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April Update:

Our April workshop-Easter Fun…. Was delivered and we know it helped the kids placed at CYDC feel special and loved!
We made a commitment we would be there for them and we are determined to not break it!

March Update:


Our March workshop was all about learning to meditate and how that helps us to live a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Lord for calling us to this place to serve these precious children for you.



February Update:

Chicktime New Braunfels Downtown’s February workshop was absolutely wonderful this evening! The energy was just beautiful!
The youth were treated to Chick Fil A dinner by Mary Sligh- Young ! Such a special treat! Then we played games, laughed, and shared stories!
Our time with the youth at Connections Emergency Shelter may just be a couple hours … once a month …
but we know the impact our time has on thier journey to healing.


January Update:

It’s been hard not getting to see the girls during Covid restrictions… but how grateful we are to have the opportunity to drop off activities until we can get back on campus!
Please reach out if you are curious how you can help now or later!
We just dropped off Vision Board Making Supplies!


December Update:

Here are the gifts for the girls for our December drop off workshop! Each has a basket with a blanket, a facial or eye mask, aromatherapy roll on oil or flower infused coconut oil, lip treatment, a wireless speaker, and either a makeup kit, pedicure mask slippers or argon infused towel to wrap and nourish their hair….and of course a Ruldolph Chocolate or Elf on the Shelf Candy. Special thanks to a client of co-leader , Megan Swatt, who made the Christmas tags!
Here’s hoping to seeing each of you at one of our 2022 workshops !
Merry Christmas!


November Update:

November drop off workshop… we hope the girls had fun making corn decorations and eating some yummy snacks!!

October Update:

Chicktime PC Halloween Treat Bags 👻🎃 for the kids at CYDC!

September Update:

September workshop was dropped off…Pillows and pillow cases for the girls to tie dye, and all the supplies they need with a note explaining and a message saying we missed them.
Chicktime Charleston Park Circle loves to serve

August Update:

August workshop has been dropped off!!
We think our fun with piñatas workshop will get the girls moving outdoors… get them laughing …. and get them CANDY!!
# chicktimerocks!

July Update:

Our July drop off ice cream social…We hope the sweet girls had fun making and eating the yummy activity!!

June Update:

Our June workshop is ready to be dropped off!!! Hope the girls love making OOBLECK!!
Stem projects can be so much fun!

April Update:

Our April workshop has been dropped off! Oh how we wish we were doing this with the sweet girls… side by side!
Pray with us that the girls and staff are well and that we can have safe workshops in person!
If you would like to donate a craft like this for us to bless the girls at CYDC with …. reach out to us! So many options on amazon that you could mail to us and we will deliver with a special note!

March Update:

Chicktime Charleston Park Circle sent the girls a Finger Labyrinth, they can be ceramic, or molded or drawn out on paper. It is a tool used to help you practice Mindfulness. You simply trace your finger around the path and focus on a positive affirmation, a prayer or nothing at all. The idea is to help train your mind to focus on a single thought and stop being so scattered. Mindfulness has been shown to help with ADHD, Anxiety and Depression. You learn to focus your thoughts on something more positive or to stop your mind from wandering. Each of the girls got a painting and then used bubble paint to outline the path so there was a textured feel to it and they could even follow the path with their eyes closed if they wanted to really try to relax.
# breathe

February Update:

Our February project and goodies was delivered today! But the best part was that our Park Circle in N Charleston girls were anxious to get it…they had marked the day on their calendar. It’s wonderful that they are enjoying these projects during this time of Covid!!!!

February Update:

Chicktime Charleston Park Circle dropped off Dream Catcher kits for the girls at CYDC!
We put them in individual bags with Chicktime stickers on them & printed directions for the girls to follow! Aren’t these just so nice?

December Update:

Opps! We forgot to take pics of the Christmas Fun we dropped off!

Hoping it blessed CYDC in more ways than we will ever know!

Merry Christmas all…

November Update

For the November Chicktime event, we dropped off blessing bags to
the boys & girls at CYDC North Charleston campus! Happy Thanksgiving



July Update

We helped the kids at CYDC beat the heat with an ice cream bar!


February Update

Valentines’ Games tonight at Chicktime Park Circle!


January Update

Another great event at CYDC! Thanks Ladies 💕


December Update

Tonight we had our Chicktime Christmas party at CYDC!

Had snacks, presents & built gingerbread houses! 🎄🎁♥️

November Update

T-shirt Up-cycle was a great night!!!
We changed our shirts into our own unique creations!
Every girl was given her own Chicktime shirt to make her own


October Update

We had a great Halloween party at CYDC!
Snacks, games, prizes, face painting & friends 

June Update

We had a great time at Chicktime Park Circle’s Science Night tonight!!
Thank you so much to our event lead and volunteers 


May Update

Great Chicktime event at CYDC this week!!
Spending time with the girls & learning beauty tips 😍💕
— at Carolina Youth Development Center.


April Update

We had such a fun Easter party at CYDC!

Thank you to all of our volunteers!!



March Update

Chicktime Park Circle had another great event tonight at CYDC.
Career Day and a lot of women coming out to share their career journeys with our young ladies 


February Update

Chicktime was a blast again tonight at CYDC!!
We had a new volunteer with us named Ginger!
A 6 month old puppy & she wore pink, too 💗 We played games and had lots of laughs!




January Update

Thank you to Trina & our Chicktime volunteers for making tonight
a successful night for CYDC!!

The girls had a great time 👩🏻‍🎨👩🏽‍🎨👩‍🎨


December Update

What a joyful time we had!!!!! The boys came to our Chicktime Charleston PC Holiday party and the night was filled with laughter!

White Elephant gift exchange, drawing on a plate while you held it on your head, and a very intense game of musical chairs! Merry Christmas Y’all!!!!!

November Update

We had a great time tonight at CYDC painting furniture for their home!!

Thank you to all our fabulous volunteers ♥️


October Update:

Chicktime Park Circle & Carolina Youth Development Center had a great Halloween party! Thanks you yo all our volunteers who made it so much more special! 🎃👻🧡

Chicktime Charleston Park Circle was such a great event last night!! Some of the CSU Women’s Basketball Team came out to volunteer….I cant explain in words how much these younger girls needed that interaction with such strong and independent women.


September Update:

Sometimes the best laid plans… change!

Our Sept Workshop was a little different than we planned but with the precious children we serve @ CYDC… there’s never a dull moment! We broke out somefun games and the kids {and adults} had a blast!!!


August Update:

We had a great kick-off event tonight at Charleston Park Circle!!

Thank you for loving on the girls at Carolina Youth Development Center with us!!

Armed and Onward!

Exciting things happening in Park Circle as we begin building a lasting relationship with our charity partner, CYDC! We can’t wait to begin serving this precious organization!!