Christmas Is Around The Corner!

October Update:

Our October workshop with the girls at Boysville was painting kindness rocks. Our goal was to help the girls know that sprinkling kindness throughout the world is a good thing. It makes us feel good and it makes the people that get to experience it feel good.
The girls painted rocks for the outside of their cottage and were going to place some in busy spots around the campus like the library so that people can see them and feel joy. They also painted a couple to either keep or to give to someone special. The girls didn’t want us to leave and asked if we could do this activity with them on another occasion. This just absolutely melts our hearts!!
In addition to a wonderful workshop…. Our workshop leaders for the month ( Eva, Stephanie and Janet) treated the girls to breakfast tacos, juice and a cookie cake! So grateful!!
We ended in a circle prayer where two of the girls asked to say a prayer .
We had a few new faces at Chicktime !!
What a blessing !
We are making Christmas ornaments in November.
Join us!