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Calling All Ghosts and Goblins! - tx-bulverde

September Update:

Had a great time at Chicktime Bulverde Saturday. The teens had so much fun learning how to play Bunco. I see a lot more Bunco in our future. They also enjoyed a lunch of Pizza, snacks, and homemade Ice cream cookie sandwiches. Every teen left with a goodie bag to enjoy all weekend long.
Big Shout Out to our volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you!!!!
Chicktime Bulverde will not meet at the regular 3rd Saturday in October. We have moved our workshop to October 29th from 7:00-9:00 PM to celebrate Halloween. If you are interested in participating in the Trunk or Treating portion of the evening, please contact me for details. We are also excepting Candy and snack donations.

Dia De Lost Muertos - tn-nashville

September Update:

It was a Viva Fiesta kind of day at our Chicktime September workshop!
We learned to make homemade tortillas and had genuine fellowship at a Taco party!
We had lots of new girls . We pray they felt our love for them.

Fall Festivities! - al-birmingham

September Update:

Spa Day for our moms at Chicktime Birmingham Saturday! We had some yummy soup and a much needed time of relaxation! Thank you to all who donated to make it possible! 💗

Halloween Crafting! - tx-sacentral

September Update:

This past Saturday we spent time with the kids soaking up the sun with our beautiful suncatchers. Ms. Mary helped bring out everyone’s creative side. We all were so into our designs, we almost went over our time 🙂 The focus is real!
The suncatchers were all so bright and colorful! We had abstract designs, favorite colors, and colors that reminded some of a happy moment in time. One kid wanted to use blues because they missed the snow.
Thank you Ms. Mary for such a meditative experience. And remember, when you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine!
Thank You Roy Maas Youth Alternatives for having us. We will see you next month!

Painting Pumpkins! - tx-fortworth

September Update:

Yesterday Kristi Haven led the girls at Clearfork Academy in this beautiful and meaningful craft… Good Deed Beads are a reminder to let our good deeds out way the bad.
Thank you to our great group of volunteers!
Keep watching here for your opportunity to join us in making a difference next month!


Stronger and Better! - ga-conyers

September Update:

Spook-tacular Day! - tx-canyonlake

September Update:

Pictures are coming!!

Decorate Tote Bags! - tx-corpuschristi

September Update:

Though there were only 4 of us, we were able to have a successful event this morning with the 24 girls. These girls did an amazing job decorating their wooden crosses and absolutely loved them. They were so grateful & enjoyed their time creating their masterpiece.
Each one was unique and will be treasured always. Thank you to our workshop leader, Sylvia Menchaca for making this happen and H-E-B for supplying all the drinks and snacks. We can’t forget to thank our co-leader, Diana Martinez for gifting the girls their very own Crucifix. May the Lord always guide and protect them. Happy Saturday everyone!!! 

Spread Kindness! - tx-sanantonio

September Update:

Our cupcake decorating competition workshop was a lot of things-
competitive, creative, funny and oh so yummy!
The girls were told they could decorate four cupcakes and out of those four they could enter one in the contest. There were cupcake gift boxes to gift one to someone special when they left the workshop ! That of course left a couple for eating…
And wow!! All the toppings they ate while creating their perfect cupcakeI To be a teenager again! 
Our judge was Boysville’s Activity Specialist- “Mr. Frank”! He had a tough job but we believe he was adequately paid in cupcakes for his time! 🥰 🧁!
Always a blessing to end our time in prayer together. We hope they see Jesus when they see us each month.

Thank you to the ladies of Campanas Neighborhood for donating all the supplies and hosting such a lovely workshop!
Here is just some of the awards given out!! 
Join us next month~ 


Spiders Oh My! - ca-sacramento

September Update:

Our September workshop:
Arrr Mateys! Blacklace read a story about Pirate Pete which led us on an adventure to find gold!
After Walking the Plank and Swabbing the Deck, we found the “X” that marks the spot where we discovered the buried treasure!
We are celebrating Halloween at our October event. Join us!

Happy Halloween! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

September Update:

Our September drop off workshop is all about learning to meditate.
Chicktime Charleston Park Circle is gifting meditation mats and instructions on how to meditate and why you should meditate. …And how it benefits you, inside and out.
What a blessing to show up for kids in the foster care system!

Hello Fall! - ok-tulsa

September Update:

What a fun time this weekend at Lindsay house! We had fun needle felting today. Moms and the older kids enjoyed the fun.
We had new ladies there to help today also!
If you are interested in volunteering to be a fun aunt for a few hours on the 2nd Saturday of the month, we would love to have you

Hello Pumpkin! - tx-missionrgv

September Update:

Chicktime Mission got to swinging in creating safari themed gift baskets for the kids at the Rio Grande Children’s home! 🦥❤️🐒🦒 A gracious recognition goes out to Misty who led such a loving workshop 😌
A BIG thanks also goes out to our participating volunteers! If you would like to be a part of our October event – be sure to contact us directly!
Wishing everyone a September full of blessings 💗

Paint On! - tx-boerne

September Update:

September activity was a mother daughter love these when a family steps up and gives there time to spend it with our chapter 💕 Gracias Talia GA and Alexa
Berries and marshmallow kabobs 🫐⚪️🍓
Sand art ✝️🐬🐡🧜‍♀️
Mandala coloring sheets
Card games
Conversations,laughter,embracing, dancing, and singing what a beautiful day of celebrating with our girls 👧🏻👧🏼👧🏽👧🏿👧🏾
Taylor was our new volunteer and can’t wait to come back and spend time with the girls the smiles on their faces are priceless 💕✝️🙏🏻💕
See y’all in October
Jeannie Keefe will be our activity leader 🎃💀👻🕸

Improv Time! - fl-tampa

We will not be meeting in October! We pray everyone remains safe as Hurricane Ian comes our way.
See you next month!

