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Peace! - oh-akron


February Update:


Pizza and games make for a wonderful February workshop. It’s such a honor to hang out with the kids at Safe Landing every month.

Bracelet Making Fun! - in-indianapolis

February Update:

Our workshop Leader, Michelle is the best. She provided lots and lots of supplies and instructions for the Women and Children to make their own Valentine’s Day Cards.


Getting Crafty! - ar-littlerock

February Update:

💆🏽‍♀️🧖🏽‍♀️ SELF-CARE IS IMPORTANT 🧖🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️

Today our co-chapter leader Julia was able to mask up and drop off our February gift for our friends at

Immerse Arkansas!

Thanks to the donations of our chapter members and leaders we were able to drop off facial masks, facial wipes, bath salts, shower gels and fizzers, and moisturizers to help the youth of Immerse have a little, “ME TIME”. We hope they enjoy practicing some self-care as they transition into💆🏽‍♀️ adulthood!
Stay tuned for info on our March initiatives!

Take 2! - ms-jackson

February Update:

Due to scheduling conflicts with Sunybrook, our Tye Dye workshop has been pushed back to the first Sunday in March.

It’s All About Green! - ma-springfield

February Update:

Dropped off bags filled with and an activity and snack…

All we need is LOVE!

It’s Easter Season! - az-mesa

February Update:

Could there be a better lesson for young children? Dream Big!!

Easter Blessings! - mi-detroit

February Update:

Chicktime Detroit is making sure the girls at Vista Maria have lots of fun on Valentine’s Day!
We wish we could play the games with them , but spreading love is what we do… Covid or no Covid!!

Painting Fun! - tx-austin

February Update:


Thankful and blessed that we all survived Snovid 2021. Now we can focus on our upcoming Chicktime workshop and spending some quality time with our beloved non-for-profit charity The Settlement Home.

With the drop off complete we are excited to get a little craft time in. Let’s see what magical creations we can come up with. I can’t wait to pop in and see everyone this Saturday! 🍿🍿🍿🍿

St. Patty’s Day Fun! - tx-nbdowntown

February Update:

Help when you can. Be there when you can. Encourage when you can. 💗 We miss our friends @ Connections so much! We hope these monthly drop offs are bringing them some joy!
If you’d like more information on how you can help, comment below or message us. ☺️

Feeling Good! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

February Update:

Our February project and goodies was delivered today! But the best part was that our Park Circle in N Charleston girls were anxious to get it…they had marked the day on their calendar. It’s wonderful that they are enjoying these projects during this time of Covid!!!!

Spring Has Sprung! - tx-canyonlake

February Update:

Our February workshop was such a blast!

No sew pillows with attitudes! Thanks Carolyn Boden for such a great workshop.

Manis and Bananis - dropoffworkshopresources

Manis and Bananis Workshop



Nail polish

Nail Polish Remover

Cotton Balls

Emery Boards


Cuticle Trimmer



Ice Cream

Ice Cream Toppings

Whipped Cream



The girls will be able to paint their own nails or have another girl at your charity partner pain them. Polish remover will need to be used if the girls already have a paint color on their nails. They may also want to file /shape their nails and trim the cuticles. You may want to check with your charity partner to make sure items like clippers  and cuticle trimmers are allowed.

After they remove their polish, shape and file their nails, and trim the cuticles, it is time to paint!



After the girls have completed their manicures, they can make their own banana splits!

They will grab a bowl, put a banana in the bottom (may need to be cut in half), add ice cream and their favorite toppings!
Voila! Manis and Bananis!

Below are printable instructions!

Manis and Bananis Workshop

Seasons Changing! - tx-uvalde

February Update:

Hey Chicktime Smalltown!
These are photos of our February drop off workshop! It’s a wonderful art project! More photos are coming of the girls working on this large art project!! Since we can’t be on campus ( yet) we have to be patient, but that’s so hard! We want to be there doing the art project with them. Let’s keep reminding ourselves… This too will pass and soon our workshops will be in person!!
Big shout out to Sharron Carnes ( pictured here) handing off to Houseparent Debra at Big Springs Ranch! We are also grateful for Sandra Hopper and Carol Kothmann for helping put this workshop together! You three women are nothing short of AMAZING !!

Ring In Spring! - tx-galveston

February Update:

We are grateful for our monthly workshop leaders who signed up to put together an activity for the kids at the Children’s Center. This is on top of the Chicktime Galveston Angels who have also stepped up to feed the Center multiple times a month. The pandemic and storm has really put the center in a fragile state and Chicktime Galveston has over and over and over and over said…..NOT ON OUR WATCH!
As always, we need YOU. We need your prayers, a cooked meal, or grocery shopping or restaurant gift cards….one of these or all of these. Tell your friends, your church, your neighbors and your family. This is an ongoing need and we are the Galveston Village.

Grab The Popcorn! - tx-missionrgv

February Update:

Our February workshop …
Full of love, grace and hope for the kids served by The Rio Grande Children’s Home!

Growing Crystal Rainbows! - dc- washington

February Update:

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love to show love to the amazing kids at MSP 💗💗💗 It was great to give a DIY valentines kit this month. Stay tuned for our March love-from-a-distance drop-off!

Being Still… - ca-monterey

Puzzle Time! - ny-syracuse

February Update:

Hey Chicktime Syracuse! We just can’t sit still and not love the women at Chadwick Residence! We’ve decided we are going to drop off our monthly workshops since we can’t be there in person and miss the opportunity NOW to let them know we care! This month we dropped off Valentine’s Day boxes and goodies!! We sure could use your help in the next coming months ! We have several ideas for drop off activities we just need YOU to say yes to putting it together!

