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Chicktime Corpus Christi is trying to make sure the kids at their Charity Partner are still having some fun while in quarantine! The managing leader, Amanda, is putting together a powerpoint for the kids to view for their upcoming project and asking everyone to send them a 10 to 15 second video clip saying hello to the girls and telling them we miss them and hope to see them soon. They are also asking for volunteers to donate some fabric paints too! Co-leader, Irene, will meet up with volunteers to get them (and maintaining social distancing) and will deliver to their charity partner.


February Update:

The boys and girls had a blast today as they each decorated their Mardi Gras Masks, and boy were they creative! We were so happy to have 7 girls and 31 boys today. They had lots of fun and enjoyed all the snacks and drinks generously donated by H-E-B!

Thanks again to our volunteers for coming out and helping out. We truly appreciate you being there for all the kids. Enjoy their designs!

A HUGE shout out to our Workshop Leader, Elsa MacDougall for an AMAZING event. #HebHelpingHere

January Workshop:

Such a beautiful day! We had great wonderful conversations with the girls today as they decorated their hearts.

As a thank you, we gave the staff donuts and gingerbread for breakfast to let them know how much we appreciate them.

A huge thank you to H-E-B for the food, drinks and snacks – as usual, they truly enjoyed the treat. We cannot say enough about our awesome volunteers! You each bring so much joy to these beautiful souls ♡♡♡. #HEBHelpingHere

December Update:

Merry Christmas from our Chicktime family to yours! What a wonderful time of the year!

We cant say enough about H-E-B! They were able to provide such a beautiful Christmas for the girls and boys at our charity partner, Bokenkamp Children’s Home.

Seeing their faces while opening their gifts and stockings filled with goodies was quite humbling and they were so appreciative. A big thank you to Ms. Zamora with King High School Student Council for providing extra gifts for the boys too! Our volunteers came through for us again and helped the girls decorate the Christmas tree with Balls decorated with paint and glitter. The saran wrap balls were a hit too! Thank you to our workshop leader, Lisa Dibble for this spectacular day! Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy our pictures ♡ #hebhelpinghere

November Update:

Our charity partner was double booked and we had to cancel our workshop!

Join us for our Christmas Celebration!! It’s going to a FUN one!

October Update:

What a FUN Day at Bokenkamp today!

The girls did such a great job decorating their masks and truly enjoyed our conversations.

A huge thank you to H-E-B for all the drinks and snacks (cracker jacks, pringles, m&m’s and orange soda).

Many thanks to all of our volunteers for giving of your time and bringing smiles to all those precious girls. Enjoy their awesome masks!

September Update:

This is one of our favorite workshops. We had 18 beautiful girls who had a blast decorating their wooden crosses for this months workshop led by Sylvia Menchaca. A huge thank you to our volunteers who helped make this a joyful event for everyone. Thank you H-E-B for providing drinks and snacks too – you bring all the girls so much happiness as our exclusive donor each month.

Enjoy their beautiful crosses. Many of them told me that they would cherish them and remember us always. This makes it all worth it!

Those smiles and glimpses of happiness in their faces….

August Update:

AUGUST 2019 project of fabric sandal decorating was a huge success! All the girls had a great time designing their own sandals and were so grateful to us. 

The highlight was bonding with them and telling them that we love them and that we pray for them always. Thanks to our workshop leader Amanda Naranjo for a fun day! A couple of girls came to us on behalf of all the residents to tell us how much we are appreciated. That just made our day! Our hearts melted! Little do they know how much that touches our hearts!

Thank you to all our volunteers for giving of your time for this wonderful nonprofit we call “Chicktime.” Without you, we wouldn’t be able to touch so many hearts.
As always a huge thank you to HEB for providing all the snacks and drinks – you too are so valuable to our chapter. God bless all of you and enjoy looking at their completed project ♡♡♡.

July Update:

Praise the Lord! All the residents at Bokenkamp Children’s Home had a blast with praise n worship!

A huge thank you to our event leader, Lyn! She did an amazing job getting a wonderful band to play for the youth. Check out our live videos and videos on comments below. Thank you to H-E-B for providing for these kids. We can’t say enough about all our wonderful volunteers as well – without you, none of this could happen. Thank you and Bless you from the bottom of our hearts! Until next month!!!!

