Meet The Leaders

Morgan Reid
Chicktime Dayton Managing Leader


Why I serve a Leadership role with Chicktime:
Being a Chicktime leader gives me the opportunity to do amazing things for my community. I get the chance to lead and band together the women of Dayton for one amazing cause, and take the passions and talents of this community and instill them into the youth of our charity partner. I’m very excited to lead this chapter and see the work these amazing women do!


My Hobbies and Interests:
I have always been very athletic! I love to play, watch, and teach sports. On rainy days, I like to read, and everyday, I like to cook! I love the summer and spending time outside is my favorite thing to do. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, or just walking my Irish Setter puppy, Scarlet!


My passions and Gifts:
My biggest passion in life has always been people. I love to meet new people, and grow relationships. I enjoy teaching people and learning from them. I think networking and building friendships are some of the most important things to do in life!
Kenaesha “Kay” Edwards
Chicktime Dayton Co-Leader
Why I serve a Leadership role with Chicktime:

Chicktime offers the opportunity to be a light in another person’s life during what is most likely a difficult season for them. During difficult seasons, it is also easy to feel forgotten, abandoned and alone. No one is immune to difficult seasons and while, what may be considered a “difficult” season varies, person to person, what seems consistently true is that having someone in your corner, to cheer you through, even if just one person – it can make all the difference in a positive way. It can be easy to assume that everyone has that one person they can go to, when things get difficult, but that is not true for everyone. Chicktime also offers an opportunity to be in someone’s corner, a woman or a child, when they need it the most and to remind them of their worth and value and that their worth and value never fades. As a Chicktime-Dayton volunteer, I have been able to experience, first-hand, the positive impact from simply stepping away from my own daily hustle and bustle of life, to just simply be there and spend time with kids and women and to truly feel how sincere their “thank you’s” are after we complete workshops. 

My Hobbies and Interests:

I’m a fitness instructor with a wonderful group of students I absolutely adore. My students are from all walks of life and represent so many aspects of the local community that I truly enjoy and celebrate! I’m so thankful for them! I enjoy spending quality time with friends and being there for others as we all make our way through this life. Great shopping trips, here and there, also spark me up!

My passions and Gifts:

I enjoy volunteering and contributing to help others, to help them feel less alone and to support them in their personal journeys because we all matter and we all have a positive purpose to contribute. Usually, most of us are doing the best we can with what we know so far. As we grow and learn, as we stumble and get back up, it’s important to reach back to help others grow and learn and to help them get back up. I enjoy helping others in that way!

Chicktime Dayton
Volunteer Coordinator- Morgan
Facebook Manager-Kay
Website Monitor-Kay
Calendar Manager- Morgan
Treasurer- Morgan
Rising Managing Leader-Kay