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Chicktime-june 2017


May Update

Merrilee Berger brought The Prom to New Life this month.  It was so beautiful and so special.  She transformed the gym into an elegant setting for enjoying a delicious lunch from Gennaro’s Trattoria and fabulous desserts provided by all the volunteers.  Over a hundred dresses were donated so the girls could select one that suited her taste and complimented her figure.  Volunteers helped the girls with hair, make-up and nails.  The girls were pampered and adorned with beautiful dresses and flowers.  Our New Life girls are so beautiful to us on any given day, it was a delight to give them this experience to dress up and feel extra special.  After getting all fancied up, the girls spent some time making paper wrist corsages and picture frames to be used for their “Prom” picture.  The luncheon of Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, salad and Gennaro’s famous garlic knots  was delicious.  All the beautiful desserts were nicely displayed by long time volunteers Katy Barger and Tara Johnson who also helped with serving.  It was a momentous occasion with over 40 volunteers showing up to help.  Thank you to all the volunteers.  During our meeting before we got started with all the activities, we had a special announcement.  Our Junior Leader, Kerrilee Berger is heading off to the Airforce Acadamy.  We were able to celebrate Kerrilee with a breakfast and special gift.  We will miss her and wish her all the best as she starts this new chapter in her life.  Thank you Merrilee for this wonderful experience and all the hard work you did to make it a reality.




April Update

April was filled with Easter goodness.  Phyllis led the adorable snack station with “bunny butts” made with a donut hole and carrots in the ground made from cupcakes and candies.  What delicious treats.  Sandra led the egg craft, and cross and bunny clay crafts.  The decoupage eggs made with fabric were beautiful and the girls always love to make crafts with clay.  In the Chapel Patricia and Carol led us in making really cute bunnies out of tube socks, what a clever idea.  We also colored butterfly decorations.  It was a special day with great volunteers from Texas State and the military sorority Kappa Eplison Psi.  We are really looking forward to next month’s Prom.  We hope you will join us!



March Update

Our beloved Anna hosted March Chicktime at the New Life Children’s Center.  The theme was Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!  It was a fun day filled with crafts, games and goodies!  Anna led Dr. Seuss bingo in the chapel.  She had spent the week before building all the bingo cards.  It was funny when we played “blackout”, and everyone screamed “BINGO!”  at the same time!  So much fun!  Sandra led card making and letters to the military in the gym.  The girls love to give to others and writing the letters to those serving our country left a great impression on each one who wrote a letter.  Karen led cookie decorating in the LIfe Skills building.   Sticking with the Dr. Seuss theme we decorated Hat shapes from The Cat in the Hat and airplane shapes with yummy frosting and sprinkles.  Delicious!  Anna will be leaving us now moving away from the area to face new adventures.  We celebrated her last Canyon Lake Chicktime with flowers and a gift of the Oh, The Places You’ll Go! book signed by all of us.  We will miss you Anna!


Chicktime-march2017 (2)


February Update

We had an awesome turnout of volunteers this month.  Thanks to the girls from Texas State that came to play with the girls this month as well as all our other great volunteers.  We did a lot of really fun activities.  Renee led us in painting the girls nails.  Always a favorite, the girls love to be pampered.  Kym led us in flower arranging, something we haven’t done before.  The flowers were so beautiful and colorful.  We learned about the history of the carnation.  Carmen and Lisa led the station for cookie decorating.  They were so delicious, and we also had a fun game of heads up!  Sharing in the girls laughter brought us such joy.



Happy Anniversary Chicktime!

untitled event-2

Our founder, Lori Rhodes, started Chicktime ten years ago in January.  This month was very special with lots of volunteers, cake, cupcakes, and a special presentation by Lisa Brown.  Special guest Dan from Upbring joined us with his daughter as did the New Life Executive Director, Jacob with his children.  Thank  you to all our volunteers who made the day so wonderful.  Carol put together a lot of great activities for the girls of New Life.  We started in the Gym making pillowcases.  This is a great activity that the girls love.  Marlene and friends unpacked their sewing machines and beautiful fabric and showed the girls how to sew.  Many of the girls reminisced about sewing with their grandma or aunt.  It was touching to hear their memories.  In the Chapel, Jay played the guitar and ukulele for the girls.  They really got into the music, dancing and singing.  Thanks Jay for being a positive and uplifting man in the lives of the girls.  The Life Skills building had  many activities:  napkin folding, card making, lots of cake, cupcakes, and fruit.  It was a great day and a great celebration of this wonderful organization that serves girls at places like New LIfe all across the country.  Thank you Lori for your vision and leadership.







December Update

Santa Clause is coming to town at the New Life Children’s Center!  Thank you to all the volunteers that met in the gym to coordinate a special Christmas event for the deserving girls at New Life.  As the girls started to arrive we had fun ice breaker activities so we could all get to know one another.  Then praise and worship raised the roof of the gym with Kristy and the praise band leading us in songs of the season.    Delicious holiday goodies were enjoyed by all; flowing chocolate fountain, homemade candies, cookies, sandwiches, and punch.  Then, the exciting visit from Santa Clause!  Each girl received an individual photo with Santa to keep and save in her own Christmas frame that she made herself.   Best of all, each girl received a gift to keep.  The gift consisted of a colorful gym bag filled with bath and body lotion, snuggly socks, a cuddly teddy bear, a watch, candy, a Chicktime sweatshirt and a book written by Lori Rhodes entitled Prayers Over Our Children.  Blessings for a wonderful New Year and hope you will join us for our January event.  


November Update:

Sandra and friends planned a great day for us this month.  It was full of crafts and delicious crafty snacks.  In honor of the coming Thanksgiving holiday we made really cute turkeys in a variety of media:  coloring, sand art, stickers and more.  Another creative station featured the arrival of fall with modeling clay, paint, and special papers in which we made beautiful leaves.  The snack station was a big hit with amazing ideas of how to make fall designs from candy and cookies.  Each girl put her own spin on the turkeys, acorns and pilgrim hats we made from pretzels, Hersey kisses, donut holes, and other kinds of candy.  To sum it up, we had a very engaging and fun filled day.  Thank you to all our volunteers who came to spend time and show the girls of New Life some much needed love.  For more great photos of our event visit the Photo Gallery.



October Update


Merrilee and Kerrilee planned a great fall day for the girls.  It started with fun carnival games led by the wonderful ladies of Chi Beta Delta from Texas State University.  We had bowling, bean bag toss, and pumpkin toss just to name a few.  The girls had so much fun interacting with these great college students.  Anna and Phyllis led us in crafts which included a lively game of bingo.  Merrilee made delicious funnel cakes for all to enjoy.  While we devoured this fabulous treat, we made leaf art and monsters out of coffee filters.  We all love the creative craft ideas brought to us by our Chicktime leaders.  Thank you all chicks for showing up to play with the beautiful girls of New Life.


Thanksgiving Day Background With Pumpinks, Maple Leafs And Title Inscription


September Update

Thank you to Melissa for bringing together the excellent leaders for this month.  The theme and activities were so engaging and fun.  Melissa led the Snack and Finger Puppet station in our LIfe Skills building.  The girls had a great time coloring the finger puppets and making Hands of Prayer.  Zumba is always a blast led by Kelly.  We really got up and moved our hips!  It was a nice day to be outside, so at the picnic tables, Sandra led a Pennant Craft as well as some fun games.  I think we all enjoyed playing with the girls and getting to know them through these great activities.  Thanks again to all the leaders and volunteers who came out to make it a special day for the girls at New Life.




August Update

Renewed for a purpose presented by Lora Williams was a day of discovery.  Lora, Shanetra, and Terry led the stations where we had fun playing together and listening to beautiful stories of growth, rising from despair and abandonment.  Shanetra started with a fun time learning how our favorite flavor of ice cream relates to our personality.  She then shared her story of growing up with abuse and abandonment and how she overcame these difficulties to lead a happy and successful life.  Lora talked to us about her struggles and how she was led to make a change in her life for the better.  Both of these dynamic ladies gave the girls of New Life hope for the future and a reason to work hard and overcome their strife.  Finally, we had an exciting time at the snack station playing Heads Up.  What a fun game, the girls loved it.

Chicktime-july (1)2016


July Update

Sonja Coburn led Chicktime this month with inspirational presentations and activities.  The “Balcony People” was presented by Priscilla Patterson.  This inspired us to bring people into our lives that lift us up and support us.  We also enjoyed Song of Praise sing-a-long and praise dance, lifting us up to move forward with joy and happiness.  The craft station was also uplifting, the girls made butterfly booklets, beautifully decorated with colorful paper.  We also made paper chains with our favorite scriptures.  Always a favorite is the snack station.  The girls decorated cookies and cupcakes with candy to form cute bugs and butterflies.


To make this event extra special, we were joined by all of our chapter leaders throughout the nation who were attending as part of the national leadership conference.  The activities and participation were excellent examples of leading a successful event.  Thank you Sonja for putting together such a well organized and inspirational event.


