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December Update:

“Stay close to people who feel like sunlight”

This friendship quote sums up Chicktime Dothan Christmas 2017 pretty well. The weather outside may have been a little chilly but inside the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home, the warmth of the Son was surely felt this weekend! Friendships were strengthened, new ones were made, children were laughing, games were played, and Santa delivered! It took all 16 of our volunteers to make it all come together for the children but we did it! Thank you to Kohl’s Cares for coming out to play this weekend! Their smiles and helping hands are always a joy to have around! Thank you again to Ms. Krystin and The Closet Boutique for the HUGE role she, her family, her staff, and her customers played in fulfilling the Children’s wishlists this year!

2018 is going to be a BIG year for Chicktime Dothan and we are more than ready for it! Thank you to everyone who helped make 2017 so special for our ABCH kiddos and we look forward to seeing everyone in the new year! #abch #chicktimedothan #dolifeBIG #kohlscares #theclosetboutique #community #christmas2017🎄 #seeyallnextyear

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalms 139:14)

This beautiful scripture has adorned my daughter’s walls for several years now and is special to me. I always want her to know that she was created by design and not default. That message always walks the halls of the #alabamabaptistchildrenshome with me 🏡 Our mission at @chicktimedothan is to teach the children that there is so much good in the world and regardless of our pasts, we can direct our future. God has a purpose for each and every one of us. Every now and then, something magical 💫 happens and there is a moment where God confirms the path you chose was the one you were meant to be on all along. I took to social media several weeks ago in preparation for our annual Christmas party at #abch in hopes I would have a few donations to buy presents for these amazing children.

Krystin at The Closet Boutique immediately contacted me that she was eager to help. And y’all, she did- BIG TIME! 😳My jaw literally dropped when I walked into her boutique to pick up the donated items. I took photos of all the love sitting under her beautifully decorated tree 🎄, thanked her kind staff, and made my way home with @sallyraetzke and @itsashdanielle7890 to begin wrapping presents. We made it 1/3 of the way through. Y’all, there was so much love for our babies under that tree, we had to take a break from wrapping 🙊 As I reflected on the blessing our organization received today, I began to look through the photos I took while inside Krystin’s store and something immediately jumped out at me: a painting hanging on the wall near the Christmas tree.

Psalms 139:14. The same message hanging in my daughter’s room. The same message we relay to our babies at ABCH. Everyone involved with making Christmas happen for these children were on the path God set forth for them. And that painting in Krystin’s store symbolized that for me. So, I want to take the time to say thank-you, from the bottom of my heart, to Krystin and her three friends, @janaposeyroberts Brandi, and Karie. Your love, kindness and generosity overwhelms me and I cannot begin to say how much I deeply appreciate you!

❤️Joyfully, Ranah

Hi everyone! Ashley here…



I’m all smiles in this picture because I’m still on a high from serving @ The Alabama Baptist Children’s Home’s Annual Open House.

Friends, let me tell you about this shirt I’m wearing though. It may look like just a shirt but it means so much more to me than that. It represents the place that I consider to be my second home. It represents 10 incredible & beautiful children that I love like they are my own. It represents all the other equally as amazing children that I have watched come in and out of the home over the years. These babies as I call them… they need more people wearing these shirts. They need more people to tell them how amazingly wonderful and crazy beautiful they are.

As we began to wrap our volunteer duties up tonight, we did our usual goodbyes to all the kiddos. We always tell them that we love them, of course, but this time… one of our boys made it a point to tell me that he loves us too. It took all I had not to cry in front of him because in the year that I have known him… he’s never been much of an emotion showing person. It’s moments like this that make me realize that God needed me to stay alive 10 years ago when by all accounts… I shouldn’t have. He needed me to be exactly where he has put me. I may be but a small piece of these children’s lives… but that’s all that matters!

I encourage everyone that might see this post to find your passion and use it to serve.

These children deserve to know your love. They deserve to know what Home feels like.


If you would like to purchase a shirt in support of ABCH, you can do that on their website by clicking here.


