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It’s been a while since we posted here. To be honest….we had been put on hold with some changes to laws and waiting it out to see where that would leave Jenkins. As it turns out, Jenkins closed and will not be reopening and all our leadership team has moved to start new journeys in new cities and states!
We wish Teresa, Shannon and Marlene well! They have been fabulous loving the children in Charleston.
We are keeping in contact because they have desires to start new chapters where they are living now!! Yay….
If you find yourself disappointed that Chicktime Charleston doesn’t have volunteer activities you are in a good place to explore the idea of building a team and re-launching the chapter! The children in foster care/group homes love our workshops and we feel the call to find a new leadership team to continue the legacy started there. Children living in foster care have faced many hardships and Chicktime workshops offer them hope and encouragement and of course lots of love and laughter.
If you have a heart for children and/or if you have supported Chicktime from the sidelines and want to do more….now is the time to act! We will give you all the training you need and help you transition into the leadership role.
Please contact, Lori Rhodes, Chicktime Founder, at info@chicktime.com for more information. Feel free to look up chicktime.com and find out more about being a Chicktime leader. We promise it’s easy, not time consuming and will change your life.
Come be blessed by being a blessing!




February Update

It’s so humbling to serve these girls!
Their resilience and openness is something only from God.

Tonight was all about wellness with a fitness focus.
They had great questions and all got to learn some great new ways to firm and tighten their mind.body.spirit.

Nothing like a little Chicktime!

January Update

Last night we had so much fun doing WALL ART with our girls.
We mixed different paints and washi tape and used some pictures for inspiration.
The girls also enjoyed some nachos, did a sour juice taste test,
and ended with some cookie cake.

Our hearts are so full to have had such a good time with the young aspiring artists!


January Update

Last night we had so much fun doing WALL ART with our girls.
We mixed different paints and washi tape and used some pictures for inspiration.
The girls also enjoyed some nachos, did a sour juice taste test,
and ended with some cookie cake.

Our hearts are so full to have had such a good time with the young aspiring artists!


December Update

We always try to make Christmas truly special for the girls who
would ordinarily have a hard time seeing the magic in the season.
We played a game where they unwrapped Saran Wrap balls full of goodies,
then they had a Santa look a like relay race, made hot cocoa with ALL of the toppings,
ugly sweater cookies and ended the evening with them getting some gifts from local angels!

Thank you to everyone for bringing it together!
May all of your holidays be as blessed and magical as tonight was.



October Update

October was fun!
We did Halloween makeup and painting pumpkins
and had such a blast!!!
Plus, what’s a Halloween celebration without a little sugar??!!!!


September Update

Last night we had so much with the girls making wall art.
They used stencils, paints and markers to make canvases to hang in their rooms.
They had so much fun showing each other what they thought would work well
and complimenting one another’s work!! 💖💖💖
We are so lucky to be surrounded by these beautiful, talented young ladies.

August Update

Last night we made inspirational books with the girls.
Our workshop leader Terri brought so many beautiful quotes and stickers
and some of the girls wrote themselves notes!
It was so precious to see them all working together and bouncing ideas off of another!
They even got silly and put stickers on their faces.
We are so lucky to know and invest love into some truly beautiful young women.


June Update

We had a change in events this month and had the BEST time!
Game Board Night was a hit!!!

May Update

Chicktime Charleston’s May Tye Dye Night🌼✌🏼🌻
A little messy, but a lot of FUN! Eme couldn’t wait to wear her shirt!


April Update

Makeup time is always a huge hit and making lots of hunger games references!
We love seeing the girls and their giggling faces!
We tried a bunch of different trendy looks and even looked up some fun lip looks.
See you guys next month for Tie Dye!


March Update

Last night we had so much fun playing a balloon popping game, charades,
applied lipstick to friends while wearing blindfolds and some other fun things!
The girls laughed non-stop and we love hearing that sound 😉

See you next month for makeup and facials!


February Update

Our amazing friend and Health Coach,Leslie Hall, came to teach the girls at Jenkins
Institute about Healthy Eating. We prepared a delicious vegetable soup using all
fresh ingredients.

We made a no-bake peanut butter chocolate cookie which was delicious! 


Leslie helped us educate the girls on how to read labels
and gave “Eat this,not that” options for snacks, school breakfast, and lunches.
Many girls tried vegetables they said they didn’t like, and were surprised at how
delicious they tasted in our sou
p. One girl, in particular, was amazed what a little lemon
juice can do to vegetables and for your digestive track!🤣😂
Thank you Leslie for coming to give our girls the tools they need to navigate healthy
eating!!! We also showed the girls why sugar can be so dangerous when consumed
without limits. Many kids are not educated on healthy eating habits and
Chicktime Charleston is so grateful for Leslie teaching us ALL some better choices we can make!!