Money Tips! - id-coeurdalene

February Update:

Car Maintenance! - ok-tulsa

February Update:

Chicktime Tulsa February workshop was canceled !! Lindsey House wanted to keep the residents and Chicktime volunteers off the roads and at home safe AND warm during the winter storm that came on the day of our planned workshop!! We will see you next month when old man winter says good bye!!

Movie Night! - tx-sacentral

February Update:

It was a SWEET Valentine’s Day at St. Pj’s thanks to our wonderful volunteers.

Self Care! - tx-newbraunfels

February Update:

We are thankful for Miriam Heagan and the beautiful workshop she put together for our teen moms this month.

We had a blast putting the kits together.

…. and hope the girls will enjoy making them!

and will be reminded that they are loved!

God is good. All the Time God is good.

Standing Still… - oh-dayton

Jewelry Making! - fl-tampa

February Update:

We had a really great experience with the teens at

Miracles OutReach

earlier this month. We created Valentine’s to share during a morale boosting exercise. It was really neat!

After the girls made their cards our volunteer leader read off statements like “someone who makes you laugh”…”someone you admire”…”someone who helped you when you needed it most” and they dropped their cards into the bag belonging to the person they wanted to acknowledge based on the statement.

Easter Egg Hunt! - al-birmingham

February Update:

We had such an awesome time doing some cool science experiments with our friends at the ABCH! ❤️ #chicktimesaturdaysarethebest #funtimes

Helping Hand! - tx-bulverde

February Update:

Our February workshop was canceled due to the big Texas storm!! SJRC was without electricity and water and to this day is still dealing with campus issues stemming from the winter blast. Chicktime Bulverde is going to shift gears with workshops this month and next to help out our charity partner! Our February drop-off will be gallon size beverages since SJRC has been without water!

Outdoor Fun! - tn-nashville

February Update:

We had a Zoom workshop this month and made Vision Boards. So fun. If the house sends us pictures we will post them. Miss Anna sent precut no sew blankets for the girls to make too!

We have the best volunteers.

Addiction Awareness! - tx-houston

February 2021:

Chicktime Katy just finished a rousing game of Bingo with the girls of Krause. Thanks to our volunteer coordinator Quana for making it happen. So glad to have had three new volunteers this month, Nifisa, Karen and Madelyne. We are still virtual so we had Bingo on Zoom.
The girls won prizes, answered questions about themselves and had some cookies. We also left some Valentine’s cookies for the great staff at Krause. Great fun.
 Join us next month March 13th to hear Laurie talk to us about Addiction and Al-Ateen. Addiction not only affects the addict, but also all the people around them. Getting help can really ease the burden.

Good Hygiene! - mo-kansascity

February Update:

On February 17th, we sent off the games and activities you donated to the tweens at Cornerstone of Care – Ozanam Campus! Hopefully we will be able to see the girls soon! In the meantime… have fun girls with the new games!
The Chicktime Ladies

Spoken Word and Poetry Jam - ga-conyers


February Update

Cupcakes and crafts!!!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who donated craft supplies and treats

so that the girls at Elks could have a Valentine’s party!

Look at those cupcakes!

My friend, Tonya, said that if we can’t see the girls face-to-face, we’re going to bring our faces to the girls!

Love it!! 💕

When I dropped off the supplies, the girls were yelling at me from a distance

letting me know how much they missed us and can’t wait to see us again.

They are definitely feeling the Chicktime love! 🥰💕❤️

Tye Dye Fun! - ms-jackson

January Update:

Hey Chicktime Jackson!
Good news! We are back !!
On January 22nd we had a “silent” workshop at our new charity partner. We wanted to see how our workshops would run, meet the girls , and just get familiar with the campus before opening it up for volunteers.
We served the girls chicken tender lunches with fries and snacks. We also read the scripture about the Pearl of Great Price. And opened up a real oyster that had 30 pearls inside. Then we fitted each girl with a leather necklace with a fresh water pearl. So when they see the necklace they will be reminded that they are that pearl of great price that Jesus gave all he had to purchase. We enjoyed the girls so much and looking forward to being with them on every third Saturday in the coming months. We will be tie dying sweat shirts in March! We’re also going to bring lunch.
A background check must be done prior to volunteering so let us know if you are coming and we can get that set up!
God is so good!

Bingo Time! - ca-sacramento

February Update:

Thank you~

Draw With Stacey

for your generosity with our drop off workshop today.

We dropped off 20 Draw with Me bags to

Saint John’s Program for Real Change


Thank you to my coleaders: Emily, Lorna and Angela for always showing up and contributing to our workshops.
We will be back in person in March and we are so excited for some normalcy!

March Craft Fun! - tx-fortworth

February Update:

February dropoff workshop complete. Sending valentine’s day love to the 112 children residents of the SafeLiving shelter. They will be able to create their own custom valentines for their loved ones with a little something sweet to go along with the card.

Once again, Janaknocked it out the park with this craft idea. Are you interested in how you can get involved with leading a workshop and showing the kiddos that someone is thinking of them and they are loved? Please reach out to Jana, Sandi or me to ask how at www.chicktime.com/FortWorth or fwchicktime@gmail.com ❤ #spreadhappiness #loveisallyouneed #vday2021 #chicktimefortworth #chicktimenational #valentines2021 #ValentinesDay2021

Hand Lettering! - tx-sanantonio

February Update:

Our February workshop has been dropped off at Boysville. The Valentine’s Day cookie kits and kool-aid pouches have been prayed over and we are 💯 percent sure the girls are going to feel the Valentine 💕 ❤️ 💗 from the Chicktime ladies!!
As always,
Thank you to those who believe in what we do and continue to support the mission by your prayers, gifts/leadership, and love!
Do everything in love.
1 Corinthians 16:14

Come On Spring!!! - tx-boerne

February Update:

February brought lots of love ❤️ to our girls
Thankful for @LindaDodd for the No sew 🪡 🧵 cozy fleece blankets
Each girl will get to pick their own print and a solid and stay warm through the night 🌜🌛🌕🌙⭐️
Talia GA for the 🍬 🍭🍫
Melva Castillo for the nail polish 💅🏻 lip gloss 💄 and sparkly ✨ nail files
Tried our luck with The Home Depot for free DIY tic tac toe ❌⭕️❌ they donated 6!
Spring is right around the corner and we want to celebrate it!
Can’t wait to see our girls and spend time with them hoping to have our March
workshop in person, 🙏🏻

“Snowball” Fight with Snowman Treat! - dropoffworkshopresources

“Snowball” Fight with Snowman Treat



For Snowballs


Paper crumpled into balls with positive messages on the inside


Basket to put snowballs in


For Snowman Treat


2 round cakes

White icing


Candy for face

Fruit roll-up for scarf




Cupcakes with white frosting


Large Marshmallows


M & Ms


Black and orange writing gel for face and arms




Create two teams on opposite sides of the room.

Designate the line that divides the room in half.

Each team should have half of the snowballs.

You are racing against the clock to clear all the snowballs off your side.

You do this by throwing the paper snowballs which are on your side of the room on to your opponent’s side.

To make this a little trickier, you can only throw snowballs with the opposite hand you write with. Keep your other hand behind your back.

No pushing large piles of snowballs over the line. All snowballs must be thrown across the designated line.

Give a certain amount of time for the snowball battle to last. Once that time is up, the game is over.

No more throwing after the game is over.

Count the number of snowballs that your team has. The team with the fewest amount of snowballs wins.

Do not throw out the snowballs.

There are messages on each snowball that should be read after the game is over.

Divide up the snowballs so that each person has the same amount. After they have read the messages in their snowballs, it is time to have snowman dessert.


Snowman Cake

For the snowman cake, bake two round cakes. Cover each round cake with white icing. Then topped with coconut. Add candies for the face.

Snowman Cupcakes

For the snowman cupcakes, purchase or bake cupcakes and Frost them with white icing. Then add a large marshmallow for the head. Add 3M and M’s for the buttons. Then draw their face and hands with the writing gel.

Best of Luck! - ca-monterey

January Update:


Dropped off our January workshop….We were unable to meet in person so we make self care kits!

Let’s Zoom! - fl-tallahassee

January Update:

Our January workshop was canceled due to a scare with Covid and the campus being put on quarantine . Sadly, this scare has made Light House Children’s Home halt all volunteer activities campus until the fall.
So….now we are thinking outside the box, because we believe our work with the girls is important~
We are going to try Zoom workshops! We are so excited to explore this new idea!

We Are Back! - md-columbia

Hey Chicktime Columbia!
We are back ! We have figured out how we can have workshops despite the risk of Covid. We will have drop off workshops! We will put together the same wonderful monthly activities and drop off the activities for the House of Ruth to do on their own. We still get to love and encourage them, but just not in person… for now. We hope that will be soon!
We welcome help. Let us know if you would like to help put together a workshop . We have ideas just reach out to us! We are in this together. Let’s be the village!

Winter Crafts! - az-mesa

January Update:

Chicktime Mesa,

 Talk about the best workshop we could ever possibly put together for the kids… a reading workshop!! The kids get to read, learn, explore and dream!
Please reach out to us to let us tell you how you can help us put on future monthly activities!! The children at the Child Crisis Center need us and we can’t let them down.

Games Galore! - oh-akron

January Updates:

We dropped off our January vision boards workshop! It’s a bummer when we forget to take lots of pictures of our monthly workshops . We want everyone to see the work we do at Safe Landing in hopes you will help us one month . We are always looking for someone to lead a workshop, help with supplies or snacks, or show up to help us put on the workshop when we are able to be back on campus!

Love Matters! - ma-springfield

January Update:

Activities Galore! We hope the kids will never get bored while waiting for medical appointments.

We are always looking for help to provide these activities….Reach out to us if you can help.


Sharing Our Heart! - id-coeurdalene

January Update: 

We miss our kiddo’s, staff, & volunteers! This month the kids enjoyed hot coco & snowman coloring!

#hugme - tx-missionrgv

January Update: 

Our January drop off workshop was a success! We just know the kids are going to have so much with the s’mores kits we made for them!!

Science Fun! - al-birmingham

January Update:

We had so much fun this past Saturday with our board game workshop! From Pie Face, to Jenga and Twister, we had it all!

Self Care! - ar-littlerock

January Update:

Our January workshop didn’t happen ~ the reality of Covid hit really hard to our Chicktime Volunteer team! So let’s continue to pray for those who know this reality and pray for good health and safety for all.
Chcktime Little Rock will move into February with all in focus on our workshop and the Youth at Immerse we serve. Reach out to us and let’s do this together. We need each other.

….And the greatest of these is LOVE! - tx-nbdowntown

January Update:

Our Chicktime Partner is a 90 day emergency shelter for foster kids. Since Covid started, we have not been allowed to go there. We can drop things off on their porch though. They actually have one case of Covid at the moment.

Dropped off this snowman cake to celebrate the end of January. A basket of “snowballs” was also dropped off along with the instructions for a “Snowball Fight”. You can read the rules in one of the pictures.

After the snowball fight, they were told to not throw them away since there was a message in each snowball. Hope they had fun!!! I decided to make the snowman cake because I make it every year for my son who is 23 years old now! Then I thought up the snowball fight and found rules for the snowball fight online and changed them a bit.

Happy End of January!!

Bingo, Snacks and Prizes! - tx-canyonlake

January Update;

Oh what fun we had ringing in the new year with the girls at New Life decorating cupcakes and making a snowman craft!