June Update:

What a great event today!Thanks to all of our fabulous volunteers for coming out and helping the girls have a wonderful



 The kites came out so nice and were so excited about flying them. It was priceless watching them have a fun time outside!

♡♡♡♡ Thank you H-E-B for all the drinks and snacks too!

May Update:

 may pic

What a beautiful day for blinging out some backpacks. Thank you to HEB for all the snacks and drinks for the girls and to our workshop leader, Rosie. We can’t thank all our volunteers enough for coming out and helping us assure we make our workshops fun and memorable

The girls truly love our workshops. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and may God bless you all for giving of your time.

April Update:

We had an amazing time with the girls at Bokenkamp today.

They colored in their very own coloring books and enjoyed snacks and drinks generously donated by H-E-B. We then went outside for the Easter Egg Hunt and the girls cracked cascarones on eachother! They had an absolute blast and we volunteers just LOVED seeing them have a good time! It was such a blessing to see and touched our hearts so much ♡

Another great thing that happened today was that we were also able to celebrate with the boys from Bokenkamp to participate in their very own celebration – they cracked cascarones and enjoyed bags of candy generously donated by Beth and her co-workers!

Thanks to all our volunteers for helping us make today special! Here are some pics for you to enjoy. God bless each and everyone during the Easter Season and Holy Week.

March Update:

What an amazing day at today’s workshop! 

Check out all the beautiful hair brushes these talented girls made! They fell in love with their designs and we enjoyed hearing the girls rave about them. Talk about contentment! One little girl said that they were going to cherish it forever and keep it as a reminder of their time at Bokenkamp. Others said that they can’t wait for us to be back because they enjoy Chicktime volunteers and projects.

We may not have had many volunteers today (4 of us only) but we sure brought alot of smiles and were sincerely humbled. Special thanks to H-E-B for all the drinks and treats! Ooooh and Ahhhh at all the beautiful hair brushes ♡.

February Update:

Today was indeed very special for us all. The residents of Bokenkamp presented Chicktime volunteers with a beautiful tree made of buttons because they were so grateful for their Christmas party in December and for us just choosing to come out to the facility to do fun things with them. This made our hearts move in so many ways. Thank you girls, we love it and will display it proudly ♡.

The girls had a fun morning decorating their hearts and truly put a lot of love into it.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for giving of your precious time to make these girls feel special. We hope to see all of you come out again. A huge THANK YOU to H-E-B for all the drinks and snacks.

Enjoy the pictures and look forward to next months project! God Bless each and everyone ♡♡♡.

January Update:

39 girls came to our workshop and enjoyed putting together their dream boards.

It was such a beautiful thing to watch the girls put so much heart not this….

As always, thank you to HEB for the drinks and snacks.

See you  next time!

December Update:


There is just so much to say. Our Christmas party at Bokenkamp with the girls and volunteers was amazing today.

The girls were showered with Christmas gifts and the games were so much fun! They gingled their ornament boxes, unwrapped several saran wrap balls, decorated our volunteers as a christmas tree (all while earning Christmas Bucks for the store). They went to town “purchasing all sorts of goodies each supplied by our awesome volunteers.

This year has been an amazing year for Chicktime – we met new volunteers who we call family now and wish them all the best this Christmas season.

The 25 girls had a blast and enjoyed Pappa Johns Pizza generously donated by Mr. Raymond Quintanilla, district manager. H-E-B comes through every month too and the girls enjoyed their snacks and drinks.

Thank you Bokenkamp for allowing us to serve you!

November Update:


What an amazing & blessed day! The girls at Bokenkamp truly enjoyed their cross decorating workshop.

A huge thanks to Cassandra Garza from Falfurrias, Tx for donating all the beautiful jewelry pieces. The girls went to town!!!!

Thank you H-E-B for the snacks and drinks and to our awesome volunteers for giving your time and talents making the girls feel special inside and out. All the girls love us so much and once again touched our hearts with their beautiful words of Appreciation. Enjoy their beautiful crosses… It feels great to be Blessed ♡♡♡

October Update:

Today was definitely a Blessing. All the girls had an amazing time decorating their journals.

