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Zoom Time…Again! - ca-ranchocucamonga

July Update:

We were able to check in with the girls via a Zoom call for our July 2020 workshop!

We can’t show faces or screenshot the time together, but just know the time is precious and we are grateful we are able to connect with the girls during this time of social distancing.

One of the girls was moving away from the house so we were able to have some special screen time with her !


Pizza Party! - tx-sacentral

July Update:

Thank you Laura Salazar for saying YES to being Chicktime San Antonio Central’s July workshop leader. Covid has stopped us for a little bit from having face to face workshops, but volunteers like you stepping up and helping us have “drop-off” workshops is incredible.
The abundance of fruit and cucumbers and seasonings were nothing but YUMMY!! There was so much it was shared through out the campus….Girls and Boys & Young and Older kids got to share in your blessing!
We are humbled by your generosity!

Tye Dye Fun! - sc-monckscorner

We All Scream for Ice Cream! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

Food Drive! - ma-springfield

Please consider helping us with our food drive!
See below for the list of items needed
or donate a few dollars and we will do the shopping for you!
Thank you!

Toiletries Drive! - dc- washington

Hot Dog! - tx-galveston

A few pictures of Chicktime’s adventures at the family crisis center in Galveston!
Last week we delivered yummy pizza
This week they got all the fixings to make hotdogs or nachos with chili and cheese and yummy yummy cookies.
We remain committed to delivering food to our babies while they shelter in place.
Times can be uncertain BUT the love of God remains a light in these dark times.
If you would like to contribute to one of the meals please inbox me or text me at 832-340-0832.
Stay tuned for our school supplies drive!! We will be doing something different as COVID has definitely put a halt to our visits to the shelter and to the stores to buy supplies.

Craft and Ice Cream! - tx-boerne

Shout out🗣️📣📢🔊 @patrickheathpubliclibrary for providing DIY take and make paper lantern kits for our girls the patterned paper selection was perfect ❤️🏮🗒️.
The girls were able to make their own banana splits and add toppings such as bananas,🍌 cherries,🍒 chocolate syrup🍫 , and sprinkles🥳 or in a cone 🍦This Texas heat🥵🔥 calls for an ice cream party 🎉🥳🎊!!!

Stem Fun~ - ca-sacramento

July Update:

We had so much fun at our first workshop since February! Water play was a huge success.

We got soaking wet!

Overwhelming Love! - fl-tampa


Prepping all of our Back to School donations!
We are so excited to be able to bless the girls with stuffed backpacks

In one day we have added:
26 pencil sharpeners, 40 flash drives, 20 binders, 26 packs of markers,
26 packs of colored pencils, 25 lanyards, 26 folders, 15 composition books,
16 scissors, enough deodorant for each teen, hygiene products…
Still to come from donors: spiral notebooks, pens, glue, loose leaf paper, dividers…
Our post has been viewed over 1k times. My heart is full.
I was already grateful for what we had to give them,
brand new back packs, body wash, enough funds for basic supplies.
Now, we are on track to give things like makeup, shampoo and conditioner,
loofahs, pencil pouches… those “extra” things that are easy to take for granted,
I know I do.
I cannot wait to stuff these bags and deliver them to the girls.
My favorite part is being able to see the them light up when
they get something that’s new
and something they can call their own. 💖
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone
who is making this event a success
even though it looks a bit different than last year.
Here is an update to additional items we need.
I have also updated our Amazon wishlist. ❤️
– 24 packs of loose leaf paper
– 26 packs of graphing paper
– 26+ Highlighters
– Makeup items
– Gently used purses (I have about 10, but need 15 more for all the girls to have one)
I would also love to add more makeup and hygiene items,
but that would be a lower priority at this time.

So Much Love! - tx-galveston

Chicktime Galveston was busy July 2nd!
We delivered snacks at lunch time and the children got to enjoy yummy pizza 🍕🍕for dinner.
We also collaborated with Our friend Mary William from “Giving from the heart” and donated a box and a few bags of donated clothing that were distributed to the community in Galveston.
We also delivered a baby swing to one of our sweet volunteers that is expecting a baby soon.
It was a great day!!
NONE of this would be possible without our chicktime angels!!
The pandemic will NOT stop us from showing our babies love!!!

Sweet as Candy! - tx-humble

Zoom! Zoom! - tx-austin

Chicktime Austin is having  a Back to School Supply Drive…..Can you help us?

The Settlement Home sent us this needs list:

Pencils (not mechanical), colored pencils/crayons, hand sanitizer, tissues and composition notebooks ( no spirals).

reach out to

Jennifer 512-796-9261

Simple Way To Help! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

Hey Chicktime San Marcos,

During this season of Covid, Chicktime Chapters across the United States have not been able to meet face to face at their chapter specific charity partners. Every chapter misses having monthly workshops and are trying to find ways to love them from a distance.

