About Our Chapter

Welcome to Chicktime Bulverde! My name is Merrilee and I am the Managing Leader of our chapter. My mission is to show love and compassion to those in need. After raising my two beautiful, wonderful children, I took a job in Special Education. It’s not always easy putting a smile on my student’s faces, but I love trying. I have also felt the need to do more for the kids at SJRC, so I am now mentoring as many of the residents as I can. These kids are children of God and we need to show them they are loved here on earth. I will continue to give the gift of myself as long as they are willing to accept it.


I’m very blessed to have been raised in a family with my little brother having Down Syndrome. Craig has taught me LOVE and COMPASSION. Growing up 50 years ago with Downs was not easy for him nor for us as a family, but somehow he always had a smile on his face and made sure we did, too. As I got older, I made it my mission to be like my little brother; to show others love and compassion.


I found Chicktime through my son’s girlfriend and when she would talk about Chicktime, I felt the love she had for the kids she was serving. She invited my daughter and I to accompany her to a  workshop in Cayon Lake and that’s all it took to get hooked!! Thank you Ashley! We enjoyed it so much, we didn’t want to wait a whole month to go to the next event. So, I checked out Chicktime online, found out they had a chapter in Bulverde which was meeting the following Saturday and have been volunteering here for five plus years, four of which I served as a Co-Leader. I would like to thank Laura Sowell for seeing the love I have for the kids we serve and asking me to be Co-Leader and now allowing me to take over for her as Managing Leader. There is no better way to show love and compassion, then to serve those young ones in the foster care system. I am blessed to be have Chicktime as part of my life.

We would love for you to join us on our journey to add love and joy to the lives of these children. Our volunteers are what keeps our chapter going and that is why we need you too! If you’re interested in becoming a member or receiving event invitations, select the “Join a Chapter” link and then click TX- Bulverde.

With Love,
Merrilee Berger
Chicktime Bulverde Managing Leader



Our History

Sisterhood is powerful. ~Robin Morgan

In 2013, Laura Sowell became the Managing Leader of Chicktime Bulverde. Laura grew up in a family filled with incredible women who had much influence in her life.

Laura took over Chicktime Bulverde because she felt she was missing something in her life and was struggling to find what it was. After trying on her own and not getting anywhere, she asked for God’s help. Her prayer was answered and she found Chicktime. From the moment she volunteered with the Canyon Lake Chicktime chapter, she knew Chicktime was where she needed to be. She has volunteered with many great organizations, but to Laura there was something different about Chicktime.

After leading this chapter for 5 years, Laura realized something that many Chicktime leaders eventually come to realize and that is that it was time to let on of her co-leaders lead the path. In 2018, Laura made the decision to move into more of a mentoring role for the co-leaders she has been preparing for greatness for so many years. Laura is still very dedicated to Chicktime Bulverde and serves a very active role as co-leader. We thank Laura for her dedication to the Chicktime movement, the SJRC children, and her vision for her chapter!



In August 2011, Lesli Matt met some ladies from Chicktime Smalltown in. Her breath was taken away by these wonderful ladies and they encouraged her to start a own chapter.  Something like this had been on her heart for awhile and then she saw on the Chicktime web-site that they need a chapter at St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.


Soon, she had established Blanco Glory Girls. As time went on she realized the majority of her volunteers were driving from Bulverde, so the chapter was relocated and became the Bulverde Glory Girls. Lesli has been called into a new area of service but we are excited that new leadership has emerged to continue the Chicktime Bulverde chapter!