Meet The Leaders


Claudia Staley

Chicktime Columbia Managing Chapter Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:

I love to help people. I believe God has given me the duty to help people when I can. I believe that if we learn how to help people, we have what we need to make this world a better place. Chicktime is a great avenue that allows me to use my leadership skills to encourage ladies to tap into their passions and gifts and use them to help others. I believe in Chicktime, the CEO, the purpose, and the importance of it. Jesus loved us first so we must love each other. I serve because I want to serve and it is a blessing to serve. So join me and let’s serve together and spread love! Doesn’t this world need more love?

My Passions and Gifts:

I have a passion to help people. I believe God gave me the gift of communication. I work in HR so it is no surprise. I am able to lead and facilitate events. I enjoy talking and getting people involved with what is going on. So I had the opportunity to start a chapter of Chicktime here in Columbia. I look forward to meeting other ladies, finding out what their passions and gifts are, and allowing them to use it to help children.

Hobbies and Interests:

I love fashion! I will be coming out with a clothing line soon so stay tuned!
I also like working on becoming a better person, better daughter, friend, sister, worker, etc. so I started a movement called #dobetter. I like to post encouraging things for the world to see and send a reminder to everyone that we can all #dobetter in our lives.

Facebook: Dobetterinc./Twitter: @dobetterinc_ /Instagram: dobetterinc

Last but not least I also have a blog. I love fashion and love to talk about fashion, deals, etc. So I have a blog to help me do this. I love “street chic” looks and putting outfits together. It is fun, creative, and simply exciting. So check out and follow my fashion blog: www.claudettefashion.blogspot.com