September Update:

We had such a relaxing and enjoyable workshop yesterday. Thank you, Kim, for leading us through yoga and then allowing for us to unwind with Mandela coloring. The girls really had a nice time!

Bring on the Fun! - ar-littlerock

September Update:

So great being able to serve at Immerse Arkansas tonight for their Overcoming Together event💕

Jumping for JOY! - tx-nbdowntown

August Update:

This month we all enjoyed decorating water bottles with fun stickers, making key chains and writing goals and affirmations for the school year ! We devoured pizza and homemade chocolate chip cookies too 🙂 we are so thankful for volunteers who provide the food and activities!

Rainbow Goldfish! - md-columbia

August Update:

We are waiting for pics from our charity part.

Fruit Fun! - ga-atlanta

August Update:

We have all the ingredients for our ice cream social, but were not able to make a connection with our contact at Atlanta Baptist Children’ s Home. Staff were very busy doing double work due to the staffing shortage and not  able to make the exchange. We will make a double drop off early September.   

Bunco Party! - tx-bulverde

August Update:

Chicktime Bulverde celebrated going back to school with fun SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS! We started off by making homemade Ice Cream with only two ingredients. We continued by making lava lamps, calm down bottles, fish bowls to have as a room decor (expanding orbees was the experiment piece), and ended with mild art.
We have a very creative bunch at our Charity Partner – SJRC.
After the Chicktime activities, lunch was served and we got to taste the ice cream.
Thanks to Michael Carman, Levi Lewis and the other wonderful members of the ACLX-Alamo City LX Modern Mopar) group for sponsoring lunch from Ay Chiwawa Mexican Cafe.
Also, thanks to the wonderful volunteers who give their time every month to love on these kids.
We are always looking for more volunteers.
If you have a passion that you would like to share with the kids at SJRC during Chicktime, please contact me, Merrilee Shisk Berger Chicktime Bulverde is working right now on filling the 2023 calendar

Water Bottle Decorating! - tx-austin

August Update:

Playing games, painting nails, popcorn and cookies make for a fun Chicktime and we had two new volunteers

Jewelry Making Fun! - ms-jackson

August Update:

Workshop leader, Nicole, showed the girls how to make ornaments with dried flowers for decorations around their room. She talked to them about waiting for the person God wants for them to marry and also gifted each girl a book on how to pray for their future husband. 

Keep using our chapter, Lord. 

Making Sun Catchers! - tx-sacentral

August Update:

Today we learned how to unwind.
Yoga not only has many physical health benefits but also strengthens our mentality.
Yoga was new to us all! There was a little hesitation at first from the kids, but everyone grabbed a mat and were ready to listen. Ms. Mary and Ms. Annette began by teaching us the “STAR” move. We learned so many other moves, like the Dinosaur, Bear, Turtle, and the challenging Fox.
At the end, Ms. Mary gave the kids a pop quiz to see if they remembered all the moves and they aced it! By the end of our exercise, the kids were telling us how much they enjoyed the yoga session. They also didn’t realize how challenging it could be!
We ended with delicious fruit kabobs prepared by Ms. Annette. Some of the kids also got to try tajin and chamoy for the first time today and we received many thumbs up!
Thank You Ms. Mary and Ms. Annette for empowering our minds. A strong mind can confront and overcome difficulties of all kinds!

Healthy Relationships! - tx-houston

August Update:

Today was such a beautiful day. Thanks to our activity leader, Ms. Chandra for the experience of making sugar scrubs. The young ladies were so engaging. We even had a shark tank activity, allowing them to showcase their scrubs in their own way. 1. Name of your company? 2. Why should we buy your scrub? 3. How much is your scrub? 4. Where could we find your scrub. They were able to use their imaginations, in this activity. They had some great ideas! I love it! Youth are so innovative these days. They just need a little push in the right direction. A simple recipe with coconut oil, sugar, and vitamin E, can be an entrepreneurial venture.

Come On Cooler Weather! - tx-uvalde


August Update:

Chicktime Smalltown was blessed by Skyway Entertainment’s 50/50 cash drawing  night during a  street party, provided by Sjyway Entertainment and Broadway 830!

We can’t wait to use it for special projects for the kids at Big Springs Ranch Children’s Home. 

Save The Date! - ga-conyers

August 2022:

We had a great info and planning session today with some amazing women from our community! Chicktime Conyers is going to be stronger than ever in 2023!