Sharing Our Hearts! - tn-nashville

January Update:

Off Campus Fun! - tx-bulverde

January Update:

First Chicktime Bulverde Workshop of 2021 is in the books! We celebrated the New Year with our annual “Word of Inspiration t-shirt”. Their artistic creations made them hungry, so they were provided lunch from Whataburger. Each house also received a goodie basket to keep the long weekend fun and filling.
A big THANK YOU to Tara Johnson and Alex Ibarra for your contribution to make this weekend happen. We love you! Chicktime Bulverde depends on the generosity from our supporters to keep these workshops going.
These times are tough on the kids at our charity partner. When they receive something from the general public, it gives them hope, excitement and makes them feel loved. If you would like to help share the love and put a smile on these kids face, consider donating to Chicktime Bulverde. A special lunch, a small snack, or an art project can brighten their day!!!
If you would like information on how you can help, please contact Merrilee at merrileeann@hotmail.com.

Being A Blessing! - tx-uvalde

January Update:

We are starting the new year off with tons of fun!!
Lisa Bailey , our Chicktime Smalltown January workshop leader, provided this project of decollage creations where the girls made candle holders and more!!
She also provided homemade granola bars for all cabins, a very big hit!!

Be Mine! - mi-detroit

January Update:

It’s January and what better time to make plans for the future and set goals for the new year!

Chicktime Detroit prepared a drop of workshop for the girls at Vista Maria to do just that! Our own version of Vision Boards!

Pass The Glue Stick! - tx-austin

January Update:

Our volunteers getting ready to meet with our charity partner! We had a wonderful time helping them to decorate journals and talk about the importance of journaling.

Love and more Love! - dc- washington

January Update:

What better way to start the new year than by visiting our friends at My Sister’s Place? For our January workshop we decided to commemorate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and speak positivity into 2021 with dreamboards! A special thank you to our amazing volunteers for donating magazines and art supplies 💗 Check back soon to see what we have in store for February!

Soap Making! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

February Update:

Chicktime Charleston Park Circle dropped off Dream Catcher kits for the girls at CYDC!
We put them in individual bags with Chicktime stickers on them & printed directions for the girls to follow! Aren’t these just so nice?

Poetry Workshop - dropoffworkshopresources

Poetry Workshop

Materials Needed




Before you jump into writing poems with your group, it is a good idea to talk about the benefits of writing poetry. These are just a few,

Why  Write Poetry

1. It’s more than just lines of rhyming words. (This is so important for them to know)

2. It’s very therapeutic.
3. It challenges you to acknowledge your feelings
4. It is a fun and creative way to communicate- it’s art!

Then communicate the following: “Poetry is a really great art form to explore, but so many people don’t feel that they are qualified or talented enough to write poetry. And that’s sad because poetry is something that can be practically anything. A stream of thoughts, a rearrangement of words, a paragraph with different lines crossed out–poetry has endless possibilities!”


Next, go over the steps for writing a poem.

1. Pick your form.

There are hundreds of ways to write a poem. Do you want to rhyme, or not rhyme? Do you want your poetry to follow a beat or flow on its own? You could write a limerick, a sonnet, a Haiku, a quatrain, free verse–seriously, there are so many options. But don’t let that overwhelm you. Start by experimenting with as many (or as few) as you want. You don’t have to know about all of these types of poems or any of them really. Just write what you want and how you want.

2. Pick your subject.

What are you just dying to write about? Nature? Animals? People? Emotions? You can write about anything you want, but often the best kinds of poetry comes from deep within. Some poets like to write emotional poetry about their deepest feelings. I’ve often found that times of grief, heartbreak, loneliness, anxiety, and insecurity fuel my best poems–but it’s different for everyone. The next time you feel emotional, try writing a poem to release your feelings.
Or, if you prefer other poetry forms, look around you for things that inspire you. Nature is another popular subject that many poets craft beautiful poems around. I personally love writing poems about sunsets and water, simply because there are so many wonderful words I can use to describe them. Find what inspires you, and write about it!

3. Let your heart write.

The beautiful part about poetry is that you practically can’t do it wrong. And in a world where there is so much negativity and criticism, this is amazing. No one can tell you that your poem is right or wrong because it is yours and no one else’s. You may not like what you write at first, but just like stories, poetry can be edited as much as you want. Some people like to use literary devices like metaphors in their poems, others like to keep things simple. Some like to use big words, and others don’t.

While I can give you ideas about what form to pick or what subject to write about, in reality, poetry is something that comes from within. It’s an art form that comes in many different shapes and sizes, and it’s something that every single person writes differently. So take some time and let your heart write! You may be surprised at what you end up with.


Finally, invite the girls to write their own poems.

Today’s invitation is simple. Write from the place of mental and emotional wide-open space; be vulnerable with yourself. Let your mind quiet. And then see what lines form in your mind, your heart.

Share a poem with the girls before they get started.

I will give you an example of a poem that I wrote about overcoming the dysfunctional family I was adopted into. This is my poem, so you may want to use your own that you have written or find one that you like. It is good to share a poem that means something to you personally.  Loop Poetry Project has some amazing poems and resources available. It is where I got a lot of my information for doing a poetry class.




By: Heather Bowman

Memories. Fuzzy, black and white.

Fragments of them popping into my mind.

Then disappearing as quickly as they came.

Why can’t I remember?

Pain, suffocating me

Bound by the pain of my past

How do I break free?

Will these scabs ever heal?

Forgive, but how.

It’s so hard.

They’re not sorry.

They’re free, & I’m in the prison of my mind.

I have to try, but it is so hard.

My white knuckles are no longer gripping my past.

I am beginning to let go

the weight from my shoulders is lifting.

The chains have been broken.

I am free;

No longer prisoner to my past.

Forgiveness wasn’t for them; it was for me.