What an incredible evening of serving our amazing charity partner, The Alabama Baptist Children’s Home! So many people from our community showed up to support this wonderful place that we call Home and it was overwhelmingly amazing! We got to share our love and passion for this incredible organization and best of all… we got to hang out with the kiddos we ❤️ so much!

#chicktimedothan #dolifeBIG #abch #annualopenhouse #selfiestation #christmas2017

November Update:

Chicktime was a little different this month as we didn’t meet on our usual 3rd Saturday but really… any day we get to spend time with the ABCH kiddos is a good day ! Tonight, we had a little Bible study with the kids and we got to sing Happy Birthday  to one special little guy! Over Carmel Apple cupcakes, we talked about being thankful to God not just on Thanksgiving 🦃but every day and the difference between true joy and feelings of happiness! We also talked about how living with the Holy Spirit in our hearts and having a relationship with Jesus will always outweigh the bad things that might be going on in our lives 🙌🏻. What a blessing it is to spend time with these babies and our ABCH family! 

October Update:

Thank you to Ms. Lisa from the Exchange Center for being such a great workshop leader!

We had a spooky-fun day with the kids at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home!

Thank you to all the volunteers who took time out of their day to show our children some love!

Come do life BIG with us next month and be the change in the life of a child!

September Update:

We had such an awesome time @ chicktime this month!

We started the day off painting kindness rocks with the kids that we will hide in various places around town. If you find one of them, tag us in a pic of it on Facebook so that we can share it with the kids! Next, we wrote letters to the children’s homes that Chicktime serves in Florida and Texas that were affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The kids wrote some of the sweetest letters!

Finally, we learned about the art of Kintsugi! We broke our porcelain bowls with hammers and pieced them back together with gold lacquer. The idea is that the bowl is now more beautiful than before it was broken just like US!

Please join us next month! You know you want to join the fun!!

August Update:

Sometimes, God moves in your life in such a huge way that he leaves you just speechless. That is how we feel about today’s Chicktime at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home. We are struggling to find words that would could even begin to explain how overjoyed our hearts are!

From the food we ate to the scripture we studied… He was moving all through that house today! Thank you to everyone who came out for Chicktime today & we can’t wait to see you again next month!

 #ChicktimeDothan #dolifeBIG #LoveServeGood #HolySpiritYouAreWelcomeHere

**We encourage you to sign up to bring your favorite dish by clicking here**


July Update:

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home for Chicktime July! We had SO much fun with our babies today and even made some new {and AMAZING} friends!

We started our day off with an 🍧 ice cream bar 🍨 and we are pretty sure that Ms. Sally bought every flavor of ice cream under the sun!!! We topped our bowls of cold yummy-ness off with candy, strawberries, and chocolate syrup…. YUMMY 🤤

Our lesson today was on bullying and we talked with the kiddos about what it is and how to handle themselves if they ever feel like they are being bullied. We also reminded them that the best thing we can do when faced with a bully is to tell an adult and to remember to extend grace!!

We also played Mexican Train Dominos today and had THREE games going at once! It got CRAZY today, y’all! We finished our afternoon off with some playground time under the sun 🌞

What an amazing afternoon it was! We can’t wait to see you all next month at our potluck and Bible study!

#chicktimedothan #icecreamsocial #iLoveChicktime #abch #dolifeBIG #loveservegive

June Update:

Chicktime June was different today… good different! We always have a great time with the ABCH kids and of course, it’s always magical,  but today just felt so special!

A special thank you to the Alabama 4-H for leading this month’s workshop and sharing their knowledge and passions with us!

The kids were in awe about all the things they learned about animals they normally don’t get close to!

Such a blast to wind down and connect to the kids thru Yoga.

There is no doubt about it that God was moving through the house and our hearts… one room at a time and one heart a time!

Thank you to everyone who attended this month!

We hope to see you next again!!


Abbey, Ashley, Ranah, and Sally

Chicktime Dothan

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!

Chicktime Dothan made the news and we can’t be more excited! The more people that hear about Chicktime… the better!

