About Our Chapter

Welcome to Chicktime Dayton! My name is Morgan and I’m the Managing Leader of our chapter. Chicktime gives youth in our community unique opportunities to expand, enhance, and embrace the unique skills in all of us. I truly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity for a bright future. This chapter will assist the youth of Dayton in giving themselves a promising, successful future.  As well, It is our mission to make sure everyone we reach feels supported, loved, and heard in their present situation.

Everyone deserves a childhood of love, laughter, and discovery. Unfortunately, millions of children are robbed of that every year. They are put in situations that force growth to adulthood much too soon. And more often than not, they don’t have a role model to learn from, anyone to teach them about perseverance, and not enough education about the options for their future. Our volunteers will provide the youth of Dayton with role models to look up to. We will provide education on career paths and educational options. We will help them set their own personal goals. This chapter will embrace the unique qualities and skills of each volunteer, and enhance the same qualities in those we will teach. But most importantly, in everything we do, we will emphasize the importance of perseverance, and determination. As a Military engaged leadership team we will have a special place in our chapter for the Airforce core values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, And Excellence in All We Do. We will exude these values in all things Dayton Chicktime.
We would love for you to join us on our journey to add love and joy to the lives of these children. Our volunteers are what keeps our chapter going and that is why we need you too! If you’re interested in becoming a member or receiving event invitations, select the “Join a Chapter” link and then click OH- Dayton.


Morgan Reid
Chicktime Dayton Managing Leader
In Loving Memory 

Jessica Johnson came on board with full force to make a difference for kiddos. She helped re-launch Chicktime Dayton along with Morgan Reid. Jessica believed serving as a role model to her children, friends, family, and her local community was truly important to her heart. She lived by example walking out her conviction that teaching and showing the women and children around her that we can be a part of something bigger than ourselves is a gift worth more than gold! Jessica had many hobbies and interests; decorating and home remodeling, making simple things beautiful on a budget, cooking and especially baking yummy treats. When asked to describe her passions and gifts she shared she was passionate about spending time with family and friends and empowering others to find their passions.” Jessica believed her truest gift was compassion. The most important thing to Jessica, in her own words, “Being a good friend and someone others can always on.”  Jessica went to be with the Lord while serving on our leadership team but her legacy lives on in our hearts. Her life and love inspires us to be our best and never never never give up!

Our History:
Chicktime Dayton was founded by Katie Hanson in 2016. Katy was drawn to Chicktime because she believed in the grassrootss efforts to better local communities and that empowering women is the way to accomplish any goal! Katy was committed to a life of service and believed that she has been incredibly blessed in her life and waned to share and help those who are struggling. Katie wanted Chicktime Dayton to truly make a difference in children’s lives and show them love they may not receive otherwise.  She believed that we can assist them in these critical turning points of their lives, so they can grow to be happy functioning members of society. In 2017, Katie was called to other areas of service but Chicktime will forever honor her role in founding Chicktime Dayton.