See our photos page for more great pictures of our event.



June Update

It’s carnival day!  We’ve waited all  year to bring the carnival to the New Life girls.  Our dedicated volunteers manned the stations and had a great time playing with the girls.  Especially popular was the Aquablaster!  Hit the target and your victim is sprayed with a shower of water.  Great fun on a hot day!  The snacks were also a big success. Thanks to Nancy for leading the snack station.  Volunteers made popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy and distributed pickles.  And, who doesn’t love to try their skills with great carnival games.  Ice Cream Madness was a crowd favorite, there was also Tic Tac Toe, Plinko and Ring Toss.  A special shout out to Merrilee for putting together some outstanding relay races.  We had balancing golf balls on a plate relay, jelly beans in a jar relay, balance a ball on a plunger relay, and much much more.  What creative ideas to get the girls participating in friendly competition.  First time volunteer Elaine provided beautiful face painting that was quite popular with the girls. To top off the carnival, we finished with a chili dog luncheon provided by Rick Barger.  Everyone was so appreciative of the homemade chili, hot dogs and chips.  Can’t wait for next year!








May Update

A big thank you to Anna Scott for putting together a fun day for all of us.  She created 4 really engaging stations that the girls enjoyed.  Nicole Kelly along with Anna ran the Lotion/Lip Gloss Station.  The girls loved the smell of the lotion but couldn’t quite agree on what it smelled like.  I say coconut.  They decorated the lip gloss and lotion containers with stickers and glitter tape.  In the Chapel Andrea Bolognini taught us how to make origami swans.  They were very pretty and not too difficult to make.  Our hosts in the Gym, Kim and McKenna Wheeler, showed us how to make stretchy beaded bracelets.  Always a favorite for the New Life girls.  Finally we enjoyed delicious sugar cookies made by Karen Bloomquist who was the leader for the snack station.  She made the cookies in the shape of a hand which perfectly matched the theme for the day.  The girls had numerous choices of sweet goodness with which to decorate their cookies.  It was a beautiful day at New Life!





April Update

Thank you Tara Johnson for this great recap of April’s Chicktime activities.


I had the nicest time at Chicktime April.  The girls that attended were so enthusiastic.  I traveled with one group of five.  I got to visit with each of them.  There were four activities planned. Our first station was in the chapel where a retired music teacher and his wife led us in songs and dances. We played rhythm instruments, sang and even requested songs that the maestro could play on his ukulele or guitar.  In the gym, we made blue jean pocket journals, decorated with trim, jewels, and buttons. Each design was as unique as the designer.  In the cottage, we decorated cupcakes, ate them, and worked a word search puzzle.  In the cafe, we got to color with map pencils on an adult coloring page.  The morning was a blessing to me. And I love it when the girls wave thank you and goodbye.




March Update

Bonny Allen Ibarra shared her testimony with the girls and volunteers this month at Chicktime.  Her program consisted of a presentation, music and a craft pertaining to her book, The Paper Doll Princess.   We decorated paper dolls showing negative aspects and positive aspects of ourselves.  We kept the positive paper doll and symbolically gave the negative doll to God.  It was a great experience and we all learned a lot about ourselves.




February Update

Chicktime was loads of fun with lots of creative activities.  The girls had lots of great questions for Melissa Bohrer as she presented information about finances, mortgages and loans.  Thanks to Melissa for the great insight into building a secure future.  Snack time is always a hit, the girls decorated cookies as Megan Mylonas showed them how to make a beautiful sun ray of positive affirmations.  Keeping your mind and body centered is very important as was demonstrated by Tamra Christansen during the yoga session.  To close out the day, the girls made their own journals to keep and fill in what they hope for their future.  With magazine cuttings we expressed our dreams for creating a beautiful home in the future.  Another great day with the girls, thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that showed up to share their time with the very special girls at New Life.



January Update

New Year New You was the Chicktime theme in January.  Merrilee and Kerrilee Berger planned an excellent day of activities that the New Life Girls and volunteers really enjoyed.  Casey and Kelly led us in learning a dance choreographed and led by girls from the Smithson Valley High School dance team.  Lot’s of energy and fun!  Jenny Peterson lead the snack station where we made treats and made paper ballerina snowflake dolls.  The Chicktime calendar was really popular led by Jessica Haynes.  The girls really enjoyed the inspirational T-shirts led by Leslie West, with markers and rubbing alcohol we created designs with a tie die effect.   To top off this special day, we celebrated Lisa Brown’s birthday with beautifully decorated cupcakes.



December Update


All was merry and bright at New Life on December 12th for the annual Christmas Party.  So many organizations showed up to help out and spend time with the girls.  Praise and worship raised the roof of the gym with a fabulous praise band leading us in songs of the season.    Delicious holiday goodies were enjoyed by all; flowing chocolate fountain, homemade candies, cookies, sandwiches, and punch.  Then, the exciting visit from Santa Clause!  Each girl received an individual photo with Santa to keep and save in their own Christmas frame that they made themselves.   Other fun activities served as ice breakers; each of us wrote 3 words on our nametag and people had to guess what animal your words described.  Always fun and inspirational is the paper taped to your back where people wrote positive comments about you.  Best of all, each girl received a gift to keep.  The gift consisted of a colorful gym bag filled with bath and body lotions, snuggly socks, a teddy bear, and a Chicktime sweatshirt.  We had a very special volunteer this year, a former new life resident came to volunteer!  It was a joy to see her grown and spreading her love for these girls.  Lori, Carolyn, Sandra and Liz want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who came to enjoy our Christmas celebration with the girls at New Life.  Blessings for a wonderful New Year and hope you will join us for our January event.



November Update

This month we rejoiced in Fall with some great Fall activities and crafts.Sandra planned a jammed packed fun filled day exploding with creativity.


The snack station was a huge success where we made acorns and turkeys out of really delicious candies and snacks.  In the Chapel Carolyn led us in artistic leaf crafts with modeling clay, paint and paper leaves.  The Gym was filled with activities, we swept pumpkins across the floor for a relay race, tossed hula hoops at plastic pumpkins, and tried to create a construction paper turkey without looking.  Finally, in the cafeteria we made colorful turkeys and fall decorations out of colored sand.


Thanks to Sandra, Carolyn, Phyllis, and Melissa for leading each station and bringing lots of love to the girls at New Life.


Chicktime-nov (2)

October Update


October was such an insightful event for the girls and volunteers.  The event was centered around a presentation by Susie Davis, author of Unafraid.  She really connected with the girls during her presentation about overcoming fear.  It was so touching to see her talking with some of the girls on a one-on-one basis.  I know in my heart that what they discussed will impact each girl in a positive way for the rest of her life.  Thank you Susie, for being there to touch these girls in such a wonderful way.


Carolyn and Sandra did such a great job tying it all together with the Praise band and the activity.  The praise band was so inspiring and the songs touched our hearts.  The girls sang and worshipped.  The faithfulness of Jesus could be felt with the loving environment that we experienced.  The craft was so special, telling each of us that we are created by God and here for a purpose.  I know that this is a Chicktime that will be etched in our memories that we can carry with us to make an impact in the world by all of us, Volunteers and New Life Girls alike.



September Update

     Patricia Goodwill was our September leader and what a fabulous day she had planned for us.  In the Chapel, Jennifer and her lovely daughter lead us in a sing-a-long and dancing.  There was so much great energy as she led us in upbeat Christian music.  As one volunteer shared, this was the most fun she had all week.

     Marlene and Carol showed us how to make bags from cut up jeans.  Some of the girls had never sewn before and really did a great job sewing the bags and decorating them with embellishments.

     In the Life Skills building, Darlene talked to the girls about Jesus and maintaining a positive outlook as we navigate through the challenges in our daily lives.  We put together puzzles with key words that show strength and affirmations.  We also enjoyed making our own snack mix with lots of fruits, cereals, and other delicious items.

     Tana and her talented daughter Lucy shared their talent for loom bracelet making with all of us.  The girls enjoyed all the bright colors and were quite skilled at making a variety of beautiful stretch bracelets.

     Special thanks to our new volunteers from the Texas State University chapter of Chi Beta Delta.  They did a great job assisting the leaders and also engaging with the girls at New Life.

Chicktime-sept 2015(2)


August Update

It was carnival time at New Life!  Thanks to our leader Katy Barger for organizing this outstanding event.  The New Life girls and the volunteers had a fabulous experience enjoying all the fun the carnival had to offer.


Especially popular was the “dunking booth”.  Hit the target and your victim is sprayed with a shower of water.  Great fun on a hot day!  The snacks were also a big success. Thanks to all the volunteers for making popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy and distributing pickles.  And, who doesn’t love to try their skills with great carnival games.  Plinko was a crowd favorite with ring-a-bottle coming up a close second.  A special shout out to Marilee and Karalee for putting together some outstanding relay races.  We had balancing golf balls on a plate relay, carry the tomb relay, balance a ball on a plunger relay, and more.  What creative ideas to get the girls participating in friendly competition.