Blinging Crosses! - tx-corpuschristi

August Update:

Check out these really cute caps the girls decorated today! They all had a great time ironing on their decals and blinging them up too! Decisions, Decisions!!!

Thanks to Rosie Morin for this awesome workshop and all volunteers for showing up and helping make this day so much fun for them.

A huge Thank You to H-E-B for supplying all the drinks and snacks too! #HEBHelpingHere

Shine Your Light! - tx-canyonlake

August Update:

Our August workshop was just what we needed to help the girls have a little back to school fun! Each station intently planned to reach the girls where they are at and touch their minds and their hearts.
It’s always amazing how our workshops bless the volunteers as much as our time and activities bless the girls who are placed at New Life.
Don’t let another month go by without coming to see what we are all about! Chicktime is where it’s at!!

Sweet Time Ahead! - tx-sanantonio

August Update:

It was another beautiful morning at Chicktime San Antonio! The morning started off a little slow as the girls were tired from their first week of school. However, once they got going, they got busy painting while they talked, laughed and shared.
We were thankful for our new volunteers today who jumped right in to paint with the girls, listen and support them as if they had been here many times. What a blessing it was to watch them in action.
We are always amazed at the girls’ creativity and patience as they work on their creations, and their results are as beautiful as them.
We finished the morning as we always do – with prayer and thanksgiving and already looking forward to our next time together.

Just Breathe! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

August Update:

We miss our in person workshops and we miss having connection with other compassionate women who want to make a difference in our community. It’s coming back…
Please hang with us until that happens.
The kids placed at at CYDC need us!
We were able to have a drop off this month due to campus restrictions. 
We will be back next month.

Child Development 101! - tx-newbraunfels

August 2022:

Chicktime New Braunfels August workshop has come and gone and all we can say is …. Not sure who was more blessed us or the young moms ?!
The workshop activity was decorating our own tote bags! It’s alway fun to watch the creative juices flow during our workshops! In addition to coming with supplies for an activity ….Our blessing to the moms each month is a little respite from their babies and toddlers! They seem to need this list as our workshop just happened to be on their first day of school. They were exhausted!

A couple hours every 2nd Thursday of the month…
Join us! We would love help role modeling love and kindness and offering hope for a brighter future!

Stain Glass Chalk Art! - oh-akron

August Update:

Chicktime Planning is so important to our leadership team. We absolutely believe we are part of the healing of the youth at Safe Landing. Join us one month. 

Overcoming Together! - ar-littlerock

August Update:

Hey Chicktime Little Rock~
Happy August!
Will you pray with us that the youth at Immerse have the best school year. We are feeling so grateful that they have all the school supplies they need to start the school year off right thanks to generous people.and that they have staff who care about them and our chapter to support and encourage them.

One Scoop, Please! - ny-syracuse

August Update:

Together we make a difference. We have so much love to share and happy we have a place to spread it. Join us one month !

Be the Change! - id-coeurdalene


We are sad to see you go, but we pray all good things for you!

Harvest Time! - ok-tulsa

August Update:

Thank you to for all who came to the journal creation time at Lindsey House. 

We had such a fun time. Have a passion or hobby you can share? 

Reach out. We need YOU.

Calling All Party Animals~ - tx-missionrgv

August Update:

“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” – Vincent Van Gogh 🎨🖼💗 Chicktime Mission and participating volunteers had a great time crafting up art baskets for the Kids at the Rio Grande Children’s Home. A big thanks goes out to Viridiana who led such a vibrant and colorful workshop this month! 🌈

Happy Labor Day! - in-indianapolis

August Update:

We are so grateful for our volunteers who have been so patient with our summer off.

Sprinkles Please! - tx-galveston

August Update:

We had THE best time at ChickTime today!!!
The rain surely didn’t stop us.
We started with a prayer circle in which we prayed over the kids and their lives.
The question for the day was if you could be/do ANYTHING, if there were no obstacles at all what would you be/do
I got lots of answers
Some wanted to be a princess
A súper hero
A mermaid
A soldier to serve his country
A welder in the army
A music producer
A teacher/ counselor
Another soldier
I asked them to reflect that in their art.
Here are some of the things they drew
The angels were a hit and I don’t even know how they got in my arts supplies because I don’t remember getting them. BUT hey that is how God works sometimes
So yes THIS is why we ChickTime
Like Prina said “everyone should come to ChickTime grandma it is so much fun”
Join the movement

All About Pirates! - ca-sacramento

August Update:

Wild Heart Ranch came out to #spreadlove with their amazing mini horses and Tequila (the big horse).
We had so much fun and the community was over the moon with excitement!
Thank you to everyone who helped at our workshop today!