Just look at the detail…

Do you want to know what the topping on the cake was today? Well, our hearts were so touched… one of the girls came up to me and wanted to let all our volunteers know that she has been at Bokenkamp for 8 months and was VERY Grateful for the time and projects we had during the time she was there and for all the future events we hold there at the facility. You see, she is going home next week and she wanted to let us know because she is going to miss us. Wow! What a blessing! I was so moved and wanted to hug her and never let her go (but due to rules, no touching allowed).

To our volunteers….i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You touch these young girls’ lives and make a difference! Thank you to H-E-B for the drinks, snacks and supplies! You too make such an impact on these residents ♡ as they enjoy all the treats! Enjoy their journals…. Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ for Chicktime CC’s ministry.

September Update:

Thanking the Lord for another beautiful day with the girls. This months event leader was Virginia and the girls decorated their drawstring bags and blinged them out!

They were excited and got to enjoy donuts, doritos and sodas through the generosity of


The girls even got a pair of socks! Thank you to our loving and caring volunteers who helped make this all possible. The Lord has shined a light upon you all. Enjoy seeing the girls talents ♡♡♡! More pics will be posted on the comments section.

August Update:

Today we had a Blessed day with ALL the residents of Bokenkamp Children’s Shelter. There was a play and praise and worship by Templo Elim~

The kids plyed games like the egg race, sack races, balloon toss, dunking booth, water slides, popcorn, snow cones, drinks and bbq chicken! The kids had so much fun and brought so much joy to each of our hearts.

Thank you to H-E-B for providing the candy, drinks and supplies for our event – we are so grateful for their support! And thank you to each of our volunteers for manning the stations and showing the kids how to play the games. You are each so special to the facility and in Gods eyes, you are favored ♡. Thank you and hope to see you volunteer again!

July Update:

A huge thank you to everyone who helped make our Fun and Fitness day a success for the girls.

Lisa & Allison Dibble were our event leaders and did an amazing job. Thank you to Glenda for the amazing Zumba workout and Becky Solis for the relaxing Yoga.

The girls then decorated water bottles to help them to remember to drink lots of water for their health. They did a great job and were very grateful. Thank you again to our wonderful volunteers too! You each bring so much joy to the girls and they had a fabulous time.  Thanks to HEB for all the goodies, too!

Blessings to all! 

June Update:

Today was a very special day for ALL the children of BokenKamp. Our Chicktime Event leader this month was Ms. Lyn. She put together a group of band members from Solid Rock Church, singers and awesome volunteers to come out and perform and worship with the kids.

Not only did the girls take part, but this was the first time ever that Chicktime CC had the honor of including the boys as well. We only wish you could have seen the faces of all those beautiful kids as the program unfolded. They were so happy to be able to receive the Lords word through song, praise and worship and to hear testimony of a gentleman who has been in their shoes at that same facility at one point in his life – his encouraging words meant so much to all of them.

For refreshments, the kids had candy, sodas, pickles, and popcorn as they watched the movie COCO at the end of the event – they truly enjoyed having the glow sticks in which they made bracelets and necklaces out of them – they chuckled with happiness when the lights went out as they marveled at their brightness! God Bless all our volunteers and may the Lord continue to move your hearts to help all these kids know that they are loved!

A HUGE shout out to all of you for making this event take place. We could not have done this without you! YOU ROCK!!!

May Update:

Once again, the girls had a marvelous time at today’s project. They each blinged out hair brushes so beautifully. Enjoy their breathtaking designs.

Thank you to H-E-B for the snacks and drinks and a huge thank you to the volunteers who came out to help. May the Lord continue to Bless each and every one of you.

April Update:

Another beautiful workshop …..

The girls had an indoor Easter Egg hunt due to the weather and they had the best time!

They will get to crack them outside on a sunny day.

Alot of their eggs had “Bunny Bucks” and they got to purchase items at our little store of goodies.

The girls got to make flower headbands too!

 A huge thank you to H-E-B for the drinks and snacks and to all our volunteers who continue to give of their time and talents to the children at BokenKamp Children’s Home.  Enjoy the pictures ♡ & Blessings to all!

March Update:

What a wonderful time we had at Chicktime CC! A huge thank you to H-E-B for the yummy snacks and drinks and all the wonderful volunteers who helped make our event successful.

The girls enjoyed making their prayer stones and then decorating their prayer boxes to keep them in. Hope you enjoy some pictures of their beautiful designs. May the Lord continue to Bless all these beautiful souls.

