Meet The Leaders

Heather Bowman
Chicktime Conyers Managing Leader
Chicktime National Chapter Coordinator


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I serve in a leadership role with Chicktime because I want to help girls who may need someone in their corner rooting for them. I want to be a cheerleader for the underdog and help young ladies reach their full potential.


My passions and gifts:
I love to travel-whether local, within the U.S., or internationally, I am always looking for a new adventure. I upcycle furniture and I love to cook. I am constantly reading 3 or 4 books at the same.  And I love to host parties.


My hobbies and interests:
I am passionate about helping children, which is why I am a teacher. Whether it be young children or teenagers, I strive to make an impact on their life. I am a planner. If I supervise any event, I tend to over plan just in case things don’t go as hoped. I have the gift of hospitality and making social connections. I will go the extra mile for someone to make them feel connected and I make great efforts to engage in conversations with them that make them feel heard.


 Selina Nichols
Chicktime Conyers Co-Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I consider it an honor and privilege to serve as a Chicktime Leader. Pouring into girls and being a positive role model for young women is such a blessing. There is power of life and death in the tongue. I hope to bring some light to the darkness and help these girls be their best selves. 
My passions and gifts: 
American Sign Language! I just can’t get enough of it! I work in Ministry and absolutely love it! Volunteering, serving at my Church and working with kids of all ages and families are also my passion. My hobbies and interests: 
I enjoy teaching the hearing to Sign. It’s awesome to know that we can change the the world by making it more accessible for the Deaf. I’m also very interested in Missions and traveling.
Tonya Woody
Chicktime Conyers Co-Leader


Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I serve as a co-leader with Chicktime Conyers because of the opportunity to be part of the change that I want to see in the next generation.  With Chicktime I have the opportunity to serve girls ages 12-17 years of age that may not have the support that they need to have a successful adulthood.  I once was one of those teens and I know the difference love, care and time can make in a child’s life.  I love that Chicktime wants to be a part of that and we have an amazing group of woman in this chapter that are so committed to these girls, so one person isn’t doing this alone. It’s AWESOME!


My passions and gifts:
I love serving others! This is one of my greatest passions I think.  I love watching someone go from good to GREAT and playing a role in their life to help them get there.  I love encouraging others and supporting others in any way that I can.


My hobbies and interests:
I love the outdoors! Hunting, fishing, hiking, anything outside.  I also enjoy crafting and creating things.  Areas of interests for me would be raising awareness on human trafficking, ministering to other woman,  and mentoring teens and/or younger women in my circle of influence.


Chicktime Conyers :
Volunteer Coordinator- Heather Bowman
Facebook Manager- Tonya Woody
Website Monitor-  Selina Nichols
Calendar Manager- Heather Bowman
Treasurer- Tonya Bowman
Rising Managing Leader- Selina Nichols