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May Update:

Card Making with Carol was a success…..the girls had so much fun.

See you next month!

May Update:


We enjoyed some relaxing and therapeutic yoga.

Every month we are committed to bring a workshop to Safe Landing in hopes that love is felt!

May Update:

We had an amazing time at the crisis center today.

Amy thank you soo much for leading this event!
The moms learned that they are God’s masterpiece!
What a blessing you are!!!

The children created jewelry and cards for their moms and themselves

Amy, then did an activity with them
Teaching about God’s love and belief in them!!

The families also received strollers clothing and diapers that were donated.

The spirit was palpable.

Priscilla Hernandez (Priss) thank you so much for sharing your testimony!!

As always thanks to all of you for donating your time and resources to Chicktime Galveston.
None of this would be possible without you!

May Update:

A big “Shout Out” to RBFCU for coming out last Saturday to give a financial workshop to the kids at SJRC Texas. They learned the financial lingo, how to write a check, make a “smart” plan, and played financial Bingo. Great job Jennifer from RBFCU!

A lot of the kids at SJRC Texas have jobs and this workshop gave them wonderful information on what to do with their money. They are all looking forward to opening an account with RBFCU. Thank you to all our awesome volunteers who came out to love on these wonderful kids.

May Update:

We had a wonderful time at our Saturday Chicktime San Marcos Empowered workshop! Pryer boxes were made and prayer journals were given to the ladies that came out, Tosha led the workshop. What a blessing.

See you next month.

May Update:

Thanks to everyone who came out and volunteered this morning with us. The girls enjoyed learning about fashion with Maia Elena Torres Rodriquez and Tasha Avery.

Hope to see you next month~

May Update:

 may pic

What a beautiful day for blinging out some backpacks. Thank you to HEB for all the snacks and drinks for the girls and to our workshop leader, Rosie. We can’t thank all our volunteers enough for coming out and helping us assure we make our workshops fun and memorable

The girls truly love our workshops. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may God bless you all for giving of your time.

May Update:

Chicktime Saturday Fun!

What better way to spend a Saturday…

Than at the McWane Science Center!

The kids at Grace House seemed to enjoy themselves…

And so did we!

May Update:

Chicktime Humble had a great time today learning about healthy living and creating stress balls.

Thanks Toni for hosting this awesome workshop!


May Update

We enjoyed our Tea Time with the ladies of Chadwick Residence.
Thoughts and concerns were expressed, feelings were shared and the Presence of God filled the room. 


May Update

Wow! The best word I can think of to describe Chicktime Moncks Corner tonight
at Callen-Lacey Home for Children!
Kelly Knight Muckenfuss brought her heat press
and we made customized t-shirts for the kids!
To see the smiles on their faces tonight was such a blessing!
In addition, there was a lot of one-on-one time spent with the kids
just talking about their interests and some basketball, of course!
My heart is sooo full with the outpouring of love shown tonight
for these kids! #iamenough

Love our Chicktime Moncks Corner ladies who give so much to
Callen-Lacey Home for Children!
Such a blessed afternoon!

May Update

Chicktime Charleston’s May Tye Dye Night🌼✌🏼🌻
A little messy, but a lot of FUN! Eme couldn’t wait to wear her shirt!


May Update

Great Chicktime event at CYDC this week!!
Spending time with the girls & learning beauty tips 😍💕
— at Carolina Youth Development Center.


May Update

The ladies enjoyed sports day. It rained so we moved it inside and played table tennis.
Our tournament was one for the books.

After Renee Smith taught us how to make flower crowns.
The perseverance paid off and we finally finished the crowns.
The finished product was beautiful.

We then proceeded to our first Chicktime birthday party.
Each girl received a pink bag with coloring books, pencils, and journals.
The house received towels and art supplies.
Leader Stephanie made the cupcake cake. It was perfectly moist and delicious.

We loved seeing Renee, meeting Anna and Jackie. Thanks for all your help and love.

We hope to see you at next month’s sing along.

May Update

Hard to put into words the experience we’ve had today.
We took a leap and expanded into a third cottage at Children’s Home Network and ran three different events in each.

Maternity & Mommy and Me photo shoots for the teen mom cottage, 
complete with professional hair, make up, styling and photographers. 
These ladies looked stunning and we are so touched to be a part of creating a lifetime memory for them. 
Photographers: Kendall Gantous Photography, MShirley Photography, and Susanna Martinez Photography.

