Meet The Leaders

Taylor Thomas
Chicktime Cincinnati Managing Leader


Why I Serve a Leadership Role with Chicktime:

Chicktime offers an opportunity to extend your most authentic gifts and talents to those who need them. As a Chicktime leader, I have the chance to encourage women to find and also provide their gifts to young people and families who need them. Volunteerism has always been a strong part of my life and I’m constantly thinking of ways to give back. As a leader with Chicktime, I am not only the example but a key player in organizing events, encouraging women of the chapter and growing awareness as a voice for the needs of our local charity partner. 


My Hobbies & Interests:

I enjoy all things surrounding people! I started pottery a little while ago, I take spinning classes and I love to speak and write. Reading is my guilty pleasure when I have free time on my hands and the smell of chocolate chip cookies often infiltrates my house randomly throughout the week, as I LOVE baking. I love spending time with my puppy, boyfriend and family! 


My Passions & Gifts:

I would say I have the strong “gift of gab,” as I love to speak, making others feel motivated and strong. We all have our days but I would like to say I’m inspirational and positive. I have a true passion for speaking, writing and giving back to those who are considered “the underdogs.” Over the past three years (on and off) fitness has become a strong passion of mine. I’d like to change the conversation regarding fitness so more folks feel inspired to take care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m passionate about people. 


Moxie John
Chicktime Cincinnati Chapter Co-Leader


Why I Serve a leadership role with Chicktime: I love volunteering and working with children specifically. I did not have mentors when I was a young teenager and desperately wished that someone would see me and my value. I want to help girls at our charity partner see their value and empower women in our community to give back.


My hobbies & Interests: Baking Cupcakes, Lifting Weights, Community Development, Traveling, Crafts


My passions & gifts: I love working with communities, specifically developing them and trying to find my place where I can make the most impact.