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Chicktime Faith Study – Beatitudes Conclusion 
Tue, Apr 24, 2018 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT 

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April Update:

April is a month of promise, of Spring just around the corner, of new life coming forth, bringing us out of cold weather and bleak landscapes into a warmth in the breezes, and a time of refreshing… Refreshing that finally relieves the stress of a long or harsh winter.
And this is what Brenda and daughter Mindy spoke about to our precious young ladies…Stress.  Brenda has a soothing, comforting voice, just perfect to tell others about how she handles stress.  Mindy has a vivacious refreshing personality and her input was very valuable.  Brenda began by giving four points to help deal with stress:
1. Give all your worries and stress to God
2. Pray-God doesn’t always remove the problems but He strengthens us to go through them.
3. Be quiet inside, find a quiet place in the middle of turmoil.  Real stress is not what is going on around us, but is more about what’s going on inside us.
4. Quickly forgive.  Being easily offended can keep you stressed.  Jesus said on the cross “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”, and if He could forgive them during that terribly stressful time, we can surely forgive the people in our lives.
Brenda and Mindy then taught the girls to make Stress Balls, using colorful balloons and flour.  Such a fun time!

Carolyn then set out the Bingo game cards and we all had a super happy time as first Mindy and then Ashleigh called out the numbers, and the girls “stressed” in a really fun way, competing to be the first to loudly shout “BINGO”, and to win a prize!
The best prize of the day was to see their stress melt away in a friendly and joyfully rowdy, happy time!  What a blessing and honor to have been participants in this good time!  We are looking forward to May’s event!

April Update:

These are the wonderful volunteers that showed up to make our April Workshop awesome!

Science Night was a hit!


We tested theories and had a lot of trial and error…..but hey! isn’t that what science is all about?

The girls had a blast and so did we!

Join us next month….

April Update:

When your mission is to encourage, inspire, and increase self-esteem to the children living at Family Time Shelter…you can’t help but smile when that happens!

Arts and Crafts day at Chicktime Humble was so fun…and the yummy treats were a hit too!

It’s such a blessing when our volunteers come out to make our workshops happen!

Special shout out to workshop leader ( and Chicktime Humble co-leader), Yolanda Prince Rodgers Pratt for putting this fun event together!

Until next month….

April Update:

Yee-haw we had a fun time at our April Country Western Line Dancing workshop!

Volunteers and the teens who live at Krause Children’s Center had a little Boot Scootin Boogie Fun!!

Big thanks to Shelli for teach us C & W line dancing!

Who knew it could be so much fun and a great workout!

Hope to see everyone next month!

April Update:

Today’s event topped the charts!! Ms Bettie prayed over our event as she told the story of the true meaning of Easter to the girls. I cannot express in words here just how awesome this event was!! (You had to be there)

There was so much peace ,love and joy and sheer happiness in the room!! Jesus was with all of us as we welcomed Him into our hearts 💕!

Our God is an awesome GOD !! Blessed beyond words

April Update:

What a great time we had painting with the girls at our April Workshop!

Each painting uniquely made from the heart….

It’s amazing to hear the girls talk about the connections they have made since we started our Chicktime Chapter and volunteering once a month at Elks!

They aren’t the only ones who feel connected ….

These workshops are life changing for the girls and well as the volunteers.

Join us as we continue our mission of intentional  love and encouragement.


April Update:

We had so much fun making a joyful noise unto the Lord with our Grace House girls this month!

Thank you to everyone who join us!

April Update:

Chicktime April Workshop was uplifting and the reason why we come back every month!

We decorated rocks with positive messages in hopes that the messages would be resonate in the hearts of the girls we serve.

We had a lovely meal together that gives us the opportunity to listen and to encourage.

People from all over the world sent notes of inspiration and kindness to our girls at Casa.

Humbling and amazing.

Join us next month! We’ll be here!


Join us as we continue our series on Beatitudes! If you have not been able to attend you are still welcome! Join us as we learn and grow together and develop a strong foundation of support among our ladies!

Chicktime Faith Study – Beatitudes Part 7 
Tue, Apr 17, 2018 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT 

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April Update:

We had a fun time decorating cupcakes and playing bingo with our Cornerstone Family at our April workshop!

