Christmas In July!

June Update:

Every month, Chicktime San Antonio, has the opportunity to plant seeds of hope and love to the teen girls who live at Boysville. How fitting that this months workshop activity was painting flower pots and planting seeds in hopes they will grow and bloom into something beautiful, strong, and very special flowers.

Chicktime Co-Leader, Letty Rodella and workshop leader, Betty Fernandez, read a poem to the girls during the paint session, called The Best Flower in the Garden~ A tale about the flowers that become something special when they came together in a bouquet.

The girls made individual banana pudding cups for their snack and feasted on watermelon and strawberries!

One of the best things about our monthly time together is our traditional circle prayer to end each workshop. Watching the girls hold hands and wait for us to pray with them is honestly God using our chapter to build HIS kingdom here on earth. Today, one of our girls closed us out in prayer. God is sooooooooooooo good!

Thank you Betty for always saying YES!! to leading a Chicktime Workshop! Year after year we can always count on you!!