Food Fiesta! - tn-nashville

August Update:

Well we had a slight change of plans this past weekend for our monthly workshop. Chicktime Nashville volunteers always step up to the plate and know how to pivot! Since Suzette couldn’t attend, Anna stepped in and led our workshop. With some fun and eat craftiness. We made THE cutest paper craft with tissue paper and glue. Soooo easy but filled the two hour time block.
Anna said it best, “When you give them something mindless to do with their hands they start talking. It allows them to open up about hard and often traumatic things that they’d otherwise shoulder alone.”
She is so right. It gives them a chance to be heard and a chance to be seen. Topics ranged from death of parents, to abuse, even to miscarriages. Yeah you read that right. Some have lives hard lives. Our home has dropped in number due to age outs, transitioning back to homes, and sadly being removed and placed back in behavioral care. My heart breaks each time we lose one back to west Tn. I want to shake my fists in anger and cry how unfair it is. One of our girls said, “I’ve pretty much given up on being adopted and having a family to call my own.” she’s about to age out into Independent Living program. I wanted so badly to say, ”I’ll take you and call you mine.” But it doesn’t work that way.
We had a great time even when the lulls of sadness floated in the air after hard things were spoken. Selene regaled us with her fascinating career of being a former police officer and we had a NEW volunteer named Sarah! We are so blessed that we have been able to expand our volunteer base and bring more women into the fold to share their gifts and love on our girls.

Back To School Fun! - mi-detroit

August Update:

We had a great time at our August event! Jennifer planned a fun craft — we made Tissue Paper “Stained Glass”. The girls had a fantastic time, especially because it involved GLITTER! Thank you for hosting this activity Jennifer!
Next month we will be doing a Back to School activity with the girls!

Yoga Time! - fl-tampa

August Update:

We helped the girls be extra ready for school with Backpacks stuffed to the brim!
Each Back to School bundle includes:
– new backpack
– graphing calculator
– pencil case stuffed with pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, glue, expo markers, white out tape
– markers (thin and bold)
– colored pencils
– three packs of paper
– spiral notebook
– dividers
– poly folder
– binder
– composition notebook
– index cards
– ruler
– makeup bag with chapstick and hair ties (hopefully mascara and eyeliner soon)
– deodorant
– body wash and salts/bubbles
– loofahs
– new socks
– toiletry bag
– toothbrush and toothpaste
– lotion



Yummy For My Tummy! - tx-boerne

August Update:

Kicking off back to school was a success the girls made a DIY purse/bag 👜 out of a T-shirt 👚 they decorated a vinyl and personalized it to their hobbies or quotes
Grateful for Claudia Morales and Paulina her daughter
For hosting our workshop~
See y’all in September we meet the first Saturday of every month from 10:00-12:00!

Bracelets Take Two! - tx-fortworth

August Update:


Our August workshop was canceled due to Covid.

See you next month!

Snack Time! - dc- washington

August Update:

We dropped off Painting Fun workshop, but forgot to take pictures.

Art if always a hit with kids so we just know they had a blast with all the supplies!

A Day Of Pampering~ - al-birmingham

August Update:

Praying over this school year and blessing every backpack! 🎒🙏🏻✏️


Worship Time! - ms-jackson

July Update:

A little write up on our July workshop and some beautiful pictures to help tell the story.
Our fabulous workshop leader, Pam,
had the girls painting birdhouses …
and it was centered about the theme of the Lord sees the sparrow and nothing is hidden from his view. It’s about his provision and safety in God.
We feel so honored to sit side by side with these precious girls and do things like lair birdhouse and talk about Jesus.

Exciting News! - ga-atlanta


CHICKTIME ATLANTA has been recognized in the community! CHICKTIME leaders and Volunteers are welcome to take advantage of 50% off of a business seminar for women~  titled THE EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN TOUR!  All details are located on flyer.


Little Masterpieces! - dc- washington

July Update:

Summer fun was dropped off for our special friends at My Sister’s Place! We keep planning for in person workshops and one day they will happen… please stay with us!!

It’s That Time! - tx-nbdowntown

July Update:

Chicktime last night was full of fellowship and joy ! 

Join us next month at Connections Individual and Family Services

We Need YOU!! - dc- washington

Are you ready to get off the sidelines and make a difference in our community? The time is now !
Compassionate, fun and loving women~ Arise!

Bittersweet! - dc- washington


School Bells Ringing! - tx-austin

July Update:

What an incredible day Chicktime Austin had! Poetry writing with Symone was a huge success! The girls got to try their hands at one of their favorite annual events. Each participant received their own journal and learned all about the various styles of poetry by our very own special guest! Symone Hernandez was a published poet at the age of of nine!

The girls got the chance to practice writing Haiku, Sonnet and various other forms. They had the chance to share with each other, learn about poetry, receive a journal, fellowship with popcorn and each other and win prizes! Six winners were awarded for most participative, willingness to share, and most decorated journal! All in all it was a great day and the girls had a ton of fun! Until the next time!!!😘

Whew! Finding Rest! - tx-uvalde

July Update:

July was a busy time for Chicktime Smalltown!
Our planned activity was a swim party for the girls who are placed at Big Springs Ranch compliments of Tane! To say the gathering was WONDERFUL is an understatement!! It was so nice!
What a blessing it is when people share their blessings with others….especially the gift of time!
Thank you Tane!! The girls had a blast!!