Join us next month for Zumba Fun!!

April Update:

April Chicktime event 2018. A day to remember for sure. Snow, cold,and an earthquake was just the beginning. Then a few hours spending time with the girls at the Laura Dester center. We decorated hair clips and painted nails, snacks and topped it off with a personalized t shirts for each of the girls! We are so blessed to be a part of their day. Thanks Heather Steele for making it all happen! We had a new volunteer this month too. Savannah Harrell. Thank you Savannah and Lina Vaughn for all your help!

April Update:

Our 2nd workshop was so much fun!! The kids had such a great time painting their flower pots & planting the seeds!

We can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers they grow!

We also met our newest volunteers! The Middletown chapter is coming together fantastically

April Update:

We just can’t help but smile when we are at Chicktime!!

Another fun evening of crafts …..

and play……

And just really spreading love and hope as best as can!!

Our April FUN group highlights are not unique to this month….We will be back at it next month at Camp Heart! Reach out to us and we can tell you more about it.


Chicktime Fort Worth

April Update:

A big shout out to our wonderful workshop leader, Nancy, for putting together such an awesome workshop!

Everyone had a blast!

But boy the Inflatable Insane Obstacle Course ~5K sure wiped us out!

#fun  #exhausted

April Update:

We had another great night at Fontebella!😆 We absolutely LOVE going there & getting to spend time with our friends. ♥️

We ate a BBQ spaghetti dinner 🍝 (which was a hit) and then made salt dough. We pressed the teeny human’s feet ������ into a disc of dough & the Mama’s decorated them after they dried.🎨 We also had dried letters & hearts that we decorated & put thumbprints on. 👍 So cute!!! Of course, our creative chick, Penny, made some adorable & super awesome think out of the box designs & went with a water theme.🦈 She may have been dreaming of warmer weather like most of us are right now. 🏖

Thank you for another night of fun & laughs.🎉
PS our cool photographer chick couldn’t make it last night so the lady that talks & laughs a lot was forgetting to also take photos. (Good thing no one will know who we’re talking about )~

April Update:

april pic

Thank you to everyone who came out to Chicktime at the Meadowlands this month!

We had so much fun making prayer journals with our girls and sharing in their joy! Thank you Tara, for leading another fabulous  workshop for us!

Please join us next month!

April Update:

We had an amazing time at our first Chicktime event. We played some games, tie-dyed some t shirts, and ate some yummy snacks…apparently the cotton candy that was donated was amazing, considering one of the girls ate 13 bags!!!

Needless to say, we are so excited to continue developing relationships with the girls of Hope Center for Children and spreading joy into their lives monthly!

If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out, as we could definitely use your help! Contact us for more information on volunteer opportunities!

Please join us for the next portion of our Beatitudes Study! We will also be sharing how our new prayer teams are going. Please join us and invite your co-leaders as we build a support network throughout Chicktime. *
Tue, Apr 10, 2018 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT 

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

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April Update:

The rain certainly didn’t stop the Easter Bunny from visiting My Sister’s Place on Tuesday! Huge thanks to chick leader Lynda Turrisi Wolfe and all our wonderful volunteers for an excellent event!!!

We will be continuing our study on Beatitudes. We will also be forming support teams and prayer partners. Please join us and invite your co-leaders as we build a support network throughout Chicktime. * Please note this is a correct link, the incorrect Monday link was removed! *

Faith Beatitudes Continued 
Tue, Apr 3, 2018 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT 

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March Update:

Chicktime Mesa was back at it after taking a few months off to rest and focus on our purpose this year with these precious children. Boy it was good to be back!

We would love to have you join us next month and the month after and the month after that….we are committed to love and encourage the children at Child Crisis Center and we promise if you come once you will be hooked!


Chicktime Mesa leadership team!

March Update:

Chicktime the Jarosek Way! 💕
Our appreciation to FOUR beautiful ladies, the Jarosek sisters, for bringing love and fun to the girls at St. PJs.

Exciting changes are coming to Chicktime Mission RGV! We are proud to announce that we are heading back to where it all began! We have partnered with the Rio Grande Children’s Home to bring the children fun and exciting Chicktime workshops!!