Inspirational posters with the teen girls and potted plant projects with the little kiddos.
So much going on today that we are so grateful to be a part of.
We couldn’t have done it without our amazing volunteers and those that donated their time and skills today!
So a big THANK YOU to all of you! ❤️


May Update

Thanks to everyone who came out and did some super fun arts and crafts today!
Hope to see more people next month when we make homemade ice cream!!! 

May Update

Chicktime Conyers May Event was HYPE!!
A super big shout out to Laura Hawkins for leading us in Cardio Dance!
Jaylen Woody gave a very informative speech about drugs
and the effects they can cause.
We ended with a game of Scattegories.
A great time was had by all! 
💕@ Elks Aidmore, Inc.


May Update

WOW!!! Chicktime showed up and showed out for May’s Event.
This month the girls were introduced to Meditation.
The two techniques we focused on was MINDFULNESS
(being in the moment) and BREATHING.
There was GREAT participation in the exercises that were demonstrated.
Most of the girls mentioned that these techniques
would be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.
Chicktime focused on changing their stress to a smile 
and we were successful in doing so.
After the meditation session, the girls were surprised
with an ICE CREAM Social with lots of toppings.
I want to thank you to all my volunteers for making this a great and memorable event.

May Update

We had a wonderful time coloring pictures indoors
and then we took the party outside to play on the jungle gym.
We winded it down with 
🍿 snacks.
Come out and join us for our next workshop in June 

May Update:

Our Spa Day was so very special! Thank you DeDee for hosting !

Come be part of this amazing group….Chicktime Indy!

May Update:

Chicktime Conroe had a FUNTASTIC time at Bridgeway House today! Tori Burkhalter came and presented a workshop on acrylic pouring! This is a fun craft that makes everyone feel like an artist! She did a wonderful job and everyone had a great time ! Shout out to Riley, Laurel, Beth and Emma for coming and helping!

May Update:

Another great day at UGM Women and Children’s Center! Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s always a great day to serve!

May Update:

What is more beautiful than flowers? Janet provided a gorgeous selection for the girls to arrange into stunning bouquets.

The girls not only left with a beautiful arrangement, but a connection. It was such a special thing to witness the love flowing through our own passions of creating beauty and showing the girls how to assemble their flowers.

Happiness and joy radiated in the room and left with the girls.

It is what Chicktime San Diego aims to do; provide the experience of connection, love, joy, grace and peace through sharing our passions.

Please come join us next month for succulent plant decorations. We would love to have you there!

May Update:

What a blessing today was! We celebrated our 5th Annual Open House Event with the lovely young ladies at Vista Maria today!! Thank you to all the wonderful Volunteers that made it possible to go our and share the love of Jesus with these girls !

May Update:

April showers, bring May flowers, right?? Well we’ve had plenty of showers here in stl lately—and tonight at Chicktime, we dabbled with some flowers of our own.

In honor of spring and Mother’s Day—We had sub sandwiches, fruit, guacamole, and cupcakes! We painted our own little planters and planted some pretty flowers too!

We met a new friend also, Ms. Jenny. She jumped right in with the creative crafty stuff and baby snuggles! Great to have new volunteers with us! 

Thanks to our group leader this week and our returning chicks for all the fun tonight!! Check us out sometime!! We are a ton of fun. 🤩

May Update:

Being a teen mom is hard and scary and life changing , but our girls are strong, courageous and determined! We got to celebrate Mother’s Day with these lovely young ladies Saturday at the Gristmill here in New Braunfels. We all ate yummy food, had lots of laughs and shared our dreams and hopes. I am always amazed at these girls. They certainly bless me every time I am with them. Thank you so much to all of our friends that sponsored a young lady. It was a great day!🌸

May Update:

Sadly….our Charity Partner had to cancel our May workshop! There was just too much going on and it was impossible to get the kids to us! We are still working out the kinks, but the wonderful thing is….we both have the kids best interest at heart so we will keep coordinating and working together!

We appreciate our volunteers so please stay tuned!

We need YOU!

May Update:

We had a blast at our belated Easter party!

God is good all the time…All the time God is good!

Our May activity was led by Laura Peters!

Vision Boards and healthy eating…

A healthy mindset leads us to follow through with our goals, resolutions, and dreams!

Stay positive and healthy!

See you June 1st!

April Update:

What an amazing workshop! The kids had so much fun. See you next month, and thank you so much to all our volunteers!