Our 2nd gathering was originally planned for August, but we couldn’t get dates lined up so we doubled up in July!!
Fun was had at SWTJC thanks to the amazing Derik and Norma Jean Sandoval!
Pool time and lots of activities and games…
Like 6 hours of fun 🥰!!!!
Including snacks and bbq!! Can you imagine how good the kids slept that night!
We just couldn’t help ourselves….
Added more summer fun outing for July…
Norma Jean Sandoval, Mandy Sandoval and Kimberly Fulton Huffstutler took the girls from Big Springs out to dinner!!

Summer Chilin’ - il-indianapolis

July Update:

We did not meet in July,but wanted to make sure you remember this…..

Each Day Is a blessing!

Care Packages~ - ar-littlerock

July 2022

Good Food Good Mood here at Immerse Arkansas💕
We had a great time at The Gathering this past Tuesday. We would love to have you join us at the next event in August!!

Let’s Try Again! - ga-atlanta

July Update:

Slight hiccup to our July drop off. Our contact person at the Children’s Home is out of the office until August 2nd. Unfortunately, she is the only one who can give permission to do a direct drop off. So, the ice cream social has been pushed to our August workshop.
We still need you ! Can you help and donate toward our event?

A Little More Time - ny-syracuse

July Update:

The Leadership Team gathering together to plan amazing things for their chapter and charity partner. 


Backpacks and Books! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

July Update:

Ice Cream Socials are always a campus favorite!

Paper Crafts~ - mi-detroit

July Update:

Yesterday at Vista Maria we made Dream Catchers with the girls and they shared a life dream they have!

Some of their responses were: Labor & Delivery Nurse, OB/GYN, Lawyer, DHS Worker, Animator, Engineer, and more! Keep dreaming big, girls! Their Dream Catchers turned out amazing as well. It was a great craft, for a gloomy (and very humid) day! 🥰🌈💫🌟💜💗💟✝️

Love Bigger! - ga-conyers

July Update:

Summer has given us clarity about what we want for our chapter….

Bottom line is….we want to move mountains for to serve our community.

Join us! 

Checkting In… - id-coeurdalene

July Update~

We hope everyone is staying cool during record temps all over the United States. 

We did not meet in July. 

Craft Time! - tn-nashville

July Update:

Y’all! I can’t say enough about Chicktime July. I’m STILL smiling from ear to ear. Picnic Day for Chicktime Nashville was a blast; literally. We started off with having our picnic moved indoors due to threat of rain and thunder. Mrs. Renee brought turkey, ham and all the fixins for a good sandwich. We had chips, veggies, fruit, cookies, Gatorade, and popsicles to round out our meal. Miss Anna brought some adult coloring books and we passed the time coloring and chatting to wait out the weather.
Then we took this wild crazy party outside. It was on as the girls teamed up against our volunteers with water balloon fight🎈 and busted out the water guns. Miss Abby and Miss Anna were under attack and took the brunt of water. It was good to cool off though because it was hot and muggy! Mrs. Heidi did not let them get away with it cause she targeted them from behind the tree with her full water gun 🔫. 😂
We played with bubbles 🫧 and even did jump rope! Miss Anna taught us all how to be so very “extra” with our beautiful fancy fans to keep us cool. Miss Abby even taught us some dances. You’ll have to see the next few posts for those and her sweet jump rope skills. We think she and Mrs. Heidi had the most fun. 🤣 As you can see, it was a wet day!


Create and Play! - tx-newbraunfels

July Update:

Our July workshop had to be postponed due to Covid. See you in August. 

Games Galore! - md-columbia

July Update:

We were not able to drop off our July workshop due to scheduling conflicts with Charity Partner…..so we extended our workshop donations until mid August. 

Glass Gem Night Light - dropoffworkshopresources


Round glass vases from Dollar Tree
Glass gems from Dollar Tree
E6000 (adhesive) and hot glue
Candleholders from Dollar Tree (optional)
Glass Tray from Dollar Tree (optional)
LED Candle from Dollar Tree



Using hot glue and/or E6000, glue glass gems all over the round vase.

There will be spaces between the gems and that is OK. 

Put LED candle inside the vase and you are finished!

Optional Steps

If you would like to build a stand for your night light do the following:

Hot glue two candle stick holders together to build a base. 

Hot glue a glass tray on top of the base to build a stand. 


Here are the printable instructions for this craft!

Dream Catchers! - dropoffworkshopresources


Paper Plates
Craft Beads
Feathers, sequins, or other decorative items
Hole Punch
Glue & Tape
Circular object (vase, CD, bowl, etc.)


Turn paper plate face down

Use circular object to trace a circle on the back of the plate. 
You could also freestyle draw the circle.
The circle should be smaller than the base of the plate. 

Leave enough width so that you can make small holes in the plate without the plate tearing. 

Cut out circle and then mark where you would like your small holes to be all over the plate. 

Mark the holes in a clock face type pattern. 

Use a hole punch or scissors to poke the holes that you have marked. Your holes will need to be large enough for ribbon to go through. 

Make 3 additional holes along the bottom edge of the plate. 

Cut long pieces of ribbon. Too long is better because you can always cut off the excess. 

Thread the long ribbon through one of the holes and secure the ribbon by knotting it and taping it down.

Continue threading the ribbon through all of the holes around the circle of your plate. 