To top off the carnival, we finished with a chili dog luncheon provided by Rick Barger.  Everyone was so appreciative of the homemade chili, hot dogs and chips.  All in all it was a fun filled event with a lot of positive feedback.




July Update

In honor of July 4th, celebrating America was our focus with Patriot Games.  Sonja Coburn and her team of volunteers put together some great games for friendly competition with awards.   Ruth led the water balloon relay and the girls really love water balloons.  Nancy and her family ran the duck races.  This was a big hit with the girls as they selected their own duck and with a straw blew the ducks across the pool to see who would win.  Rosamaria was in charge of the water balloon bucket toss. This was a wet and wild game where the girls tossed water soaked balls into the buckets to earn points.  Ring Toss led by Luquita and her mother was a lot of fun and very challenging.  The girls tried hard to master this skill with a lot of practice.  It was a beautiful day at New Life with blossoming trees, great weather and tons of snacks.  Thanks to Sonja and team for the great activities.



June Update

These girls had game during our June Chicktime.  Volleyball, Soccer, and Zumba were the great activities we enjoyed with the girls and volunteers.  Special thanks to Sandra Hatchett for organizing all the station leaders.  Kelly Vizzone had everyone up and dancing with her awesome dance moves as we learned about Zumba.  David and Phyllis Woods put us through a quick volleyball training and using the new techniques we learned we were able to start up a competitive game.  Anna Braun a new volunteer lead the girls in soccer.  She showed us some great soccer techniques and we played some really fun relay games.  Something the girls always enjoy is a good craft.  Keeping in theme with our day of sports, we decorated sports water bottles with our own unique touches.

Chicktime-June2015 (2) - Copy

May Update

Thank you Lora Williams for organizing this month’s Chicktime activities.  Our first leader talked about God’s love and how he gives us gifts to use. We learned how to ask God to put it in our heart and were led as we prayed together in a circle.  Station two taught us how to be encouraging and loving to ourselves.  We put scrapbook words on a paper brick and then decorated cupcakes with a word of encouragement. Our next station consisted of chalkboard paper with a reflective mirror where we wrote the things we see in ourselves and then looked at our reflection in the mirror.  Finally, Lora  shared her childhood story and talked on forgiveness and how to forgive.  We shared our thoughts on the kind of love we each look for by placing our words on post-it notes on poster board hearts.  All these activities brought home one of our constant messages:  “I am enough”.   Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up to make it a full-filling day for the girls at New Life.

Chicktime-may 2015

April Update

April was filled with exciting science experiments and the girls were very engaged.  Thanks to our first time volunteers, Linda Roche and Laurie Belknap for leading the ice cream station and the “silly putty” experiment.  It was messy but fun!  Katy Barger led the DNA experiment where the girls extracted gooey DNA from a strawberry.  The elephant toothpaste and dry ice bubbles were a big hit as Liz Barger explained the science behind the explosion of foam and bubbles.  The day was educational but mostly fun!  Thank you to all the volunteers that participated with our beautiful and precious girls at New Life.


March Update

It was an early Easter celebration for the girls at New Life and what a beautiful day to rejoice and show our love for the girls.  Thanks to our leaders for planning such fun and unique activities.  Carolyn really showed off her creativity with adorable lambs and crosses cupcake decorating.  Showing both the whimsical and spiritual side of Easter.   Sandra shared her joy of paper crafting with beautiful pastels with watercolor effect crosses and sun catcher eggs made with contact paper.  Thanks to Jody and Fran for the environmental activity planting succulents in wine corks.  Finally, the ever popular photo booth, with adorable signs and props.  The girls really showed their personality posing for these great photos that they were able to keep and place in their very own photo frame.  A beautiful day with our beautiful girls and fabulous volunteers.



February Update

Thanks to the lovely ladies of the Berean Bible Fellowship for leading February’s Chicktime activities at New Life. The girls really enjoyed the engaging activities these first time leaders brought to us.


Always popular with the girls are manicures. Led by Jessica Winsor the girls enjoyed Mary Kay scrubs and lotions and then had their nails painted in an array of colors and stencils by our volunteers.


Ruth Hiner led a unique activity called Speed Affirmations. From our word banks we “filled our hearts” with positive words about each other bringing a feeling of caring and love to each of us.


Another positive activity we enjoyed was Praise Dance led by Tasha Hunt. Moving to the beat of praise music we let our inner expressions show as we danced together in the gym.


Finally, snack time! With a valentine theme we decorated huge marshmallows and heart shaped rice crispy treats with pink and red sprinkles, pretty and delicious. Big thanks to Sonja Coburn for leading this station and organizing leaders for all of the other stations.


January Update


It was a cold day, but freezing weather and rain will not keep Chicktime from the girls at New Life. A small group of volunteers braved the terrible weather conditions and made it safely to New Life with enough supplies pulled together for 4 stations of activities. Lori, brought karaoke, board games and scrapbook supplies which we combined with Liz’s card making supplies for a card making station. Liz created a photo booth with last years props, recycling at it’s best.   Katy and a new volunteer ran the snack station, where the girls made their own popcorn balls and snowmen out of huge marshmallows. Laura and her sister engaged the girls with karaoke. Best of all, celebrating Lisa Brown’s birthday with a beautiful cake Lori brought. The girls expressed their thankfulness in having us there. It was a great day!


Chicktime-Jan2015-REV (2)


December Update

We had a Merry Little Christmas at New Life on December 13th.  So many volunteers joined us at the Canyon Lake Chapter to bring the spirit of giving and Christ to the 80 girls residing at the New Life Children’s Center.  


Praise and worship raised the roof of the gym with a fabulous praise band leading us in songs of the season.    Delicious holiday goodies were enjoyed by all; flowing chocolate fountain, homemade candies, cookies, sandwiches, punch, and hot chocolate.  Then, the exciting visit from Santa Clause!  Each girl received an individual photo with Santa to keep and save in their own Christmas frame that they made themselves.   Other fun activities served as ice breakers; each of us wrote 3 words on our name tag and people had to guess what animal your words described.  Always fun and inspirational is the paper taped to your back where people wrote positive comments about you.  Best of all, each girl received a gift to keep.  The gift consisted of a colorful gym bag filled with body lotions, snuggly socks, and a Chicktime sweatshirt.  


Lori, Carolyn, Sandra, Liz, and Lisa want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who came to enjoy our Christmas celebration with the girls at New Life.  Blessings for a wonderful New Year and hope you will join us for our January event.  


See more photos on the Photo Gallery page



November Update

November Chicktime was filled with great activities and the girls truly rose to the occasion enjoying a vast array of experiences.


Carol Biesemeier was kind enough to organize this month’s stations. She led the pillowcase making station, which include a number of her friends with their sewing machines and beautiful fabric choices. Thanks to Julie, Nancy, Jody, Janice, Mary and Connie for assisting the girls.


Patricia Goodwill led the card making and cookie decorating station. The cards were beautiful and the cookies were delicious.


Jennifer Goodwill led the blessing books station, which was a favorite of the girls, decorating books where they can write down what they are thankful for each day. They especially enjoyed the beautiful and colorful sugar cookies. Yum!


Connie Ferrin led us in dance lessons and sign language set to music, moving to the music of Shake it up and some Christian favorites. We were all free spirits at the dance station, sharing our self- expression with each other.


Thank you all for sharing what you love to do with us.

See more photos on the Photo Gallery.


October Update


It was a very crafty day at the October Chicktime event. Carolyn started us off by showing us how to make beautiful prayer boxes and fill them with our special prayers for friends, family, and the New Life staff. Each girl kept her prayer box and will have a daily reminder to pray for others and keep God close in mind and spirit.


Next it’s off to decorate our journal books. Sandra had lots of beautiful paper, stickers, and decorations for us to adorn our journals and make them special. Journaling is an important activity for the girls and it’s great to have a uniquely decorated journal for jotting down our thoughts and feelings.


Now time for a snack! Nancy engaged us with delicious Halloween treats. First, a yummy spider we made from a chocolate mini donut, pretzels and M&Ms, which sat upon our spider web, made of pretzels and white chocolate. Then, a healthy witches broom from string cheese and pretzels.


Finally, we created something special for the men and women of our armed forces who have returned home to recover from injuries. We made patriotic greeting cards filled with notes of encouragement and thanks to be delivered to the Wounded Warriors at Brooks Army Medical Center.


Special thanks to all the volunteers who came out to play with the girls today, and we welcome our first time volunteers from the Berean Bible Fellowship Women’s Group. Thank you leaders: Carolyn Boden, Sandra Hatchett, Nancy Torres, and Liz Barger for creating such engaging stations.


To see more photos:  go to the Photos Gallery.