April Update:

Our April workshop at our new charity partner went great. We have a better understanding of the facility and the people we will serve. We can’t wait to make this our home away from home.

Earth day activity and a little bit of playtime! Come grow our chapter with us and let’s make a difference together!

April Updates:

Another Chicktime Workshop in the books! We always love being able to spend time with our friends at Immerse Arkansas!!

Special thanks to our Workshop Leader today Ms. Chatuea who gave her expertise on interviewing and professional attire.

The youth really enjoyed today’s session and asked a lot of great and engaging questions.

Until next time peeps, it’s been real! ✌🏾💕💕

April Update:

Chicktime Austin Volunteers Rock!

With their help, Our April event was an amazing experience!

Teaching the girls the importance of journaling…so humbling.

Come join us next month!

Chicktime SM Kick off #NOFILTER mini conference was awesome. There is something about being in the midst of the students here at Gary…. As we all looked in a mirror honestly writing what we see. Some young ladies wrote resentment, anger, the consequences of my past experiences, pain, doubt, misunderstood, not worthy of anything good & so much more…

I’m wondering as one picture reflects do we have their backs? Will we invest in the next generation of future women leaders that are feeling like they don’t deserve to LIVE FULLY?
We have something to offer that can’t be priced ( Our story of Hope).

The last part of the mirror exercise is understanding how Christ erases the residue of our past. There is so much inside of you & your past is an experience it’s ( IT’s NOT WHO YOU ARE).

Three young ladies gave their hearts to God last night. We CELEBRATE & WE ARE GRATEFUL that all can come to God ….

April Update:

Spending time with our girls at St. Pj’s. is our favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning.

We made slime…..FUN!

April Update:

Our Charity Partner had to cancel our April workshop, but don’t worry….We will be back in May and learning about Smart Money Moves 101!

April Update:

Happy Easter from Chicktime Akron! We had a blast today doing an egg hunt then coloring eggs.

April Update:

Hoppy Easter Chicktime Family. 🐣
As we celebrate this lovely resurrection Sunday we also reflect on the wonderful day of “zen” we experienced at New Beginnings group home yesterday with our girls!

Thanking God a little extra today for our partnership with Lighthouse Youth & Family Services. 💕 Yesterday, we had an instructor come in and teach us yoga, meditation and we painted rocks with motivational reminders.

Now, we each feel a bit more connected to ourselves and the world around us.HUGE thanks to this months leader, Jodi for bringing Dana (our instructor). 🙌🏾

We hope to see you next month for our Scavenger Hunt! 💃🏾

April Update:

We had a wonderful Chicktime San Marcos Empowered meeting on Saturday, April 20th at Brookdale South decorating candy jars and springtime hats. Everyone enjoyed the fellowship and fun! 🎊😍💖💞😁🎉


The people are so happy that we come to love them by spending this quality time with them. They are thankful! Praise the Lord! 🙏 We meet every third Saturday of each month from 10-11a.m. Come join us in May! Volunteering is a blessing! 💗

April Update:

We had an amazing time at the family crisis center !!
The smiles were worth everything!!!
God came through in a big big way!

We reminded them that God loves them and we love them and that
Easter was not about the bunny but about the man who died on the cross Bc He loves them!!

We are still looking for volunteers
and event leaders, inbox me in you’re interested in coming out and helping me bring smiles to these wonderful kids.

Thank you to all of my chicktime angels without you guys none of this would be possible!

Stay tuned as we are in the process of finding a new Charity Partner to take our wonderful Chicktime workshops to!! We have loved serving at our current Charity Partner, but they can no longer have us there on Saturday mornings.

We can’t wait to see where God is going to take us next!

Exciting times ahead!

April Update:

Worked on positive affirmations with Mirrors.

Such a beautiful experience and to hear so many beautiful stories from the ladies.


April Update

Had so much fun today doing science led by Gabby!!!
Thanks to everyone who came out.
We hope to see some more volunteers in the coming months!!! 


April Update

The Chicktime Conyers Social Media Awareness Event was so informative
and well presented by our very own Tonya Woody!

The Girls of Elks Aidmore learned about what to look for and what to do
should they come across this terrible situation.
We also fit in some bracelet and game time!


April Update

It’s Not about the Bunny, but all about the Lamb!
We enjoyed the Easter Celebration today with the Ladies of Chadwick Residence.


April Update

Makeup time is always a huge hit and making lots of hunger games references!
We love seeing the girls and their giggling faces!
We tried a bunch of different trendy looks and even looked up some fun lip looks.
See you guys next month for Tie Dye!