February Update:

What an amazing day at BokenKamp Children’s Home. The girls enjoyed decorating wooden hearts that they can hang on their walls. They are all so talented! Thank you to all our volunteers who came out to help make their day a bit brighter and a HUGE shout out to H-E-B for supplying all the snacks and drinks! Have a blessed day!

January Update:

Thank you to all our volunteers for coming out to our January 2018 workshop and for helping with supplies for the craft!

The girls truly enjoyed expressing themselves by cutting out pictures from magazines to remind them of their future dreams and aspirations.

Hope you enjoy some of the DREAM BOARDS in these pictures~

A HUGE thank you to Weinerschnitzel for being our yummy hot dog sponsor and to HEB for supplying all the snacks and drinks for our event at BokenKamp Children’s Home today.

It takes a village!!

We can’t wait to see everyone back next month!

December Update:

What an awesome way to celebrate the Christmas Season with the girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home – Food, Games, Laughter, Happiness and Gifts! A HUGE Thank You to Chick-fil-a for providing the delicious lunch boxes filled with yumminess and to H-E-B for the hot chocolate, candy, and Bunuelos! We cant forget about our awesome group of volunteers who give of their time, talents and gifts to all the girls at the home. They each were so grateful for their fun-filled day! Blessings to all during this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas everyone!

A HUGE Thank You to Chick-fil-a for providing the delicious lunch boxes filled with yumminess and to H-E-B for the hot chocolate, candy, and Bunuelos!

We can”t forget about our awesome group of volunteers who give of their time, talents and gifts to all the girls at the home. They each were so grateful for their fun-filled day!

Blessings to all during this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas everyone!


November Update:

Thanksgiving Blessings to all! Today we celebrate all the girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home. They each made blankets for the cool winter. We want to give thanks to our Lord and Bless each and every one of them.


We share these blessings with each of our volunteers for their generosity in giving of their time and talents and who help make it possible for the girls to feel special.

Thank you H-E-B for supplying all the drinks and snacks – we truly appreciate you!

Take a look at their beautiful fleece blankets. ♡♡♡

October Update:

Every month we are humbled by those who come out to help us encourage the girls at BokenKamp!

The girls truly enjoyed decorating their masquerade masks just in time for Halloween Fun!

Just look at some of the amazing talent!

Join us next month as we will be making fleece blankets!

September Update:

Look at all the beautiful women who showed up for Chicktime September to make sure the girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home are loved!

We decorated crosses …..Just look how beautiful!

The Cross Before Me, led by Ms. Lyn!!


August Update:

Another great day at BokenKamp Children’s Home this morning. The girls decorated journals with their awesome talents! Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help the girls have a great time. The Lord truly works through you to shine a light upon these beautiful girls. A HUGE THANK YOU to H-E-B for providing all the snacks and drinks!

The girls decorated journals with their awesome talents!

A HUGE THANK YOU to H-E-B for providing all the snacks and drinks!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help the girls have a great time. The Lord truly works through you to shine a light upon these beautiful girls.

July Update:

 A wonderful thank you to all our volunteers who make it truly special for the girls.

The girls had such a lovely time making flip flops and hair clips out of water balloons!

Also, we can’t thank H-E-B enough for supplying drinks and snacks! We appreciate you so much #HEB

We hope to see you next month!

June Update:

Such a blessing to spend time with the girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home again today.

Smiles were bright as they showed their love in choosing and making their prayer stones and decorating their tins and boxes.

A huge thank you to H-E-B for supplying the drinks and snacks. We can’t thank all the volunteers enough for coming out and showing the girls that they are loved.

They each also got to take a picture with them as a remembrance of our time with them.

Enjoy their beautiful crafts!

We hope to see YOU a Chicktime July <3


May Update:

The girls truly enjoyed today’s Chicktime project.

They each blinged out Sunglasses, crosses and made flower pens too!

A huge thank you to each of the volunteers and H-E-B for the delicious snacks.

Smores, Chips and drinks were a hit!

Feeling blessed with all of these beautiful souls. Enjoy their creative designs ♡.

April Update:

Today’s Chicktine Project at BokenKamp Children’s Home was a blast!

