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September Update:

Plans to drop off the cuties for our cuties at Bridgeway will not happen today! Managing Chicktime Chapter Leader, Jennifer Richter, is sick, and needs to rest and heal at home. She will make one big drop off in October as soon as she is able to leave her home.
Prayers for her healing please!

August Update:

Chicktime Conroe wrapping up August by “popping” by Bridgeway to share a popcorn snack

with the kids!


Making a difference no matter what!!! Social distancing will not keep us from loving Brideway! Our August “drop-off” workshop has been planned and we would love you to help us!

July Update:

Chicktime Conroe dropped off watermelons for the kids at Bridgeway to enjoy on a hot Texas afternoon. 

Chicktime Conroe will not be meeting in the month of May. As much as we miss our workshops and time with our Chicktime kids we want to keep everyone safe! We hope to resume things soon.
In the meantime, if you have an idea to show some love from a distance (sending cards, dropping off snacks/meals, or activities to pass the time) let us know. We would to help you be a blessing!

February Update:

We did not have a February workshop. We are busy planning our March workshop and hope to make up that lost precious time with the kids! Please join us.

January Update:

Our workshop was so fun. Sorry we don’t have pictures to show you….We got so caught up in our yoga poses!

See you next month.

December Update:

We  had a blast at our Christmas party with our kids at Brideway.

We decorated and ate cookies, drank hot chocolate, played games, and shared lots of laughs. Hoping this brought some cheer to their lives in this difficult season for them.

November Update:

Chicktime Conroe is truly blessed to have such an amazing group of volunteers but MAC truly goes above and beyond for our kiddos at yes to youth! MAC is a Mixed Martial Arts gym in Conroe. They come visit our kiddos twice a year to teach them self defense skills because our shelter only houses youth for 90 days and every group of kids is different.

That’s no problem for these AMAZING superstars though because they tailor each workshop to the needs of the kids we are serving at the time. We usually break up into boys and girls because of the differences in interests and each time they’ve come, MAC has brought more and more Volunteers so it’s easier to split up. 

nov pic

They are truly an amazing organization and we can’t thank you enough. Today the ladies learned how to escape surprise attacks and unwanted attention situations while the guys focused on protecting yourself in a fight, striking and kicking if needed in self defense.

October Update:

We had so much fun today with the teens creating spooky cupcakes. They had so much fun and were very creative.

Some of them made multiple cupcakes because they were having so much fun. They will definitely be on a sugar high later!!!

If you are on the fence about volunteering please know these teens enjoy and are so appreciative of these activities and the time we spend with them. Please ask us more about volunteering! It’s only a few hours a month

September Update:

An amazing time was had by all this morning. We did yoga with our kids.

Becky May was an amazing leader! The kids did an amazing job with the poses, they looked like pros.

 Enjoy the pictures of our day!

August Update!

Our Workshop was canceled due to unforeseen reasons. We are gearing up for an awesome September workshop to make up for lost time with our kids!

Please join us!

July Update:

Today we learned that just because something is broken doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful as the wonderful kids at MCYS expressed themselves with their Graffiti Wall!!

Join us next next month! We are going to have so much fun celebrating our 1 year anniversary!

June Update:

We had such a wonderful time with our MCYS kiddos today!! The wonderfully talented Mrs. Judy Whitten Rollins taught the kids how to make no bake cookies! All the kiddos were super excited to have a hand in measuring, stirring and of course EATING the cookies!! They we gone as fast as the hardened! Then we played about 20 rounds of Bingo as the kids took turns being the caller! We are truly blessed to serve such an amazing group of children!! See you next month as we bring out our inner artist with Riley’s Graffiti Art!! 

May Update:

Chicktime Conroe had a FUNTASTIC time at Bridgeway House today! Tori Burkhalter came and presented a workshop on acrylic pouring! This is a fun craft that makes everyone feel like an artist! She did a wonderful job and everyone had a great time ! Shout out to Riley, Laurel, Beth and Emma for coming and helping!

