Bracelet Making Fun!

October Update:

Special shout out to our fabulous October 2021 Chicktime San Antonio workshop leader, Berta Rodriguez.
Berta came ready to immerse the teen girls at Boysville with the colorful and beautiful tradition of Dia de los Muertos that is celebrated every year on November 1st and 2nd in Mexico and other Latin American countries and communities.
Before the girls arrived, Berta showed the Chicktime volunteers how to make the craft the girls would be making.
The craft was a banner with a “calaveras de azucar” (sugar skull) and “papel picado/flor” (paper cuts/flower)to hang or adorn the altar as an “ofrenda” (offering) to the loved one being honored.
Food is a very special part of the celebration so the workshop included decorated tables with Dia de los Muertos tablecloths, candles and colored lights. Tamales and pan de dulce( sweet bread) was served with a tweak to “champurraado/abuelita chocolate” ( a warm chocolate drink).
The girls went back to their cottages with Halloween treat bags after we circled up and prayed with them.
We can’t wait to be back next month!