deserts we have ever tasted!

Montgomery Fun!! - al-montgomery

Lynette and our Chicktime Dothan sister, Ashley, got to get together for a dinner date this weekend =}

We are having so much fun preparing for the launch of Chicktime Montgomery!!

Birmingham Fun!! - al-birmingham

Thank you to all of our volunteers that attended Chicktime May at Grace House today!!

We had so much fun making floral headbands with girls. Our workshop was inspired by our Chicktime CC chapter who recently did this activity as well so a huge THANK YOU goes out to Ms. Amanda and her Corpus Christi chicks!!

Who needs Snapchat with headbands this pretty!?!

#iLoveChicktime #ChicktimeBirmingham

Chicktime June!!! - tx-fortworth

Cookie Decorating!! - tx-boerne

May Update:

Chicktime May was amazing thanks to our wonderful volunteers!

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the fabulous art teacher 👨‍🏫 at Kendall Elementary, Emely Berset, for leading this month’s workshop!

Vision Board Making!! - mo-stlouis

We <3 Call For Help, Inc!! - mo-stlouis

Because of awesome amazing people who have donated items to our cause, we dropped off some much needed things to a young lady & her 1 year old son last night. She moved from the shelter into her own place, has a full time job & is doing well! Woohoo!

Kathy Stack Mondragon~ your generous donation will be making ladies super happy at our event this evening!! Stephanie Victor~ your table & dresser have a wonderful new home & the new owners could not be happier! Cassondra Christine~ Your basket of goodies/seat & toy box donation was awesome & so appreciated! Ashton Clay~ thanks for supervising the movers lol. Laurie Shannon supplied the son who donated a futon, 2 chairs & furniture moving muscle.

Now that we have created a little storage room, we can accept more stuff!! Message Chicktime St. Louis if you have things you’d like to donate to a great cause. Thank you everyone!!! 😘

Welcome, Gwen and Chicktime Papillion!! - ne-papillion

Under The Sea Fun!! - dc- washington

To RSVP for this workshop, please click here!

May Update:

Big thanks to Marina Griffin for leading our May event! The kids at My Sister’s Place had a great time making vision boards of their goals and eating strawberry shortcake 😊

Spring Craft Fun!! - tx-sanantonio

Chicktime San Antonio Happenings:

What a humbling evening being nominated by our charity partner, Boysville, Inc at the United Way 28th Annual Volunteer of the Year Awards !

The theme was ~ Night of a Thousand Stars!!!

Thank you Boysville, Inc for your nomination and especially Stephanie Almaguer, for being such an awesome volunteer coordinator for  Boysville and supporting our monthly workshops!

It’s such an honor to serve the beautiful teen girls at Boysville and honored you feel our chapter is worthy of such an award.

Thank you to all our volunteers! Without you incredible ladies our chapter would not exist!

Journaling!! - va- norton

Click the invite above to RSVP =}

May Update:

A HUGE thank you to Heather for leading tonight’s workshop on such short notice. Please look her, her crafts, and her cakes up online. This woman has talent AND a big heart.

Thank you to Hannah for her day care skills with the kiddos and Katie for participating, volunteering to clean up afterward, and for donating to our cause!

Chicktime Norton’s third workshop was a great success! Hope House staff and residents with Chicktime volunteers made quick, easy, and creative flower pots and flower designs!


May Fun!! - tx-sacentral

Music Day!! - az-mesa

April Update:

What a fun time we had at Chicktime April!! These awesome volunteers made Science and Engineering a blast! We are dedicated to be the voice of the children placed at the Child Crisis Center (CCC). It is our joy to be a constant ministry that shows up month after month to love on these precious children! We would love for you to join us for our next workshop on May 20th! Chicks with Picks will be our monthly workshop leader and sharing their love of Music with us all ! To God Be The Glory~

Support Chicktime Springfield!! - il-springfield

Welcome, Abbie!! - al-montgomery

Building Social Skills! - al-montgomery

Pillows and Twin Sheets Drive!!! - tx-uvalde



Spring Crafts!! - tx-corpuschristi

April Update:

Today’s Chicktine Project at BokenKamp Children’s Home was a blast!

