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**All Chicktime Cincy volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Packet before serving at Lighthouse!!**

November Update:

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”
– Anonymous

💗 Yesterday was a powerful workshop with the young ladies of New Beginnings! 💗

We had a “pre-Thanksgiving” dinner and wrote letters to share our feelings (positive and negative) to our loved ones and ourselves.

Amazing food and emotions were brought to the table as we reflected and became increasingly grateful for one another. There’s nothing like spending time with the next generation. 😍

Happy Sunday and Thanksgiving (in advance)!

October Update:

Thank you to all of our volunteers who joined us for our pumpkin painting workshop.

Chicktime Cincinnati is booming and most importantly, we are taking off with quality women….

….who not only care about child abuse in our community….

But!!! Doing something about it!

September Update:

Today’s Chicktime workshop was a fun-led seat and an incredible time with the young ladies of LYS-New Beginnings It was hot, but our instructor ( Sehrish, far right) was amazing in her Zumba craft.

Not only did we work up a sweat, Sehrish gave us the confidence to move  into next week with a positive body image and good attitude.

If you haven’t joined us already for a workshop, please do.  We need volunteers! Paperwork/volunteer orientation is needed to participate, due to our interaction with minors…but it’s so worth it.

July Update:

Today we hosted our “Vision Jar” making session at Lighthouse Youth & Family Services and boy did we have fun. We encouraged the ladies to DARE to be powerful and combat their fears with positivity while eating some sweet treats. Next month couldn’t come soon enough. We are humbly enjoying our time with the young ladies and are excited to announce our upcoming sessions of storytelling and Zumba fitness! Will we see you there as a volunteer? We hope so! Have a Happy Saturday!

June Update:

Remember when we invited you to the Cookie Bash with the young ladies of Lighthouse Youth and Family Services? Well, we sincerely missed YOU! Please enjoy a few photos from our event and be sure to SIGN UP for July’s workshop!

Not only are we in need of dynamic workshop volunteers ready to give back but we are especially in need of workshop LEADERS! Do you have an activity you’d like to facilitate with young girls yearning for a mentor?

If so, reach out to us…we would LOVE to have you join us.

We are thanking God for his love, grace and power through this journey of getting Chicktime Cincinnati successfully launched.

May Update!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our first workshop with Lighthouse! This month, we made dream catchers with the girls. As we talked about life, love, and our dreams with the girls, we also made sure they knew that Chicktime Cincinnati is here to stay & we plan on making many, many more memories with them! The girls all received their own journals to write down their dreams and goals in as well!

Chicktime Cincy is busy preparing for our 1st workshop with Lighthouse and we are SO excited!!

Thank you to Tessa (aka the sweetest Volunteer Coordinator ever) for hanging out with us this afternoon and helping us get prepared to serve!!

If you’d like to join us, please contact Taylor at cincinnati@chicktime.com today so that we can help you complete a few volunteer requirements in advance!!! #bethelight #chicktimecincy

When we look at these pictures we see love!

Thanks to all our Chicktime Volunteers who make special moments like this occur!

Giving a little time can go such a long way!

September Update:

Artists at work creating designs at our event while promoting recycling and snacking on Fall Snack Cakes – yum! The kids put their initials on their creations when we realized we had two sisters with the same initials! We laughed. Nice to see more teen girls in our group. They were all beautiful and a joy to talk to today. They all told us they love crafting.

Much thanks to Sonja for all your help and our shelter coordinator, Kate, for all you do to make our events successful!


Chicktime Cincy meets Chicktime Indy!!

Chicktime Cincinnati chapter leader, Rosetta Keller, traveled to attend Chicktime Indy’s September workshop to get ideas from one of the craftiest people out there~Patty Homoky….who by the way is Chicktime Indy’s chapter leader!

This certainly tells it like it is…..We are a family!!!

The Chicktime Family!!

Chicktime Cincy left with new ideas and a deeper bond with Chicktime!

