Yoga Fun!!

July Update:

Chicktime San Antonio had such a special summer evening hanging out with the girls who live at Boysville, Inc.!

We made ice cream sundaes and played BINGO!

And I mean all types of bingo games like T ( for Texas), regular bingo, four corners, blackout, and stand up/sit down ! Lots of girls on the edge of their seats wanting to yell Bingo, but mostly just happy that the ladies from Chicktime were back! Prizes ranged from makeup, bath and body goodies to nail supplies, devotional books and chocolate!

As always we ended our time together in a large circle prayer giving thanks for our volunteers, the girls who live at Boysville and the staff that help raise them! We pray these beautiful girls see HIM in us! Join us next month! Our August workshop will be YOGA!
Psalm 93:3
“Declare HIS glory among the nations, HIS wonders among all peoples.”