The girls really enjoyed blinging out their brushes and combs. We were truly blessed to have such wonderful volunteers come out to support the girls have a good time.

We appreciate you opening your hearts and showing them that they are truly special.

Thank you H-E-B for supplying the drinks and snacks! Take a look at their beautiful work!

Live, Love, Give!! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

April Update:

Chicktime San Marcos is determined to make an impact. One event at a time!

Identifying healthy relationships, & understanding your worth is vital for the next generation.


Thank you so much Diane De Leon Perez & Ashley Celeste Gutierrez for sharing your story and providing keys and info about the red flags that will assist our youth & young adults in identifying abusive relationships. Chicktime San Marcos is so humbled to serve with you both 💕

April News - ca-sandiego

May 2017 Invite - Volunteers_2

In order to be the best version of yourself, you need to be purposeful of who you choose to surround yourself with. Be conscientious of your spouse, friends and co-workers. You see them all the time and they have a huge impact on you and how you see the world.

Your spouse will be the most impactful single person in your life. Ruben Navarrette had a great quote in a commencement speech in 2013 (when I graduated college). He said

“For those of you who choose, or are able, to get married — and hopefully, one day, all of you will be — who you decide to marry will go a long way toward determining your success. It’s more important than degrees from fancy schools. People can either lift you up, or bring you down. Choose well.”

This is not to say your spouse needs to be the person to make you happy- you are the only person that can truly make you happy. You have to be happy on your own. But your spouse should make you happiER, or at least comfortable in your happiness. If they drag you down, don’t think it will go away if you try to bring them up. You don’t want that constant pushing up while they are pulling down. The pushing and pulling is a balance and you take turns. You should get at least a little bit interested in the activities your spouse likes. You “lift them up” in your activities, and they will “lift you up” in theirs. For example, I really value helping others and volunteering with kids, and my partner can only handle so much. But when he joins me, he knows he made an impact during his time even though it took a lot of effort. He also feels happy knowing that he made me happy. Conversely, my partner really likes gardening and eating healthy, natural fruits and vegetables. Although I see it as work and would rather simply buy organic and be done with it, I know he values the time spent weeding and planting in his garden, so I make it a priority in my life as well.

Your friends will shape your world as you go through puberty and help you become the person you are. As an adult, your friends continue to impact you and help you think of the world through different lenses. Find friends that help you see things differently, but still in a positive way. Your differences will help you try new activities, or foods, you may not otherwise think twice about. My girlfriend got married in Baltimore last year. She is a really close friend, so I couldn’t imagine not being a part of her special day. I really had no interest in visiting Baltimore, but I decided to save the money and make the trip for her. I was (jokingly) told that I wouldn’t be allowed back on the plane home if I didn’t try crab cakes while in the city. They were incredible! My mouth starts watering just thinking about the fresh crab and old bay seasoning. Now when I go to restaurants I actually order crab cakes! Now I understand and appreciate when people say east coast crab cakes are better. I would have no idea to try these things without the influence of my friends!

Your co-workers are definitely another area where you need to know the best version of yourself. Sometimes co-workers challenge you and your ways of thinking. This isn’t always a bad thing. You need to frame your mindset to understand you are both trying to do what you think is best for the company. One co-worker of mine comes off a little rough around the edges. He always questions my decisions and makes me explain my rationale. He may have another opinion, he may play devils’ advocate, but if I want someone to agree with me he is definitely not the person I turn to. However, his argumentative stance helps me really think through my ideas, which helps build a stronger case. He also shows me different perspectives so I can take that into account. If I have to work an idea and get his approval, I am very thoughtful and thorough with my work. Now even when I am not working with him, I know how to use a more thoughtful and thorough approach when needed.

