Meet The Leaders

Sherri DeBettignies
Chicktime Bloomington Founder & Leader


Why I Serve A Leadership Role With Chicktime:
I have always had a place in my heart for people and animals affected by abuse, neglect and trauma and had been looking for a way to serve this group for quite a while.  I was following Chicktime for several years online, when I recently knew the time was right to start a Chicktime chapter in Minnesota.  Chicktime is a way for me and other women in our chapter to reach the children and women who are hurt and in need of love, hope and encouragement.


My Passions & Gifts:
I have a passion for helping people often overlooked by society and those who need a helping hand or words of encouragement.


My Hobbies & Interests:
I enjoy biking, reading, crocheting, and anything to do with crafts on Pinterest.  Most of all I enjoy spending time with my eight grandchildren.  I love taking them on “field trips” like to the Science Museum, the zoo, wall climbing, and to the lake to learn how to canoe.


Kelli Naughter-Goldstein
Chicktime Bloomington Co-Leader


Why I Serve A Leadership Role With Chicktime:
I have always enjoyed helping people. When I saw the post for Chicktime I knew I wanted to be involved! I feel we can make some life changes/influences in those hearts that we can touch through this wonderful program.


My Passions & Gifts:
My passion and gift is being with others and enjoying fun and relaxing activities.


My Hobbies & Interests:
My hobbies and interests are scrapbooking, card making, crocheting, knitting, quilting and reading.


Chicktime Bloomington:
Volunteer Coordinator- Sherri DeBettignies
Facebook Manager- Sherri DeBettignies
Website Monitor- Sherri DeBettignies
Calendar Manager- Sherri DeBettignies
Treasurer- Kelli Goldstein
Rising Managing Leader- Kelli Goldstein