September Update

The girls of New Life were able to experience the concept of “Daring Greatly” presented by Dawn Hedgepeth and Michelli Ramon during our October Chicktime event. It was an emotional experience for many of the girls and volunteers as we dove into the ideas of embracing vulnerability, and understanding the impact of shame. During the sessions Dawn and Michelli shared their own personal experiences as they educated us on how to use our vulnerability and shame to grow emotionally to a place of worthiness and to know “I am enough”.


Carolyn and Liz then led “Art for the Heart” where we searched through magazines and cut or tore out pictures that grabbed our attention or somehow spoke to us which we then used to create our individual collages expressing who we are, what we are feeling or just simply things we like. The girls and volunteers seemed to really enjoy this form of self-expression.


Special thanks to our leaders this month for such inspirational stations that left us knowing we are enough.


August Update

“The beauty of being” brought forth hope and understanding as we explored what beauty means to us. Our wish this month was that every girl experienced what can be realized through a sense of self-worth, uniqueness and rise like a phoenix to pursue a wonderful life.


This was truly felt by the enlightening Woman Arise presentation of Lora Williams, author of the book Woman Arise.   Lora presented us with two scenarios of women from a very challenged and destructive childhood, who arose to become leaders, mentors and successful women. We all saw that we do not have to be victims of our circumstance and setting goals and looking to God we can be who we are called to be.


Similarly, Miss Plus America Essence, Spruce Dickerson shared with us the beauty of being you.   All “spruced up” in her radiant crown and sash, she demonstrated that we should pursue who we are and not strive to be someone else. Only by being you can you become the person you are meant to be. “U are enough”.


Diane Perez and her daughter, Ashley enlightened us with tips on teen dating. This was great information that made us aware that we have value and no one should be able to treat us with disrespect or put us in danger.


To complete our day, Joy Veron and daughter along with some friends led the girls in bracelet making and sugar cookie decorating. Always a favorite at New Life is decorating cookies. We had lots of icing and m&ms to complete our delicious snacks.


Thank you to all the leaders who led these encouraging and engaging activities. Visiting us this month were two new leaders. Michelle from Florida and Brittany from Midland, TX.


—-Special Event—-

New Life celebrates the grand opening of Humana House.

Tuesday, August 19th at 10:30 am

Please RSVP by August 12th

to Lisa Brown at Lisa.brown@lsss.org or 830-964-4390 x 216


August Chicktime Event



July Update


We were blessed to have two new leaders join us this month for training, Penny from Michigan and Ashley from Alabama. They experienced the creativity of this month’s leaders with a summer camp themed day full of activities.



Led by Fran Musgrove, summer camp was in full swing at New Life on July 12th. Gwen led us all in fun campfire songs, with her guitar in hand, even creating a beautiful “campfire” for us to enjoy as we sang along. Judy and Carolyn provided an entertaining game of camping bingo before we made our own trail mix. Sandra’s creativity was in abundance with the summer camp visor craft. The visors were hand stamped with the Chicktime logo and plenty of bling was available to dress them up.  Then we made worms in dirt, which is pudding with crushed up chocolate cookies and gummy worms.  And, what’s summer camp without games. Everyone was pretty wet with Fran’s fun water balloon relays. What a great way to cool off while having fun on such a warm summer day.



Thanks to all the leaders who brought the joy of camp to the girls at New Life.



June Update

Beauty was found from within as we embraced our inner self through poetry, yoga, crafting cross bracelets, and beautifying our nails.   Many of our new life girls wrote lyrics, prose or journal entries at the poetry station. As they shared their writings with us the emotions and struggles they feel truly came to light further enforcing the value of Chicktime and how much it means to the girls to have us consistently share this time together.


Jamberry nail decals provided fun ways for the girls to express their creativity and their fun side with all the different designs. Denise Whistler provided all the supplies for this great station that everyone really enjoyed.


Special thanks to Tamra Christiansen for organizing this month’s events and lining up all the leaders for each station. She also led yoga and provided homemade brownies for us to enjoy.


Carli Elliot hosted the poetry station and really enjoyed engaging with the girls and provided great resources for them to expand their creative side. And thanks to Christy Wagenfuhr for leading the bracelet station. They were so pretty and you could tell the girls enjoyed wearing their new creations


May Update


May brought educational opportunities for the girls of New Life that will help them as they go forward in the world to start their first jobs and move toward an independent lifestyle. The women of WeLead, Women Executives Leading Empowering And Developing that is San Antonio’s National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) affiliate led the stations this month. The mission of WeLead is to provide business and personal growth through education, relationship building and community resource development in an atmosphere of mutual respect and integrity.


Ashley Gwilliam led the resume writing station. Here the girls learned about what they can put on their resumes when they are ready to start their first job search. Even as students, there are many things they can share on their resume that will highlight their skills and experience.


Alicia Gwilliam, a Sr. Sales Director for Mary Kay taught the girls about the best use of make-up to present themselves in a clean, healthy looking, and professional manner.


Jacqueline Jackson led the station about interview skills. The girls shared their ideas and stories and Jacqueline shared how these experiences could be expressed in an interview setting.


Michele Bussone educated the girls about budgeting, which really opened their eyes to the cost of living on your own. While we worked on our budgeting worksheets, Tiffany Tremont served delicious s’mores.


Special thanks goes to Chris Slowey and Heather Slowey for organizing all the stations.


April Highlights
 Fizzy, foamy, cold, bubbly, clucky, slimy, all words to describe the fun and interesting science experiments the New Life girls experienced in April.  Special thanks to Christine Warzecha from Smithson Valley High School for helping plan the day and along with Katy Barger leading the DNA extraction station.    This experiment was especially interesting.  The slimy DNA that was extracted from strawberries intrigued the girls.  Katie Arp, also a teacher at Smithson Valley High School helped with the “elephant toothpaste”.   The combination of peroxide and yeast along with colorful food die made foam ooze out of a water bottle.  Included at that station were Nancy Guajardo and Tiffany Barger making soapy bubbles with dry ice and also fizzy lemonade.  Allie and Savannah from the Smithson Valley H.S. FACS class along with Sandra Hatchett demonstrated instruments made by science class students, then the fun activity of making “Chicken In A Cup”.   Funny chicken sounds can be made from a plastic cup and some string.   Energy was in abundance in the Life Skills building as the girls made their own personal ice cream and enjoyed Easter cookies.  Thanks to Laura Sowell and Ashley Mann for leading the ice cream station.
The day was filled with energy and friendship as over 40 volunteers joined the leader for April, Liz Barger at New Life.  There were many leaders in training there to experience the event and enjoy time with the girls.  Thanks to these leaders for spreading the joy of Chicktime throughout the country:  Lindsay All and Arron Lazarski- Lancaster, South Carolina; Lorena Avillaneda, Vicky Carreon, Bee Ramirez, Sarah Garay, Bethany Garay- Katy, TX; Monica Blevins- Allen, TX; Dawn Gayden- San Antonio Central.
For more photos of this event go to the photos page!


March Highlights

March brought fun activities, new faces and new green t-shirts!  It was a Happy St. Patrick’s Day celebration where we learned about Irish folklore, made a beautiful green wreath with an Irish Blessing, decorated cupcakes and did our best to dance an Irish jig!


Special thanks to Judy “Gigi” Noffke for leading the activities this month and bringing along her ACTS group to help.  Judy shared some interesting facts about St. Patrick’s Day and some of the folklore of the Irish.  Did you know that St. Patrick is not really from Ireland?  He was born in England and captured by pirates who brought him to Ireland. 


Maggie Thompson led us in a lesson of Irish dance.  It is not easy, but beautiful to watch!  We gave it our best effort then headed over for some cupcake decorating led by Karen Bloomquist and Amy Stauffer.   Pots o’ Gold Cupcakes are pretty and delicious.  At the craft station, Sandra Hatchett showed us how to create the Irish Blessing Wreaths with construction paper and other fun crafting materials.


We welcomed some special guests:  Bethany and Sara participated in Discover Chicktime as representatives for the Katy Texas Chapter.  Amy visited from the Palestine Chapter and Lee from the Dallas Chapter.  Carol and Echo joined us from the Mission Texas Chapter and we had a brand new volunteer, Jennie, spend the morning with us.  They were all a great help and such a blessing to be here and share time with the girls at New Life.


Stay tuned for information about the Jersey Mike’s fund raiser for New Life.  Lisa Brown will be sending out information on this.  Also, if you have guys in your life who like to serve others, we are revitalizing the Bulverde Chapter which serves St. Jude’s Children’s Ranch.  We will be including the boys that live there in our activities and would love the men in your life to participate with you.  



February Highlights

The first time you attend Chicktime at New Life you might feel a little overwhelmed, or somewhat uneasy with what’s about to unfold.  The girls may start off the morning a little stand offish, taking their time to warm up to us as we start our activities.  As the day progresses you find the girls opening up and having fun at each station as they participate in the activities that we have planned for them.  When you return the next month to join in our time with the girls you find that you become more engaged with the girls than you were the time before, and month after month your sense of belonging grows as does the affection you will receive as the girls get to know you and build a rapport with you.