There are also co-workers that turn into friends. Sometimes it’s refreshing to vent and complain and get something off your chest. That is a healthy way of dealing with stress from a work environment- but don’t complain too much in a negative way. Understand that work is stressful, and stress can be a motivator to get things done. I completely understand, sometimes it’s nice to just get that complaining out and then you just feel refreshed and ready to tackle another day! Just don’t dwell on the negative.

Even as an adult you should consider the people you surround yourself with if you want to be the best version of yourself. Your spouse, friends, and co-workers should all be somewhat scrutinized to make sure you keep a positive mindset. There is a saying I heard a long time ago- “if you stand around garbage long enough, you’re bound to step in it.” I’m sure you can think of someone who has negative people around that get dragged down and become negative like them. Don’t be that person. Surround yourself with people that stretch you and make you want to be just a little bit better. You have long life ahead of you, and if you are a little better every day, think of the person you will be and the impact you have made on others after all of those little things. At some point, all the little things add up and you’ll find they are actually the big things.

One “little” way to start is to surround yourself with positive people and join Chicktime this month! We will be painting small totes to hold beach items for the summer. We’ll have a BBQ lunch the afternoon of 5/6. I hope to see you there!


Road Trippin’ - al-dothan

Ashley and Sally were back at in Birmingham this month and of course, we want to share the fun we had with our Dothan friends and family!

We hosted an Easter egg hunt and picnic in the park for the girls this month. We hid close to 200 Easter eggs and the girls found them ALL!!!

We enjoyed yummy cupcakes, cookies, and homemade chicken salad sandwiches.

We even had time to do a little crafting in the park together!


PJ’s and Punch!! - il-springfield


April Update:

This month, we had a moving testimony of God’s redemption from Julie with Bless It Beauty and made some beautiful hand mirrors while the kids enjoyed time on the playground!!

Mother’s Day Fun!! - tx-galveston


April Update:

Happy Easter!!

The kids had an amazing time.!! Thank you Rosie Rodriguez to you and your wonderful friends who led the event at the Crisis center this month!


Tea Party!! - sc-columbia

April Update:

This month, we hosted a Fitness Day for the girls of Epworth’s Children’s Home and we worked up a sweat!!

We had so much fun getting fit together =}

Respite Care!! - tx-missionrgv

April Update:


Chicktime Mission RGV had a busy April workshop making toiletry kits for refugees. These kits have toothpaste, a toothbrush, a razor, comb, and a bar of soap!

We are thankful for volunteers that show up and work so hard!!

The refugees do not have any hygiene products so you can imagine how grateful they are to get one of these kits!

We would love to see you come out and help us at our May workshop~

Come be a blessing to those in need and we promise you will be blessed too!!



Chicktime May Fun!! - oh-dayton


April Update:

We had a great event tonight. It was a really fun event and we had them enjoying the activity and laughing for a couple hours at least! We made pin wheels and paper flowers tonight. They were a little hesitant at first to admit it was cool or fun, but they got super creative with their ideas and started making boxes and origami. Successful event overall :)

Mother’s Day Pampering!!! - oh-cincinnati

April Update:

Competition was tough at Chicktime’s Easter Egg Toss to win baskets full of goodies. We also learned that we have super powers to save others just like super heroes! We used our power of sending love by making a yard sign giving thanks to our shelter. Then, we used our power of laughter by acting out actions in a card game that made us giggle. Our super powers really work!! Thanks Aprina being our teacher. Thanks also to Michelle & Sonja for volunteering.

Cooking Class! - tx-bulverde

April Update:

What a HAPPY Easter Fiesta we all had this month at SJRC Texas!! Almost 40 volunteers and they simply took our breath away with all of their love and enthusiasm for our kids! We made paper flowers and maracas…..

We decorated sugar cookies like Easter eggs and sugar skulls….

Played bingo and made sock bunnies…..

And we ended the day with the funniest cascarón egg hunt of all time!!!!

If you want to be completely filled and overwhelmed with joy while making a difference in kids lives, come out and join us for another month of fun at Chicktime- Bulverde!


