Meet The Leaders

Jodi Gregory
Chicktime Charleston Downtown Chapter Founder & Leader


Why I Serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I am humbled to serve in a leadership role because of the impact women can have on the next generation. I believe we have been called to be mentors from one generation to the next in Titus.


My Passions and Gifts:
I have a heart of empathy and my feet are grounded in reality that I am not here to fix every problem. I am here to do my part. I have a passion for spiritual, physical and financial wellness. I am an entrepreneur and through my life I have empowered many young women through impactful life changing decisions. I am passionate about staying physically fit because when we have our health anything is possible.


My Hobbies and Interests:
Before I was married and had children I was a bit of a daredevil. I’ve put many miles on a motorcycle and have been sky diving a couple of times. I love to travel and have been to a good handful of countries. I am a certified diver and would explore shipwrecks in the cold waters of the St. Clair River. I intend to one day be a volunteer diver at the SC Aquarium and swim with the sharks and answer inquisitive questions with a microphone from inside the tank. Right now interests revolve around being a mom of five children ranging from 3-12yo. My husband and I work hard to raise respectful, God fearing, contributing members of society who understand that the most important thing we’re supposed to do in this life is to love and be of service to one another. We enjoy camping and exploring as well as long car rides to fun places.