February brought us several first time volunteers from the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church.  The month’s activities were hosted by Sandra Hatchett, thank you Sandra for the fun and engaging activities.  As the girls rotated through the 4 stations, they were met with a variety of experiences.  At the Café we made “He’s got the whole world in his hands” foam crafts.  Susan Kiehnau led the activity and also provided us with fruit and a biblical lesson, thank you Susan for an inspiring activity.


In the Gym we were met with really fun games led by Phyllis Woods.  We played “name that tune”, “name that celebrity” and ran an obstacle course in high heels and boas, thanks to Phyllis for such an entertaining time in the gym and for the skittles.


Next it was off to the Chapel where Helen Wiley taught us how to ring hand chimes.  Each of us was provided one chime that rang a specific note.   By following the words on the page, we knew when to ring our tone to accompany our singing.  We certainly appreciated Helen’s musical talents!


Finally, to the Life Skills building where Stephanie Alton provided all the materials for us to make Valentine’s Day cards for a nursing home near the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church.  We made a variety of cards with beautiful paper and wrote a note in each one.  I am sure the residents of the nursing home had a happy Valentine’s Day thanks to Stephanie and the girls hand crafted cards. 


We are thankful for all the volunteers that came to New Life in February to help bring some fun and love to the girls.



January Highlights

What a great way to start the 8th year of Chicktime.  Saturday, January 11th was the 7th anniversary of Chicktime and we were fortunate to have the founding leaders, Lori Rhodes and her daughter Katy Rhodes leading us on such a wonderful day.  The volunteer turnout was fantastic and included new leaders starting new chapters visiting us for the first time.  Sandra Rodriquez and Nidia Ramirez from Humble, Texas and Phoenix Valdez from San Diego, California were here to experience what Chicktime is all about.  


The day started with another celebration.  Our beloved volunteer coordinator, Lisa Brown, celebrated her 50th birthday with us, then on to our regular meeting of volunteers and assigning everyone to a station. 


The girls at New Life seemed to really enjoy all the activities we had planned for them.  Katy Rhodes and Jody Cocker led the Lip Balm station, where we learned to make our own lip balm from scratch.  Charlene Werner explained the value of fresh and healthy eating by showing us how to prepare smoothies using ingredients like almond milk, coconut milk and fruit, while Paula Oliver prepared a fresh fruit salad.  Then we worked off those calories with an exhilarating session of Zumba led by Kelly Vizzone.  We really worked up a sweat!  Our last station was led by Judy Golden and ladies from Pilots of Canyon Lake and the Knitting group from an area library where we learned to crochet friendship bracelets out of yarn. 


Afterword the volunteers enjoyed a delicious lunch and fellowship at Lori’s house where we visited and recapped the great day at New Life Children’s Center.


Thanks to all of our leaders and volunteers for bringing your special talents to all of us. 



Start your new year right with a Chicktime event.   Join us on January 11th at 8:15 for fun activites with the girls living at New Life Children’s Center.   If you have a daughter age 12 or order, it is a great event to do together.  See our events page to register.   


December Highlights


It was a Merry Little Christmas at New Life on December 14th.  Canyon Lake and San Antonio Hope Chicktime chapters partnered together to spread the joy to the 80 girls residing at the New Life Children’s Center.  There were plenty of volunteers to engage with the girls and make the day special with lots of activities.  Praise and worship raised the roof of the gym with a fabulous praise band leading us in songs of the season.    Delicious holiday goodies were enjoyed by all; flowing chocolate fountain, homemade candies, cookies, sandwiches, and punch.  Then, the exciting visit from Santa Clause!  Each girl received an individual photo with Santa to keep and save in their own Christmas frame that they made themselves.   Other fun activities served as ice breakers; each of us wrote 3 words on our nametag and people had to guess what animal your words described.  Always fun and inspirational is the paper taped to your back where people wrote positive comments about you.  Best of all, each girl received a gift to keep.  The gift consisted of a colorful gym bag filled with bath and body lotions, snuggly socks, a Chicktime sweatshirt and a book written by Lori Rhodes entitled Prayers Over Our Children.  Lori, Carolyn and Liz want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who came to enjoy our Christmas celebration with the girls at New Life.  Blessings for a wonderful New Year and hope you will join us for our January event.  



November Highlights

Special thanks to Kelly Vizzone who organized the November event at New Life.  It was a fun-filled day with a variety of activities to interest us all.  And, of course thanks to the station leaders, Marilyn and Ashley Bush, Tara Johnson and Mary Eastman.


Imagine making a living off of flour, sugar and shortening.  Sounds improbable, but not for Mrs. Bush of Mrs. Bush’s pies.  Marilyn and Ashley Bush provided an informative presentation about pie making.  It provided an insight into the possibilities we all have and that in finding our passion we can create our own success.  The New Life girls loved all the flavors Mrs. Bush brought to taste.  I think the most popular was the buttermilk pie.  Yummy!


Tara Johnson gave us an understanding of the hunger issues close to the border of Mexico.  We did our part to alleviate this problem by filling bags with beans and rice to be delivered to a food pantry near the border of Mexico.  Each bag contained a hand written note written in Spanish and English for the recipient to read a prayer and information about New Life.  We also made a fun craft at this station which included candy (always popular with the girls).


After our fill of calories, it’s time to work it off.  To really get our blood flowing, our host Kelly had us breaking a sweat with Zumba.  Kelly educated us on a brief history of the origin of Zumba, and then the party started.  We were jumping, spinning, twisting and turning to the upbeat music.   Following along with Kelly was challenging at times but worth the effort.  What a great stress reliever!  Who knew that exercise can be fun?


Finally, Mary Eastman put us in the relaxed mode with her Yoga instruction.  We learned about the peace and tranquility that can be felt through the stretching and relaxation exercises.   What a calming yet energizing experience.


To see more great photos of our event, go to the Photo Gallery page.

Fall Festival

Attention Ladies: “IT”S FALL FESTIVAL TIME” at NEW LIFE!
Liz Barger invites you to join her and her team on Saturday, October 12th from 8:15 am to 12noon as they bring a day of fun fall activities to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake).

Join the girls and have fun:
• Spider Web Pretzel Snacks
• Tissue Paper Stained Glass Fall Leaves
• Games: Can Toss, Bean Bag Throw, Spray Away, Fishing for Prizes
• Hayride
• Make a mustache and photo booth
• Popcorn balls
• Music or Dancing

If you would like to join us on October 12th, RSVP to Liz Barger, elizabeth.barger@twcable.com or (210) 254-8394. We need to hear from you soon!


September Highlights

Another great time at New Life!  Here are pictures of the girls creating pens with a flower on top to go along with the journals they made.  Unfortunately, my battery fizzled before I could get to the finished products…the crocheting station, which they love…or the sewing station, where they made mini pillows.  You’ll notice the beautiful wrist corsage, an indicator of her birthday!  A wonderful local florist provides one for each girl’s special day when they are at New Life…go ahead and say it, “Awww.”


Chicktime Creating and Homemaking


Attention Ladies: “CREATING & HOMEMAKING” is coming to NEW LIFE!
Pam Vandermey-Collins invites you to join her and her team on Saturday, September 14th from 8:15 am to 12noon as they bring a day of creating and homemaking activities to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake). Learn how to sew and crochet, make journals and pens, and decorate cupcakes!


If you would like to join us on September 14th, RSVP to Pam Vandermey-Collins, pvandermey@yahoo.com or (210) 602-3350. We need to hear from you soon!


August Highlights

What a heart-warming Day of Hope in August at New Life!  Lora Williams, founder of “Women of Vision” and Elite Spruce Dickerson, “Miss Plus America,” (the one with the huge crown) shared their uplifting stories.  One of Lora’s protégés led the girls in making their own vision boards for a bright future.  Elizabeth, her daughter and I played games and handed out snacks!  Wouldn’t you know a staff member won musical chairs?!  While I was catching my breath, another God-opportunity arose to talk one-on-one with two young ladies who hadn’t been speaking to each other…truly a Day of Hope!

A Day of Hope 

Attention Ladies: “A DAY OF HOPE” is coming to NEW LIFE!

Lora Williams invites you to join her and her team on Saturday, August 17th from 8:15 am to 12noon as they bring a day of hope and encouragement to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake). Special Guests include Lora Williams – Founder “Women of Vision Austin” and Elite Spruce Dickerson “Miss Plus America.”


If you would like to join us on August 17th, RSVP to Lora Williams at wlorakc324@yahoo.com or (512)618-5433. We need to hear from you soon!