The girls really enjoyed blinging out their brushes and combs. We were truly blessed to have such wonderful volunteers come out to support the girls have a good time.

We appreciate you opening your hearts and showing them that they are truly special.

Thank you H-E-B for supplying the drinks and snacks! Take a look at their beautiful work!


March Update:

Today the girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home made Snapchat Floral Headbands and had a blast making them.

They felt like the Queens that they are in their beautiful headbands…who needs Snapchat when you can have your very own crown!

A big thanks to H-E-B for supplying the snacks and drinks. The girls at BokenKamp truly enjoy us Chicktime gals coming out every month.


February Update:

We had such a great turnout at Bokenkamp this month!

So many new and returning beautiful faces showed up to remind the girls they are very much loved!


Thank you to all the volunteers for coming out and donating your time and money towards today’s project, and a huge thank you to HEB for sponsoring our snack table!



January Update:

The girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home decorated journals and had a great time!

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to support us today.

Also, a huge shout out to HEB for supplying snacks for the girls.


December Update:

Merry Christmas from all us CHICKTIME Volunteers!

The girls at BokenKamp Children’s Home had a wonderful time at the Christmas party.

They each decorated stockings, received gifts and played games for prizes. So much fun and we feel humbled after seeing their happy faces and big smiles.


Blessings to all of our volunteers who helped make this all possible….. ♡♡♡♡



October Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime October @ Bokencamp!!

We had cosmetology students join us and everyone received manicures and beautifully painted nails to show off their bracelets they made.

We would like to give a special shout out to H-E-B for the spooktacular goodies!

We slso proudly presented the Children’s home with the completed mural that the girls helped decorate last month. A huge Thank you to Ms. Sylvia Menchaca for sewing the entire display!

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the girls feel special. We can’t wait to see you all in November!


September Update:

We had a great time at BokenKamp Children’s Home today! The girls colored a piece of muslin fabric that will be ironed on to a homemade quilt, donated and made by one of our volunteers.

We will present the quilt to Bokenkamp as a thank you to the facility for allowing Chicktime to be a part of the girl’s lives! The girls have made such a meaningful impact on our lives and Chicktime CC volunteers are so grateful!

The Unity Quilt being presented will represent and remind the girls that the friendships (stitches) that tie them together, makes them stronger! And together, we can shape the world into something truly beautiful!Take a look at all their colorful designs that will be proudly displayed in their living room area.

The girls also made floral head bands after they completed their quilt project.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all the volunteers for coming out. And big thank you Mrs. Sylvia Menchaca for making the quilt and leading this month’s project.

You all rock!

August 2016
July 2016

This month, our focus was on summer fashion! Irene Menchaca led the first project in decorating flip flops and the girls absolutely loved them! And to to top it off, Mrs. Garcia from the Del Mar Cosmetology program, responded to our letter and agreed to bring out her students to give the girls pedicures! Talk about a fun and relaxing Saturday!  We would like to give a big thank you to the project leaders and to all those who donated their time and/or supplies, making this event a success! Y’all rock!

-Amanda E. Ybarra (Chicktime CC Co-Leader)
June 2016
This month we bling-ed out brushes! They are almost as fabulous as the girls are! Be sure to check out more photos on our Facebook page, @ChicktimeCC!
May 2016
April 2016
The girls had so much fun making flower headbands and clips. They looked gorgeous!
March 2016
The girls decorated Easter baskets and received small gifts from the volunteers, such as, socks, combs, lip gloss, hair accessories, and so much more! Thank you to everyone that made this event an awesome one! 
12828331_1056342664423951_3781339921398668499_o 12670751_1056342651090619_4630478085065689478_n
February 2016
Rosaura Salinas lead the project this month. The girls decorated wooden hearts for the month of February. We would like to give a big thank you to Rosaura for bringing such a great idea to the table and a big thank you to Diana’s husband, Mike Martinez, for doing the wood working and hand making the hearts for us. 
12744235_1038108059580745_8019278563287493402_n 12743566_1038107779580773_5103935654737723081_n
January 2016
We made a Facebook page! Be sure to like us! @ChicktimeCC
(This picture is from a past project. The girls decorated the  all the crosses and they were stunning! One of my favorites so far! A big thank you to Mike Martinez (Diana Martinez’s husband) for doing the wood working and making the crosses for us! -Amanda E. Ybarra  
We had a wonderful time this January with the girls and thank everyone who faithfully serves alongside these treasured young ladies!
December 2015
Chicktime Corpus Christi is here for YOU! Everyone who has a tender heart wants to help others and we make it easy. Just make plans to attend one of our events (let us know you are coming) and we will serve alongside you in sisterhood. Don’t just be sad about all of the negativity, the abuse, the sadness in our world. Do something about it… attend Chicktime and make a difference NOW in the life of a child.
May 2015

