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October Chicktime was a great time for the girls to show their creativity, and that they did. Items were donated by women from the community of Way of Life Bootcamp and we made witch hats!

I love that we have the opportunity to sit down with the girls at Milestone and just have a time of being who we are with no judgments. These girls amaze me every time. They are resilient in their circumstances and I often wonder why I was chosen to lead there. I see it as an opportunity and a gift to be there for them. Through Chicktime we get to encourage, inspire and leave these youth with something to think about. I always want those thoughts to be positive ones.  We are at the beginning of the major holidays of the year and I hope that we get to make 2015 especially memorable.

Starting overHere is what I learned in September. My story is my story. If I cry every time I tell it, do I still hold on to past hurts, regrets and anger? I have asked myself this and I say no. I am a human being allowed to feel. It’s what you do with that emotion. How does it fuel you? Does it motivate you to do better? I have to get over where I was in my fitness 3 years ago and create a new level going forward. My kids aren’t who they used to be and neither am I, so let me focus on who they are now and where I have the opportunity to make better memories with them. There’s a new relationship ahead. I am no longer negatively guarded. On to the next chapter!Gods call

Here is the second AHA! moment. When I was 19 years old a missionary had visited our church. I was teaching Sunday school and after service walked into the sanctuary as everyone was talking. The missionary walked up to me and said, I don’t know your name or what you do here, but the Lord has a word for you. God is going to call you to be a mother to many women. I don’t know how or where? What he didn’t know was that a passion was stirring in my heart to work with young girls and women. I ran from Gods call for so many years. The passion has never left my heart. Today at 50 I am following Gods call. The pastor at Summit Church said “God’s call on your life is irrevocable”. I will never forget that.

So what’s next? CHICKTIME!!! Before we left for the Chicktime retreat we got to enjoy our time with the girls at Milestone House. The girls were given decorated boxes and wrote notes to each other saying what they thought was special about each other. I was blessed by how they were so open and articulate in their written comments. I believe we are making a difference and they are being blessed as we are too each month. I have a new volunteer that has committed to joining me each month. My friend Cindy led this activity and she did great! Here are a few pics from that event.




Pool Party Chicktime Oceanside had a summer pool party and we also had volunteer help from the San Marcos chapter. his is Chicktime and we reach out to those in need. Sometimes we need to reach within. Don’t ever be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help, especially from your Chicktime sisters.

I am excited to bring mentoring to our chapter for the next few months. Through this program we will be taking a look at where we are at and where we are going as individuals. Our focus at our chapter is to empower these young girls to believe in themselves, step out in confidence and know that they have an opportunity in the world. Some of us can’t even relate to what many of the girls have been through but we can impart to them something they have never had. A young woman once told me that she didn’t want to volunteer because she didn’t think she could relate to them. I believe we all have a common bond of love.


patiently waiting...

patiently waiting…

Our girls at Milestone had plans for the month of June. We will see them in July for a summer barbeque and swim party!

Love quote
No matter the conditions flowers grow just about anywhere, even in the desert there is the cactus flower and it brings beauty to a dry parched land. In the same way we have the ability to show beauty, no matter our circumstance, no matter our surroundings. We all have the ability to show and spread love.

Flowers were donated and the girls made arrangements. We shared the above statements with them. I hope and pray that through Chicktime, not only are we inspiring and motivating but that we are transforming lives. No matter the duration of your Saturday let love be plucked from your presence and time.

April was AMAZING! We got to take the girls from Milestone to Way of Life Gym for a fun class of Zumba. It’s important to teach self care from the inside out. We had an amazing instructor, Stephanie Lee who led the class. I also want to thank Anthony Steel and Forrest Folen, Owners of Way Of Life Gym for letting us use the gym privately at no charge. My only regret was that I didn’t get to take pictures! Regardless the girls loved it and that’s what is important. They want to come back!Zumba banner

We had an awesome time at Milestone House as Ekaterina shared about the Ocean Star and how if you cut off a piece it has the ability to grow back. In the same way, we as human beings have the resiliency that no matter what we go through in life, no one can take from us permanently. We have the ability to bounce back and grow. Come and join us at Oceanside Chicktime! We are always looking for women who want to share their passion with the girls.




Veronica Basulto Chapter Founder

Veronica Basulto
Chapter Founder


Welcome to Chicktime Oceanside. My name is Veronica and I welcome you to explore Chicktime.


I have had a passion for helping young girls and women since I was 19. I have helped in many ways already but it wasn’t until Chicktime that I was able to fully use my gifts. I am currently attending college with a major in Human Development and plan to use my degree in helping the community in the future. My hope is that you would come and join us and share your gifts of creating a positive venue through cooking, arts, fitness, education or whatever passions you may have.


Remember it’s never too late and it’s never too soon. Together we can make a difference in the world but we have to start in our own backyard.


To join our chapter, simply click the ‘subscribe’ button below and select the CA-Oceanside chapter from the drop down menu. You will begin receiving invitations and news. Please reach out to me directly if you have questions or want to lend your support. We are in need of women to lead monthly Chicktime events in 2015.


In His Service,


Veronica Basulto

Chicktime Oceanside Founder