While threading you can add beads to the ribbon for decoration. 

When all holes have been threaded, tie off the ribbon, cut off the excess, and tape it to the back of the plate. 

Cut 3 more pieces of ribbon. One ribbon should be slightly longer than the other two which should be the same size. 

Tie the longest string in the middle hole at the bottom of the plate. Tie the shorter strings on either side and secure the strings to the plate with tape. 

On the loose ends of the ribbon, add beads for decoration, and then tie off to secure. 

If desired, add feathers to the bottom ribbons by placing the end of the feathers in the last beads on the ribbon and securing with glue. 

While the glue is drying, decorate your plate with stickers, sequins, markers, etc. 

You are finished! While you are making the dream catchers, talk with the girls about what their dreams are.
This craft is a great conversation starter!



Here are the printable instructions for this incredible activity!

Backpack Blessing! - al-birmingham

July Update:

Loved making a splash with our friends from the ABCH on this sun filled summer day!
stay tuned for our our workshop details!

Door Hangers! - tx-sanantonio

July Update:

Every month we are humbled by the women who don’t just talk about being part of the change… They are the change!
Special thanks to our workshop leader, Teri, who introduced the girls to the basics of sewing by hand and then how to sew their own pillow case / duffel bag by using a sewing machine! Teri came to us by way of one our faithful volunteers, Bindu, who took sewing lessons from her at @Gromes! Bindu wanted to share her passion for sewing and asked her teacher to lead the workshop with her and she said YES! Then she asked her sister who also sews !! Spreading the word about Chicktime by way of a good ole grassroots movement!! Priceless!
The morning was so special! For many of the girls it brought back fond memories of good times they spent with their grandmother who they either watched sew or who taught them a little bit about sewing.
Chicktime San Antonio leadership team member, Letty Rodela, asked her mom to join us as she sews too! The girls gravitated to her as she reminded them of their grandmother. This!!!
Great snacks, life skill taught, safe and loving space, laughter and genuine care and concern for the girls placed at Boysville best describes our July workshop…
oh!! And the closing prayer led by one of the teen girls… wow!! We certainly left with hearts full!
We would love for you to join us in August!
We are painting our own door hangers!

Blinging Hats! - tx-corpuschristi

July Update:

Such a beautiful day with the girls! They enjoyed tying balloons on their sandals and decorating them each to their liking.

They came out super cute too! Thank you to our workshop leader, Elsa MacDougall for such a fun workshop! It was truly a HIT!

A huge thank you to H-E-B for being out sole grocer sponsor and providing all the drinks and snacks for the kids!

We truly appreciate our volunteers for coming out to help too. You each make a BIG impact on their lives and they will remember you when they each look back at their lives. #HEBHelpingHere

Namaste! - tx-sacentral

July Update:

Yesterday we let our inner superheroes out!
The kids got an opportunity to dig deep within themselves, and their imagination, to create a superhero comic. They were challenged to be creative!
One kid was Wonder Girl, who got her super powers from eating so much salad, that it made her the strongest girl in the world. She used those super powers of hers to save all the stuffed animals that kids throw away.
Another child named their super hero “Squishy”. Squishy’s power was to eliminate people’s sadness by squishing people with a huge hug.
It was nice to see the good deeds that not only these made-up superheroes had, but what the kids really felt the world needed.
After everyone was done creating their comic book strip, we divided up into two teams to have a little friendly competition against the heroes. We started off with a quick game of basketball and then busted out the water squirters. It was too hot of a day not to get wet!
In the end, the kids and Chicktime volunteers had a wonderful time.
Don’t take for granted the quality time you spend with your family. The small amount of time we spend with the kids every month makes a world of a difference. You can tell in their smiles and laughter.
We look forward to returning next month!

Sugar Scrubs! - tx-houston

July Update:

Oh, what a wonderful “GIRL TALK” it was. Having a safe space to relax, relate, and release..is important to us, AS ADULTS, so can you imagine how the youth feel, when they can actually talk and open up about things that bother them, without criticism or someone telling them what they feel is nonsense. Starting a new school, anxieties about classes, feeling singled out, can be stressful, but on the upside there are also things to look forward to in the new school year. We definitely got to hear them today. In the voice of Ice Cube…Today was a Good Day, so much participation. Thank to our new volunteer Chandra. She said she will be back next month and she is ready to lead an activity. Yay, Chicktime Katy!

Pencils, Glue Sticks and Rulers! - tx-galveston

July Update:

We had some changes to our July workshop, but thankful we have special people who step up and say yes….Use us God!
Special thanks to these amazing women who came out in FULL force to provide encouragement and love to the Children’s Center~
…and not to mention a little Zumba, crafts, cake and prayers.
Special thanks to Emma Posada for leading the event, my wonderful cousins for donating arts and crafts, Gloria Yadira and Junior for the snacks and Ortega Erika and company of Transform & Nutrition Club for bringing your energy and MOVES!