April Update:

Had so much fun today playing Pokémon with the kids. They loved looking through all the cards and picking their cards to play.

Chelsea did a wonderful job teaching about the different cards and how to put together their decks. Can’t wait for next month!!

For any of our Chicktime Friends that are looking to get more involved in the MCYS Shelter…..

We are pleased to announce that with the help of the Pokemon League of Conroe and Cards and Comics Connections we are in the process of creating our own MCYS Pokemon League for the youth! We are going to try to meet once a week and play and hang out with the kids. Times and dates will follow~ we have not pinned that down yet!

Please join the page titled MCYS Pokemon League of Willis. on Facebook and mention in the comment section you are from Chicktime.  

Thank you all for your time and all of the effort that you put into our kiddos!

March Update:

Than you so much to the Gentle Dragon and Presa jujitsu crew! The kids had a great time learning self defense and getting a chance to just be kids!

Chicktime Conroe is looking to add to their leadership team!

We are committed to serving the youth at  Montgomery County Youth Services and need help! If you have a passion to make a difference in our community and leave a legacy….We would love to hear from you!

Contact Chelsea at conroe@chicktime.com

If not us….then who?

February Update:

Our February Workshop was canceled due to the flu bug!! We will see you next month!

January Update:

We had such a fun January 2019 workshop! Our workshop leader, Becky, was so awesome teaching us some basic yoga and breathing techniques and the kids loved it.

Thank you for our awesome volunteers. See ya next month!

I am so thankful to be writing this post! My co-leaders and I were a little skeptical on whether or not we were going to be able to give the kids at MCYS the Christmas we wanted to give them, however, thanks to the support of friends, family, and our community, Chicktime Conroe is able to finish our first Chicktime year out with a bang! I want to give a special shoutout to Girl Scout Troop 106328 and my Cousins’ Youth Group from TN. The GS Troop were sweet enough to write Christmas Cards to decorate the MCYS house and they were filled with such kindness and love! The Youth Group bought and FILLED 3 backpacks to the rim with goodies for our MCYS youth and got it to Texas! While we appreciate the help we received from all of Santas little helpers, the kindness and love showed by the kids that participated has truly left me in awe! They have all shown such kindness to kids they have never and probably will never, meet!

From all of us here at Chicktime Conroe THANK YOU! We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

December Update:


We had such a blast at MCYS!

We were “catching” them all playing Pokeman!

November Update:

What a fantastic Chicktime!! This month the kids got to learn awesome self defense techniques as well as personal boundaries and respecting yourself courtesy of the amazing ladies of Gentle Dragon Martial Arts of Conroe!!


October Update:

Today was so much fun! We had our Spooktacular Halloween event today. We played pumpkin bowling, had bat races and tossed skull rings into cups (which is so much harder than it sounds!).

Ladies, I can now truly say that Chicktime is 100% a life changing event! Our kiddos are just so grateful for some love, affection and just some human interaction! If you are ever free the second Saturday of the Month from 10:30-1 pop on by and see us. I can guarantee that you will not regret it!

September Update:

Chicktime Conroe had their very first event with MCYS- Leadership and Empowerment were the themes, and the youth were amazing!

We had such a great time spreading the word about Chicktime while also supporting a great local location! Thank you to everyone that came out and saw us. We had such a blast and cannot wait to continue our growth within the community! 

August Update:

We had a great kickoff party!

We were so excited to introduce Chicktime to some wonderful ladies!

We are thankful to be a part of this family and cannot wait to see the many great things this chapter will do!!

We are so excited to announce that the Chicktime movement is coming to Conroe, TX! Chelsea Anders will be leading this chapter as they serve the almost forgotten children of their community!
Chelsea and her team are going to need passionate women such as yourself to join them in bringing love and friendship to these children!



If you have a passion to serve, contact Chelsea at conroe@chicktime.com today!