Boho Dollar Tree Wreath

 Boho Dollar Tree Wreath



Round Cookie Sheet
Glass Gems
Spray Paint
Mod Podge
Printable Quote
Nautical Rope
Round Wire Wreath
Command Hook


Start with a round cookie sheet


Use E6000 glue to put glue around the outside edge of the sheet. 


Then place glass colored gems on the glue around the outside edge.

Take the cookie sheet into a well ventilated area and pray paint the tray the color of your choice.
You may want to lay a tarp or newspaper on the ground to protect from paint.

Wait a few minutes for the paint to dry and then apply mod podge to the face of the cookie sheet.


Place your printable quote in the middle of the tray and cover it with modpodge.

You can stop here, attach a command hook and ribbon on the back, and hang or your can continue on to the next steps.

Cut nautical rope in short strands and tie in knots around the outside edge of  a round metal wire wreath.

Once finished, place the cookie sheet in the center of the wreath.


Attach a command hook and ribbon for hanging. 

Click Here for Printable Instructions