Click below to read the article pushlised by WTVY News 4!!

Ladies of Chicktime Helping the Next Generation Discover Their Potential


May Update:

Thank you to everyone who came out to Chicktime May today!! Ms. Caitlin Gowan Jones and Ms. Michaela Jones led this month with their annual Water Day and Things and as always…. the Workshop was AWESOME!!

 We started the day off making bird feeders with toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and bird seed.

 Next, we made homemade ice cream and things got LOUD while we were mixing it up! We also made water sponge bombs and of course went to war!!  Not sure who won~ but we certainly were ALL wet!! We finished the afternoon with some water slide fun!! We were all EXHAUSTED afterwards,  but it was well worth it!!! #ChicktimeDothan #WaterDay #iLoveChicktime #LoveServeGive #dolifeBIG

Ashley and Sally were back at in Birmingham this month and of course, we want to share the fun we had with our Dothan friends and family!

We hosted an Easter egg hunt and picnic in the park for the girls this month. We hid close to 200 Easter eggs and the girls found them ALL!!!

We enjoyed yummy cupcakes, cookies, and homemade chicken salad sandwiches.

We even had time to do a little crafting in the park together!


April Update:

Another successful Chicktime in the books! This month was a little crazy but that’s okay… we like it that way!

We started the day off with science projects. Ms. Ranah Blair taught us how to make lava lamps and they turned out SO cool. We also did the coke and mentos experiment with the Diet Coke shooting further than any other soda did… a sticky mess but we had so much fun.

Next, we did a little rock art with Ms. Rachel Kurihara teaching us how to paint basic mandalas.

Our kiddos are so creative! In our final hour, we took a little field trip down to Mt.Gilead Baptist Church where they were hosting a Spring Water Fun Day for kids in the community.

We had so much fun today =}


March Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime March today! We are so blessed by each and every one of you!! Ms. Anna came to share her time and talents in the kitchen with us as she taught us how to bake cupcakes.

We celebrated Easter a little early this year and we hid 176 Easter eggs around the campus and we are pretty sure the kids found them all… if not, it’s a good thing the Easter bunny left plastic eggs this year!

There were board games played and laughter in every room! We also got to hug the necks of two of our favorite people, Heidi Barnett Pickels and Mr. Mike and we are SO happy to be working with them again!!

Ms. Sally Ann Raetzke was in charge this month and we can’t thank her enough for making sure the children had Chicktime this month!!!

We hope you will all join us for Chicktime April =}

#ChicktimeDothan #iLoveChicktime #dolifeBIG #LoveServeGive

Ashley and Sally recently took a little road trip to Birmingham to lead the March workshop at Grace House but we also wanted to show our Dothan family some of the amazing vision boards that the girls made.


For almost 25 years, Grace House has been providing stable, Christian homes for girls who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. The residential campus in Fairfield houses girls who have been removed from their homes and placed in state custody.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with the girls and the Bham chicks. After Chicktime, a few of us went to lunch together and enjoyed just a little more fellowship and getting to know each other.

It was powerful to sit at a lunch table together with women from another city that we had never met before.

We are so honored to have served alongside Chicktime Birmingham this month and we can’t wait to visit again!


#ChicktimeDothan #ChicktimeBirmingham #iLoveChicktime

February Update:

We had so much fun at Chicktime February! Our workshop leader this month was Que Nona Valentine Guilford and she definitely showed our volunteers and the kids a great time!

We began our day by sharing a few moments listening to Que’s favorite song that reminds us that we are all a miracle! Next, we painted/decorated picture frames and Que reminded us to always cherish the small moments in life.

We also took a few moments to appreciate that February is Black History Month. Ms. Aaliyah and Mr. Noah presented us with information about their heroes and Ashley gave us a brief history lesson and reminded us to love our neighbors no matter their skin color or beliefs and to “throw kindness around like confetti”.

Lastly, we baked and enjoyed some yummy and gooey cookies! Today was a great day and we can’t thank our volunteers enough for coming out and a VERY special thank you goes out to Que and Abby Hall Albritton for making Chicktime February happen!