Calling All Mad Scientists! - tx-bulverde

July Update:

Chicktime Bulverde had a wonderful time Saturday morning serving our charity partner,
SJRC Texas. Thank you Elizabeth Hepp for hosting the workshop.
The teens and their babies enjoyed painting Keepsake Boxes and feasting on the delicious lunch. 
Thank you to the amazing volunteers who came out to love on these kiddos.
Feeling blessed to be part of such a wonderful group of people.

Little Artist - tx-missionrgv

July Update:

We LOVE to see our monthly workshops continue to grow with the wonderful women in our community! ✨

Chicktime Leaders and participating volunteers came together to create more Summer Goodie Baskets for the kids at the Rio Grande Children’s Home along with including handcrafted stones to remind us of the beauty in life 🤗 A big thanks goes out to Lupita for leading such a great cause!

Decorating Composition Books! - ok-tulsa

July Update:

Chicktime Tulsa painted rocks with the moms and kids at Lindsey’s House for our July workshop.
We can’t say this enough…. Showing up once a month for a couple of hours blesses us as much as it blesses them. Come hang out with us one month. Help us out with the activity one month. Encourage the participants one month. Lead an activity one month. Just show up!!
Live big. LOVE BIGGER!

School is in Session! - fl-tampa

July Update:

Today was SO MUCH FUN!!! Meeghan Carroll led the most creative event today at Miracles OutReach… an Upcycle Fashion Show Challenge!
Each girl picked a mystery bag with clothing items and the challenge was to upcycle the pieces into a newly designed outfit to rule the runway! Check out the red carpet!!!
We all voted at the end for overall winner and everyone was awarded a certificate for something unique about their designs.
So cool! We hope Meeghan joins us again next year!


Time at the Ranch! - ca-sacramento

July Update:

It’s the second Saturday of the month, you know what that means?
Chicktime Sacramento held our workshop!
Today was water play and ice cream with Ms. Emily!
We had about 22 kids today that’s the most we’ve seen since the pandemic. It makes my heart so happy to see these kiddos faces light up when Chicktime shows up.
I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d like, but phones and water don’t mix!
Ps peek some of the tie dye shirts we made last month!!!

Positive Prayer Bracelets! - tx-fortworth

July Update:

Adding to our Album Cover from last month. Decorating an actual album to represent our personality, hopes, dreams and family.
These Girls are so creative and joyful.
Clearfork Academy Cleburne Tx
Join us next month to make joyful prayer bead bracelets. Aug 20 @ 11:30 -1:30
720.341.2366 Jana

DIY Fun! - tx-boerne

July Update:

Pool party
Snacks and splash time💦
Cooling off during the Texas heat is best with friends and in a pool
Pool noodles-twizzlers
Surf boards-air heads
Beach balls -cheese puffs
Beach sand-pixie sticks
Flip flops-Nutter butters
Stayed hydrated with H2O and capri suns
See y’all in august


Back To School~ - tx-canyonlake

July Update:

The girls had so much fun doing science experiments at this months Chicktime! Thank you Liz Barger for leading and planning all the activities! Another thank you to the other volunteers who got up early Saturday morning to come serve with us!   💕😁

It means so much to us and the girls. They love spending time with the volunteers! We hope to see y’all at next months Chicktime 💕😁


Let’s Try Again! - oh-akron

June 2022

We are so sorry-
Our July workshop was postponed last minute due to a family emergency!
We still look forward to brightening the hearts of the youth at Safe Landing in August!
Same theme!! Same fun!!
Hope to see you then ! Details coming soon!!
🥰 #ty

Family Dinner Style~ - ar-littlerock

June Update:

We had a blast last night with our friends at Immerse Arkansas for their weekly Gathering!!!
Of course we were stuffed after having our summer fish fry with all the fixings. 🤣 And we are looking forward to having more fun next month for our July activity. STAY TUNED! 🫣
P.S. We had a chance to catch one of our Co-Leaders Jamie Middleton conduct volunteer orientation in her new role of being the Volunteer Coordinator at Immerse! 😍

Keepsake Boxes - tx-bulverde

Thank you Maria “Alex” Ibarra and family for hosting June’s Chicktime Carnival Style.
The teens and babies enjoyed putt putt golf, giant Jenga, Mexican Bingo, Coke Ring Toss, Musical Chairs, and a carnival theme lunch, which included mini taco, sausage on a stick, corn on the cob and funnel cakes.
Everyone had so much fun. Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers, new ones and my faithful returning volunteers. You help make it happen. Hope y’all can join us next month.
Thank you Wayne Orchid for your donation.

Summertime Fun! - mi-detroit

June Update:

Last Saturday we kicked off summer with fun outdoor games at Vista Maria!
Ladder Ball ✅
Corn Hole ✅
Cake Walk ✅
Music🎵 ✅
Sponge Relay Race ✅
The girls even came up with their own dance routine! 💃🤩
We all enjoyed the beautiful weather and the fresh air did us good!🌞
Looking forward to next month!

Vanilla or Chocolate? - ga-atlanta

June Update:

June workshop drop off…
HOT HOT Summer! This is the time of year to stay hydrated. The girls will be designing their own water bottle with their name and other fun stickers. We definitely want them to have FUN in the SUN, but more importantly we want them to stay healthy and hydrated. Drink up girls 🧊💦😘. A shoutout to all my wonderful volunteers!