Our sister chapter, Chicktime San Marcos Empowered, is collecting hand sanitizers, for the residents they serve at Brookdale.Senior Living! What a beautiful and easy way to express love from a distance! Let’s help them! Contact Joann, the managing leader of that chapter and let her know you are in and make plans on how you can make the donation!

It takes a village…..never did those words ring more true than NOW!

Tie Dye Fun! - tx-newbraunfels

Summer Fun! - az-mesa

Did You Say Watermelon? - tx-conroe

Flip Flop Making Fun! - in-indianapolis

Summertime Fun! - tx-canyonlake

4th of July Fun! - ca-sandiego

The Chicktime San Diego Leadership Team dropped off supplies for Rootbeer Floats, 4th of July bingo and prizes too!

Loving from a distance…


They Need Us! - tx-fortworth

Hey Chicktime Fort Worth,
Our community is hurting and could use our help…
88 women and children are currently seeking safety in the SafeHaven emergency shelters, and most come with nothing more than the clothes on their back. Will you purchase their most needed items to give families their basic necessities?
You can drop off donations at Berry Good Buys or send items straight to us by purchasing from our Amazon Wish List!
Wish List: https://amzn.to/31po5HX
Here are the Housing Group Needs:
Most pressing need at this time would be uber gift cards ($10-25), visa gift cards ($25), tracphone (or any brand) prepaid phone recharge cards, shower curtain rods (tension), shower curtains (liner and decorative), and sheets (twin, Twin XL, and queen
Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, Texas
Mon – Fri: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Sat: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Water Play! - ca-sacramento

Help Is Needed! - tx-nbdowntown

Good News! - ok-tulsa

Virtual Workshop! - oh-dayton

Going a little extra with our ~ #unstoppable love:

Chicktime Managing Leader, Kay Edwards sent encouragement cards to the girls at

DUYL-Teen Moms Program!

It’s going to be a beautiful partnership.

Join us!

Dream Kitchen! - ok-tulsa

Back to School Bash - fl-tampa

A lot of things have come to a halt, but we have all intentions
to get the girls what they need to start the school year out right
(no matter what education looks like this year).
We would also like to donate laptops,
so if if you find yourself upgrading
and not sure what to do with your old one – let me know!
Any donation helps. ❤️

Hand Sanitizer Needed! - tx-sanmarcosempowered

Groovy Man! - mo-kansascity

Holy Guacamole! It’s a Fiesta! - ga-conyers

We are hosting a taco night at the end of July for the girls at Elks Aidmore.
Please let us know if you can help by donating any of the supplies listed below
or donating a few bucks.
We hope to have everything together by July 16th.
Thank you so much for your support! We could not do this without you! <3


June Update

We were finally able to deliver our water day basket to the girls at Elks Aidmore!
We’re not letting distance keep us from loving on our girls!!
Thank you to everyone who helped by donating funds or supplies for the water day basket!
We were able to get a slip and slide, water squirters, water balloons, bubble blasters,
water balloon hat toss, an obstacle course, and more!
I saw the girls at Elks Aidmore when I was dropping off the basket
and they were so excited!
Thank you for helping to put a smile on their faces!
You can help us in July by donating supplies for the fiesta.
We could not do this without you! <3 

Let’s Get Fruity! - tx-sacentral

GrassRoots! - tx-fortworth

Chicktime Fort Worth showing #unstoppable love by donating things on their Charity Partner’s needs list. I love the story on their facebook page about the couple intrigued with their purchases when in line at the store and when told about Chicktime and Chicktime Fort Worth’s partnership with SafeHaven donated 40.00 dollars to help cover the cost!

Grassroots movement…..

Rootbeer Floats! - ca-sandiego

May/June Update:

We can’t have face to face workshops right now….

But who says we can’t love our girls at Casa De Amparo from a distance!!

Chicktime San Diego showing love despite the pandemic!


Good News! - oh-dayton

Kay has a great vision for Chicktime Dayton!

Join the mission and serve the Dayton Community with her!

No More Summer Time Blues! - tx-bulverde

Thank you! - tx-houston

Spa Day! - tx-sanantonio

Zoom Time! - ca-ranchocucamonga

We Need Your Help! - ar-littlerock

Welcome! - tx-houston

It’s Praise & Worship Time! - tx-corpuschristi

Thank YOU! - tx-conroe

Let’s Do This! - tx-galveston

Banana Split Time! - tx-boerne

Showing Some Summer Love! - ma-springfield

Help us show the children at Ronald McDonald House some love!
This is the link to their complete wish list.

Joyful News in June - fl-tampa

So excited!!!
I found a local couponer with a stockpile of items we need!

