About Our Chapter

I want to take the time to answer two big questions about myself. Those are: How did I find Chicktime? And, Why I decided to lead a chapter? Let me begin with how I found Chicktime.

Recently I have made one of the scariest and yet most exciting decision of my life. That was to go back to school for premed classes, so I can apply to medical school, with my end goal being a pediatrician. After meeting with my advisor, he informed me that I needed to start working on my “story” to show admissions why I would be a good fit as a pediatrician. This meant that I needed to either work with kids or volunteer for an organization which involved kids. Well lucky for me, most of the jobs I have had have been with children so I figured finding another job like that wouldn’t be that difficult. That was, until I found out I needed to get patient contact hours as well. So, I made the decision that I would work as an EMT and find a volunteer organization to do in my free time. Thus, my quest for finding an organization began. In my leisure time I would look online and see what organization worked with children and was in my area. Girl Scouts, a few organizations with animals or the elderly, (I guess my search engine got confused) and then Chicktime came up. Well I had never heard of Chicktime before so I read the statement and was immediately intrigued. After some digging I found out that there were no chapters set up in my area. There were people interested, but no one to lead. Initially, I figured I would find something easier, something that existed in my area. And I did. I found a few actually, I even reached out to them but for some reason I couldn’t get Chicktime out of my head. But why?

I think part of it was recognizing how amazing it would be to bring an organization like Chicktime, over to Eastern Mass. But I think the other reason, the bigger reason, was so I could be a part of spreading the love. For as long as I can remember, I have liked to help people feel a little bit better, and make them smile a little bit brighter. However, this can sometimes be a difficult thing to do and even come off as awkward. When someone is opening up about a bad situation, or how they are feeling down, I never seem to know exactly what to say. For me, this is because I know that when someone feels bad or is having a hard time, it’s really not the words alone that will make them feel better. It’s the presence of love that will. A bear hug when there sad, holding their hand when they are scared, a smile of reassurance to let them know you’re there… whatever it may be… if you do it with love, it will radiate through you and will be able felt and even see by others. Love is a wicked bright light that can help ease the darkness on anyone. The benefit of love is that it is free and so easy to give, yet not enough people give it. That is my why. That is what I can see Chicktime doing for the children, women, and even men in my area. How could I say no to that?

Joyfully and With Love,

Cora Knurek-Hogan
Chicktime Dartmouth Founder & Leader