Meet the Leaders

Amanda Martin
Chicktime Corpus Christi Chapter Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime: I discovered Chicktime CC on a volunteer website and when I found that it was hands-on AND it involved crafting, I jumped on the opportunity! The first time I volunteered with Chicktime CC at Bokenkamp, I learned there was a language barrier. By the end, I realized that even if I did not speak the same language as the girls at the shelter, there was one thing that I did understand, a “universal language” so to speak… a smile on all of the girl’s faces by the time we left.  That gave me a great feeling of satisfaction, and from that day forward, I was hooked and enjoyed sharing Chicktime with all those beautiful faces that I get the privilege of meeting on a monthly basis.

Passions and gifts: I have always had a passion for volunteering in our community and uplifting those around me because I believe that if I can make a positive difference in just one person’s life, then I am that much closer to fulfilling the role that God has planned for me.  I love empowering other women because we have so much potential and we tend to forget that. Among many things, we are strong, caring, intelligent and most important of all, our Creator’s daughters – mirrored in His image. If we unify to lift each other up, we as women could move mountains. I believe giving a person the ability to acknowledge and encourage self-worth is one of the greatest gifts mankind can give one another.

Hobbies and Interests: I have an array of interests and hobbies! I am the Office Manager for a local gun store and enjoy advocating firearm safety within our community. I love spending time in the great outdoors, whether it be taking a walk through the pasture, hunting, fishing, or camping. I love spending time with my family and I have a wonderful and supportive husband that I could not do any of this without! Together we share 3 dogs and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our f irst child in November 2017!

Diana Martinez
Chicktime Corpus Christi Co-Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime: I see the impact Chicktime makes in the lives of the girls at The Bokenkamp Shelter. It’s an incredible realization when you see small gesture or smile can impact someone else’s life. Although it may not feel like much because we are only
spending two hours a month with the girls, I know that I am a friend to someoneI am in awe of the ideas presented throughout the years by our team leaders. Each month before Covid, Chicktime would bring fun activities to the girls and we would have a great time together.

Although we are not meeting in person due to Covid at the moment, we still remain committed to Chicktime’s mission and deliver craft activities, drinks and snacks each month.

Passions and Gifts:
There is no substitute for investing in children when they are still young. For that reason, I have been a catechist (religious catholic education teacher) for 30 years. When I joined the catechists in my parish, I entered into a community that supported me on my faith journey. As a catechist, I get to model behaviors young people might not learn anywhere else. Being a catechist and a Chicktime leader are both ways of being a good steward by giving a bit of my most precious resource – MY TIME.

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy watching television shows about lawyers and CSI so I decided to make a career as a Paralegal. I am currently the Vice-President of the Corpus Christi Association of Legal Professionals and have been a member for 34 years. I have been married for 37 years, have one amazing son, and two German Shephards, Blu and Belle.

Irene Menchaca
Chicktime Corpus Christi Co-Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime: My daughter Amanda Martin came up to me two years ago and asked me if I would like to go with her to a Chicktime event at BokenKamp Chidren’s Shelter.  You see, Amanda and I weren’t as close as I wanted us to be and I was a little apprehensive at first but I said okay and gave it a shot. The day I went with her to the children’s shelter, I was in absolute awe!  My heart melted for the girls that I met at the home and I couldn’t help but cry in my heart.  The girls there opened my eyes.  That was it, I was hooked!  I wanted to continue to bring smiles to as many girls as I could.  You see, when they see us walk in the doors every 3rd Saturday of the month, their eyes are filled with happiness because they know that their minds will be taken off of the situation they are in.  They make crafts that take their minds into a place of love and happiness.  They get to take a piece of Chicktime with them when they depart the children’s shelter and they will always have the memory of Chicktime volunteers making their time special.  We have been told by staff members on several occasions that the girls always look forward to having us over.  I only wish it could last longer, but I know that God is working through us volunteers to help them heal and show them that they are loved.  Not only has Chicktime been an inspiration to me, so has my daughter Amanda.  Her passion for this organization is beautiful and we are now closer than ever and I love and embrace every minute of it.  My hope is to follow in my daughter’s footsteps and continue to give of ourselves for the needs of others.  Leadership is my purpose.

My passions and gifts: I have always had the passion to give of my time when possible.  I think that every person should give the gift of love just as HE did for all of us.  I feel very strong about making everyone feel special.  Each of us is unique and if we each have special talents, it is our purpose in life to share it with everyone.

Hobbies and Interests: I have been very blessed in my life.  I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas and never really felt the urge to leave.  My father raised all 6 siblings fishing and camping and my beautiful mother, taught me how to cook and sew.  Those are my favorite things to do on my leisure time.  Catching fish at Bird Island Basin and reeling in the big one is the best feeling ever (not to mention prepping & eating what I catch).  My mother taught me how to cook at a very early age and now am quite the cook – I even made a recipe book for my family to pass on our family traditions.  My mother also taught me how to sew and have made several quilts during my lifetime.  I also like to do crafting activities creating beautiful things I find online.

Chicktime Corpus :
Volunteer Coordinator- Irene Menchaca
Facebook Manager-  Irene Menchaca
Website Monitor- Amanda Martin
Calendar Manager- Amanda Martin
Treasurer- Diana Martinez
Rising Managing Leader- Irene Menchaca