Chicktime May Fun!! - fl-springhill

April Update:

This month, we took the children on a Chicktime Filed Trip to the Botanical Gardens. They had a blast and LOVED it! It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the beautiful gardens!



Painting Fun!! - sc-charleston


April Update:

We had so much fun and learned SO much from Jodi, our April host. The girls at JI loves the new Ninja blender and all the produce we brought to go with it.

They loved making their essential oil lotions. Thank you to all who were able to come and be apart of tonight

Flower Picking & Pressing!! - va- norton


April Update:

Lina of Made by Lina Crafts (look her up on Instagram and Facebook) showed us how to make our own clay pot wind chimes. Savannah played Simon Says with some lit’luns while their moms got to enjoy some fellowship with some staff members of Hope House and co-leader Alicia, and everyone enjoyed some candy! It was a great night for a Chicktime Norton workshop.

Pottery Fun!! - mo-kansascity

April Update:

We had such a great time playing a minute to win it jelly bean game with the girls and making colorful wreaths!

A Little Extra Chicktime =} - mo-kansascity

This month, the KC Chicks met up for a little extra Chicktime at Paper Birch Landing where we painting the night way!

Heather from Paper Birch is graciously reaching out to other local artists in the community to help purchase bath robes & items needed for the girls in Ozanam!

 Please let us know if you would like to help =}

Water Day!! - al-dothan

April Update:

Another successful Chicktime in the books! This month was a little crazy but that’s okay… we like it that way!

We started the day off with science projects. Ms. Ranah Blair taught us how to make lava lamps and they turned out SO cool. We also did the coke and mentos experiment with the Diet Coke shooting further than any other soda did… a sticky mess but we had so much fun.

Next, we did a little rock art with Ms. Rachel Kurihara teaching us how to paint basic mandalas.

Our kiddos are so creative! In our final hour, we took a little field trip down to Mt.Gilead Baptist Church where they were hosting a Spring Water Fun Day for kids in the community.

We had so much fun today =}


Cooking Class!! - sc-lancaster

April Update:

This month, we had 18 girls attend Chicktime from the children’s home! We made journals using notebooks, scrapbook paper, jewels , glitter, etc.

We had SO much fun and can’t wait for next month’s workshop! We hope that see YOU there!

Coffee Connection!! - mi-grandrapids

Do you have a heart to serve others? Have a passion, skill, or talent that you would like to share with the hurting women and children of our community? Chicktime Grand Rapids is the place for you! Join us for a “coffee connection” on May 20th to learn more about Chicktime.. who we are and what we do. We would love to have YOU!

Making a difference! - tx-sanantoniohope

April Update:

Do you ever wonder why we keep coming back? This statement about the picture posted  pretty much sums it up~

“I’m going to keep this forever and always remember what I learned,” said a sweet girl about the bracelet she made at Changing Directions during our April 2017 workshop.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who helped make this another special class.

We hope to see you at our next workshop !!! Come make a difference with us!

May News - tx-canyonlake



April Update

April was filled with Easter goodness.  Phyllis led the adorable snack station with “bunny butts” made with a donut hole and carrots in the ground made from cupcakes and candies.  What delicious treats.  Sandra led the egg craft, and cross and bunny clay crafts.  The decoupage eggs made with fabric were beautiful and the girls always love to make crafts with clay.  In the Chapel Patricia and Carol led us in making really cute bunnies out of tube socks, what a clever idea.  We also colored butterfly decorations.  It was a special day with great volunteers from Texas State and the military sorority Kappa Eplison Psi.  We are really looking forward to next month’s Prom.  We hope you will join us!

Supporting our Charity Partner!! - az-mesa

Chicktime Mesa had a great time supporting the Child Crisis Center last weekend at their annual Wine, Women, & Horses Fundraiser!! It was an honor to be there and to spend some time with the Child Crisis Center’s CEO (in black hat)!


Easter Fun!!! - tx-fortworth

April Update:

Chicktime April was simply…..Incredible!!!! There was JOY  everywhere!!!

