Decorating T-shirts!

March Update:

Chicktime San Antonio 2019 March Workshop was a busy one indeed! We originally had another activity planned that works best for a bigger crowd. When we checked in with our charity partner, Boysville, at the beginning of the week we were told we would only have 3 or 4 girls because of Spring Break. We asked our workshop leaders to come back later in the year to save their special activity when it would be more impactful for the girls. The leadership team took over and planned three craft rotations for the girls to spend their morning working on.

At our first rotation, the girls made a hanging cross out of clothespins. These turned out so beautiful.

They will each get to hang their cross near their own bed.

At our second rotation, the girls made a prayer box. They used scrapbook paper and mod-podge to decorate cross boxes.

The girls were told to grab a piece of paper and write their prayer on it and put it in the box and trust God to work on their behalf.

At the third rotation, the girls made sugar scrubs made with essential oils. They were so excited to make these and to learn about the uses for essential oils. We had popcorn and rice crispy treats for a snack and just enjoyed our time together.

As it turned out, we had 9 girls and a perfect morning. At the end of every workshop we gather in a circle and hold hands and pray. Today was no different. We always open it up for anyone to pray hoping that on any given Chicktime Saturday one of the girls would volunteer! This morning was that day. Such a sweet and gracious prayer led by one of the teens. We can never doubt the impact that our monthly workshops have on these precious girls. We are decorating t-shirts next month. Join us. We will be meeting the second Saturday in April due to the Easter Holiday.