Meet The Leaders

Juliet Courtney
Chicktime Detroit Co-Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
Chicktime is a wonderful way God has answered my prayers to serve Him!  Since I have realized I have been so blessed with a giving and serving heart by God I have prayed for Him to lead me.  I have always longed to help teen girls in their great times of need as I was once a broken-hearted teen myself. I felt I didn’t have a good role model to look up to or that I was never inspired to follow my dreams by believing in myself.  Chicktime strives for these exact goals with the help of our amazing Father and Savior, Lord, Jesus Christ!  I am honored to be part of an organization working with the Holy Spirit to encourage, strengthen, empower and enrich the broken hearts of young teen girls in need!

Deuteronomy 11:13 “The Lord your God commands you to love Him and to serve Him with all your heart and soul.  If you obey Him”

My passions and gifts:
I LOVE to “communicate” (or just plain TALK) with others!  Sharing God’s LOVE has been a recent gift given to me by the Almighty God himself!  I have always been a kind and loving person who loves to chit-chat but…God has kicked that up a few notches : ) I long to serve Him daily in all that I do and all that I can become.  My gift is to shine His gracious Love that He has blessed me so deeply with for the rest of my life.  I have a sincere passion to someday have a career representing this great gift God has given to me by leading others into the light of His Word.  This can allow others to share the joy and contentment I feel as a believer and follower, both young and old.  

Matthew 10:20 “But you will not really be the one speaking.  The Spirit from your father will tell you what to say.”

Hobbies and Interests:
One of my favorite hobbies is to SMILE at people!  I love love love to smile at people because it can possibly save their lives!  Seems silly but, smiles are infectious and stimulate happy chemicals in our bodies that can help heal us, mind body and soul!  A smile is a positive symbol of happiness, joy, and love…something I have been overflowingly blessed with : ) So, the next time you are out… SMILE at as many people as you can and help save lives with me!

I also love Christian Worship Music!! I love to sing it-&-dance to it!  Music is one of my favorite love languages that I am so grateful for because it helps me feel close to God and calms my Spirit AND fires me up so share His Word all at once… Amen!Lastly, I love to craft!  I love to take an old “something” and paint it into something new and beautiful.  Painting colors on any surface brings me joy!  I love to create beautiful crafts, paintings, clothing, rooms, cards, jewelry and more!  I love to use my gift of creativity in almost all that I do even if it is just a little note to say “thank you” .

Angela Alkatib
Chicktime Detroit Co-Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
The first time I volunteered with Chicktime was in December and we were holding a Christmas celebration with the girls. I was nervous and excited, but also didn’t know what to expect. One volunteer talked about the true meaning of Christmas and then we gave gift packages with fun goodies that teen girls need. Even though this was a joyous celebration with the girls, I could see in their eyes that most of them were broken, hurt or hopeless. The experience left me emotional and reflective on my life. I felt so blessed with everything in my life at that point and it was easy to forget that I once felt how these girls felt when I was their age. Luckily, during my low points, I had strong women in my life who supported me, lifted me up and gave me faith. I think Chicktime does just that, and I want to help lead a group who exudes faith, positivity, and support to these girls in hope of giving them some light in their darkness.

My passions and gifts:
My passion is to understand and help people, and be a role model for younger people. This can be as little as listening to a stranger or having deep conversations with family or friends. Learning about people’s pasts, experiences and fears helps me understand why people are the way they are. Also, striving to become a better and more faithful person is a passion and ongoing goal of time.

My hobbies and interests:
I love spending time with my husband, family, and friends, exploring new places, cooking, trying new restaurants to eat at (I’m a foodie!), paper crafting (especially making cards for special people in my life), laughing, Googling random things, reading novels, drinking coffee with my mom, walking, and decorating my home. And of course, volunteering with Chicktime J.

Lainey Gossett
Chicktime Detroit Chapter Co-Leader

Why I serve a leadership role with Chicktime:
I serve a leadership position with Chicktime because I am very passionate about helping others in need and being a positive influence in the lives of young girls. Not only do I strive to inspire others, but the perseverance of the girls I volunteer with is extremely inspirational and powerful to myself.

My passions and gifts:
My passion is to help others overcome obstacles in life. I have been gifted with a warm personality and open ears, which is what makes Chicktime so enjoyable to me.

My hobbies and interests:
My hobbies and interests include crafting, crocheting, volunteering with multiple organizations and spending time with family, especially my niece! Most importantly, I like to relax when I am not working or studying.

Chicktime Detroit:
Volunteer Coordinator- Lainey
Facebook Manager- Angela
Website Monitor- Lainey
Calendar Manager-Juliet
Treasurer- Juliet
Rising Managing Leader- Angela