#chickime #bandanapillows


February 2015
Cold and rainy weather is a good reason to snuggle up with a good book!
so we packed up our scrapbook supplies and let the girls create their very own beautiful journals.
One of our favorite parts of doing Chicktime at Bokenkamp, is seeing the joy it brings the girls to create their own personal masterpieces every month! 
January 2015November 2014
The girls at Bokenkamp love anything that let’s them express their personality.Because of this, we love activities that allow them to create their own accessories.so, for our fall project we taught the girls how to “arm knit”  an infinity scarf.Because the instructions were muddled in translation,the project looked more like a bunch of kittens playing with balls of yarn.Once we got past the frustration we were able to laugh at ourselves.lesson learned: not every project will go according to plan!


What we have been up to lately….. We had a DREAM BOARD day… the girls tore pix out of magazines and dreamed about their futures and went to work. We had a luau day where the girls made their own personal leis. The latest Chicktime, the girls made personalized bead necklaces and painted small canvases. The girls always inspire us.


 March 2014
 Spring is in the air! The weather may still have a chill, but flowers were in full bloom at Bokenkamp this March.
This month’s activity was one of the girl’s favorites – making hair accessories.
They mixed and matched flower  petals in creative combinations to adorn themselves in bejeweled masterpieces.
They also learned how to create large hair bows in a variety of styles.
The unique no-sew method was a hit with the girls, who sported their new hair ornaments on braids and ponytails along
with a couple of new hairstyle ideas taught by new Chick Dana.
The event’s highlight was when one of the girls was so delighted with her finished bow
that she actually jumped up and down with joy!
Bringing a little joy is exactly what Chicktime is all about;
and leaving with more joy than we brought is always the result!
chicktimeFebruary 2014
The girls made beautiful tissue paper flower bouquets to brighten their rooms. Each girl was given tissue paper and pipe cleaners and then their own artistry took over. It was amazing to see what creative ideas each came up with. The girls even blessed the volunteers with some flowers to take home! Marci ended up with a beautiful flower for her hair….February14
 January 2014
Our January Chicktime took place a week later due to scheduling conflicts, but we had a fabulous time with several new “Chicks” volunteering!
Trying to bring a little color to the dreary winter weather, we assembled stickers, die-cuts and letters for the girls to create their own trio of wall art. As usual, the talent the girls have to take paper and turn it into beautiful creations amazed us all! It was so inspiring to see how their hearts held memories of loved ones miles away, and took this opportunity to hold them close.
December 2013 
We had our annual Christmas Party! We played the Jingle Bell Jiggle and Oreo Drop game. The day started off with a lot of laughs and squeals as the girls shook their jingle bells! One of the residents got her keyboard out and sang the volunteers a song as a way of saying “Thank You” for our work there. Even though the girls received stockings filled with goodies donated by great ladies of our community, the best part of the day was marked for the volunteers as our DOV asked the girls if anyone wanted to tell us what their favorite project of the year has been and if they wanted to say anything. The language barrier wasn’t a problem and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room as the girls began to express their gratitude- relaying their feeling of “joy” and “family” each time we come. One of the girls said that she has never really had family and that Chicktime gives her hope and encouragement. Another said  our ladies make her feel like a “daughter” and that we make them feel special by never treating them “different”. One resident began to tell us that she has a heart to help people like we do and she hopes to come back to Bokenkamp one day and be able to “pay it forward”…. not one DRY EYE in the room. I couldn’t help but want to hug every girl and look into their eyes to let them know how special they are to me. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Lori Rhodes, Chicktime founder, who saw a vision of encouraging women to use their gifts and passions to bring hope to hurting children and who inspires us to keep moving forward.  This day happened because you were obedient to the voice of God. Lori, you are such a blessing to this world!!
November 2013
 For the November Project, Mrs Carolina coordinated the volunteers and gathered the fleece so that we could help the girls make “no-sew” fleece blankets for the upcoming cold weather. They picked their favorite pattern and went to work cutting and tying knots. Its our hope that when the girls curl up with these blankets they are reminded how much they are loved and they feel a sense of “home” while they are separated from their families temporarily. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this day possible. 
Boots, boots & more boots!
In preparation for Bokenkamp and Foster In Texas’ upcoming fundraiser we were able to
have a fun and creative activity for the girls that let them create the focal point of the decorations.
This year’s theme is “Deep in the Heart of Texas” and painted, blinged out boots are going to be the table centerpieces!
What better way to showcase the love and talent that is a result of  “using our gifts to make the world a better place for the next generation”!
We were especially blessed to be joined by the youth from Redeemer Lutheran church in Austin. Word is one young lady has been wishing for a
long time to be able to attend a Chicktime event :-)
The beautiful colors and creative artistry of the girls shone through to create “one of a kind”
art pieces. From a replica of the Mexican flag to floral designs in rhinestones, it was hard to pick a favorite!
We will keep you posted on the upcoming “Change A Life” benefit “Deep in the Heart of Texas”,
so maybe you can come see them all for yourself.
june 2013
june '13
Infectious laughter filled the room as we watched the girls participate in a rousing game of “Noodle Hockey”.  After a little coaxing, we soon had a roomful of volunteers to be on a team of noodle bearing hockey players.
Our July Chicktime event was enhanced by including all of the kids at Bokenkamp! We arrived with a vast array of team games & volunteers to encourage boys AND girls to play like they’ve never played before.
After a little modification, we structured our games for indoors because of record breaking temperatures, but that didn’t hamper the enthusiasm of the kids or the volunteers.  Our greatest reward was the friendly, competitive outcries & laughter that inevitibaly resulted from their participation.  The day ended perfectly with pizza for everyone!