Anyone wanting to contribute, $1.50 funds a deodorant, $1 funds a toothpaste, and $2 funds a box of pads/tampons.

Who could have imagined such excitement over these items?! 🤣

If you’d like to help we have Venmo (@Chicktime-Tampa)
or we are available in Tampa/Brandon if you’d rather make a cash or check donation.

Our friends are the BEST!
All of this will be taken to Miracles OutReach on Friday,
and we have more being picked up before then! 🤯❤

Thank you Dan and Missy!

Terry Overton , I was able to order loads of Chef Boyardee, jelly, snack stuff,
and ingredients for spaghetti with your donation! Thank you!!!

Celebrating Graduates! - tx-uvalde

Chicktime Smalltown had these cute bags monogrammed for the high school graduates who live at Big Springs Ranch! The thank you note speaks volumes to the love the kids feel when Chicktime shows up for them!

- tx-sanantonio

June 2020 drop-off workshop was a success! Chicktime San Antonio Leadership team dropped off two crates full of fruit and cucumbers, tajin spice bottles, watermelon knives, fruit scrubbers and melon-ballers and cups. The crates were beautifully put together with genuinue love from our AMAZING workshop leaders, The Maradiaga Family!

They wrote cards out about fruit and vegetable cleaning and care and now the two cottages that Chicktime San Antonio serves know how to make the best fruit cups ever!


Bling Bling! - oh-cincinnati

Chicktime Cincinnati dropped off supplies and a tutorial/instructions on how to make earrings. The picture is a sample left for the girls at New Beginnings to use to guide them.
Covid-19 will not stop us from supporting and loving these beautiful girls!

Earring Making Fun! - oh-cincinnati

Movie Night! - id-coeurdalene

We are making these baskets to drop off for the movie night with mom!

Ice Cream Social! - al-birmingham

Looking For Summer Fun! - tx-uvalde

Build Your Own Fruit Cups! - tx-sanantonio

Virtual Pizza Party! - oh-dayton

Let’s Do This! - tx-sacentral

Fruits and Veggies! - tx-uvalde

All We Need Is Love! - tx-galveston

It is summer time and it’s HOT in Galveston!
Today we delivered banana split supplies and a TON of different toppings to the family Crisis Center in Galveston.

Icecream makes us happy!!

We want to thank all of our chicktime angels that make this possible.

I think this will become a favorite of the kids..


Winner Winner Mexican Dinner! - sc-monckscorner

Missing our time with the kids, but thankful we can at least
provide them with a yummy meal. Mexican for tonight 

Hope to see soon! - ca-sandiego

No June Workshop! - ca-sacramento

Building Delay! - ok-tulsa

Help Needed~ - tx-fortworth

Hey Chicktime Fort Worth~
We have recently been in contact with the Rapid Re-housing division of SafeHaven of Tarrant County. This is the team that hosts the Monthly FUN Group events that we support and provide volunteers for. I have been informed that they are desperately in need of household items and Summer activity supplies for the children. I know that we have already sent out a list of needs for the Shelter division so if you have already donated or purchased items, your support is greatly appreciated. 
If you haven’t already donated and are able to help, can you please focus your giving to the attached list. 
If you would like to purchase and ship the items, please ship to the following address: 
SafeHaven of Tarrant County – Housing Immediate Needs
1010 N Center Street
Arlington, TX 76011
Attn: Preston Knight
If you would like to drop off items: 
Berry Good Buys
1701 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, TX 76110 
NOTE: Please label the items for the HOUSING group only.
Your assistance is greatly needed and appreciated.  
Summer Activity Supplies:
Coloring books and crayons
a science project
Art and crafts
Something fun
Needed Household items
Sheet- queen/twin
Blankets- Queen/Twin
Pots and pans
Toilet paper
Can opener
Food storage containers
Dry racks
kitchen cooking utensils,
shower curtains
shower rod and hooks
Plates and bowls
Air pumps
wash cloths
feminine products
soap/body wash
Thank you in advance,

                                                      Denise Walker

                                                   Managing Leader –

                                      Chicktime Fort Worth Chapter


Update on June Event - ga-atlanta

Hope All Is Well! - mo-kansascity

Congratulations! - tx-sanantonio

These two beautiful high school graduates are each getting a 50 dollar amazon gift card from Chicktime San Antonio! They have been part of our monthly workshops for a very long time and we are so happy and proud of them!
Thank you to our volunteers who buy Chicktime t-shirts and contribute to our petty cash fund for special occasions like this!
We will soon be collecting visa gift cards to purchase Christmas gifts for the girls! We start early so we can go bold!! If you are in a store and want to help… grab one and message us and we can tell you where to send it!
Be blessed!

Please Help! - tx-fortworth

SafeHaven has 51 kiddos currently in shelter who need your help to have a fun summer.