We invite you to come learn more about RGCH on April 12th. Chicktime Mission is going to need YOU!! We are looking to add 2 Co-Leaders to our leadership team and will need workshop leaders to help us bring fun and fresh activities to the children every month! Contact Lupita today if you would like to help!


March Update:

Thank you Julie Geib from Artistic Blooms for making the world more beautiful.

Julie shared her passion for art and fresh cut flowers.

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Please join us, even if you have missed the first three parts, you will be able to follow along!

Chicktime Faith “Beatitudes Part 4” 

Tue, Mar 27, 2018 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT 

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

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Chicktime St. Louis was chosen as the charity of choice for a monthly event in Belleville, IL.

We were so excited to share our chapter with the ladies at the event. We collected information and are sending our an email about how to get involved plus getting them in our system. Some brought crafting supplies for us to use at our workshops and we were also given a donation of 200 dollars for more supplies for our new moms and babies at Fontebella!! How exciting is that!

March Update:

It happened again on Saturday the 17th!!!! My heart is so full. The room was full of the greatest, gifted, talented amazing Gary Job Corp young adult women and men. In many eyes they may not look the part. They have been abandoned broken and even on Saturday felt like today be their last day on earth. I have the honor and privilege to stand before the wealthiest individuals in our world. They may have been labeled as a lost cause BUT OH MY we have missed it completely. Because GOD is always using the unlikely”s to change the world as we know it. Even I was told I would never be anything ha! Just watch God is up to something amazingly beautiful! Thank you Brittany Myz B Hastings Misti Burke for depositing seeds that will bear a great harvest! #ChicktimeSanMarcos

March Update:

Laughter and competitiveness filled the room as the teens tested their knowledge with trivia questions and their drawing abilities with Pictionary. So much joy in the room.

Join us next month. We would love to have you!

March Update:

Chicktime San Antonio is one of about 50 chapters across the United States! Don’t you just love being part of something so BIG? Each chapter has a charity partner they have matched up with and are committed to showing up once a month to serve with a different activity! As you know, our chapter serves the teen girls at Boysville Children’s Home! Today, a service club from Stevens High School, Service Over Self, lead our activity and provided our snacks! Kickball, fruit, pickles, and Chile powder made for the perfect morning! Imagine a group of teenagers who want nothing more than to serve and on a Saturday morning! Wow!! 
We were blessed with lots of volunteers who came out -( one on her college spring break and a few more on their high school break) to share the morning and play with us! Oh! Chapter co-leader,Annette Goodsonn kicked in the winning run! 
Psalm 25: 4-5
“Show me your ways, O Lord, Guide me in your truth and teach me.”

March Update:

Our March event was our first gathering with an additional home at Canopy Children’s Solution‘s. We were delighted to include a second house which increased our number of children from 10 to 28. Because there will always be girls on a pass and some on restriction, as well as, the constant flow of girls arriving and departing, It is never going to be possible to know the exact number of girls who will participate. Still what a blessing it is for us to speak into their lives.  Rose Ellen, one of our Chicktime co-leaders, organized the day!  She coached the girls into making beautiful sun catchers. Her testimony and encouragement was truly inspirational. Serveral of our ladies made delicious desserts and many girls voiced their hardy approval. One of the girls said, “You Gandmas can really cook!”.  A genuine compliment if ever we heard one. 😉 Of course, our group is made up of ladies from all backgrounds, ethnic groups and ages. Fourteen ladies came together for this event and were amazingly encouraging, as well as helpful serving and assisting with the craft. Our time there was very special, a memorable day for us and the girls. Thanks to all who participated and to the staff at Canopy for their wonderful support

March Update:

Chicktime Galveston was blessed to come and play with the kids at this past Saturday.

Fun was had by all!

We hunted for eggs, took pictures with the Easter bunny, and ate pizza, cookies and fruit.

March Update:

Have you ever sat and just thought about what it truly means to be blessed? Personally, sometimes, I think it’s hard to see our blessings when we are in thick of chaos.

When we are just feeling like everything around us is not going right… do we see the blessings all around us? Today, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with our ABCH kiddos and it was hard NOT to see the blessings all around us. These children, they bring us so much joy every month.