January Update


Tonight’s event was very personal and we made vision/goal journals. Each page was for the girls to set a goal, whether it was overcoming something stressful next week or a place they’d like to live or travel to in 20 years.I was again humbled and speechless when one girl shared with me that it was hard to imagine a future when this month is filled with court dates, the stress of facing family members who were in charge of her care, who hurt her instead. Questions of who will she live with, where will that be, can she stay in her current school…. I spoke with her one on one almost the entire event and we made goals that were for tomorrow, next week, next month. I believe writing out your goals, hopes, prayers so you can read them and reflect is so powerful. And everyone please pray for this one girl I’m speaking of on Monday, 1/28. God knows who and what for, but she needs all the support she can get.


December Update

Merry Christmas Y’all!!!! We did it up right at Jenkins Institute for Children!!! Stocking and Ornament stations, fun games, cookie decorating stations.

…. and presents!!!!!!

November Update:

What a great night!

We painted Special Memories Boxes and made Acorns out of donut holes, chocolate frosting and sprinkles! Our friend Kelly even showed off her new found talent of face painting!!!

Thanks to all who came and to our sister chapters Chicktime Moncks Corner and Chicktime Charleston PC for the support!! Love you all!!!

October Update:

Halloween face painting  is a favorite workshop for the girls!

We did broken doll, Mermaid and Dia de Los Muertos!

Join us next month for another great workshop!

September Update:

September’s Chicktime Charleston event was pretty groovy! We helped the girls tye dye socks and mini tote bags! It was so fun watching them come up with different color combinations and designs!

We fed them dinner first and got to dyeing! One of them even grabbed a pair of shorts she had to dye because she didn’t want the fun to end!

See you next month!

August Update:

It was Spa De La Chicktime at Jenkins Institute.

From Raspberry water to sugar scrub….

We even mad our own Oatmeal coconut face masks…

Join us next month….

July Update:

A perfect night….



And hanging out….

Join us next month for our Spa Party….

June Update:

Chicktime at Jenkins Institute! Tonight was healthy cooking & it was crazy as usual LOL!

May Update:

There is no place we would rather be on a Tuesday night…

Because playing games with these precious girls is just sooo much fun!

And eating and hanging out with them is priceless!

Thank you to all the women who share their time with these amazing girls.

April Update:

These are the wonderful volunteers that showed up to make our April Workshop awesome!

Science Night was a hit!


We tested theories and had a lot of trial and error…..but hey! isn’t that what science is all about?

The girls had a blast and so did we!

Join us next month….

March Update:

Where do we start? Our March workshop was AMAZING!!

Game night was maybe our best EVER!! Started with a blind fold obstacle course…. then a rather disgusting ~ find the gummy bear in the mountain of whip cream relay….balloon games… musical seats (but with questions)… and open a triple wrapped present ( secured with duct tape) with oven mitts…..and lots and lots or sugar!! So many laughs!

So many moments of comfort and happiness being shared at Chicktime! It’s hard to wait a month for the next workshop!

February Update:

Mardi Gras Night~

We made masks and had rice and beans, King Cake, and for fun did our nails purple, green, and gold!

Game Night is next month! Don’t miss out!!

What an absolute honor!!!! This chapter wouldn’t be a success without all the volunteers who have dedicated time to coming out and serving!!! ❤️

January Update:

Our make-up workshop with Lisa Burson was so fun!

We are so grateful for workshop leaders who make their passion an “annual” Chicktime event! It’s always nice to learn makeup pointers and extra nice to be pampered!!

See you next month!

December Update:

Our time together was nothing short of AMAZING!!

We hope when you look at our December Christmas Party pictures you can see all the wonderful volunteers and donors who made this special night happen…

Food, gifts, crafts and hugs….

Nothing says Christmas quite like a Chicktime Evening!

Join us in the New Year! We have so much planned for 2018!

November Update:

Our November workshop was all about baking cookies, laughter and love!

Our hearts are full of joy and our tummies full of cookies! It’s been a great Chicktime!

October Update:

Halloween Makeup Tutorials with Chicktime Charleston was Boo-tiful!

Thank you Theresa Faughnan for providing such cute and delicious food! Chili Bar and Zombie Brownies…YUM!