Chicktime Carnival Time


New Life girls (and Chicktime volunteers who love to be girls) tout Chicktime Carnival as summer time’s most fun event!  The girls really look forward to it and are especially well-mannered and helpful; it’s quite inspiring.
Perhaps more inspiring is the family who dreamed a big dream, stepped out in faith and helped it come true.  Four generations of women, teenager Haylee Oliver, her mom Paula, her mom Deenie Stevens, and her 90-ish mom Mildred Guest joined in this third year of festivities!
It started with Haylee’s desire to have it be all about fun, water, outdoors, and celebrating summer!  She worked on a presentation to businesses, from rental company’s giving half off, to individual donors. (Paula says people are more apt to give to a teen with a big heart!)
The first year a whopping $170 was raised having a carwash in their front yard.  Trying to avoid that one in the future (yes, they did mention the future woo-hoo), because it took 10 hours and lots of water!


Carnival time

Attention Ladies: “CARNIVAL TIME” is coming to NEW LIFE!


Paula Oliver invites you to join her and her team on Saturday, July 13th from 8:15 am to 12noon as they bring a day of fun to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake). Step right up and join the fun with a dunking booth, moon bounce, cotton candy, popcorn, clowns and more!


If you would like to join us on July 13th, RSVP to Paula Oliver at poliver@bsklaw.com or 210-882-6337. We need to hear from you soon!

Health & Fitness


Attention Ladies: “HEALTH & FITNESS” is coming to NEW LIFE!

Corrina Green invites you to join her and her team on Saturday, June 22nd from 8:15 am to 12noon as they bring a day of health and fitness to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake). You’ll enjoy healthy snacks, yoga, team building events and fun fitness with the girls!


If you would like to join us on June 22nd, RSVP to Corrina Green at corrina.green@att.net or 210-527-7702. We need to hear from you soon!


Balanced Living


Attention Ladies: “BALANCED LIVING” is coming to NEW LIFE!


Tamra Christiansen invites you to join her and her team on Saturday, May 11th from 8:15 am to 12noon as they bring a day of pampering and learning to live a balanced life to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! Have fun learning yoga, getting manicures, eating healthy snacks, and beauty tips for facials and makeup application with the girls!


If you would like to join us on May 11th, RSVP to Tamra Christiansen at tamralynn75@gmail.com. We need to hear from you soon!


Chicktime April Was A Blast!


Thank you Liz and Katy Barger for hosting a fantastic day of science experiments… and to all the women who led stations! The girls of New Life and all of the volunteers had so much fun! We had a full house with almost all of our 80 New Life girls in attendance along with over 30 volunteers! It is hard to describe days like this one… in the end… the best way to put it is to say that we ALL got to feel like a kid again… and for the girls of New Life… being a kid is something very foreign. Most have had to assume the role of ‘adult’ over their own lives as well as younger siblings because their parental influence is so lacking. Many of their parents are in prison for what they have done to them… but these girls are the lucky ones. They are safe and on their way to a new life… filled with days like this one that allowed them to play, and dream, and just enjoy life for a change! photo

DSC03555 DSC03565

Imagination Stations

Attention Ladies: “IMAGINATION STATIONS” is coming to NEW LIFE!

Liz Barger invites you to join her and her team on Saturday, April 13th from 8:15 am to 12noon as they bring a day of imagination and experiments to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! Put on your lab coat and make your own ice cream, do chemical experiments or static electricity experiments and sing with the girls!


If you would like to join us on April 13th, RSVP to Liz Barger at elizabeth.barger@twcable.com. We need to hear from you soon!



Attention Ladies: “THE STORY OF EASTER” is coming to NEW LIFE!

The Ladies of ACTS Church Lakeway invite you to join them on Saturday, March 9th from 8:15 am to 12noon as they bring the true story of Easter to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! Hop on down to help share the true story of Easter with the girls through wacky music, stain glass crafts, jelly beans & faith bead bracelets, cupcake decorating and more!


If you would like to join us on March 9th, RSVP to Carolyn Boden at carolyn@bodenhaus.com. We need to hear from you soon!

Rodeo Time

Rodeo Time


Attention Ladies: “RODEO TIME” is coming to NEW LIFE!

Kay Bair invites you to join her on Saturday, February 9th from 8:15 am to 12noon as her brings “RODEO TIME” to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! Kick up your boots and giddy up on down to learn trick roping, make cowgirl crafts, take vintage cowgirl photos and help us cook up some Texas burgers and hot dogs!


If you would like to join us on February 9th, give us a holler and RSVP to Kay Bair at dkbair@sbcglobal.net. We need to hear from you soon!



Attention Ladies: “WHO AM I IN CHRIST?” is coming to NEW LIFE!

Nikki Howells invites you to join her on Saturday, January 12th from 8:15 am to 12noon as her team rings in the New Year and brings “WHO AM I IN CHRIST?” to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! Have fun taking photos, creating snowflake frames, making pocket purses and discovering what your dreams are for 2013!


If you would like to join us on January 12th, please contact Nikki Howells at nikki.howells@gmail.com for more details. We need to hear from you soon!


Who Am I In Christ?


Lori Rhodes & Carolyn Boden invite you to join them on Saturday, December 8th from 8:15 am to 12noon to bring a fun filled day to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! There will be music, food, drinks and a special appearance by Santa.

If you would like to join us on December 8th, please contact us for more details.


Chicktime Christmas Party at New Life

Chicktime Canyon Lake thanks our November Chick Leaders who brought “Career Time” to Canyon Lake and showed the New Life girls (and volunteers) how to prepare themselves for real life job hunting, budgeting and creating a resume!  The girls were excited about the possibilities of going to college, starting a savings account and living on their own!!


Career Time at New Life

Attention Ladies: IT’S CAREER TIME @ NEW LIFE!

Pam Vandermey-Collins invites you to join her on Saturday, November 10th from 8:15 am to 12noon as her team brings career and budgeting tips to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! Have fun and learn the basics of budgeting, finding a career, filling out a job application and rental application, creating a resume and the interview process!


If you would like to join us on November 10th, please contact Pam Vandermey-Collins at pvandermey@yahoo.com for more details. We need to hear from you soon!


Chicktime Frog Cupcake Decorating













Chicktime Canyon Lake thanks our October Chick Leaders who brought an hopping fun time and showed the New Life girls (and volunteers) how to F.ully R.ely O.n G.od!! The day was filled with Frog Needlepoint Crafts, a Drum Circle, Frog Cupcake Decorating and Crocheting.

Attention Ladies: F.R.O.G – FULLY RELY ON GOD @ NEW LIFE!

Carolyn Boden invites you to join her on Saturday, October 13th from 8:15 am to 12noon as her team brings “A day of learning how to F.ull R.ely O.n G.od” to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! Jump right on in and join the fun with a cupcake decorating, crafts, a drum circle, crocheting and more!

If you would like to join us on October 13th, please contact Carolyn Boden at carolyn@bodenhaus.com for more details. We need to hear from you soon!


FROG - Fully Rely On God



Our September event was incredible. Thank you Paula and Haylee Oliver for leading such a spectacular day for the girls (and the volunteers!) With more than 40 volunteers and almost every New Life girl (close to 80) we had a very full house. Paula and Haylee had so many sugary treats that we must have attracted at least 300 honey bees… which only added to the fun! We had carnival games, a photo booth, commercial cotton candy machine (which delighted the girls to no end), snow cones, and way too many other foods to name! We even had professional clowns! Hopefully, the Oliver girls will host this favorite Chicktime event next year!


Calling all CHICKS!!! We are holding our 2013 leader drive during the month of October. We need committed leaders for every month in 2013. Please contact info@chicktime.com or call Lori at 830-708-4254 and let us know which month you would like to lead. You don’t have to know the exact activity… we just need to know your committed to a particular month. This is a great opportunity to involve your women’s bible study, your bunco group, your book club, your family, or even your neighbors. Pick and month and let your group shine! The New Life girls LOVE Chicktime and it would mean a great deal to them to know that we have committed leaders for next year!

Attention Ladies – IT’S CARNIVAL TIME @ NEW LIFE!

Paula Oliver invites you to join her on Saturday, September 8th from 8:15 am to 12noon as her team brings “Carnival Time” to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake)! Step right up and join the fun with a dunking booth, photo booth, moon bounce, popcorn & cotton candy, clowns and more!


If you would like to join us on September 8th, please contact Paula Oliver at poliver@bsklaw.com for more details. We need to hear from you soon!


Chicktime Canyon Lake thanks our August Chick Leader, Lora Williams and her friends who brought an incredible program filled with hope that infused the New Life girls (and volunteers) with much confidence!!! For more information on the presenters, please visit this cool website Princess in Training featuring Markell Williams.


Attention Ladies!
Lora Williams invites you to join her on Saturday, August 11th from 8:15 am to 12noon as her team teaches the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake) what it means to be a princess, value and self esteem! Learn how to make good decisions about healthy vs unhealthy relationships. What it means to be a princess, value, & self esteem. Beauty Tips & Singing!


If you would like to join us on August 11th, please contact Lora Williams at wlorakc324@yahoo.com for more details. We need to hear from you soon!


Attention Ladies! Corrina Green invites you to join her on Saturday, July 21st from 8:15 am to 12noon as she brings “PARTY TIME” to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake). Come help the girls organize a Party!  Learn how to make cards, decorate cakes, make fun appetizers, party decorations and favors!!