May 2013

With the population of girls at Bokenkamp growing, our Chicktime creativity has been reaching new heights!
In order to successfully interact with the large number of girls and utilize our time most effectively we came up with a new twist on an old favorite.
After dividing the girls into teams each team member was instructed to draw a picture to be acted out during a game of charades.
The artistic ability of the girls blew us away, as usual. As each team acted out another teams’s drawing the competitiveness rose as teams hoped for a chance to steal.
We arrived to one girl in tears, and left with the same girl joined by the other teams in bursts of laughter, this is what makes Chicktime worth every minute!
June’s Chicktime will be huge team challenge with the guys included.
Our date is moving to the last Saturday, June 29th to allow everyone to participate. We hope you can join us!



For our April project at Bokenkamp, the residents got to be princess for the day. We cut yards and yards of colored tulle and the girls made “No Sew Tutus”. And as usual, the girls were creative and began making tulle bows for their hair as well. Each girl was given a tiara to complete her princess attire and told how she was special and important just like a princess. The girls were all smiles at the end of our time together. Something about wearing a tutu, you can’t help but smile and be happy!! 

Join us for our next bokenkamp fun day… TBA




The girls love to make beautiful flowers for their hair!! This month they got creative with daisies and crocheted flowers made by one of the volunteers.  Beauty that matches their insides…

Join us for our next Chicktime event April 20th!!

February ’13February News :

Paula led the project for the girls this month, mini paper bag journals.

january 13

January News:
These girls may be temporarily housed in this facility, but each one has a dream….
These birdcages remind each of us that Christ has indeed set us free. And it is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. As a community we need to use the freedom we have in Christ to minister to these girls and show them how to also live a life totally free in Him. The love we hopefully show these girls in that brief two and a half hours, will help them along their journey to freedom. Just like a caged bird, released to go out and change the world….

Bokenkamp Residents recently performed a Christmas concert for all the volunteers.They worked so hard learning English and sounded so beautiful.   They sang songs from their native countries as well as American traditional melodies such as “”Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. They reminded us that Jesus is the reason we celebrate this season. I am so thankful to be a small part of their lives as they enrich mine.