#iLoveChicktime #ChicktimeDothan #LoveServeGive #dolifeBIG 👩🏻‍👨🏾‍🖼


Abby, Ashley, Ranah, and Sally <3


This month, we decided to ring in the new year with a little Chicktime fun and fellowship outside of the children’s home! Thank you to everyone who came out to Tipsy Easel for our Girls Afternoon Out!

#ChicktimeDothan #dolifeBIG #iLoveChicktime #paintdothan #tipsyeasel

Recently, our charity partner, the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home, sat down with our chapter founder and leader, Ashley Simmons, for an interview. We can’t thank Taylor and her team enough for the support and love that have shown Chicktime Dothan and we consider it an honor and blessing to faithfully serve them every single month. The entire staff at ABCH has become our family and that relationship is so precious to us! To read this sweet article, follow the link below!






January Update:

Thank you to every who attended our second annual Community Spa Day! We had an amazing afternoon with some pretty incredible women and children. In the spa room, we had Mary-Morgan and Hannah sharing their talent of hair cutting by offering free cuts and styles the to women of the Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention’s domestic violence counseling group and the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home kids.

Lauren shared her gift of make-up tips and tricks by offering and Vanessa shared her loved of manicures with us. When the kids were not getting pampered, we having a blast making slime and playing games!

Thank you to all of our volunteers who braved the bad weather and came out to help us make this day so special! We hope to see YOU at Chicktime February!


Abby, Ashley, Ranah, and Sally


December Update:

Thank you to everyone who played a part in helping to bring our annual Christmas party @ ABCH to life! we had THIRTEEN volunteers today and a special visit from the man in red… SANTA!

Our workshop leader this month was Ms. Ranah and she was amazing! We made ornaments and decorated cookies.


Our hearts our overjoyed and we know we are blessed! Thank you to all of our volunteers and donors for your support and hard work!

We hope you will join us for Chicktime January’s Spa Day next month!

#ChicktimeDothan #LoveServeGive #dolifeBIG #JesusIsTheReason


Abby, Ashley, and Ranah

Chicktime Dothan Leaders


3rd Annual Christmas with Exchange CAP Update:

Hey everyone! Ashley here! Every year, Christmas rolls around way sooner than I am ready for. It can be such an overwhelming time for a nonprofit organization. We have such giving hearts and we just want to help everybody… no matter how unrealistic the idea may be! Every year, I sit down and think to myself, “Ashley, what have you gotten yourself and the Chicktime Dothan chicks into?!?!?” and then I remember how truly blessed we are to live in such a wonderful community and how God ALWAYS shows up! This weekend, we will serve our Alabama Baptist Children’s Home kids just as we do every month and we will have an awesome workshop full of crafts, love, laughter, cookies, gifts, and a VERY special guest but today, I got to represent our community, our supporters, and volunteers by doing what I look forward to doing the most every year. I delivered 12 gifts bags filled to the top with everything from purses and wallets to soaps and personal trinkets that you all wanted to share with women in our community. Women that we do not know. Women that have and are accomplishing something that many people across the country do not survive… domestic violence. Thank you all so much for helping us to bring the 3rd annual Christmas with Exchange CAP to life. We could not do what we do without YOU!



November Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime November at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home! The temp cooled down a good bit yesterday but it was just right for some fun outdoors. Our workshop leader this month was our Founder and Leader, Ms. Ashley and we made leaf sun catchers, scarecrow magnets, and pumpkin patch pudding.

The kids also wrote their letters to Santa and we know he can’t wait to go shopping for them! We hope you will join us for Chicktime December next month. Our beautiful Co-Leader, Ms. Ranah is busy getting ready to bring us an awesome Christmas party! We’ll see you there!

The holidays are officially here and Chicktime Dothan is diving into our busiest time of the year! We are kicking off our 3rd Annual Christmas with Exchange CAP project and Santa has also asked us to help mark some items off our ABCH children’s wishlists. In order for us to do either of these things, we need YOUR help! If you re interested in helping with either project, please contact Ashley or Ranah today!