These volunteers… they are our blessing. While making lava lamps, eating yummy chicken sandwiches that Chick Fil A sent to us, and making leprechaun traps… the blessings could not go unnoticed.

Smiles and laughter filled the home today and we are so thankful to everyone who helped to make Chicktime so incredible this month!

#noluckneeded #chicktimedothan #iLoveChicktime #alabamachicks #chicfila #abch #dolifeBIG

March Update:

Chicktime Sacramento was busy this weekend. We held our monthly workshop with the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento. Amy and her daughter, Taylor, hand painted canvas for each of the kids to use as vision boards. They also decorated cupcakes and had pizza for snack! It was a huge success! We also ran a craft table at a community BBQ and Easter Egg Hunt. We had collage materials, leis, and lollipops! Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to both events.

Can’t wait to see you next month!!

March Update:

We had a wonderful workshop led by Judy Bond.

The girls learned a lot about what type of personality they have and enjoyed of starbursts and snacks!!

March Update:

Where do we start? Our March workshop was AMAZING!!

Game night was maybe our best EVER!! Started with a blind fold obstacle course…. then a rather disgusting ~ find the gummy bear in the mountain of whip cream relay….balloon games… musical seats (but with questions)… and open a triple wrapped present ( secured with duct tape) with oven mitts…..and lots and lots or sugar!! So many laughs!

So many moments of comfort and happiness being shared at Chicktime! It’s hard to wait a month for the next workshop!

March Update:

When we arrived at our March Workshop there was heaviness in the air. Sadness. Frustration. Fear.

Never underestimate the power of food, a room full of women and prayer. What a transformation we got to experience tonight. As we cooked, and talked there was so much laughter and so many stories and hugs. Thank you Cara Jones for leading our activity and to every awesome volunteer that came! To be able to smile and laugh when life has got you displaced and uncertain of the future is a gift. God is good~ (Only volunteers in the pictures)~

March Update:

What a wonderful time we had at Chicktime CC! A huge thank you to H-E-B for the yummy snacks and drinks and all the wonderful volunteers who helped make our event successful.

The girls enjoyed making their prayer stones and then decorating their prayer boxes to keep them in. Hope you enjoy some pictures of their beautiful designs. May the Lord continue to Bless all these beautiful souls.

March Update:

Wonderful day at Chicktime Phoenix. @ New Life Center. Making amenity bags for the Ronald McDonald House. The children and some of their Mothers enjoyed decorating the small paper bags and filling the bags with amenities.

We’d like to give a very special shout out to our local Chick-fil-A, Chick-fil-A at Ross Clark Circle, for providing lunch for our volunteers and the ABCH children yesterday! Our sandwiches were so yummy and we are so thankful for their kindness!



March Update

It was carnival time at New Life in March thanks to our workshop leader Merrilee.  It was also the national day of volunteering and we had the best turn out ever!  61 volunteers were there to play with the girls at New Life.  The Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority showed up in full force representing 4 area Universities:  University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M at San Antonio, Texas Lutheran and Texas State.  Thank you to these wonderful ladies for serving the community.  We had so many great activities at the carnival game station. There was Giant Jenga, Pig Races, all kinds of tossing games, and nachos.  In the life skills station we made “stained glass” butterflies and snack mixes.  The girls love to do for others so in the chapel we made thank you cards for all the volunteers that serve New Life throughout the year.  Thank you to all the volunteers that made the day so special for the girls.

March Update:

Today was incredible! We were so glad to spend time with our friends from Chicktime National as well as some amazing ladies starting a new chapter in South Carolina.

Here are just some of the beautiful Blackout Poetry/creative writing pieces that were created during our workshop~ 

Don’t the pieces  just take your breath away?

We had a great time with our girls  and we even got to celebrate a birthday!

Please join us next month and the month after that and so on! Let’s show the girls that they matter!

March Update:

Today we got to enjoy the beautiful weather as we listened to our guest speaker share wilderness survival tips.

Lee was informative as well as entertaining as he taught us the “Rules of 3” and the “Rules of 4”, and even demonstrated how to safely drink water from a ditch! 😳

We also had a FABULOUS group of volunteers! I think we are ready to survive to zombie apocalypse!