We hard a great time at our annual Christmas Party for the girls at Bokenkamp!  We snacked on cookies and punch. And Carolina did a fantastic job providing the game line up. There was a lot of laughter as the girls “shook their Jingle Bells”; did cup stack game and Christmas charades. They even convinced the volunteers to shake their jingle bells!! At the end of our time, each girl received a gift bag filled with bath gels, lip glosses and the works, just to remind them they are loved and cared for… Please join us for our next volunteer day, January 19th @ 9:30 a.m.

November News

As cold weather approaches for its very brief stay in Texas, the girls made fleece blankets to keep themselves warm at night. They picked their favorite fabrics to fit their personal style and went to work cutting and tying.

October News
Stamps, Scissors, Paper, Punches….
Butterflies, Hearts, Birds and Thank You’s….
This month’s project was making handmade Thank You Cards to mail out to sponsors for the annual fundraiser. The girls got busy right away cutting, gluing and creating! Give these artists a medium and they construct masterpieces! I know the sponsors will be touched by the hard work these girls put into each card. After making a Thank You, they were able to make a card to give to a friend, loved one or as a keepsake. One of the residents chose to make her card for us, thanking us for our time with them! Each Saturday we get to spend with these girls fills our hearts and souls with appreciation and love. We are the blessed ones and goodbyes are hard each time the clock winds down on our time together….

September’s Chicktime was the annual fundraiser for the Bokenkamp Shelter and FIT (Foster in Texas). This year was a change up from the former “fashion show” event to a Night Out at the Ortiz Center in downtown Corpus. The evening was alot of fun! There was Mariachi, Polka Music, dinner, dancing and auctions!! The previous chicktime project of handmade crosses by the residents of Bokenkamp brought in approximately $500 alone!! What a huge success! The children in attendance were so excited about their contribution to the evening.

Next month the residents will be making “Thank You” cards for the sponsors of this years fundraiser and they will also make a personalized card to give away for Birthdays, Thank You’s, etc. Come join us minister to these amazing children!!!



August brought much more than the heat to South Texas. Bokenkamp was filled with a lot of fresh faces for us to befriend at Chicktime Corpus Christi. As always we tried to find something to match their creativity, so this month’s project was a mini prayer journal. After we got passed the confusing assembly instructions, glue sticks were flying as the girls added pages and embelishments to make their journals their own. Although the styles and colors were different, a consistent theme of birds and butterflies resounded with the girls desire to spread their wings and fly. So we look forward to next month’s project and quality time with the girls at Bokenkamp. We hope you can join us.


Our volunteers helped the girls of Bokenkamp hand~dye silk scarves with beautiful shades of blues and teals. After the dye-ing process the girls applied salt to make a pattern in the dyes. After drying, rinsing and heat setting the scarves, the patterns emerged, We are reminded how each of these girls are uniquely and wonderfully made in the image of Almighty God. Every girl is different and special, just like their scarves. Hopefully, the girls are reminded of this as they wear them.

Chicktime Corpus Christi is trying to make sure the kids at their Charity Partner are still having some fun while in quarantine! The managing leader, Amanda, is putting together a powerpoint for the kids to view for their upcoming project and asking everyone to send them a 10 to 15 second video clip saying hello to the girls and telling them we miss them and hope to see them soon. They are also asking for volunteers to donate some fabric paints too! Co-leader, Irene, will meet up with volunteers to get them (and maintaining social distancing) and will deliver to their charity partner.



June’s activity for Chicktime was creating crosses from nails and adorning them with beading. The awesome part of this project is these works of art will be auctioned off at the upcoming Bokenkamp fundraiser. This allows the girls to take part of this event and allows the community to take part in the lives of these precious girls. Each cross was very unique and allowed their creativity shine through. Our volunteers had a great time helping the girls create!



February’s Chicktime was lots of fun, lots of color and lots of paint everywhere!

We finally made the long awaited tye dyed t-shirts. As usual all the girls at Bokenkamp added thier own flair as they designed the paint patterns on their shirts. Because we used a dry spray paint method, the designs resembled flowers as beautiful as the young women that would be wearing them.

After the shirts were hung to dry, more painting ensued as the girls painted brightly colored butterfly suncatchers for their rooms.

Our next Chicktime will be March 17th, we hope you can join us!




We bring love and fun programs to Bokenkamp every 3rd Saturday of the month! Check the chicktime calendar for detailed information about our events!