Come Stamp Your Passport!

April Update:

Chicktime San Antonio was unable to treat the girls to an off site brunch as planned due to last minute transportation issues …so we re-grouped and planned a morning of breakfast and bingo at Boysville. The girls were treated to donuts, breakfast tacos and apple juice. We played all the fun themes of Bingo like four corners, picture frame, “T” and regular bingo. We had prizes that ranged from body wash to chocolates! So fun!

Then Chicktime San Antonio Chapter co- leader, Annette Goodson, handed out notecards and pens for a workshop ending activity.  Annette read an excerpt from a book called Holly Moments. She read from a chapter that talked about the ripple effect of doing something kind for someone else. And example in the book was a man losing his wallet, and a girl finding it and returning it to him. He took out $200 from his wallet, and gave it to her with the charge that half of it could be used on her , but the other half had to be used to do good for someone else. Causing a ripple effect and a holy moment ! The girl took the money and sent it to a village in Honduras after a hurricane with the instructions she was given. The village was able to use the money for a village wide party. They took a picture with a sign that said, thank you Bruce Dunn ( the man that originally gave the $200). It was posted on social media and made its way back to Bruce Dunn!
Annette asked the girls to write on the note card something good they would do for someone else if they had $100. Some of the answers were doing something for the homeless, something around the campus of Boysville, elderly, and children who don’t have shelter/ things they do at Boysville! On the other side of the card, they were asked to write something down that didn’t cost any money that could be life-changing for someone else. Examples were a smile, help someone fold clothes and to stand up for someone who is being bullied at school.
We played one last bingo game.
The winner was given 100 dollars with the intent of carrying out her answer on her note card and to report to us next month how she carried out her holy moment grant! The recipient was a little choked up and nervous about the task, but we believe will learn ( and teach her friends around her )the beauty of thinking about someone outside of yourself. To be continued!
See you next month!! We are having an extra special event!! Make sure you mark your calendar!!
We forgot to take a group volunteer picture, but thankful for volunteers like Geneva and Mariana who show up to encourage the girls who come to our monthly workshops!
All our love,
Annette, Donnette and Letty
Chicktime San Antonio Chapter Co-Leaders