Third Annual Christmas With Exchange CAP!!

The Christmas season is quickly approaching! This can only mean one thing… it’s time for our 3rd Annual Christmas With Exchange CAP! The Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention offers free trauma therapy for abuse victims in our community. It has been our pleasure to serve them every year via the Christmas project which allows us to donate gifts to the twelve women enrolled in their domestic violence counseling program. We are asking for donations of small jewelry, candy, picture frames, scarves, make-up, journals, gift cards, candles, toiletries… anything that is on your heart to give this Christmas season! We will accept these donations through December 17th! Please contact us to make arrangements for your donations to be picked up or dropped off so that we may add them to the gift bags!

Help Bring Christmas to the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home!!



October Update:

Thank you to everyone who attended Chicktime October at the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home! Ms. Lisa from the Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention was our workshop leader this month and she had lots of Halloween fun planned for the kids and the Chicktime Dothan chicks. Ms. Lisa’s character building lesson was all about the fact that luck is what you make it. She shared various superstitions with the kids like horse shoes, black cats, and four leave clovers and she told us that these things are just symbols and they do not really determine if something will turn out to be good or bad for us. The focus was for the children to understand that being honest and treating each other kindly is the best way to have good luck!

We played an awesome trick-or-treat came in the which the kids picked up as much candy as they possible could with a zombie claw. It was interesting watching them try to grab as much candy as they could without dropping any! We also made our very own spiderwebs with silly string.

For snack, we made black cat Oreos….. yummy!

Ms. Rachel from Canvas Me Henna also came to visit us this month and the kids were all treated to the face painting of their choice. Thank you so much to all of the volunteer who made Chicktime October a success! We hope to see YOU at Chicktime November!

Do you have a hobby or talent that you would like to teach to someone else? Are you the best gardener in your neighborhood? Does everyone love your cupcakes and pies? Can you paint like Picasso? Chicktime Dothan is currently hosting our 2017 Workshop Leader Drive which is the time of the year when we fill our calendar with the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home for the upcoming year. We don’t need you to be the best at what you do… we just need you to come and share your time and love with us! Whatever YOU love to do, so do the children we serve and they want to learn how to do it from YOU! Below, you will find the list of month’s available. Interested in leading a workshop but not sure exactly what activities you would like to do? That’s okay! One of our Chicktime Dothan Co-Leaders will be with you every step of the way to make sure that your workshop is the BEST workshop! Also, our ‘How We Serve’ page on our website details what it means to lead a Chicktime Dothan workshop and our ‘Dothan News’ page is full of fun pics and details from workshops from previous years! We love and appreciate all of our volunteers who help make our workshops a success and we can’t wait to see what 2017 is going to bring! If you would like to reserve your month as workshop leader, please contact us ASAP!



September Update:

Thank you to everyone who came to Chicktime September! We had a great time with ABCH kids as always. Ms. Brenda from the Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention was our workshop leader this month and she brought the fun to Chicktime!

Our character building lesson this month was a reminder that being creative is one of the best outlets for us to have in our toolbelts and Ms. Brenda taught us how to impress our favorite memories or whatever makes us happy onto tin foil. Then, we framed them! Everyone made awesome picture frames.

Next, we played everyone’s favorite game… The candy game! Fifteen seconds to unwrap the giant cellophane ball and grab your goodies! Our candy already had us all sugured up but there was more to come with homemade ice cream! As loud as we could, we shook our bags till we had sprinkle and candy filled yummy ice cream.

We can’t thank our volunteers enough for the time they devoted to the children today and we hope YOU will join us next month as Ms. Lisa from Exchange CAP comes to bring us what will surely be a spooooky good time! Sally and Ashley will also be finishing and setting up our scarecrows from last month so look for more pictures from Scarecrows in the Garden to be posted soon!