April Update

April’s event was a great success! We are so excited to be partnering with

the Ronald McDonald House!

We had so much fun dying eggs and making Easter baskets!


April Update

We had such a fun Easter party at CYDC!

Thank you to all of our volunteers!!


April Update:


Had a lovely morning volunteering at the 5K Easter Egg Run benefiting Cornerstones of Care and at Ozanam Home with the girls as lovely Pam with Mary Kay gave us some beneficial tips on daily skin care and applying make up.

April Update:

Chicktime seemed to FLY by today!

It was as if we fell down a 🐰rabbit hole🐰 to a world where our imagination ran wild for a couple of hours! We started our day off with a little tea party full of flowers, tea cups, sandwiches, and yummy dessert.

♟️Thank you, Ms. Christine for providing the yummy lunch!♟️

Next, we read Alice In Wonderland in 30 seconds (well, the fold out book said 30 seconds but we think it took longer LOL) and we attempted to crack riddles that were clearly written by the 🎩Mad Hatter🎩 because none of us could figure them out!

Finally, we finished our final afternoon with the ABCH kids off by making mini top hats that even the ❤️Red Queen❤️ would approve of! These kids are so incredibly artistic and the way they use their imagination is fascinating to watch!

Thank you to our volunteers who came today because we certainly could not do this without Y.O.U! We will see you in June! We are taking May off.

April Update:

April Chicktime was awesome! We had a wonderful turnout of volunteers.Corinna brought her daughter and their volleyball club which was so inspiring to see young girls serving the community.


 Sandra led the egg decoupage and crafts station, always a favorite.

 Phyllis led prayer boxes and butterflies. 

Betty and Sonja led snacks and bingo. The girls love bingo.

Thanks to all the volunteers who showed up and showed love to the beautiful girls at New Life.


April Update

Chicktime Atlanta’s Praise Event was a success! We really enjoyed bringing
something new  and engaging to our charity partner!
It was very inspirational to say the least.
The girls stated praise dance can help them with anger management in the future
and that they learned a different way to give God praise.
They also enjoyed the Easter coloring sheet and the cross word puzzle.
Big thanks to the Chicktime Atlanta Volunteers and a special thanks to Ms. Maoula,
the praise dance instructor. We look forward to next month’s event! 

April Update:

april pic 1

Today six Chicktime San Antonio volunteers gathered in a common gymnasium and transformed it to a safe, encouraging and fun space.

Eleven girls who come from very broken places were greeted with open and loving arms and hearts!

Merrilee Berger, (one of Chicktime Bulverde’s chapter leaders) was our workshop leader and taught us how to decorate t-shirts ( graffiti style) with stencils, permanent markers and rubbing alcohol.

Our time together allowed us to visit, listen/sing Contemporary Christian music, talk about the real reason of the Easter Season, and eat!!

Chicktime San Antonio is determined to help these beautiful girls accept the unbelievable simple exchange of grace. Thats why we show up month after month. We want them to know HIS peace.


Matthew 18:20
For where two or three are gathered together as my followers, I am among them.

April Update:

Chicktime Bulverde alone with its Charity Partner were so blessed and excited to have Julie from Artistic Blooms share her talent at our April Chicktime Worksop on Tuesday, April 16th. Ms Julie helped us make the corsages and boutonnieres for the 2019 SJRC Prom which will be held this Thursday. Thank you so much for  the lesson and putting your special touch on our creations. Also, thank you for helping make this prom everything we hoped it would be.

April Update:

Chicketime CDA had a great, and successful, day last Saturday the 13th at the Union Gospel Mission with the kids.

We made chicks, paracord braceletts and had an egg race!! Everyone had a great time!!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 1st Chicktime CDA workshop!!!

April Update:

Making sure our sweet kids know how much we love them at Easter.

Serving our Risen King one Chicktime workshop at a time!

April Update:

Had so much fun today playing Pokémon with the kids. They loved looking through all the cards and picking their cards to play.

Chelsea did a wonderful job teaching about the different cards and how to put together their decks. Can’t wait for next month!!

April Update:

Thank you Tanya Hulett for hosting this fantastic Chicktime event at Family Time!

We learned all about plant towers, seeds, and nutrition. It was a blast.

We look forward to having you come back and teach us more!

#chicktime #chicktimehumble.

April Update:

We had an amazing time with the girls at Bokenkamp today.