I know myself now.

I am smart. I am beautiful.

I have purpose. I have value.

The lies have been shattered; the truth sets me free.

The world was gray, with a cold rain

Blurry, out of focus, confusing

Now it is beautiful, full of color

I have overcome.

Once you have finished sharing the poem, it is time for the girls to write. They can write whatever is on their heart and/or you can also give them a topic to write about. Chicktime leaders and volunteers should share what they are writing with the girls so the girls will be comfortable in sharing their poems as well. Talk about the meaning behind the poem and why writing this poem is important to you.  Allow the girls to come up and share their poems. One girl sharing her poem leads to many girls sharing!

Toward the end, communicate the following about the poems the girls have written:

There are some things that you might want to change because this is your first draft.. You may want to review and edit it., but you don’t have to. It’s your poem. If you like it that way you can just leave it. It’s yours. There is no right or wrong and you don’t need anyone’s approval. That is the beauty of poetry.



Finish by thanking the girls for being brave and sharing their work. Encourage them to keep writing so that they can share more poetry with you next time.

Here is a link to printable instructions and what to do if you are unable to do this through a Zoom conference.

Spreading Love~ - oh-dayton

January Update:

We have wonderful women who support Chicktime with fun activities, discussions, and total desire to make the world a better place….

We continue to hope that more will come to find the partnership of  Chicktime Dayton and DUYL Teen Mom Program . The partnership that is trying to ensure teens in the Dayton area who have babies have the support they need to feel confident and strong!

Red~White~and Pink! - tx-newbraunfels

January Update:


We can’t say enough about our January workshop ! Creating beautiful T-shirt’s, laughing, and the food… don’t forget about the food! Our workshop leader, Merrilee, out did herself and our young moms were blessed.

Cookie Decorating! - tx-sanantonio

January Update:

We are so excited about our January drop off workshop!!
Bird house and bird feeder kits, hammers, paint, paint brushes, wood glue, bird seed and Kind bars for snack! The girls at Boysville are going to have one crafty day very soon! Maybe we will see the bird houses in the trees when we all get to return to campus for in person workshops!!

Be My Valentine! - tx-sacentral

January Update:

January drop off. The girls missed pizza so we changed out workshop to host a pizza party and soda instead. The girls were delighted! Chicktime loves our girls and despite trying times and no contact workshops continues to drop off instead. ❤️ & 🍕

No Bake Cooking Class! - dropoffworkshopresources

No-Bake Workshop


Naan Flatbread

Onion and Chive Cream Cheese (other kinds work well too)

1/2 cup red bell pepper, diced

1/2 cup yellow bell pepper, diced

2 green onions, diced

1/2 cup broccoli, diced

3/4 cup shredded mild cheese


Fruit of choice

Mini chocolate chips

Nut Butter


Vanilla Wafers

Chocolate pudding

Graham crackers

Marshmallow creme

Mini marshmallows

Chocolate bar






From the above ingredients you will be able to make the following snacks:

No-bake Veggie Pizza 

Banana Peanut Butter Halves With Fruit/Chocolate

Banana Cookies with Sprinkles

S’Mores Parfait

There are multiple ways to host this workshop. You could have the charity partner send the ladies or girls in small groups. You could have the girls work in pairs or teams. Also, you could choose just one recipe to do with the group or individual girls. Or you can do multiple.

Here is how I did it. For the no-bake veggie pizza and the banana cookies with sprinkles, I had the girls work in pairs.

For the banana peanut butter halves with fruit or chocolate, and the s’mores parfait, each girl had her own materials.

Most of the recipes are pretty self-explanatory just by looking at the picture. But I will include links to the recipe that I used so that you can make sure you know how to explain it to your girls. Also, if you Pinterest Or Google no-bake snacks, you will come up with hundreds of ideas. You don’t necessarily have to use these.

Make sure you check with your charity partner to determine what utensils the girls are not allowed to have and if there are any food allergies. Instead of peanut butter, I typically use almond butter.

As for the supplies of food and other materials, you could talk to your local grocery store. We have had grocery stores donate supplies to us before. Also, volunteers are a great resource. They will often happily donate plates, utensils, or food items for the workshop. If each volunteer donated one or two items, you would be able to host your workshop with minimal financial obligation.

Once you are ready for your workshop, make sure the girls have their required materials. And then choose one of the recipes and go over the recipes step by step with the girls. Make sure that they have completed the first step before moving on to the second. Once they finish, give them a few minutes too try their snack before moving on to the next recipe.

As you are making your snack with the girls, you could talk about the importance of healthy snacks and a balanced diet. You could also talk about ways you could change these recipes up. That way the girls will be able to make these recipes with options and have more variety. It’s also a great way to ask the girls what their favorite foods are. Or if they have a favorite snack. Is definitely a great conversation starter.

Between recipes, make sure the girls have time to clean up their mess so that they are ready for the next recipe.

End the workshop by thinking your charity partner for their time and also letting them know that they can Google or Pinterest no-bake snacks for many more ideas.

Printable directions and tips for those unable to have a Zoom conference. 

Good Bye and Good Luck! - md-columbia

Love Is In The Air! - tx-galveston

January Update:

Los Reyes visitaron El Centro De Niños
Llevando cena,Pan De Rosca y ropa.
Gracias a todos por sus donaciones❣️
The kings visited The Childrens Center
With dinner, King’s Cake and family
Thanks to all who donated ❣️

Thank you

Emma Posada

and friends for delivering dinner to the families at the shelter.