Red, White and Blue! - ny-syracuse

June Update:

Chicktime Syracuse loves to serve. We love to meet women who love to serve.

Join us in August as we encourage the women who live at Chadwick Residence. 



The Joys of Summer! - dc- washington

June Update:

Well… this month didn’t go as planned! We were hoping to have an in person workshop, but there were communication barriers between week and weekend staff getting all the information about our workshop!
It’s all good! We will have to start all over working out the kinks of getting on their schedule once a month… but it will happen!
In the meantime … we dropped off all the supplies and know their was fun to be had!!
Look for July details soon! Let’s start to overwhelm MSP with lots of love!




Let’s Play! - tx-nbdowntown

June Update:

Last night we shared yummy food and made tie dye shirts !

Thank you Merrilee for providing the fun ☀️

Candy Land Anyone? - md-columbia

June Update:

We are so grateful for all our volunteers who have helped us put together drop off workshops during the pandemic. We are hoping we will be back to in person workshops in August….

You Are My Sunshine! - tx-galveston

June Update:

This why we ChickTime!!
This Saturday we had our summer bash for the children and their families
We had THE best time
Parents and kids alike
Even Mrs Mary the Centers manager participated in the fun by going down the slide!
We were grateful to the UTMB School of Nursing students who helped us keep the kids in line
The adults for having so much fun and to God for making the perfect day for us to play in the water.
Thank you David for donating the water slide and snacks
Marty for donating the watermelon and cantaloupe
Martha for donating waters and sprites
Thank you Tina for coming to play with the kids!!
I left with heart full of sunshine!!
And the biggest smile on my face!

Poetry 101! - tx-austin

June Update:

June Workshop in the books!

Games, prizes, and some sweet treats! Our groups had a great time!!

Firecrackers! - ga-conyers

June Update:

Our Chapter did not meet in June.  We are working on some new things to expand our chapter. Stay tuned. 

Sewing Pillowcases! - tx-sanantonio

June Update:

This month Chicktime San Antonio celebrates our 12th year as a chapter serving teenage girls in our community who can not live safely in their own home. We feel blessed to be a blessing and grateful for all of our workshop leaders and volunteers we’ve had over the years who believe in our mission and we look forward to serving with you for many years to come….
Today we showed up at Boysville to paint terra-cotta pots and plant succulents with the girls. We love offering a special time for the girls each month to get out of their cottage and do something they normally wouldn’t get to do.
The girls were so creative and detailed and it was such a beautiful thing to watch them encourage and support each other and speak positive vibes to those who needed to hear them! We role model this and know our workshops are the seeds we plant in hopes for moments just like that ….
And this-
After our group prayer and most of the girls were back at their cottage… we were hanging out with two girls … one of which just needed a little more time to complete her terra- cotta pot! They had just returned from church camp where they accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Our conversation was on worship – We talked about every minute of every day is a moment to worship God!!! How we react to people. How we do this or that…
We told the girls that’s why we show up every month – as believers we believe it’s our worship to God to let them know people care about them!
We got an “amen”!
We just can’t think of a better day and way to celebrate our 12th birthday but right here at Boysville!
We pray you will join us one month! Next month we are sewing pillowcases!
All our love,
Annette, Donnette and Letty
Chicktime San Antonio Leadership Team

Flip Flop Fun! - tx-corpuschristi

June 2022:

Another blessed day filled with love!!! The girls had a fun day decorating their kites! They were full of excitement and loved chatting with them. Thank you to our workshop leaders, Virginia Sandoval and Maribel Sandoval for making this so much fun for the kids. We can’t say enough about all our volunteers – we truly appreciate you!
Thank you H-E-B for supplying all the snacks and drinks too. We are very grateful for all you do! We will be posting pics of the kids flying them on the comments section, so be on the lookout for some great pics!



Painting Birdhouses! - ms-jackson

June Update:

Our  June work shop, Janet gave her testimony of being miraculously healed from a serious eye disease that could have led to blindness. After years of fighting a battle with heavy duty medical treatments, including chemotherapy, Jesus healed Janet completely in one night’s encounter with Him! Nothing in the life can compare to a true relationship with Jesus. After pizza and desserts we played games in the gym. Corn hole was the favorite but disc golf was a lot of fun, too. We had a great time, the winners got to choose a “prize”. Playing games always separates the sporty competitors from the ones who prefer to be chill and observe. But even those playing
without the competitive edge, had a fun time.

A Cherry On Top! - sc-charlestonparkcircle

June Update:

June activity drop off was groovy man!
We Just knew the girls are good to love tye dying bandanas and headbands!!
Just trying to keep the girls active over the summer!!
Serving is easy and fun!

Back To School Prep! - tx-houston

June Update:

Oh my goodness, Chicktime Katy had such an amazing time with our young ladies of Miracal’s Place on Saturday. We had our Bingo event, lead by Mimi. Mimi was truly a great leader and commentator. Everyone was so eager to win. You’ve never had a great bingo game, until you’ve had one like ours, toot toot. Bingo is so fulfilling, but it will give you Anxiety, lol.
Join us in July!