Christmas Blessings!

November Update:

Special thanks to Monica Nally, Seli Compton, Anna Nicolai, and Shannon Lafavers for being our November 2021 workshop leaders.
The girls were able to make their own bracelets ( as many as they wanted!! Can you imagine?)… and extra ones if they desired for gifts ! The workshop leaders had a wrapping station so the girls could wrap their gift bracelets – which was extra special!!
There was a build your own banana split bar with Capri Sun and water bottles to drink…
AND gift bags to take back to their cottages! If that wasn’t enough…
each girl was gifted a beautiful bracelet as a Thanksgiving gift!
We ended our time together as we always do…in prayer.
We are humbled by all the wonderful ladies who show up to volunteer every month … the ones who lead monthly workshops … and to ones who support our mission with prayer !
Our ultimate goal is for every teen girl who comes to our monthly workshops to feel safe, loved and seen.
Happy Thanksgiving! Count your blessings!