Where We Serve

Chicktime Charlotte is proud to serve Thompson Children’s Home! At Thompson, they see lives with tremendous potential all around us. They strive to help make that potential into reality. Children and families struggling with neglect, abuse and hardship require the kind of commitment and compassion that is unique to kind of support they provide. That’s why Thompson is the trusted partner and preferred community resource for a child or adult who needs to establish healthy relationships with their family and their community. They are where their clients need them- at our own campuses and treatment centers, through outpatient services in homes and schools, through family education or with full psychiatric services and residential programs. Thompson provides comprehensive education, treatment, and care designed to transform lives. Their goal is to create a stable foundation on which children and families can learn to thrive for a lifetime. At Thompson, they are dedicated to Strengthening Children, Families and Communities.

To learn more about Thompson Children’s Home, visit them online today!