If you would like to join us on July 21st, please contact Corrina Green at corrina.green@att.net for more details. We need to hear from you soon!




Welcome to our News Page!

Please scroll down to enjoy our latest news and keep scrolling to peruse the news from past months to absorb more of our story!

June News


*If you did not receive the invitation/date change to our June event in your inbox, please update your contact information by clicking the ‘subscribe’ button at the bottom of every web page, select TX- Canyon Lake from the menu.


NEW DATE: Tuesday, June 19th

NEW TIME: 9:00-12:00noon

Please visit the events calendar and register for this Chicktime event. It is extra special and we need to know how many are coming!


** Also, we invite you to join us as we enjoy the New Life Girl’s talent show on Thursday, June 21st. Please arrive at New Life by 9:30 for the talent show so we can get settled in our seats! The show starts at 10:30 and will feature the girls performing Christian worship songs.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last Chicktim event. We had a ball with Audra Hughes and her photography sessions with the girls, Katy Rhodes and her make-up tips clinic, Judy Golden and the girl’s favorite crochet ladies, and a very special leader from Austin named Helen Peck. Please continue reading below to hear about Helen’s activity… it was increcible!

Helen Peck, a 13-year-old Girl Scout and 8th grader from Austin, is working on her Girl Scout Silver Award project, and she recently brought her great idea and excellent organizational skills to New Life Children’s Center. If you are not familiar with a Girl Scout Silver Project, it is a big, sustainable project a girl plans, leads, and implements to help out her community.


Helen attended a “We Are Girls Conference” in Austin and went to a “Kiss Your Worries Goodbye” class where girls get to make miniature dolls out of pipe cleaners and scrap cloth materials. As they each create their own unique doll, they make a special connection with it, and the doll becomes a sort of diary replacement that a girl can tell her private troubles, worries, and special moments to—actually saying these things aloud instead of keeping them locked up inside. This is especially appealing to girls who don’t like journaling (or writing in a diary) or for those who have trouble with writing.


So Helen wanted to set up a worry doll program in a place that helps girls. A place like New Life. Helen thought of New Life because she knew her church (St. Paul Lutheran Church in Austin) makes quilts and has donation collections for the New Life girls. She made several example dolls, and offered to coordinate the initial set-up with all materials and hold a workshop to teach the girls how to make the dolls and the staff how to teach the process.


We loved Helen’s idea, but because of some of the behaviors of our residents, we would be unable to use the pipe cleaners.  We have girls here who are self-harmers so we don’t allow anything sharp, metal or pointed.  So Helen proposed using Wikki Stixinstead of pipe cleaners to make the worry dolls, The Wiki Stix can be bent and posed like pipe cleaners, but they don’t have wires inside. This was an excellent solution because they are sold in many stores and are inexpensive to boot. With Wikki Stix, the girls can also use their creativity to make accessories and extras to go with their dolls, like dogs, cats, purses, earrings, sunglasses, and necklaces.


The class allowed the girls to be creative, watch their own doll come to life, and then to confide their worries and concerns to the dolls instead of keeping them inside themselves. Helen left us with instructions and enough supplies for each cottage to hold another Wikki Stix session again.

May News


Join us on May 12 from 8:15am-12:00noon at the New Life Children’s Center for a day of cultivating inner and outer beauty!



  • Make up Tips/Make-Overs- hosted by Katy Rhodes and her Baylor friends
  • Glamour Shots- hosted by Audra Hughes of ‘Through Audra’s Eyes Photography’
  • Clever Techniques to Clear the Cobwebs of your Mind (Worry Dolls)- hosted by Helen Peck
  • Crocheting Beauty- hosted by Judy Golden and our fabulous Crochet Ladies


Volunteer Needs:
We need volunteers to show up and play along with the girls. This all important bonding time while oohing and ahhing and telling the girls how beautiful they look as they are being photographed, crocheting along with them on the sofas, and learning together that we all have worries and develop techniques to reduce them… shows the girls in tangible ways that they matter. The volunteers who just show up and play along with the girls is possibly the most magical part of Chicktime morning! So gather your girlfriends, and your teenage daughters 12 and older and just SHOW UP! We don’t even require an RSVP… the more the merrier!! :)









In true San Antonio tradition, we had a party in April at New Life!  In honor of NIOSA, our friends showed up with scrumptious treats from around the globe…South America, Africa, Japan, Greece, Germany, Italy and the Good ‘ol USA!  The girls tried many new tasty treats – some they liked and others they graciously disposed of!  That’s okay…we are just here to broaden their horizons!


The girls had a blast at the outdoor game station

led by our Carnival Queens Paula and Haylee Oliver!








Jenny Rudd and the crew from “Corks, Coffee and Canvas” led the girls in creating their very own special work of art on canvas!  It is amazing what can be created out of patience, time, instruction and love…

April News



Attention Ladies! Mari Alexander and Jennifer Clarke invite you to join us on Saturday, April 14th from 8 am to Noon as we bring FIESTA to the 80 abused and neglected girls that call New Life Children’s Center home (Chicktime Canyon Lake). This has become an annual tradition for us and the girls adore this activity. We have fun themed games, activities, crafts and, of course, their favorite – FOOD! We need hands to help with crafts and games, but we know we have some amazing cooks out there and we are asking you to share your gift of cooking with the girls. We create sort of a Night In Old San Antonio area where the girls have the opportunity to sample foods from different cultures and countries (and the good ol USA!). 80 sounds like alot, but it’s really not when it’s just a sample.


If you would like to join us on April 14th, please contact Jennifer Clarke on fb, todjen@gvtc.com or 830-456-5334 for more details. We need to hear from you soon!


Chicktime: Inspire the next generation and change your life

article written by Carolyn Boden


As we drove from Lakeway to Canyon Lake, we anticipated seeing and spending time with the girls again and meeting the other volunteers from Chicktime.  This month the leaders were from San Marcos and the events that were planned included manicures, making collages, singing and creating tote bags.


The first activity of the day was giving the girls manicures.  As they soaked their hands in heart shaped bowls of warm scented water, I couldn’t help but think of the journey of where the girls have been and what the future is holding for them to discover.  Some hands showed signs of nails that were chewed down and arms that were scarred from self-harm. Then the girls selected the perfect color of polish for their nails and helped each other pick out stickers and embellishments to apply on their freshly polished nails. To see the beautiful transformation of their nails and hands, reminded me of the beautiful transformation that must be going on inside of them during their time at New Life.


Next it was on to the chapel to sing with a group of musicians… the songs that they lifted up were filled with the sweetest harmony and heart-felt praise.  We sang some country songs along with praise songs and recalling the lyrics… the words seem to inspire the girls… words that reminded the girls to know that they are beautiful and loved.


The rain was still coming down as we left the chapel and made our way down to the cottage by the river.  Here the girls would spend time making collages from images they found in magazines.  The assignment was to close their eyes and think of where they wanted to be in 15 years, what was their dream if they could do anything they wanted and money was not an option.  The dreams of the girls were filled with the same dreams you and I have… one girl dreamt of being a forensic pathologist so she could help others. One girl pasted 2 images of children with cleft palettes and her dream was to adopt children like them. Others had dreams of being fashion models or artists.  Their creative minds were busy scanning the pages of the magazines to find the perfect images that reflected their individual dreams.


The final event was to create handmade tote bags from bandanas.  After finding their favorite colors, they cut and tied the edges together and some even filled their totes with the other items that they made during the day. This was another moment of watching their battered little hands and arms from self-harming being used productively to create something beautiful!  New Life is definitely a place where these girls are given a second chance in their lives, a chance to dream again.


At Chicktime, we’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to participate in the lives of these girls… not just by sharing our time, our love, and our passion with them, but to allow them the freedom to discover their own passions.


I pray that God will help us recognize the beauty in each of these girls and help them to become what is already inside of them… what God himself has already placed in them. The desire and calling that is a reflection of God himself.


Why do we do this?  Because of what God does for us… He reminds us that we do matter to Him no matter what our past looks like, we too have a second chance to start over as His children. We believe the girls at New Life need to be reminded that they do matter to someone and that there is hope and love in this world. Nobody showed that better to us than Christ himself.


To learn more about Chicktime, visit www.chicktime.com <http://www.chicktime.com> . Chicktime is a grass roots movement created to serve the next generation, by bringing together groups of women using their unique gifts in the service of others. Chicktime New Life encourages the girls at the Center through fun projects that bring a bright spot to their lives. New Life Residential Center is a ministry of Lutheran Social Services of the South (LSSS) whose mission is to provide help, healing and hope in the name of Jesus Christ. LSSS annually serves about 45,000 persons across Texas and Louisiana.


Link LSSS to: http://www.newlifechildrenscenter.org/


Link New Life to: http://www.newlifechildrenscenter.org/

March News


Please join us and help pamper the girls!!