Our volunteers are so cool especially when they join the action! Marlene Waterman…you are such a trooper!

Join us next month for Family Recipe Cookie Night!

Have you all been to 5 BELOW? Please go this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to help support Chicktime Charleston. % of sales will go to more supplies and activities for our girls at The Jenkins Institute!!!!! Please say you are shopping to support Chicktime and share this post to many people who would like to help support these amazing teen girls who have been through so much in their young lives!!

September Update:

 Thanks for all the help Jodi, Marlene Hagen, Wayne-Terry Mobley, Ashley, and Reagan.

Oh what a night!! We are exhausted, but so content that we get to be in this place with these awesome people every month.

 Sojourner~we will see you next month!

Much love,

Chicktime Charleston

August Update:

Had a FANTASTIC time at Jenkins Institute tonight for Charleston Chicktime!!! We made Dream Boards, they are inspiration boards to set goals and focus on tomorrow and a brighter future.

We made Dream Boards, they are inspiration boards to set goals and focus on tomorrow and a brighter future.

 We also celebrated two special Bday’s. One 14, one 16. Love these girls!!

Join us at our September Workshop for a Dance Party!


July Update:

What a blessing to have such wonderful volunteers that show up month after month to love on the precious girls we serve!

Nothing says “Chicktime” like jewelry making night! Thank you Sadie D Thompson for leading such a great workshop.

We will be right back at it in August! Hope everyone can join us!

On Tuesday, July 11th, Chicktime supporters,  Macy and her mom Susan Tucker Hall,  came to  The Jenkins Institute for some live therapy for our beautiful girls.

What a relaxing time spent with the therapy dogs. Healing is a process and how amazing it is that dogs can be part of that process.

Hope to see everyone at Chicktime July!


We are so excited to welcome Sadi, Jodi, and Samantha to our leadership team here at Chicktime Charleston! For months, we have prayed for God to send us his angels and He sent them in the form of these two beautiful ladies! They are passionate about the work we are doing at Chicktime Charleston and are excited to help us continue building our legacy! Learn more about the entire Chicktime Charleston leadership… Megan, Jodi, Sadi, and Samantha, by visiting our Meet The Leaders page =}


June Update:

Tonight was such a Joy!!! Lisa Came to do a makeup tutorial and showed us lots of tricks. The girls were so attentive!! They all got makeup bags, a palate of eye and lip and contour colors and a hand mirror. Love them all so much!!!

We had our girls come and participate. We love to encourage kids to love others and show them how much they have in common!

One of the young ladies in these pictures just came to the Jenkins Institute this week. She felt so overwhelmed and one of the House Moms said she was keeping to herself. She completely came out of her shell at our event.She laughed and giggled the whole
Night!!!! She did a bunch of the volunteers makeup. This is why we love what we do during Chicktime…the smiles and laughter!


May Update:

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Chicktime May!!

Our new friends, these sweet girls came to volunteer with their mama. They brightened our day!!

We hope to see YOU next month at Chicktime June!!

As a Mother’s Day gift Jodi Gregory’s son Joe volunteered to play his violin and wanted to give all tips-donations that are collected to a charity of her choosing. She chose Chicktime Charleston. The money will help us fund the amazing events we plan for the girls at the Jenkins Institute in North Charleston. What an amazing kid ❤️

He raised almost $100!!! Thank you Joe and thank you Jodi!!!


April Update:

We had so much fun and learned SO much from Jodi, our April host. The girls at JI loves the new Ninja blender and all the produce we brought to go with it.

They loved making their essential oil lotions. Thank you to all who were able to come and be apart of tonight

March Update:

Great first night at the Jenkins Institute for Chicktime Charleston Salon Night!!! Thank you to everyone who came out and offered your time and attention to these amazing girls!!!

Join us for Salon Day and the launch of Chicktime Charleston!!


February Update:

January and February were a whirlwind couple of months for Chicktime Charleston! Our chapter leader, Megan Swatt started and and completed her training to lead our chapter. She toured the Jenkins Institute during her training and instantly fell in love with the staff that she met that day! Our community has already shown us so much love and support by helping us to fill up the majority of our 2017 schedule with workshop leaders and activities. We have a very exciting year ahead of us! We are so excited about the future of Chicktime Charleston and we hope that YOU will be part of our journey. In addition to volunteers and workshop leaders, we are praying for co-leaders to help Megan run our chapter. If you feel called to serve the hurting children of our community, please contact Megan today!