No Easter celebration would be complete with out games and an Easter Egg Hunt!!

FEMA Corp volunteers along with assistance from the Fort Worth Chicktime chapter organized and led all of the activities for this evenings’ event with SafeHaven. They are a remarkable group of young adults (18-24) who travel as a group to different project sites and serve to support FEMA in various capacities. We were truly blessed to have their group in the DFW area for the past few months to assist with the needs of SafeHaven. The children had a great deal of fun with the volunteers. Thank you FEMA Corp and our Chicktime members for helping to make these events successful.

Chicktime Ft. Worth will be right back at it on June 13th, 2017. Please join us!!

Chicktime May- Open House!!! - mi-detroit

 April Update:

Chicktime Detroit  was extremely blessed at their April Workshop! They had a beautiful Easter celebration  with the girls and ladies at Vista Maria 💕!  The girls prayed and did a wonderful job reading the story of Jesus’ resurrection…Wow! Not to mention the b-e-a-u-t-i-ful bracelets they made!

Please join us for May Chicktime! We are having an Open House Carnival! It’s going to be so much fun!!

Welcome, Chicktime Montgomery!! - al-montgomery

Blessing Rings! - TN- Carthage


Thank you everyone who came out to help us with our Spring Cleaning workshop this month! It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by such wonderful women who care so much about our community and the Pregnancy Help Center!

Spring Fun!! - tx-humble

April Update:

Thank you to everyone who came out to volunteer at our April Workshop! Who knew we could have so much fun with Science?

PicMonkey Collage3

Ooey, gooey slime!

Homemade ice-cream…..

And an Easter Egg hunt to celebrate the Spring Season!

What a blessing it would be to see you come out to our workshop in May!



Mother’s Day Fun!! - mo-stlouis

April Update:

A big huge 😘THANK YOU😘 to Teresa Werner Reiniger for volunteering to share her talents with us at Chicktime this month! It was our DIY project night & she gave us guidance & inspiration from her amazing projects. We had so much fun!

We also had the pleasure to meet Tabitha Coburn as she volunteered with us. The kids loved her fabulous bubble blowing skills! Thanks Tabitha! You did a great job!

Thanks to Jamie (& Grin & dinosaurs), Ashton, Cassondra, Tina & Tish for being awesome Chicks (& chicklet) and making the evening so fun! And thanks Melissa for volunteering to stay late with us after working there all day. ❤️

Floral Headband Making - al-birmingham


April Update:

Thank you to everyone who came out to help with Chicktime April at Grace House!!!

We hosted an Easter egg hunt and picnic in the park for the girls this month. We hid close to 200 Easter eggs and the girls found them ALL!!!

We enjoyed yummy cupcakes, cookies, and homemade chicken salad sandwiches.

We even had time to do a little crafting in the park together!

Chicktime May!! - il-rockford

April Update:

This month’s devotional was based on Angela Hunt’s book for children, “A Tale of Three Trees.” We all have dreams, some get shattered but God has better dreams for us & we just need to trust him because we know he loves us.

Then we played an ice breaker game called “Your Autograph Please!” It was fun to find out what people have done in their life. Last we made bunnies out of washcloths.

Many of the ladies wanted to make them for their children & grandchildren. Thank you to everyone who came out for Chicktime April! We hope to see YOU next month =}

Science Day!! - tx-houston

April Update:

We had such a great time playing Witz & Wagers with our volunteers and the Krause youth! It was definitely a close competition of making very educated guesses. Like guessing how fast a domestic cat can run or guessing how many grooves a quarter has!

We LOVE our volunteers. Without them, game day would have not be the huge success that it was. Special shout out to our volunteers from Kempner High School’s ROTC program for their huge help and positive energy.

P.S. Go Purple Team!!!!

Mother’s Day Pampering - in-indianapolis


April Update:

This month, using plain wooden crosses, the the women were able to decorate and make a necklace and a pin to wear. 

They did an amazing job and they turned out wonderfully!