March Update:

What a fun night we had learning all about origami with our workshop leader Karen! We made hearts, lanterns, boats, bunnies and more. One of the girls even got creative with origami for her hair! Thank you Karen for giving your time and resources to teach us about this fun craft!

March Update:

Thank you Beverly Boerner-Reynolds for coming out and hosting an amazing event. Everyone loved learning about essential oils and the benefits they have. What a fun day!! Thanks to all the volunteers for coming out and having fun with us. Chicktime Humble will see all of you next month! 💕💕

March Update:

We are beyond blessed at Chicktime Detroit💗 Our hearts are filled with so much JOY 💜 Thank you Kristin for hosting another successful event, and Lainey for created such a fun game ! 💜💗

March Update:

Our March time together was the usual Chicktime FUN!! Each month we continue to get more volunteers and the atmosphere of love and connectivity is just amazing. We hope you can see how beautiful and active our workshops are and join us one month.

We are playing BINGO next month! Hope to see you there!

March Update:

We had a fun event filling up on donuts and playing some trivia and enjoying chili on a one of kind rainy day in San Diego. It was a perfect Chicktime filled with laughter, love and connection. We are looking forward to rock painting with the girls in April.

March Update:

There was luck in the air at St Patrick’s Day Chicktime St Louis!

Everyone had fun making decorations to bring the luck o’ the Irish to friends & family~   And we have a brand new baby girl to celebrate at Fontebella!! We get so excited when we get to snuggle another baby. Thank you to our active duty chick (& Peanut’s bff) for the incredible & generous donations to the new mommies. So amazing!!!! Thank you to all that support Chicktime St Louis & Fontebella. 💋💋💋💋💋

See you next month!



March Update:


March Update:

Our first workshop was a beautiful success!!

Today was all about yoga!! It was such a great experience to see how excited the children were to participate!!

A huge thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who helped make this day so great!! Looking forward to what the future holds for the Middletown chapter. 💕

Namaste!! 😊 #chicktime #yoga


Faith Bible Study – Beatitudes Continued
Tue, Mar 13, 2018 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT 

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March Update:

Our March workshop was so much fun! We had cookies to decorate and bracelets to make~

We love spending time with these special girls.

Extra thanks to our volunteers who helped this weekend. You bring joy to the workshops and we can’t do this without you.


Chicktime Tulsa Chapter Leaders

March Update:

We had fun making pinwheels and paper tambourines that turned out to be really cool instruments of sound. From reading, to sound making, to chocolate chip muffins, we had a blast! Thank You to all the volunteers who joined us.

We will see you next month!

March Update:

This month was hosted by mother/daughter Kathryn Dover and Terri Hipps! They taught the girls yoga and abstract painting! The girls had a lot of fun learning some new yoga poses and painting! Thank you to our hosts and hope to see everyone next month!

Chicktime Faith Bible Study – Beatitudes Continued 
Tue, Mar 6, 2018 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST 

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February Update:

Special thanks to Delia for leading our February workshop. The kids had a wonderful time painting duffel bags. They were so creative and each bag was unique and beautiful.

We can’t thank our volunteers enough for being there and lending a hand to our awesome kids!

We will see you next month for Game Day!

February Update:

All these volunteers came ready to serve!! Some were from a local high school, some found us on the internet and  some were chapter leaders from other area Chicktime chapters!! It’s always amazing to see the group that God has planned to show HIS love month after month!

We played Bunco and ALL the girls had a blast. We had prizes for the most Buncos, Most games won, and the least games won! There was a roll off for the most games won and the girl that actually won shared her bag full of goodies (bath stuff, lotion, hair ties and bands, nail polish, face mask, hair brush……) with the girl she had the roll off with. That might of been the highlight of the morning!

Chicktime SA Central is looking for women to lead workshops and they can be as easy as playing bunco! We will be making bracelets next month. Come out and join us and see what we are talking about!!

