Butterfly Mobile

Butterfly Mobile


  • One bamboo wood ring
  • 4-5 pieces of nylon string (2 feet)
  • Fake butterflies, flowers, and insects that you can purchase at a craft store.
  • Glue gun/ tape/ glue dots


First Step

  1. Take the ring and tie the first nylon string to the ring in the middle of the string. This leaves a foot above the ring (to hang from the ceiling) and a foot below the ring (to add butterflies, insects, flowers, etc.)
  2. Continue tying the other 3-3 strings around the ring, spacing them evenly apart.
  3. Tie all of the top strings together so that the mobile can hang.

Final Step


  1. Begin to decorate your mobile.
  2. Start at the end of each string placing a butterfly or flower, working your way up the string placing decorations at various intervals.
  3. Place the decorations on the string using either a glue gun, glue dots, or tape.

Hint: You can bend the butterfly wings to give them extra dimension.

Here are the printable instructions: Butterfly Mobile Instructions