December News


November Update

November Chicktime was filled with great activities and the girls truly rose to the occasion enjoying a vast array of experiences.


Carol Biesemeier was kind enough to organize this month’s stations. She led the pillowcase making station, which include a number of her friends with their sewing machines and beautiful fabric choices. Thanks to Julie, Nancy, Jody, Janice, Mary and Connie for assisting the girls.


Patricia Goodwill led the card making and cookie decorating station. The cards were beautiful and the cookies were delicious.


Jennifer Goodwill led the blessing books station, which was a favorite of the girls, decorating books where they can write down what they are thankful for each day. They especially enjoyed the beautiful and colorful sugar cookies. Yum!


Connie Ferrin led us in dance lessons and sign language set to music, moving to the music of Shake it up and some Christian favorites. We were all free spirits at the dance station, sharing our self- expression with each other.


Thank you all for sharing what you love to do with us.

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