All our love,

Chicktime SA Central

February Update:

It is when you have done it to the least of these. You have did it for me~ Matt 25. Every month Chicktime chapters across the world are serving the GREATS! We have been transformed by Him therefore we have humbled ourselves for a greater purpose. Ericka spoke about, ” EMBRACING OUR THORNS”… no matter where you are you have a purpose. Oh how refreshing it is to serve and love. #ChicktimeSanMarcos

Join us for our next Bible Study, Tuesday February 27th at 8pm. We will be talking about a member-recommended topic – the Beatitudes!

Chicktime Faith Bible Study – Beatitudes 
Tue, Feb 27, 2018 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST 

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

You can also dial in using your phone. 
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Access Code: 437-652-693 

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February Update:

This time of year can be so dreary and can dampen our spirits. This workshop was so uplifting for us all. Each woman got to create their own potted plant to bring new life to their rooms!

Join us next month!

February Update:

Such a special afternoon spent with special people

Yesterday was another wonderful day with our babies at the #alabamabaptistchildrenshome 🏡 The home was filled with happiness and laughter as we played games, learned how to bake cookies, and decorated/ate the sweet treats! ⛹🏻‍♀️🍪🥛 We had a new volunteer and a new child join us at #abch 👼🏼 As we were getting ready to leave, the children were asking what day we plan to come back and what we will be doing in March! My heart is full ❤️ If you have it in your heart to volunteer but don’t know where to start, contact us! #volunteer #dothanalabama #covdosomething #makeadifferenceinthelifeofachild

February Update:

What a wonderful morning spent with the girls at Ozanam Home! Big thanks to Tricia Szasz for sharing her life story with us! The girls really related and were able to think about a “Flight Plan” for their future

We will see you next month!!

February Update:

Chicktime Bulverde brought the Olympic games to the children at SJRC! We made our own snow, medals, played hockey, ice skated, and made our own bobsled out of cups. Thank you to each volunteer that came and the workshop leaders who did an amazing job! We ❤️ Chicktime Bulverde!

February Update:

Yay God! Our February workshop was all about  sharing LOVE!!


Chicktime Detroit celebrated LVE with the precious girls at Vista Maria today! “A Valentine to Myself” vision boards was a great way for them to dream and cherish good thoughts for themselves and a good future we know God has planned for them. We are  blessed to just love them where they are and pray and laugh with them too.



#betheLight #Loveothers #imfilledupmore #thankful #thankyouLadiesforlovingwithme

February Update:

1 Corinthians 13:13 …and the greatest of these things is love …
Our February workshop was so many things… fun, busy, and oh so YUMMY!

Our monthly workshop leader “Mrs. Kelly” ( and long time volunteer with Chicktime San Antonio) taught the girls how to make homemade pizza 🍕, ( dough AND Sauce) and homemade chocolate squares for dessert! It happened to be her birthday so Chicktime San Antonio made our own special dessert in her honor and sang happy birthday to her! Every year when we are searching for workshop leaders to take on a month to lead she always says YES! We are so grateful!

Special thanks to the service club- SOS( service over self) from Stevens High School who came out to serve alongside with us! Such a beautiful group of girls with HUGE hearts ♥️!

Chicktime San Antonio is committed to serving the teen girls at Boysville the 3rd Saturday of every month for years to come! We pray you will come feel the joy and AMORE we have found when we are there!

All our love,

Letty, Donnette, & Annette
Chicktime San Antonio Leadership Team

February Update:

We had an amazing time of fellowship with the girls.
We shared the love of  Christ with them.
There were tears, there were hugs and we “reached” them…
What an amazing feeling when we see their reluctance to join in become enthusiasm.
These girls are from all over the United States and now they know that there is a Chicktime Chapter  in a lot of  different cities and they can  always come to any chapter and they will be loved and they will be helped!
One girl from California said that when she went back she was going to do something like us~
She was going to help others!!
They got our message~Praise God!
Our worst, our broken pieces is all He needs to help us reach others and to make something beautiful!!

February Update:

What a blast! Our cookie swap was so SWEET!! Our hearts and tummies are full~

Join us next month! Spending time with the folks at Stone Brook will bless you…It’s a guarantee!

February Update:

Mardi Gras Night~

We made masks and had rice and beans, King Cake, and for fun did our nails purple, green, and gold!

Game Night is next month! Don’t miss out!!