August Update:

We had so much fun at Chicktime August! The kids really enjoyed building our scarecrows and everyone worked really hard to bring them to life! We still have a long way to go to get our ‘crows ready for display but we enjoyed sharing in this experience with the kids today and can’t wait for them to see the final product! Our character building lesson this month was “I believe that I am someone who can do great things” and was presented by Ms. Michaela. She taught us that no matter what our situation in life may be, we have to keep trying to be the best version of ourselves and never give up!

Our ‘crows will be on display at Dothan Area Botanical Gardens during the month of October so make sure to stop by and see our Creepy Crawly Candyland!

The Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention is taking over Chicktime Dothan for the next couple of months and we couldn’t be more excited to have them!! This month, Ms. Brenda, Ms. Pam, and Ms. Lisa are busy preparing what is sure to be an awesome day of crafts with the kids! So, put on your Chicktime shirt and let’s get ready to grab a paint brush & make some art!

Our character building lesson will be, “I am being creative when I dance, draw, paint or write a poem or story”.

If you would like to join us next month, contact Courtney @ 704-661-3419 to RSVP!


Ashley and Courtney

Chicktime Dothan Chapter Leaders



Chicktime Dothan will be participating in the Dothan Area Botanical Garden’s “Scarecrows In The Garden” so for Chicktime August, the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home kids and our volunteers will be getting creative! We will be designing our scarecrows that will be on display at the Gardens during the month of October! This year’s theme is “It’s Only Make Believe”. Our character building this month will be, “I Believe That I Am Someone Who Can Do Great Things” and will be presented by Michaela Jones. We hope to see you there!



July Update:

Chicktime July was a blast… literally! This month was all about science. Our first science experiment involved a small cup of water and one gummy bear. We left our gummy bears soaking in water during the afternoon and at the end Chicktime, the kids noticed that their bears had all expanded. We noted that osmosis is the reason for the expansion. Our next experiment had us making plastic out of milk and while it did not smell good and it was kind of gross… the girls really enjoyed seeing the final product shaped like their different cookie cutters! After we cleaned up our lab station, we did a simple experiment with oil & water. The girls quickly learned that they do not mix but they had fun making bubbles! Next, we incorporated a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) project into our afternoon, The kids had to make a spaghetti & marshmallow tower with only the supplies given. Who ever had the tallest tower at the end of eighteen minutes won a prize. L won the activity and got herself a gift card to Starbucks! Our final experiment of the day was homemade bottle rockets. Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite so as planned and of all the rockets we made, only one actually took flight… well, exploded… on Ms. Ashley! The girls loved trying to figure out different ways to make the rockets work.

Our character building lesson this month was all about finding the good in every situation. We talked about different techniques that we can do to help clear our minds during tough situations so that we can set ourselves up to find the good in it. We watched Marry Poppins tell us how sometimes we just need a spoonful of sugar to help us get the job done and it really helped the girls to understand a deeper meaning… life happens and sometimes, the best way to deal with it is to just smile and get the job done. We have to keep moving on so find a reason to say ‘good’ and work towards making it better next time. We capped off our lesson with a quick art project in which the girls colored a thunderstorm on one side of the card and a rainbow on the other. It was just a simple reminder that storms do come sometimes but there’s always a rainbow at the other end!


For a pdf version of our science experiments instructions and supplies needed, click here.



July 2016: Science Day!




June Highlights:



    Chicktime June was one of the best workshops we have had in a while and definitely was one for the record books! The title for this month’s character building lesson was, “How I Look Is Not As Important As How I Act” and Harry the Otter helped us to understand that showing respect for those around us… no matter the situation or how we feel about that person… is the best way to show the best versions of ourselfs. We talked about the difference between internal and external traits and the kids put together a wonderful list of ways to be respectful. Ms. Kelley York-Massingill came to visit today and taught the kids about proper skin care and they LOVED it… even J (our only boy in the group right now) had a blast! He liked how soft his skin felt! All the kids got an awesome goodie bag from Ms. Kelley that included their very own skin care regimen so that they can begin taking steps toward having fresh and clean faces. The girls looked flawless in their new lip glosses as well! Next up, Ms. Precious Freeman and Mr. Biko stopped by for a visit. Mr. Biko took J outside for a manly game of basketball while us girls played the Assumption Game with Ms. Precious. Mr. Will Francis from Wiregrass 2-1-1 stopped by and brought the kids new toothbrushes from Sarrell Dental which are always a blessing! We topped the afternoon off by helping K celebrate her 13th birthday with yummy cake!