Our charity partner called to let us know we need to cancel our August event today that starts at 3:15.  Schools are starting here and they had a transportation problem.  The kids won’t arrive in time to make our event.  We are trying to reschedule but not sure we can.  Waiting to hear if they have another open day for us in August. We will keep you posted.

July Update:

We know how to beat the heat with ice cream, Disney’s Moana movie & games for our July event! Something we learned this month at Chicktime is  that if you bring bubbles and bubble wands to your workshop…. The soapy bubbles make clean up a snap!

Chicktime is really this easy….give a little time, play a game or two…

And Bam!! Hearts of children are changed forever!

We would love for you to join us next month at Chicktime August!


June Update:

Pennies, pennies everywhere as we played the penny toss game. The grand prize was awarded to little Miss M who came in 1st place. Yay! We also met the shelter’s new summer intern, Andrew, who helped us chase pennies. Welcome aboard Andrew!!! Thank you Sonja for volunteering at today’s event!

May Update:

We have many single mothers at our shelter who deserve a special treat for Mother’s Day. We celebrated our moms with gifts and healthy snacks at our event! We potted flowers and decorated picture frames while enjoying a sunny day outdoors. We love our moms!

Thanks so much Sonja for leading the event and bringing Katie to help!! You did a great job!!!

April Update:

Competition was tough at Chicktime’s Easter Egg Toss to win baskets full of goodies. We also learned that we have super powers to save others just like super heroes! We used our power of sending love by making a yard sign giving thanks to our shelter. Then, we used our power of laughter by acting out actions in a card game that made us giggle. Our super powers really work!! Thanks Aprina being our teacher. Thanks also to Michelle & Sonja for volunteering.

March Update:

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a green theme! Green artwork, beads and fun games. Even the snacks were green with apples and grapes!

Our kids took turns playing Simon Says and winded down with reading time. So much fun!! Thank you Aisha for leading the event. Also many thanks to Kathy Henry, Kate Calhoun and the rest of our great volunteers.


At the request of our charity partner, Interfaith Shelter, we are changing the date of our March workshop to March 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that YOU can still join us!



February Update:

Our kids at Interfaith Shelter were excited to make Valentine cards for their moms at our event today. The kids were bundles of love; greeting us with hugs and giggles.

Thank you Kathy for helping! Welcome to our new volunteers, Erika and Jennifer! We hope to see you at our March event!

Chicktime Cincinnati is currently looking to fill the remainder of our 2017 calendar with workshop leaders. In order to do that, we need YOUR help! We are looking for women who have a heart to serve our community and share their gifts to make the world a better place for the next generation. As you know, our chapter serves at Interfaith Shelter on the second Wednesday of every month from 3-4:30pm. IHNGC has been providing emergency shelter since 1991, working side by side with partners from the faith community to meet basic needs while offering professional wraparound services that change lives. Our goal is to provide the children of these families with a fun atmosphere and experience that helps them to feel a sense of  normalcy in their otherwise turbulent lives. Anything from crafts to Zumba.. if you have a passion, gift, or talent… Chicktime Cincinnati wants to learn how to do it too and we want to learn from YOU!!

If you feel the calling to serve alongside us and lead a workshop this year, please don’t hesitate to contact us and remember, no idea is too big or too small!

Rosetta and Aisha
Chicktime Cincinnati



January Update:

Our gingerbread house creations were beautiful! The kids had so much fun that they lead us into dance and song to Maroon 5’s, “Sugar”. The event wrapped up with piggyback rides from the Chicktime girls.

Thank you Kathy & Aisha! Great job Aisha Butler for leading the event!

We hope YOU will join us for Chicktime February!!


December Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime December! We painted ornaments and sang Christmas carols! It was truly an afternoon of holiday cheer! We hope you join us for Chicktime January! Our workshop leader will be Aisha and will be making gingerbread houses!


November Update:

Cookie artists at work creating their masterpieces. Giggling, icing covered faces and sticky fingers everywhere! Our first event decorating cookies was a hit!!!! We hope YOU will join us for Christmas crafts at Chicktime December!!