Donation Divas!

How It All Began!!!

Being part of the Chicktime Movement, you never forget the faces. One of the
faces sealed in my memory is a little girl named Christy. She had long black
hair and swooping bangs that she often hid behind. She didn’t smile much. If
you had her childhood, you wouldn’t either. Every day she wore one of two
black shirts and the same shoes. She didn’t want the other kids in school to
know she was in foster care. It was her shameful little secret.
The one bright thing in Christy’s life, was music. I’ll never forget seeing
that big smile that I had never met before, when she told me she was going
to be in a choir concert. But the smile quickly faded when she later found
out that if you wanted to be in the choir you had to wear a fancy black
dress, close-toed church shoes, and a matching sweater. To most of you
mothers out there, this is no big deal. But to Christy, this was everything.
She didn’t want to tell anyone that she didn’t have those things.
Thanks to Chicktime, I was there in her moment, and able to help. We had
kids clothing stored and Christy and I went to the warehouse to pick out her
concert outfit.  She was so excited. But I wasn’t.  Because we had to pick
her outfit out of ugly garbage bags.  I had flash backs of when my mom would
take me shopping in the pretty stores, and how it would have felt if we went
shopping through other peoples’ trash.
Christy put on a brave face, even though I could tell she was disappointed.
And I don’t blame her. It broke my heart. And even though we found the
perfect outfit, and Christy’s concert was the highlight of her life, I
couldn’t let it go.  There may not be much I can do to help her situation.
But by golly, I can do this.  I can make sure no other child has to go
shopping for clothes in the trash. Not on my watch.
That day the Donation Divas Boutique was born. And with the help of
Chicktime and partner charities, we were able to create something pretty
amazing.  Sure, to those of you who like to shop, you probably wouldn’t call
it fancy. But you should see the look in these young girls’ faces when they come
to pick out a new dress. The same look Christy gave me as we picked out her
concert dress, and a tear rolled down her cheek, and for the first time she
hugged me.
If you want to become part of this amazing boutique, please contact me at
katyb@chicktime.com for more information. It’s the little things that make
the biggest difference.