About Our Chapter

A picture of Sheilla and a welcome letter here. 

Our History

Ashley Simmons began Chicktime Dothan in 2014 partially because she believes she is called to serve those in need and also because of the abuse and neglect she experienced in her own life journey. Ashley believes that no child should ever be made to feel “less than” or should ever be on the receiving end of a parent or guardian’s anger issues. Dedicating herself to Chicktime Dothan fulfilled her mission in life to make sure every child knows how truly special they are!


Ashley has worn many different masks throughout her life and her story involves a lot of heartbreak and tears but in 2012, she fell in love with Jesus and she has never looked back! She is blessed with a beautiful family and full life, a life that looks a lot different than it used to and she praises God every day for the work he has done in her!