Chicktime May!! - dc- washington


April Update:

Our new co-leader Lis did a great job leading yesterday’s workshop at My Sister’s Place! The kids (and volunteers ) played musical chairs and hunted for Easter eggs filled with candy and toys. We all had a blast!

Scuba Lessons!! - fl-fortmyers


April Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime April! We took the children on a nature hike this month and had a wonderful day! We got to check out the birds, fish, turtles, and even alligators! We are loving our outdoor time with the kids =}

Art Day!! - tx-boerne


April Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended the re-launch of Chicktime Boerne @ Meadowlands!! This month, we hosted a Spa Day for the girls and we had a blast! They all went to their cabins full of goodies… makeup bag, lipsticks, eye shadow, nail polish and a beautiful smile!

We are so happy to be back and serving these girls =}

April News - tx-canyonlake



March Update

Our beloved Anna hosted March Chicktime at the New Life Children’s Center.  The theme was Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!  It was a fun day filled with crafts, games and goodies!  Anna led Dr. Seuss bingo in the chapel.  She had spent the week before building all the bingo cards.  It was funny when we played “blackout”, and everyone screamed “BINGO!”  at the same time!  So much fun!  Sandra led card making and letters to the military in the gym.  The girls love to give to others and writing the letters to those serving our country left a great impression on each one who wrote a letter.  Karen led cookie decorating in the LIfe Skills building.   Sticking with the Dr. Seuss theme we decorated Hat shapes from The Cat in the Hat and airplane shapes with yummy frosting and sprinkles.  Delicious!  Anna will be leaving us now moving away from the area to face new adventures.  We celebrated her last Canyon Lake Chicktime with flowers and a gift of the Oh, The Places You’ll Go! book signed by all of us.  We will miss you Anna!


Undergarments Drive!! - tx-uvalde

Welcome To Chicktime, Alicia! - va- norton

Chicktime April VIP Info!! - va- norton

‍We’ve been postponed a bit this month. No worries! Just gives us more time to get some Easter basket treats together. 🌸🌱🐰

We would also like to take this time to announce that we still have openings are for workshop leaders in 2017! If you feel called to serve the hurting women and children of our community… Chicktime Norton is the outlet you’ve been looking for. Have a special talent, skill, or trade that you would like to share? Contact Savannah today! No idea is too big or too small for Hope House and Chicktime Norton =}

April News - tx-sanantonio

Due to the Easter holiday, we have decided to cancel Chicktime April’s Bingo workshop. We want to take the opportunity to wish you a Blessed and Happy Easter, and we hope to see You at Chicktime May!!

March Update: 

Thank you Kelly Hoog for being our Chicktime San Antonio March workshop leader. What a fun-packed morning! Wearing our PJ’s to Chicktime was such a fun idea to set the stage for a scrumptious French toast, sausage and fruit brunch. Yum!!!


After our tummies were full, we moved on to our activities. Decorating over-sized cookies was a breeze after Kelly shared her passion for pastry decorating. As if that wasn’t enough…Kelly and her daughter, Katherine, had a DIY activity for the girls. They decorated clothes pins with glitter designs and attached a magnet to the back so the girls can display pictures or school work in their lockers or on the refrigerator in their cottage. Circular magnets were also decorated for a little extra fun.


After all of the excitement of the morning, we closed in prayer. We are so thankful for volunteers like Kelly who come to share their passions on a monthly basis with the girls at Boysville. And, we are thankful for all of the other Chick volunteers who are willing to give of their Saturday mornings and spend time with the girls.


We hope you can join us on April 15th to play a few games of bingo.

Chicktime San Antonio is Nominated for Honor

We recently learned that Chicktime San Antonio has been nominated by Boysville for the United Way Volunteer of the Year Award in the Children/Families category. This year’s winners will be announced at the 28th Annual Volunteer of the Year Awards: Night of a Thousand Stars on May 2nd. We are honored and humbled to be nominated and know that all of YOU volunteers are the ones that have made this possible.