If you would like to donate a meal please contact us

Vision Board Workshop - dropoffworkshopresources

Vision Board Workshop


Poster Board- full or half sheet

Colorful Markers


Glue Sticks


Vision Board Pages




In order to save time (and in order to save your girls from having to use scissors since many of them may have restrictions in place) go ahead and cut out the printables on the vision board printables (link below). Also, I did not use any magazines because it can be hard to find the words or ideas you are looking for, and so magazine flipping can make things take a lot longer. The printables I used worked really well and enabled me to make the most of my time.

I did not print out 20 of each page so that each girl had one of everything. That would take hundreds of sheets of paper. I printed 3-4 of each page so that the girls would have choices.

On the day of your workshop, each person that is participating (volunteers and those at your charity partner) should have supplies for a vision board. You may share the link to the printables if you would like.

Go over what you will be doing with the girls. Tell them about the supplies they have and the purpose of each item. Show them some of the printables that you like in order to give them some ideas. Then it is time to begin!

As you and your volunteers work on your own vision boards, show the girls what you are doing. Share ideas with each other. The more you share your work, the more comfortable the ladies you serve will feel in sharing their work.

I held up various quotes and pictures and talked about what each one meant to me and why I chose to put it on my board. I also encouraged the girls to draw or write their own ideas on the board and not just rely on the printables. I also told the girls that if they saw a quote they liked, but it was already taken, they could just write it on their board.

Toward the end of your time, ask if anyone wants to share. Overwhelmingly praise the ladies who are brave enough to share their board and describe what they put on the board and why. They are being brave and vulnerable in sharing their boards and that should be applauded.

Once everyone has had the opportunity to share, you can end your time by talking about the exciting things you will be doing next month!

Vision Board  Printable Directions and Materials

Be My Valentine! - fl-tampa

January Update:

We had a BLAST playing Minute to Win It with the girls at

Miracles OutReach!!

They raced through cup stacking, paper air places and shook balls out of tissue boxes… hands free! 🤣

So much fun and lots of laughing to take our minds off the chaos in the world today and in these girls’ lives. Thank you to all our volunteers and our wonderful community that supports our efforts to have days like this!

Bullet Journaling Workshop - dropoffworkshopresources

This is a workshop that can be easily completed through a Zoom conference or other online platform.

Bullet Journal Workshop


Bullet Journals/Composition Notebooks

Colorful Markers

Black pens


Bullet Journal Pages


There are multiple ways to create a bullet journal. You could purchase the bullet journals that have dots on a page that you connect together to draw things. You could just use a composition notebook without dots and do free draw. Or you can print bullet Journal pages online and put them in a folder or binder. There are hundreds of free bullet Journal pages online. You would just have to print the pages or send them to your charity partner and ask them to print the pages.

On the day of your workshop, each person who is participating (volunteers and those at your charity partner) should have either a bullet journal, composition book, or bullet journal pages with a folder or binder.

You could go over the benefits of bullet journaling, which are below:

  • Helps organize and prioritize life tasks, thoughts and feelings
  • Helps identify stressors and then one can identify solutions to problems
  • Can help process and release emotions and intrusive or avoidant thoughts
  • Can help gain insight and confidence
  • Help us see situation from other points of view, decrease our reactivity to others, and promote empathy
  • Easier to track progress, feelings, habits than multiple journal pages- can fit all on one page
  • It is a beautiful, artistic, and creative way to express yourself.

You Could also give tips for bullet journaling for beginners

  • Try to write daily at least a few minutes.
  • Be accepting and non-judgmental of your attempts, focusing more on getting words on paper.
  • Journaling doesn’t have to follow a certain structure or format, just let the pencil flow!
  • Some people prefer to keep a gratitude journal for one thing per day they are grateful for.
  • Others write down negative thoughts to “throw away” & help clear our mind.
  • Experiment with tying journaling into your daily routine at a certain time or after a certain daily activity – like eating breakfast, riding the train home or eating dinner.

Now that you have introduced your topic it is time to complete a few bullet journaling pages with your group. You could use the bullet journaling pages that are available on self-love. The link is posted below. I like to start with that because it is something I feel we all need to do on a regular basis. We need to identify the good things about us, acknowledge our gifts and talents, and overcome the negativity that a lot of these ladies (and many of us) have probably been exposed to.

As the ladies are filling out their journal pages, encourage them to share what they are writing. Encourage the volunteers to show their work so that the ladies at your charity partner will be vulnerable enough to share as well.

At first, people will not want to share. They will be too nervous. But as you share your work and your volunteers share, it will give those you are serving the confidence to share their work. By the time we ended our workshop, everyone wanted to share.

End the workshop by thanking your charity partner for their time and also letting them know that they can Google or Pinterest free bullet journal pages so that they can continue doing this.

Here is the link to the bullet journal pages that I used as well as printable directions.

Out of This World Valentine’s Party! - ga-conyers


January Update

Distance cannot keep us from connecting with the girls at Elks Aidmore!
Today we had a great day of making vision boards via Zoom!
Until we get to see them face-to-face,
we’re going to make sure that we connect with them in any way possible.
They created such beautiful vision boards for themselves! 


Love One Another - tx-fortworth

January Update:

Chicktime Fort Worth Spent the weekend going through our inventory gathering supplies to supplement our January (nature appreciation project led by Ariba) ! We are also collecting bra donations for the shelter women.
Received 2 bras already and another 5 bras to be delivered on Tuesday thanks to a generous donation from a friend of Sandi Bothum, our co-leader.
We are doing what we can to be a blessing to others during this season until we can meet with the kiddos in person again. Please reach out to Sandi, Jana or me to find out how you can help or check out www.chicktime.com/Fort-Worth for more info. Thank you for all of your support of
SafeHaven of Tarrant County


Have a great week,

Chicktime Fort Worth


xoxoxoxo’s! - in-indianapolis

January Update:

Dropped off Fleece Scarf Making supplies for the women we serve to make!

We hope it warms their heart too that we care and support them!