We normally rely on fun field trips to ke ep our kids entertained while they’re out of school, but with the pandemic we’re having to get creative with crafts, movie days, and fun outdoor projects

Will you purchase a few items off our Summer Camp Amazon Wishlist (linked below) or drop off items at our Berry Good Buys resale store??

Please share! We really need your help!

Berry Good Buys Store:
1701 W Berry St, Fort Worth, TX 76110



Creative Vanity! - ga-atlanta

No June Workshop: - tx-fortworth

Summer Loving…. - tx-uvalde

We Miss YOU! - ar-littlerock

Checking In and Blessings! - tx-sacentral

Chapter News~ - tx-sanantonio

Day by Day~ - oh-cincinnati

We hope you all are well. We are still having discussions regarding our possibility of resuming workshops this summer (or in the fall).

We just want to remind you that you are so loved…in many ways! Stay healthy. Stay safe. And stay grateful.

God Bless You💕

Hope To See You Soon… - az-mesa

Chapter Update! - tx-bulverde

In the meantime…..can you help?

No Summer Workshops! - tx-sanmarcosempowered

Hope To See You Soon! - tx-galveston

Chapter Update~ - tx-nbdowntown

Flip Flop Fun! - tx-corpuschristi

Let’s Pray! - tx-sanmarcosgjc

Our Latest Update: - tx-austin

Checking In… - tx-humble

Hoping For July! - tx-houston

Summer Update: - tx-conroe

Blessings! - in-indianapolis

Checking In~ - mi-detroit

June Update: - id-coeurdalene

Exciting News! - al-birmingham

June Update: - tx-missionrgv

Be Well & See You Soon! - tx-newbraunfels

No June Workshop! - tx-boerne

May Workshop A Success! - tx-canyonlake

When You can’t have Chicktime workshops on site due to Covid-19..

you do the next best thing….
get supplies donated and ask for the New Life volunteer coordinator Lisa Brown, to host the workshop!!

The girls made sun catchers and paper bracelets. Thank you Liz Barger and Laura Sowell for all the prep work!

Yummy brownies courtesy of Presidian Cares and cookies thanks to master cookie maker Rick Barger!


Yummy! - tx-bulverde

Last weeks fun at SJRC-Bulverde with Chicktime Bulverde. We still can’t wait to see the girls in person, but in the meantime…..We will keep thinking of ways to love them from a distance!
Tuesday, I “loaded” the SJRC kiddos with baked potatoes with shredded chicken and lots of toppings along with the ever popular and highly requested Hawaiian Rolls. Did you like my pun…loaded as in a loaded potato.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

Friday, they were treated to Chalupa Boxes from Taco Bell. Thank you Michael Carman for your donation to help make this happen.

I love you kiddos at SJRC-Bulverde.

Happy Memorial Day! - tx-bulverde

Chicktime Bulverde  Fed the kids at SJRC Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and homemade Mac and Cheese!

They donated supplies to decorate Paper Mache stars in honor of those who sacrificed their lives for our Freedom and also taught them how to make my spicy crackers.

Ended the festivities with Big Red ice cream floats.

Thank you Tara Johsnon for your donation to help Chicktime Bulverde keep showing up for the kids at SJRC and help them through the pandemic!

Overwhelming Donations! - tx-bulverde

Chicktime Bulverde could not meet today for our monthly workshop but we did meet up during the week to share the love. We were honored to have Chef Robert Hicks spend his day off, after the busy Mother’s Day weekend, to prepare Chicken Faijaits, rice and beans for SJRC on Monday. You rocked Robert Hicks!!! They loved you’re cooking.

On Friday, the kids enjoyed Schlotzsky’s Boxed Meals. It was the first time for a lot of the kids to be introduced to the Schlotzsky’s experience. Thank you Jillian Bourn and family for your generous donation to purchase the sandwiches.

If you would like to help these amazing foster kids at SJRC during the pandemic, please message me. The feeling you get when you volunteer or donate is PRICELESS!!!

#unstoppablelove - oh-akron

We miss getting to know all the girls we get to serve. COVID has impacted all of us, but it can’t stop us from ding-dong-ditching some crafting/art supplies and pizza! 🍕 🎨🥰 We had so much fun shopping for the girls that we didn’t remember to take many photos, but just a few of the things we delivered were:

Tie-dye kits
Anime drawing book
Bubbles (come on, we all love bubbles)
DIY Face Mask kit
Summer tote bags
And a lot more!!

We’re grateful for anyone and everyone who has made donations, big and small. Thank you for empowering us to serve our Akron community!

Welcome, Chicktime Monterey Leadership Team! - ca-monterey







Welcome Sabrina - ca-monterey

Excited to introduce our newest chapter leader and the amazing team she has built! Stay tuned!