Donnette, Letty & Annette
“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone.”
– 1 Corinthians 12:4-6

SA Central Fun!! - tx-sacentral

Science & Engineering Fun!! - az-mesa

Spa Day!! - tx-boerne

March News - ca-sandiego


April 2017 Invite - Volunteers_2

A few months ago I decided to expand my volunteering activity at Casa and help as a “Fairy Godmother.” This is where a group of ladies host a baby shower for one of the pregnant teens at the home. They really put on quite a production- they have adorable decorations, gifts for the mama-to-be and delicious food based on what the mom likes. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew some of the girls from volunteering through Chicktime, but had never attended one of these events. I hadn’t volunteered at these types of events in the past for a few reasons. They are in the evening after work and that is quite inconvenient to my normal routine. Also, it is a different volunteer group, so I wouldn’t be with my Chicktime ladies who I’m comfortable with. I’m not a big fan of attending baby showers even for my close friends and family. Lastly, I don’t have a lot of money to spend to help with bringing decorations, gifts or food. But at some point, I rationalized I had to at least try it out- I’ve seen how the Casa girls really appreciate when we come in, and maybe I could learn something at these events that could help us with Chicktime events. Also, I was throwing a baby shower for my sister the following month so I thought I would get some ideas.

The baby shower was such a beautiful and touching experience, it taught me things about these girls, the women that volunteer, and myself, which I continue to appreciate and truly feel blessed in my heart.

The decorations were astounding. The ladies really have a knack for artistic and creative ways to throw a party. The food was delicious- similar to the Chicktime events, I try to tell myself to take it easy on the food but it is so yummy and has that heartfelt homemade aspect I just can’t resist. When I think of that day, I still feel in my heart the future mom’s gratitude for all we did. As with many of the girls in the home, they don’t have someone to throw them this special party. She was so appreciative with every detail of the party- the games, the food, each individual gift she received. A few of her family members attended the event- I believe it was her aunt and grandmother. Other members of her family did not appreciate or approve of her decisions. So we volunteers were her family and friends for that time in her life. She was moving forward with decisions she had made and needed just a little help, a few smiles, and a lot of love. I am proud to say I was part of filling those needs for her that day.

On my drive home I started to reflect on the blessings in my life and couldn’t help but get emotional. I called my sister and had to tell her how blessed we are to have a close relationship and that we come from such a loving, nurturing family. I had previously been stressed about throwing her shower, but on that drive home I realized the most important part of having a baby shower is starting to create that “village to raise a child,” complete with love, support, friends and family. The Fairy Godmothers helped provide that to one future mom, and Chicktime helps provide the sustaining nurturing to that new family. Together, we make the community better.

I’m not sure if the mom-to-be got more out of that event or me. It really touched me, and helped in my continual journey to be a better person. Volunteering benefits more than just those being helped. When you volunteer, the “feel-good” part of your brain is triggered. It raises your self-esteem. You make friends with like-minded people. You create a sense of purpose and community, which reduces loneliness and isolation. It gives you perspective on your own situation. And who knows, your act of kindness may leave an impression on someone else to follow your lead and also give back. Let’s try to start that chain reaction; it’s certainly one way to make our world a better place.

How can you get involved?

If baby showers are more your style, you can contact Micaelea at micaelea@gmail.com to get in touch with the Fairy Godmothers and learn about their upcoming events.

Or please join us at the next Chicktime event on 4/8! We will have members of Wounded Warriors join us with Next Steps service dogs to share their inspirational stories. We will help the girls, help the wounded warriors by giving treats to their dogs, and help ourselves just by volunteering. Please RSVP to Joann at joann.vanort@gmail.com by 4/1. I hope to see you there!

Changing Directions!! - tx-sanantoniohope

Healthy Living Night!! - sc-charleston

March Update:

Great first night at the Jenkins Institute for Chicktime Charleston Salon Night!!! Thank you to everyone who came out and offered your time and attention to these amazing girls!!!