What a Wonderful Time We Had

article written by Jennifer Clarke


On Saturday, February 11, we gathered on a cold and breezy morning at New Life with such lovely activities planned for the precious girls there.  Our Chick Leaders this month, Christi Ingles and Dee Patterson, had enlisted the help of Ricki Anderson and Robin Reed to lead stations, and we had our quarterly regulars, Judy and the crochet crew on hand to lead their station!  We had several other volunteers on hand this morning to assist our leaders and hang out with the girls.


The day began with Robin and Christi inspiring the girls to create Valentine cards, but not just any beautiful Valentine with a heartfelt sentiment.  These Valentine’s were created to be hand delivered to the residents at the Live Oak Nursing Home in Blanco, Texas.  NLCC has formed a relationship with this home and does activities from time to time there.  We were provided with the names of the residents so that the greetings could be personally addressed.  There is never a lack of creativity in activities like this!


The next stop was games with Ricki Anderson.  We played a guessing game in which a card was placed in a holder on our foreheads and we had the chance to ask each person in our group questions that could only be answered with a “yes” or “no” answer on our way to guessing what our card said.  This was very hard, challenging and FUN for all!  Boy did we laugh!



On to the chapel and some downtime with the ladies at the crochet station…the girls would learn how to make a circle scarf and they seemed very interested in learning how to create something new!  It was amazing to see the kindness and care that each volunteer took with the girls.  Some of the girls were quite adept at this crochet thing having made numerous different items with their skillful hands!  Others required a helping hand to hold the needle and have the just right amount of tension in the yarn.  Quite a change from our previous rambunctious activity – this was a time to settle down and concentrate on our amazing ability to create something with our own hands.


Finally, we reached the cookie and cupcake decorating station and boy did Dee go all out on this activity!  The girls were provided with a cupcake and two cookies to decorate using a variety of frostings, applicators, sprinkles, whipped creams, strawberries and chocolates!  Most of the girls challenged themselves to include every single item on their blank palates!  We LOVE to eat and the snack activity is always one of our favorite parts of the morning!  A little taste of heaven and the icing on a beautiful and fun filled morning at Chicktime!


 February News


You are Invited…Yes!  You!!!




Our Day With Chicktime @ NEW LIFE

[story by Carolyn Boden, New Life volunteer]


“A new you… the same you but better.” That was the theme-of-the-day for the girls at New Life Children’s Center in Canyon Lake, when a group of 11 volunteers from ACTS Church Lakeway  joined the New Life Chicktime group for a day that none of us will soon forget.


Chicktime”* is the wonderful mother/daughter service group that is very active and involved at New Life. This was the first trip to New Life for our ACTS women’s group, and we were excited, but didn’t really know what to expect.


We left Austin around 6:30 a.m. and caravanned to San Marcos to pick up the daughter of one of our group at Texas State University, then we all headed to New Life. On the way we visited, watched the sun rise, and anticipated the day ahead.


At first we were just going to volunteer, but when Chicktime founder Lori Rhodes contacted us about leading a station, we knew God was asking more of us. I believe He had a bigger experience in mind for us that day.  As it turned out, the time with the girls and the Chicktime volunteers had a huge impact on all of us.


Our group led a scrapbooking station where the girls designed the front of their personal journals. We also shared a handout with the girls, to give them ideas of what they could journal about and how journaling can tell a story of our journey with God.


Some of our group also volunteered in the zumba and yoga stations, or joined the girls as they moved from station to station.


We were very grateful to Nancy and Kelly of Chicktime, who answered all the questions we had before, during, and after the event. My heart was humbled as I experienced Christ’s love in each of the women who were there that day… their love of Christ for each other and for the girls.


ACTS Church Lakeway’s mission is “Sending Changed People into a Changing World” and as you read the quotes below from our group, you can see how we were all “changed” in one way or another on January 14th! I will always remember that special day, and am looking forward to being “SENT” on the next Chicktime event at New Life!



In their own words:


 “Ashley and I discussed how those girls touched our lives more than they will ever know!  We are looking forward to more time spent at Chicktime.”


 “It’s a huge accomplishment to get the schedules of 11 busy women together, let alone be able to make a difference in the lives of some special kids.”


 “I didn’t know what to expect and was struck by…just girls wanting to be girls – creating something beautiful…finding their favorite colors, words, patterns.  We may never know what that brief time meant to them but certainly touched me giving me such a profound thankfulness for the blessings in my life and a desire to come back!“


“Attending a ChickTime event at the New Life Treatment Center was a privilege. The partnership between these two organizations to improve the lives of young women is inspirational. Leaving New Life that day, I knew I would be back very soon with ChickTime. As I wait for that day, I continue to pray for all those amazing girls who gave more to me than I possibly could have given them.”


“I was touched by the girls’ looking out for each other and thanking us for coming. The last two groups were smaller, allowing some one-on-one interaction.  One young lady put her deceased Dad’s motto on her journal cover…and her son’s initials…my heart really went out to her.  They were so creative, and the time seemed to fly.  I’m looking forward to future visits.”


 “One girl was really looking out for her friend and wanting to help her since her friend’s father had just passed away.  Her friend’s father’s favorite Bible verse was John 3:16 and she found a sticker that had that verse on it.  Although she wanted to use it on her journal, she really wanted her friend to have it.  When she gave it to her friend, her friend just melted and thanked her.  I was touched by the selfless act and compassion she showed.  You could really see some of the friendships and bonds these girls have with each other.


I was touched when they took the time to thank us before they left.  They weren’t prompted to do so but did. I can only hope my teens would do that in a similar instance.


I loved watching all their creative thinking going on….”


 “I would echo the sentiment about the girls helping each other, especially if one was ahead of another.  All the girls were very respectful and eager to follow through on the brief instructions. I thanked one girl for coming to share time with our station and she looked me in the eye and said “no, thank YOU” … to be sure I really knew she appreciated us there. Looking forward to going back again!”


*Chicktime is a grass roots movement created to serve the next generation, by bringing together groups of women using their unique gifts in the service of others. Chicktime New Life encourages the girls at the Center through fun projects that bring a bright spot to their lives.





Mark your calendars for January 14th for Chicktime at New Life Children’s Center. Nancy Pappas and Kelly Vizzone are leading a wonderful morning of activities perfect for the New Year. The girls will learn tips to take better care of themselves and hopefully get a foundation of healthy new routines to help in the restoration process as they heal from years of abuse and neglect.


We need your help! So please plan to join us!


January 14, 2012


New Life Children’s Center

650 Scarborough, Canyon Lake, TX 78132



Our December event was magical. Chicktime Hope brought out their famous praise band and led the girls in Christmas carols and worship music. The surprise of the day was the lifted hands of many young women obviously connecting with their spiritual side that beautiful morning. So many of these young women are desperately wanting to believe they are loved beyond measure and music has a way of connecting them to the source of that love like nothing else can. Thank you to the 40+ volunteers who showed up to make Christmas Merry for so many!! Can’t wait to see you again in the New Year!!





Terri Watts lead the New Life girls in a day of ‘giving back’. We hand painted pots that will be filled with flowers and delivered to nursing homes… 600 pounds of rice and beans were packed with love for the local food bank… Christine Spencer taught her renowned etiquette class… and the crochet ladies were back to help the girls make warm hats for themselves and to share.One New Life girl who was quite entertained by the etiquette class commented that she felt ridiculous eating like a princess… that she had never felt like a princess in her entire life. Later in the morning as she was painting her pot, she commented that it was a princess pot! Guess acting like a princess helped her to feel like the princess that she is… not the abused and broken young girl who came to New Life many months ago.

New Life is a place of resotration. Join us for Chicktime and BE the love of God to a young girl walking the path to resoration. Contact Lisa Brown to learn more about New Life or join in the monthly Hope Tour (the last Thursday of every month). lisa.brown@lsss.org. Visit the chicktime events calendar to save the date and join us for Chicktime at New Life Children’s Center or contact info@chicktime.com for more information.




Our most heartfelt blessings to you in the new year! 
Come out and play with us! 

Homes for Troops

 This will be our last report on the Homes For Our Troops project…for now!  On Saturday, December 18th, Josh Stein and his family were handed the keys to their brand new


 beautiful home in the hill country!  We are so proud to have been a part of this project and look
forward to the opportunity to join with HFOT on future homes in our area.  On December 11th
, we had a small, but enthusiastic group install much of the plants and final landscaping touches on the lot.  Our thanks to Bobby Barclay of Lakescapes for his tireless efforts to


organize the major ground pre
paration prior to planting; South Texas Growers, Plant Haus and Antique Rose Emporium for the plant donations; and our local Rainbow Play Systems for their assistance in installing the fabulous playground for the girls!  Finally, your prayers and financial support have made our contribution to this project possible.
To all of our servicemen & women, thank you for your sacrifice on our behalf!  Homes for our Troops is a non-profit organization committed to
building new homes for our brave soldiers permanently disabled
while serving our country!