They colored in their very own coloring books and enjoyed snacks and drinks generously donated by H-E-B. We then went outside for the Easter Egg Hunt and the girls cracked cascarones on eachother! They had an absolute blast and we volunteers just LOVED seeing them have a good time! It was such a blessing to see and touched our hearts so much ♡

Another great thing that happened today was that we were also able to celebrate with the boys from Bokenkamp to participate in their very own celebration – they cracked cascarones and enjoyed bags of candy generously donated by Beth and her co-workers!

Thanks to all our volunteers for helping us make today special! Here are some pics for you to enjoy. God bless each and everyone during the Easter Season and Holy Week.

April Update:

Today’s energetic group of volunteers Boot Scootin Boogied, Harlem Shuffled, Macarena’d, and danced their way down Copperhead Road with the girls at Krause Children’s Center. Huge thanks to Shelli for teaching us some new moves!

April Update:

Feeling so grateful & thankful for our Chicktime sisterhood !!
He has Risen !!
We are Daughters of the one true King !!
Thank you Jesus for the gift of ever lasting life !!

April Update:

Our April workshop was such an amazing event.

Making tissue paper flowers brightened up our days and opened our souls to the beauty around us and that is inside of us.. They came out absolutely beautiful and were so therapeutic for the girls to make. No matter what you are going through there is always room to blossom out of a bad situation or feeling.

We can transfer our unfavorable circumstances into choices of making the beauty out of ashes through renewing our minds in the word to align with God’s truth of truly who he made you to be and the life he has for you to live.

Please come join us next month for the art of flower arrangement and share your love with the girls at Casa de Amparo.

We can’t wait to see you then!

April Update:

The April Easter Event at Buckner Rio Grande Valley was a huge success!

Our Saturday was full of Easter egg hunting , face painting, egg races, and learning the true meaning of Easter! 🙏🐰🥚

April Update:

April was a lot of fun at Chicktime Indy. The ladies enjoyed playing bingo…. and winning prizes. 

Thank you Trudy for a great time this month! 💕

April Update:

Cickitme was amazing! Our sweet girls got to try on prom dresses and pick the perfect one. It was heartwarming to see the pure delight in the girls. Some have never put on a beautiful gown….you could see their face light up and it was magical. We also passed out bibles to all our young ladies. We know God will aways make a way.

Making tie blankets was also part of our evening fun.  Everyone needs a soft, cozy blanket. Even better when you make it yourself.

Thank you Chicktime ladies for making our workshop so special.


April Update

This morning Chicktime was a fun and creative event.
We love getting to know the young ladies. We had two volunteers today.
We love our volunteers! Thanks again!

Miss Stephanie built these garden boxes by hand.
The painted rocks are markers to remind the ladies which plants are which.

The Leadership Team of Chicktime Cincinnati is growing and we are so thrilled!

Welcome Hannah Frank Cisneros!

April Update:

Happy Easter to everyone! 🐣🐰

Chicktime St. Louis had spring on their minds this month. Pennie (one of our favorite chicks) gave everyone a flower & a happy spring card. What a lovely surprise!! The group then made tissue paper flowers & painted on canvas. We added a new chick to our group. *Welcome Kathy!!* She fit right in and got her some cute baby time!!!

Can’t wait until our next event on May 13th! 😍

We had a great time making Mother’s Day flowers tonight at our Chicktime Ft. Worth fun group,
We also had time for some bingo prizes and Easter egg hunt.
Love is what we want to show the kids that come to Chicktime Fort Worth.
Come volunteer with us.

April Update:

This month the girls painted a cross.

Thank you to our workshop leader, Martiza Gonzalez Cooper from Art Works Studio from Boerne, Texas.

Another thank you to our amazing volunteers who share their time.

See you next month.

April Update:

Our April workshop was canceled as there were no kids at the shelter. So we want to celebrate the meaning of EASTER with the children who will be there next month….after-all ~ Easter is all year round! So join us for Easter in May!

Praise God we have the opportunity to spread HIS love with these precious children!


April Update

We had such a great time making empanadas today with the kids at the
 Children’s Home Network!!

Thank you Olan Yari and Sylvia Just-Pinero for sharing your time and talents with us!

Lots of amazing things happening next month,
please keep an eye out for upcoming posts.

With your generosity, we are successful!