Chicktime KC April Fun!! - mo-kansascity


March Update:


That describes this Friday evening spent with the girls at Ozanam! They as well as a few volunteers danced an hour away! Thanks Jessica Auld for coming and sharing your moves!!

Bling Brushes!! - tx-corpuschristi


March Update:

Today the girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home made Snapchat Floral Headbands and had a blast making them.

They felt like the Queens that they are in their beautiful headbands…who needs Snapchat when you can have your very own crown!

A big thanks to H-E-B for supplying the snacks and drinks. The girls at BokenKamp truly enjoy us Chicktime gals coming out every month.

Spring Cleaning!!! - TN- Carthage

March Update:

Thank you everyone who attended this year’s banquet to benefit the Pregnancy Help Center!

PHC a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on the generous donations from churches, businesses, and individuals like our Chicktime Carthage volunteers.

If you feel called to serve PHC and the women and children who are greatly impacted by the help the receive from the center, please contact Renee today!

Journal Making!! - sc-lancaster

Fitness Day!! - sc-columbia

Healthy Relationships!! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

March Update:

Tonight was a little reunion. I’m always amazed how God orchestrates all that we do for His name.

Thank you Evangelist Delisia James for sharing your gifts and lifting His name! Our lives are a direct demonstration on how God used Gary Job Corp to mold us into the women who glorifies His name. We love what we do

Craft Day!! - al-dothan

March Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime March today! We are so blessed by each and every one of you!! Ms. Anna came to share her time and talents in the kitchen with us as she taught us how to bake cupcakes.

We celebrated Easter a little early this year and we hid 176 Easter eggs around the campus and we are pretty sure the kids found them all… if not, it’s a good thing the Easter bunny left plastic eggs this year!

There were board games played and laughter in every room! We also got to hug the necks of two of our favorite people, Heidi Barnett Pickels and Mr. Mike and we are SO happy to be working with them again!!

Ms. Sally Ann Raetzke was in charge this month and we can’t thank her enough for making sure the children had Chicktime this month!!!

We hope you will all join us for Chicktime April =}

#ChicktimeDothan #iLoveChicktime #dolifeBIG #LoveServeGive

Spring Hill Fun!! - fl-springhill

Fiesta Day!!! - tx-bulverde

March Update:

Chicktime this month was absolutely amazing! The 5th Grade Rahe Elementary team lead an awesome month full of St. Patrick’s day luck.

The kids enjoyed writing what they were lucky to have and made stress play dough- scented with essential oils! They also ate green jello, flew kites, played bingo and enjoyed fellowship with all of our volunteers.

We had some new faces this week and hope to see them back next month! Thank you for everyone that came out to support our chapter!

Music Class!! - oh-cincinnati

March Update:

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a green theme! Green artwork, beads and fun games. Even the snacks were green with apples and grapes!

Our kids took turns playing Simon Says and winded down with reading time. So much fun!! Thank you Aisha for leading the event. Also many thanks to Kathy Henry, Kate Calhoun and the rest of our great volunteers.

SM Empowered Fun! - tx-sanmarcosempowered

Chicktime SM Empowered has been busy gearing up for our third annual “Connect” conference.

Last week, we visited our friends over at 98.5 The Beat to promote the event and we had a blast! Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this weekend’s “Connect” conference happen!



Road Trip Fun!! - al-dothan

Ashley and Sally recently took a little road trip to Birmingham to lead the March workshop at Grace House but we also wanted to show our Dothan family some of the amazing vision boards that the girls made.


For almost 25 years, Grace House has been providing stable, Christian homes for girls who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. The residential campus in Fairfield houses girls who have been removed from their homes and placed in state custody.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with the girls and the Bham chicks. After Chicktime, a few of us went to lunch together and enjoyed just a little more fellowship and getting to know each other.

It was powerful to sit at a lunch table together with women from another city that we had never met before.

We are so honored to have served alongside Chicktime Birmingham this month and we can’t wait to visit again!


#ChicktimeDothan #ChicktimeBirmingham #iLoveChicktime