Thank you to everyone who came to Chicktime June and helped to make our workshop a success!

    Our workshop leader next month is Ms. Ashley and she is busy planning a science day for the kids with lots of experiments in the works! Our character building lesson will be, “When I am sad, I help myself feel better by thinking of things that are good in my life.” and we’ll be talking to the kids about trying to always find the GOOD in everything! Be watching your emails for your Chicktime July invitations… we would love to have YOU join us!




This month’s workshop will be a combination of several workshops in one. We will have Ms. Kelley from Mary Kay coming to teach the children about proper skin care. Mr. Ricky will be bringing his Men’s Basketball Team over for a basketball clinic and Mr. Will from Wiregrass 2-1-1’s “Help Me Grow” will be coming to talk to the parents in attendance about some of the available resources in our area for their child’s health and wellness. It’s sure to be a packed day and we can’t wait to see you there!



May Updates:
For Chicktime May, Ms. Caitlin and Ms. Michaela brought us water day and we had a blast! The sun was hot and the water was cool! We started the day with water balloon dodge ball and baseball. We quickly realized that water balloons and baseball don’t mix very well and pretty much everyone hit home runs every time they stepped up to bat! Next, we played Pictionary with sidewalk chalk and let’s just say… we have some very creative kids! They drew everything from umbrellas to flip flops! After we had a huge water balloon fight, the kids tried to fill mason jars with a spoonful of water and it’s a good thing we were all already wet because the driveway was soaked! With one bubbles and one final water rocket bash, we wrapped up the day! We certainly had a great time today and we can’t thank our workshop leaders enough for providing us with lots of fun and laughs today! Thank you to all of our new volunteers that came today as well!







Join us on May 21st for #WaterDay! Our workshop leaders this month are Ms. Caitlin and Ms. Michaela and they always bring the fun! We will officially begin meeting @ 12:40pm this month so please arrive on time and ready to spend the afternoon with the amazing ABCH kids and Chicktime Dothan! We plan to get wet so bring a towel! We will also be announcing your new Chicktime Dothan leadership team!


Chicktime Dothan is proud to announce the beginnings of a beautiful friendship with Help Me Grow Alabama! Help Me Grow Alabama is a free information and referral line connecting parents and providers to information about child development and community resources. HMGA works with knowledgeable child development professionals to help you determine the appropriate community resources for you and your child. They strive to learn about resources for your child’s wellness and gain access to tools that will guide you through your child’s development. Mr. Will and the Help Me Grow Alabama team will help you be empowered when talking to your child’s doctor and will help you know what questions will matter the most in the development of your child. Chicktime Dothan has chosen to support HMGA in their mission because we feel that when we empower the parent’s of our community with access to available resources, then we are helping to stop the cycle of child abuse in our community… one family at a time! In the upcoming months, you will see HMGA at various Chicktime events and they will be available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding this program!


To learn more about Help Me Grow Alabama, you can click the links below to be connected to their Facebook and website. You can also contact 2-1-1 for more info today!







Art Day was a success! Thank you so much to everyone who attended Chicktime April today and a special thank you to our workshop leaders, Ms. Heather and Ms. Brittany who did a fantastic job! This week is nationally recognized around the world as #NationalVolunteerWeek and today we had a record FIFTEEN volunteers in attendance! Today we made awesome pieces of art using canvas and water guns filled with paint…. every color you could possibly imagine! Once we wrapped up our painting activity, we gathered around and played a game of trivia in which the kids beat us adults. Thankfully, the rain held off and we got to spend the whole afternoon outside. This month, you came to Chicktime prepared to get messy and for Chicktime May… prepare to get WET as Ms. Caitlin and Ms. Michaela bring us Water Day!