April Update

Chicktime Moncks Corner ladies!
Honestly love each and everyone so much and so thankful
for the selfless giving of their time.
Callen-Lacey Home for Children is such a difficult and humbling
yet rewarding and blessed experience.
Yes, I leave a huge chunk of my heart every time we go,
but just the thought that we are making a small difference in their lives
means so very much!

April Chicktme Moncks Corner @ Callen-Lacey Home for Children.
Motivational Canvas painting tonight was such a hit!
These kids are so very talented. Definitely several candidates
for some art scholarships!


April Update

We had a “slimealicious”time during the Science Party🎈!

We are happy to have welcomed a new volunteer as well.


April Update

Bracelet making was a success! The girls had a blast.
Even the leaders got in on the fun.

April Update:

Such a great day giving back to David and Margaret’s! We were given the task of helping with gardening projects… digging, building garden boxes, planting, weeding, and more.

Everyone worked so hard and it was so fulfilling to be able to provide service today. We are so excited to bring Chicktime to them all year!


Chicktime Marietta is GROWING! Join us in welcoming Charene and Lauren to the Chicktime family <3

Charene and Lauren join Tina and April as they serve the precious girls of Angel House. This dynamic leadership team is one step closer to their legacy today and we can’t wait to watch their journey unfold!


Hellooooooo Chicktime family, friends and supporters! Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 4th! Chicktime Little Rock will be participating in the 2019 Walk for the Waiting.

We have created a team and you can register here at www.walkforthewaiting.org/chicktimelittlerock

Stay tuned for more information and be sure to share with your family and friends!

Angel, Kelly & Julia

For any of our Chicktime Friends that are looking to get more involved in the MCYS Shelter…..

We are pleased to announce that with the help of the Pokemon League of Conroe and Cards and Comics Connections we are in the process of creating our own MCYS Pokemon League for the youth! We are going to try to meet once a week and play and hang out with the kids. Times and dates will follow~ we have not pinned that down yet!

Please join the page titled MCYS Pokemon League of Willis. on Facebook and mention in the comment section you are from Chicktime.  

Thank you all for your time and all of the effort that you put into our kiddos!

March Update:

Ms. Meg led this month’s Chicktime for the girls at St PJs.

Creativity and excitement overflowed in anticipation of customized cinch bags made w the Cricut machine!

March Update:

March activities at Brookdale South decorating bling bling crosses! We had so much fun that we forgot to take pictures until the end and some people were already gone. It was fun! 😀💞🎉

March Update:

Awesome time today at @immersearkansas for our monthly Chicktime Workshop! Special thank you to our Workship Leader today Ms. Tennille for sharing her personal story and speaking to the youth about the power of forgiveness and knowing who you are in Christ! Thanks of course to Jake for always hanging with us and making sure the youth are able to get transportation to attend!

See y’all next month! 💕💕💕

March Update:

Our March workshop was all about being active! We played sports and games until exhaustion won!


March Update:

Thank you to our volunteers for joining us at Angel House today. Our first activity was a success! We decorated spring cookies and practiced teamwork and leadership with an egg drop activity. All had fun! One team won, by protecting their egg well, the other gave good effort. Join us next month for Etiquette 101!


March Update

Chicktime Park Circle had another great event tonight at CYDC.
Career Day and a lot of women coming out to share their career journeys with our young ladies 

Our art party workshop was a hit! Thank you to our volunteers!

Can’t wait for our next event!

Mini conference ~ #nofilter
We live in a time when we encourage the young generation to hide their voice, feelings, & perspectives. Snapchat filters are the most common way to post a pic hiding our true beauty with flaws in all. We have forgotten that our experiences connect us. Simply because we all have experienced pain and struggle in some way. The enemy wants us to believe we are alone so we filter our story and share what we think others want to hear. Chicktime San Marcos at Gary is a safe place to remove the filter and be REAL. BE YOU! YOU ARE ORIGINAL! I can’t wait to share this message to the next GENERATION who will be comfortable with being who they are with #NOFILTER

 Chicktime Mesa ordered  overnight bags from Together We Rise. Managing Leader, Stacey,  then asked  her work group  decorate them during our annual team meeting last week.  

Chicktime Mesa ordered  overnight bags from Together We Rise. Managing Leader, Stacey,  then asked  her work group  decorate them during our annual team meeting last week.  They are filled with a teddy 🐻 bear, a fuzzy blanket that says “You Matter” on packaging, new toothbrush & case, coloring book & crayons.  These will be given out to children moving into Foster care so they don’t have to use trash bags.  ❤️❤️❤️