Mardi Gras! - tx-corpuschristi

January Update:

We dropped off all the supplies for the kids to decorate their wooden hearts! Thank you to #HEBHelpingHere for your continued support and to our workshop leader, Diana Martinez. She and her son made an amazing instruction video on YouTube and wanted to share with you all. We can’t wait to post pics of their finished projects. Blessings to all!
Watch “Chick Time CC | How to Decorate Your Wooden Heart” on YouTube

Board and Card Games! - mo-kansascity

January Update:

No Workshop this month. See you in February.

Valentines Day Bingo! - tx-houston

January Update:

Hello everyone! Chicktime Katy just completed our fist zoom workshop of the year with the Krause girls. Heather led a great workshop on the benefits and joys of poetry and journaling. She shared a very personal and moving piece of poetry about her life and that prompted several of the girls to share poetry about their lives. It was amazing!
Heather also talked about journaling. It has so many forms. It can be sentences, bullets or coloring balloons or boxes that symbolize the days of the month. She reminded us never to seek approval for our writing, that there is no right and wrong and that we shouldn’t judge our writing. It is a cathartic that we do for ourselves and our healing. See some of the examples she walked us all through.
Each Krause girl received a pencil and mini journal as well as some journal thought starter pages.
We were also so glad to welcome Larisa, Zoya and Norhan, three first time attendees to Chicktime Katy. We hope to see you and the rest of the volunteers a lot more this year.
Thanks for all the support.

Valentine Drawing! - ca-sacramento

January Update:

Today our leaders stepped up once again and delivered a fun Pirate themed activity to

Saint John’s Program for Real Change


Hearts Galore! - tx-boerne

January Update:

Making Plans! - fl-tallahassee

December Update:

We were not able to make a Christmas drop off due to a Covid lockdown.

We are so looking forward to a new year with new opportunities !

Vision Boards!- January Rescheduled - ga-conyers

𝙉𝙊𝙏𝙄𝘾𝙀** we are rescheduling 𝙏𝙃𝙄𝙎 Saturday’s Chicktime event for 𝙉𝙀𝙓𝙏 Saturday, January 16th. ⏰
Due to the increase in Covid cases, we are doing an 𝙤𝙣𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙯𝙤𝙤𝙢 𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙮! 🎉
We will be making 𝗳𝘂𝗻 𝘃𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗯𝗼𝗮𝗿𝗱𝘀 with the girls. ⁣
Please message us if you would like the zoom link to join. We will send you some of the materials that we will be using.

Auto Maintenance ! - ok-tulsa

Our January workshop was canceled due to Lindsey House not being able to accommodate us yet.

December/January Update:

Can you imagine going from homeless to this apartment? We just love what the Lindsey House does for single mothers! Thanks Chicktime Tulsa for helping us sponsor this apartment!
Here’s to doing many more great things like this in 2021!

Getting Crafty! - tx-uvalde

December Update:

Chicktime Smalltown dropped off Christmas goodies/crafts a little early to make sure the precious kids at the Ranch just feel our love for them in a HUGE way!

Gifts and Talents! - ar-littlerock

December Update:

We enjoyed putting together and dropping off movie night care packages for our friends at Immerse!
We pray that you all have a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to continuing to serve you all in the new year!

Craft Fun! - az-mesa

December Update:

Thank you Chicktime Mesa for contributing to our Christmas book drive!

The kids at the Child Crisis Center are going to be so excited when they get the MANY. books you purchased for them for Christmas!!!

Smores Time! - tx-missionrgv

December Update:

Thank you for those who helped us purchase Christmas gift cards for the families that Buckner serves. What a blessing it is serving others!

Merry Christmas!

Winter Fun! - ma-springfield

December Update:

2020 has definitely been a tough year, especially given that we couldn’t hold our in person workshops with our families at the Ronald McDonald House. However, we believe that in 2021, we will be able to be with them again.

We thank you for the November and December donations! Stay safe, have a blessed day and a Happy New Year 💕 we couldn’t have done it without your support 💕

Dream Away…. - sc-charlestonparkcircle

December Update:

Opps! We forgot to take pics of the Christmas Fun we dropped off!

Hoping it blessed CYDC in more ways than we will ever know!

Merry Christmas all…

Board Games! - al-birmingham

December Update:

Christmas cookie decorating and Gingerbread House making… what could be more Christmas fun than this!!

Teen Mom Talk Night! - oh-dayton

December Update:

Getting excitedddddd!!! 😃 Chicktime Dayton made gift bags for the kids & Dayton Urban Young Life Teen Mom Program will be delivering to the Moms, as a surprise, just in time for their virtual session on Monday. Chicktime Dayton is also on tomorrow’s agenda to lead a virtual activity!!! Special thank you to Casey Evans & Amber Evans for donating to make the gift bags happen!

Dream Boards! - dc- washington

December Update:

Happy Holidays 💗💗💗 Our year wouldn’t be complete without dropping off something for our friends at MSP.

We’re sure they’re all on the nice list and hope they enjoy the ornaments arts and crafts from our December Drop-Off!

Check back soon to see what workshops we have in store for 2021!

Three Wise Men! - tx-galveston

December Update:

It is Christmas Eve and I want to thank ALL of the Chicktime Angels that made all of this possible.
You made possibly the delivery of a weekly meal for 100 residents week in and week out since the last week of June.
We were able to donate clothing, toiletries Toys And Gift cards and a basket FULL of toiletries and other items to each family.
Each family also received a ginger bread house to decorate together.
Each child also received a personalized stockings full of candy and small toys.
The children also received a homemade blanket.
We served a meal and Santa made a surprise very socially distanced appearance.
We came together and we were able to be His hands and feet.
We will continue to serve and be His hands and feet.
If I forgot to add your name my apologies
Please know how humbled and grateful I was to witness the “stone soup” concept come to life.