Dear Chicktime Dothan Friends and Family,
It is with a heavy heart that we develop this post this morning but we at Chicktime Dothan have decided that this dreaded post is necessary in light of recent events. Chicktime Dothan exists to serve the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home and the Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention. We are honored to accept that calling and serve those organizations with passion. However, it must be noted that we are not a resource center. Chicktime Inc. was not created to be poverty ministry. It was created to serve women and children of abuse via mentoring workshops and time spent with them. We were designed to create a fun and loving atmosphere for the hurting, healing, and broken women and children of our community that might not otherwise know love, friendship and kindness. We are honored by every community need that has been brought to us and we have tried hard to make sure those needs have been filled but Chicktime Dothan does not have the resources to exist as a poverty ministry. Praise God that he has put Chicktime Dothan in connection with some of the amazing resource centers in our community and as cultivated beautiful relationships between those centers and Chicktime Dothan. We humbly ask that those who are seeking assistance with clothing and monetary needs will contact Wiregrass 2-1-1 for assistance as they are able to assist you in a much greater capacity than Chicktime Dothan can. If you are looking for a fun and friendly environment in which you can volunteer via mentorship opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us because that is a request we most certainly can handle!
Thank you,
Chicktime Dothan Leadership

Chicktime March was an absolutely amazing and beautiful workshop! We did something a little different this month in that we did not meet at the children’s home. Instead, the kids met us at the Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention and some of the women we have served for the past 2 years via our Christmas with Exchange CAP project came over to the center as well. All of the women and children received new hair styles thanks to Ms. Mary-Morgan and Ms. Paula. Volunteers pampered with nail polishing and hair styling. We are so blessed by the relationships we have with Exchange CAP and ABCH and it was truly our pleasure to serve the women and children in this way. There were tears of joy shed today and memories made that Chicktime Dothan will cherish forever! Thank you to the children’s home and the Center for allowing us to serve them today and a huge thank you to all of our volunteers who helped to make today so very special!


We will again be supporting our Exchange CAP family at their Superhero 5K run! This year, we will be offering a finger painting activity to the children in attendance. We will need 2-3 Chicktime volunteers at our booth. Please contact Ashley if you can help.



HCGD is an event that is hosted by various nonprofits in our community in which we set up a booth at Eagle Eye Outfitters and share information about our organizations. A few of this years nonprofits include; Chicktime Dothan, Child Advocacy Center, Dothan Houston County Substance Abuse Partnership, Houston County Rescue Unit, Joy FM, Legal Services Alabama, Living Hope Community Outreach, Southeast Alabama Community Action Partnership (formerly HRDC), TOPS–The Ordinary People Society, Wiregrass Hope, Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center, Wiregrass United Way 2-1-1… And the list goes on! We will need 3-4 volunteers at our booth to help give out information about Chicktime in hopes of gaining new volunteers. If you can help, please contact Ashley @ 334-718-7890 or chicktimedothan@gmail.com!



Join us for Movie Day with the Alabama Children’s Home! Our February Chicktime is scheduled for the 20th @ 1pm! We will be watching a movie with the kids and will have an awesome snack bar set up thanks to our workshop leaders, Ms. Jessica Bush and Ms. Nina Preston! Please RSVP!

Looking for somewhere to volunteer? Feeling a little nervous about inserting yourself in a group? At Chicktime Dothan, we realize it can be a little scary when taking that first step into the world of volunteering so we want to help you make that first leap!


Join our Chapter Leader and Founder on Saturday, February 13th @ 4pm for our .


What you can expect:

-You will meet our Chapter Founder and Leader, Ashley Simmons and some of our awesome chapter members!
-You will learn the origins of Chicktime Dothan.
-You will learn how and where we serve.
-You will find out how you can easily plug into our chapter and make steps towards becoming a member.
-You will learn how you can develop your passions and use your gifts to make the world a better place for the next generation!
-It will be a wonderful afternoon of friendship and fellowship!