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January Update:

We have wonderful women who support Chicktime with fun activities, discussions, and total desire to make the world a better place….

We continue to hope that more will come to find the partnership of  Chicktime Dayton and DUYL Teen Mom Program . The partnership that is trying to ensure teens in the Dayton area who have babies have the support they need to feel confident and strong!

December Update:

Getting excitedddddd!!! 😃 Chicktime Dayton made gift bags for the kids & Dayton Urban Young Life Teen Mom Program will be delivering to the Moms, as a surprise, just in time for their virtual session on Monday. Chicktime Dayton is also on tomorrow’s agenda to lead a virtual activity!!! Special thank you to Casey Evans & Amber Evans for donating to make the gift bags happen!

November Update:

Special thanks to Amber Evans who kicked off what we accomplished today! Chicktime Dayton thanks our charity partner, Dayton Urban Young Life – Teen Moms Program, for allowing us to partner with them & surprise the moms on Thanksgiving Day. We’re so glad to know the moms were excited! We also thank our DUYL-Teen Moms Program for creating this beautiful pic collage & helping us coordinate delivery of gifts, safely!! The partnership is truly valuable & allows us to do more, together! ❤️

October Update:

The moms from Dayton Urban Young Life-Teen Mom Program were blessed by Chicktime Dayton workshop leader, Amber Evans. Amber led another workshop on self-care entitled “Empowerment”~ and she shared tips to keep us empowered and safe. This perspective of self defense and being mindful of our surroundings for safety in and out of the home was very inspiring.

The pictures posted are part of a video Amber created equipped with powerful music and empowerment tips that the young moms and all present enjoyed discussing.

September Update:

Super Mega Special shout out to Amber Evans, who led Chicktime Dayton’s workshop & helped us show up strong for our partner, Dayton Urban Young Lives – Teen Moms Program today!! 📣📣
Amber taught the importance of self-care, reminding us all that self care is not selfish, especially when you’re caring for others. The moms followed along in the workbooks Amber created for them!! It was so exciting watching the moms take notes & really soak in what Amber shared!!! 🙌🏽
Our charity partner is excited for Amber’s Part 2 of the Self-Care Workshop. 🙌🏽
I am so excited as well & truly thankful for the planning, researching & extremely organized work & successful workshop delivery by Ms. Amber!!! The moms appreciated it too!!!

August Update:

What a jammed packed discussion on our Zoom Call with our charity partner, Dayton Urban Young Life~ Teen Mom Program last night. We talked about breastfeeding following a question on that specific topic. Also, the question of nursing while working was answered in detail with solutions and experience from. Discussed social distancing and community resources available if facing hardships for day to day survival.
Isn’t this wonderful? So much support and love for the teen moms is what we love about our partnership with DUYL-Teen Mom Program. Even during Covid there are ways you can help us and of course post Covid we hope you will join our mission!

July Update:

Our July Zoom meeting was similar to the previous & trying to help the young moms get to know us. We were able to find out that the moms would like to learn more on the topic of constructive communication & that came out through asking about topics they already know they’d like to learn more about. We have one more Zoom meeting planned for this month and we will supply subway dinner to the girls!
We know this kind of workshop is not ideal for volunteers to join us, but one day we will need you. Our face to face workshops will look very different so please stay tuned.

Going a little extra with our ~ #unstoppable love:

Chicktime Managing Leader, Kay Edwards sent encouragement cards to the girls at

DUYL-Teen Moms Program!

It’s going to be a beautiful partnership.

Join us!

Kay has a great vision for Chicktime Dayton!

Join the mission and serve the Dayton Community with her!

More ways to support our friends at YWCA Dayton!!!!
If you happen to stop by Amazon.com today, please consider the YWCA’s wish list for their clients. There’s a need for items that many of us take for granted in our daily lives.
Thank you!!

February Update:

Well~ we had some set backs securing a new charity partner, but we are still determined. We were contacted this week about a partnership and currently scheduling a meeting to explore this possibility. Please pray with us for clarity. We will keep you posted.

**We are looking to add to the Leadership team. It’s a perfect time to join us. Contact us if you would like more information. We are committed to serving the Dayton Ohio community and leaving a legacy of hope!**

All our love,

Morgan and Kay

Chicktime Akron Leadership Team

Hi Everyone! While I’m extremely excited to serve as Co-Leader, the unexpected loss of our friend and Co-Leader Jessica, is still difficult. I’m extremely thankful to have volunteered at the last workshop, with Jessica. You see, I was quite tired that Friday afternoon and I almost did not go. However, it just wasn’t sitting well with me to sit that workshop out. I spent more time noticing that I should get up and go, instead of starting the nap I thought I wanted to take. I am so thankful that I got back up and went to that workshop. I did not know that would be the last time I would see Jessica.

It was such a blessing to hear that Jessica enjoyed the workshop! I enjoyed it was well! We were decorating journals with our participants and I remember thinking how wonderful it was that Jessica not only had a heart to serve others and drove a very long way to do so, but she also brought her kids to each workshop! They always interact so well with our participants.

I remember also thinking how each of her 3 kids are actual bundles of love!! Kelsie is so much fun to talk and laugh with! And, as I was also decorating a journal, Jessica’s 2 little guys were sitting next to me & encouraging me with “good job, good job” while I doodled! 😄 It was the cutest and sweetest thing of that day…especially since my drawing truly were doodles! Yet, they were cheering me on! 🤗

So I’m thankful for that very fond memory of being able to have spent time with Jessica, truly not knowing how special that afternoon would end up being. I’m also thankful to have listened to the promptings to go, so that I wouldn’t miss that opportunity.

I look forward to serving with Morgan and building our Dayton Chapter!! We welcome your support, prayers and positive encouragement as we work together to find a new charity partner and reach out to those who need us most!! – ❤️

July Update:

Another fabulous workshop!

We love serving our community.

June Update:

We got slimed and it was soooooo FUN!
Our June workshop was pretty awesome and we promise our July workshop will be even better! Join us!!

April Update:

What an amazing workshop! The kids had so much fun. See you next month, and thank you so much to all our volunteers!

March Update:

We are so excited to announce that Chicktime Dayton has officially partnered with YWCA Dayton to bring fun and engaging activities and workshops to the women and children of our community!

July Update:

Chicktime July was so ….Artistic!!  We  broke out our Picasso skills and painted the evening away with the girls from Daybreak and our volunteers.  ???‍???

We have this kind of fun every month! We would love it if you would join us  so we can share the fun!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

May Update:

We had a fun event this month, we did origami with the young adults. It took us all awhile to figure out how to do it but they turned out ADORABLE!!


April Update:

We had a great event tonight. It was a really fun event and we had them enjoying the activity and laughing for a couple hours at least! We made pin wheels and paper flowers tonight. They were a little hesitant at first to admit it was cool or fun, but they got super creative with their ideas and started making boxes and origami. Successful event overall 🙂

March Update:

This month, we made little ninjas and stress balls with the teens. It was a lot of fun with some surprises messes but they really enjoyed it! We hope you will join us for Chicktime April =}


February Update:

Another successful Dayton event last night! We made Valentine’s with the Daybreak teens… the cards will be donated to an orphanage as part of Project Believe! Thank you to everyone who attended

We hope to see you at Chicktime March!!


January Update:

Thank you to everyone attended our first workshop at Daybreak!!!