T-shirts and Calendars! - tx-bulverde

December Update:

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I say it takes a special village to raise a foster child. Chicktime Bulverde is very blessed and thankful for our wonderful, special community volunteers who help us raise the teenagers at our charity partner, SJRC Texas. A simple call to Melanie Bass, owner of Santa’s Ranch in New Braunfels, and the kids at both the Bulverde and New Braunfels campuses have season passes to visit the amazing lights. They had such a great time and enjoyed complementary hot chocolate! Also, a big shout out to my amazing PTA at Rahe Bulverde Elementary for donating Hot Cocoa Bombs Friday. They have never seen anything like that and were blown away. Now they want to make them. I see a future workshop of making Hot Cocoa Bombs!
It takes special people like this to help raise up the children in foster care. We had a successful year here at Chicktime Bulverde because of the special people who volunteer with us to love on the kids at SJRC Texas.
If you would like to join us in raising the kids at SJRC, please check out http://www.chicktime.com/bulverde or contact me. It is a very rewarding experience!!
Merry Christmas from all of us at Chicktime Bulverde!!
God’s Blessings in the New Year!
Merrilee Berger
Managing Leader

Let’s Party! - ca-monterey

December Update:

To end the year off warm, Keegan led this months’ drop off providing 80 sets of socks, gloves and hats to Dorothy’s Place with your donations!
Thank you for all who donated wether it be cash or item, we couldn’t have done it without your selflessness ❤️🙏🏾
And a big thank you to Keegan, Winnie and Taylor for helping drop off this months donation load!
A thank you picture from Dorothy’s Place for their Christmas Presents from Chicktime!

Come On 2021! - tx-canyonlake

December 2020:

Wow! This years Christmas party with the girls at New Life was amazing!!

We got to dance and see Santa and have amazing food!! We loved being outside and having all the girls able to interact from a distance by dance competitions from their cabins!

Such a blessed day in the midst of all the hard times we’ve all see in 2020! Thank you Jesus for the wonderful volunteers, the beautiful weather all the beautiful girls at new life!

Rock Painting! - tx-sacentral

December Update:

Special shout out to Teresa and Terry our December workshop leaders for Chicktime San Antonio Central. The pictures say a thousand words…..So much love was dropped off for the girls at St. Pj’s!
Fun fact…..Terry and Teresa didn’t know each other until now! They both reached out to Chicktime wanting to help and we matched them together and BAM!!! Look what happens when we work together for the better!!! United to love and serve!!

Winter Craft Time! - tx-sanantonio

December Update:

Today was a good day. Chicktime San Antonio dropped off Christmas presents and a lot of them!! Every gift on the Christmas gift wish list for all the girls who live at the two cottages Chicktime San Antonio serves was purchased! How did this happen? Because we have the most loving and caring volunteers who said YES!! Yes to making sure the girls who can’t live safely in their own home will be showered with love !!

Merry Christmas Chicktime San Antonio!
Thank you for your generous hearts. We are so humbled.

Hello 2021! - mo-kansascity

December Update:

The girls at Ozanam Campus are so appreciative of their stockings. Thank you so much to everyone who donated.

Love Letter To Yourself! - dropoffworkshopresources

Thank you to Amanda from the Kansas City chapter for this great idea!
We have free downloadable templates below!


Blank Paper, Self Love Letter Templates, or Journals
Writing Utensils
Stickers, Stamps, or Other Accessories to Decorate Letter
A computer for Zoom Conference


Using the “Guide to Self Love”, discuss the importance of loving yourself with your group.
Then use the “I Am Worthy Of Self Love” sheet with your ladies in order to get them brainstorming about what they love about themselves.
Next, use the “Love Letter to Me” template to have the women write letters to themselves based on what they came up with on their “I Am Worthy Of Self Love” sheet.
Finally, they can decorate their letter with stickers, stamps, washi tape, etc. Extra sheets could be given to the ladies so they have the opportunity to do this on a regular basis.

Download documents by clicking the links below.

“Guide to Self Love”

“I am Worthy of Self Love”

“Love Letter to Me”

Wooden Hearts Decorating! - tx-corpuschristi

December Update:

What an amazing morning! Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter gladly accepted all the wonderful gifts for all the kids. We are so blessed to be able to do this for them, all thanks to #HEBHelpingHere. Many thanks to our workshop leader, Lisa Dibble for making all the candy bags and helping to make the Christmas Season special. Merry Christmas everyone ♡♡♡

Fitness Fest! - tx-nbdowntown

December Update:

No December workshop.

Merry Christmas!

Test Post 12/27/2020 - dropoffworkshopresources

test for heather

Bullet Journaling! - dropoffworkshopresources

A great workshop to do via drop off is bullet journaling. This is something that you can do over zoom with the girls or ladies at your charity partner. If you don’t know what bullet journaling is, it is similar to regular journaling but is much more artistic. The only supplies needed are a bullet journal ( a composition Journal will work too), colorful pens and markers, and possibly some free bullet journal sheets. I recommend the printable bullet journal sheets because they are self-explanatory, and you can do those with your ladies over Zoom pretty easily. I am including a link to Pinterest that has hundreds of bullet Journal pages that you could print. Everything from habit trackers, to favorite movies, to books, to feelings. There are so many ideas that you could do. If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will go over it with you in more detail. I am also open to leading a Zoom workshop with you in the area of bullet journaling. I know the women and ladies that you serve at your charity partner will love this activity! Who doesn’t like to color? And you can show them that there are free resources available online so they can continue to do it on their own.

Link to Free Journal Pages

<3 Heather


Decorating Journals - tx-austin

December Update:

Our cookie decorating supplies were dropped off and we had a wonderful zoom session for the cookie decorating workshop.